Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer lashes out at his mother

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer holds a tape for Naina. She smiles. He says Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. She turns and removes the saree she had draped so as to try another. Title tracks of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun plays. He looks at her sweetly as she tries all sarees one by one. She asks him how this saree is looking. Will you just keep looking or will you say something too? She is hesitant as he inches closer again. Someone might come. He keeps pallu over her head and makes her look at herself in the mirror. She smiles at him. He touches her cheek. She looks at him nervously.

Poonam serves snacks to Bela and Tai ji. Mami ji tells the vendor to keep their chosen sarees aside. Tai ji tells Bela to tell them that they have only thought of Rs. 51 for the ritual. Don’t leave anything for later. Bela tells them. Mami ji indirectly taunts them that they are worried as to where their guests will keep so much money. Tai ji thinks she made a mistake by saying Rs. 51. We should have said Rs. 21. Vishakha shares that they generally give silver coins in this ritual. They tell Bela and Tai ji that they will give silver coins to the guests instead. We cannot let anyone insult us. Bela says we will follow your rituals and traditions. Please write down everything on a piece of paper. Mami ji agrees. She sends Poonam to bring the chips that she got from Mumbai. Tai ji makes faces.

Sameer tells Naina to choose the saree which he likes. Mami ji asks them if they liked a saree. Before Naina can reply, Vishakha taunts Sameer again. I always knew that he can never choose anything nice. I will choose a saree for you. Naina sits down. Vishakha chooses a saree worth 12k for Naina. Sameer shakes his head at Naina. Naina calls Vishakha Aunty ji but Mami ji corrects her that she should call her Mummy ji now. Naina politely points out at the saree that Sameer had chosen for her. Vendor points out that this saree is amazing. It costs only 20k. Everyone goes quiet. Naina looks at Sameer. Vishakha buys that saree for Naina. Vishakha and Mami ji excuse themselves for some time. Sameer thanks his mom before she goes. Bela looks at Naina worriedly.

Mami ji says the daughter will wear a saree which is way costlier than the amount that her father earns in a month. They were so freaked out about the shagun amount earlier and see now! I am telling you. These middle class people can never change! She goes quiet seeing Naina standing there. Naina says I came to gave measurements for the blouse. Vishakha nods. Naina goes back inside.

Sameer drops Naina, Bela and Tai ji to their house. Bela thanks him for dropping them off. She also invites him upstairs. He notices Naina’s sad face and takes leave for the day. I will come some other time. They head upstairs. He holds Naina’s hand inviting her for a small ice cream getaway but she lies that she is tired. He asks her what happened. She says nothing but he knows she is lying. We decided this. Our lives are going to be joined now. Remember our promise? Everything will be ours from now onwards! She says it is your fault. I chose a saree worth 2k whereas you liked the saree worth 20k! I had to hear so much. She tells him everything upon his askance. Sameer looks upset. Naina says we are very simple. We are middle class people but we are not selfish! He decides to talk to Mami ji and Mummy but she tells him against it. It will aggravate the matter. He apologizes to her on their behalf. She reminds him of their other promise – no sorry, no thank you! He calls her Mrs. Maheshwari. You are also forgetting something. She smiles as he hands her the tape. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun plays in the background. They keep glancing at each other as she heads inside.

Next morning, Sameer is still upset over what Naina had told him last night. Tailor is taking his measurements. Sameer gives him to the point instructions.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I still smile whenever I think of that day. I was upset with Mummy and Mami ji but I was taking it out on Master ji!

Sameer tells Master ji to get his suit by tomorrow morning. I am getting engaged in the morning and not evening! Vishakha assures him he will get it in the afternoon. You have to wear it in the evening only. You have to wear kurta pajama in the morning after all. She tells Master ji to bring it by 2 pm. Master ji nods as he leaves. Vishakha keeps his clothes. She goes out as Mami ji calls out to her. Sameer recalls Naina’s words.

Mami ji and Vishakha discuss the menu and venue for the evening function. Mami ji remarks that Agarwals should also know how grand their parties are. Sameer overhears them talking. Vishakha suggests keeping pasta in the menu. It is a new Italian dish. Mami ji seconds her. They will be shocked to see it. Sameer tries to say something when Poonam brings Naina’s ring. Sameer looks at it and smiles. Mami ji and Vishakha find the size is too small! You said you took the ring size? He nods. They taunt Naina for giving incorrect measurement. Sameer tells them it is enough. Naina is going to be the DIL of this house. You are taunting her today over the ring size and you did the same yesterday over the saree! I heard it today but I wont hear anything against her in future! Saying so, he heads off to his room.

Precap: Preeti dances on Wah Wah Ram ji song in Sameer and Naina’s engagement function.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Another good episode!! But missed Munna and pandit today!! ?. I think Naina should not have told Sameer about what his mum and mamiji were saying, now he said it to his mum, Vishaka is going to think Naina is a trouble maker. Also I feel they are moving to fast with wedding thing!! Also doesn’t anyone go college anymore? I feel they are missing a lot of things out… would love to see Kartik and Sunaina’s reactions when they find out Samaina are getting married. Where is Arjun and Julie? And Pooja’s next door neighbour is sameers cousin and they both don’t get on. I hope the makers don’t miss all these points they have previously shown. It feels like they are rushing the drama. Apparently It’s already February and they are getting engaged!! I think everyone needs to stop their childish behaviour. Sameer needs to calm down, his mum and mamiji need to stop with the taunts, Taiji needs to stop being moody and Naina needs to stop this me and my family.

    1. I think college will be shown post sagai ,but not much ,now only sagai will be shown and then may be career track of Sameer ,also he is not 21 years yet

    2. Memi. Very nicely said. I agree

    3. i have answered questions about juhi and arjun below, please check

  2. I also feel that Naina should have not told him what all happened but her feelings were not wrong neither she nor her family is greedy but still they r treated and humiliated like this which is not good. I sincerely feel that Vishakha should try and understand Naina plus she should made her point of view clear to both of them with love and patience and leaving her ego & prejudice behind. Which us not at all happening. No one is thinking with calm mind all the immature adults are just trying to put each other down.
    Next week is gonna fun excited for the upcoming episodes.

    1. Naina actually told only on Sameer’s insistence otherwise she was not telling him…And yes memi… Vishakha will consider Naina as trouble maker but she is already prejudiced for Naina and no matter Naina would have told or not… Vishakha’s point of view towards Naina is not going to change…She will keep on considering her a tej-tarrar girl…And no girl would tolerate insult of her family…And Sameer should also know how his family is behaving with Naina…

      1. Ashu yesterday you mentioned you exams this weekend. Good luck and All the best. ?

      2. Thanks memi?

      3. Ashu. You are right that naina should not tolerate insult of her relatives but here she should have let it go because there are so many times sameer has let go too. Rakesh sir and arjun have humiliated him so many times. Did he make an issue. ?Rakesh sir spoke rudely to vishaka on phone in front of naina. Did naina do anything about it. Naina has to start considering maheshwari as her family. Now. And sameer is also at fault. He simply shouts at his mom. He should have confided in naina that vishaka has issues and both can solve together

      4. Ya you are right Amina…Now I also agree with you…

  3. I thought it was sweet that Sameer said ‘Thank you’ to his mum once they had finished choosing the saris. That was nice of him.

    1. Yes. Memi. I hope they stop spoiling the mother son bond which was so beautifully formed after delhi track. Now these days sameer is only shouting and yelling and behaving badly with his mom. He can talk nicely and explain things to her

      1. Amina Shaikh has tried to explain her but she is not ready to listen and see things beyond her thinking. Sameer was so Frank to her from the beginning when he told everything about him and Naina but for me Vishakha is the one who is spoiling the relationship of a mother and son.

  4. i think naina did the right thing by telling the truth to sameer , because sameer and naina had promised to each other ,that there will no tera ,no mera ,only humara

    but naina has taken promise from sameer ,that he will not talk about the incident to his mother or mamiji

    it is when they both start cursing naina ,and telling sameer konsi ladki se sagai kar raha hai ,jisko apna ring size dena bi nai ata ,thats when sameer anger burst out ,and in angers he tells ,”problem kya aap logo ki ,jub dekho naina ki burai ,aaj to maine sun lia .lekin agli baar kisine kuch kaha to mujse bura koi nai hoga”

    it’s clear that there will be two engagement ,one in lawn ,second in open garden ,

    i have seen some photos of 2nd engagement on Instagram .the shooting of 2nd engagement is in madh island ,

    and all crew and cast sporting winter clothes over costumes

    loved when sameer put pallu over naina head
    they looked cute together

    also when sameer hands out ” hum Aapke Hain kaun “cassette while dropping her home

    and look how quickly sameer understand naina trouble

    i think juhi is on foreign trip ,just a wild guess

    and i think arjun doesn’t say anything to sameer , because new arjun and sameer have never met in new episodes, and arjun has 1year ban on cricket ,i think arjun college got over long before,

    i tell you the logic when naina was in 11th ,arjun was in 12th ,you can see fare well episode ,arjun has also taken some course don’t know ,so when naina is in 2nd year ,he will in 3rd year , might be my logic wrong

    all i know new arjun and sameer have never met in new episodes

    1. Tarun I agree with you they have promised each other that they will not hide anything with each other and Sameer was acting cute (for me) when he was yelling at the tailor as Naina has asked him not to say anything to Vishakha and Mami. And this Mami have so many issues with Naina for no reason or for the only reason she is middle class.

    2. I forget tarun plz can u share the Instagram link in the comments I want to see those posts and pictures

  5. Thanks ashu. ??

  6. I forget tarun plz can u share the Instagram link in the comments I want to see those posts and pictures

  7. Vidha. I agree. Vishaka should have kept her promise and not come under the influence of somani. For rishta and all. But sameer should not shout like that. He should lose not hope and still talk to his mum. By threatening ,attempting suicide, he himself aggravated the situation …he should take naina help ,confide in her and both try to impress vishaka. Because ,naina is nt just going to be his wife,she is going to be vishaka’s bahu too. Sameer needs to calm down and stop acting childish. He knows somani will influence but he should maintain communication with his mum. He does all silly things-not attending the exam,signing the suspension papers without telling his mum. I know he wanted to save naina ,but didnt he knew ,he is hurting his mum and losing her trust. He takes naina and saves frim forced marriage but he dient tell vishaka why he did it. If u want elders to listen to u ,then u have to earn their trust and respect. Rajshri hahk style

  8. Vidha. I agree that vishaka should have kept her promise. Not come under somani’s influence regarding rishta and all. But sameer is aggravating the situation by acting so deplorable. Threatening your mom, attempting suicide. Thats wrong. He should to his mom. Keep the open communucation. He should remember that he has already done some things which has disheartened vishaka. He signs suspension papers. Yes to save naina ,but didnt he realise he is hurting his mom. He saved naina form forced marriage but he never explained vishaka what happened and why he did it. If you want the elders to listen to you,then earn their respect and their trust. Rajshri hahk style

    1. I agree that Sameer should have told Vishakha about signing suspension form but he didn’t. Threatening his family by attempting suicide was also wrong but Vishakha is never having a two way communication with Sameer she is always trying to say how wrong Naina is for him. And when he saved Naina from getting force marriage he didn’t get time to explain her as the situation was so heated and then Bobby always act as ghee whenever something is regarding to hurting, toturing and taunting Sameer. For me Vishakha needs to understand her son like she did in Delhi track really Delhi track wali Vishakha ki zaroorat hai Sameer ko, he is all alone right now (although he is equal to one man army)


    here you go vidha ,here are the Instagram pics of 2nd engagement of naina and sameer on madh island

  10. Vidha. I agree with you completely we definitely need delhi track wali vishaka who understood sameer ‘s pain. Who valued his self respect and wanted the best for him. As the same time sameer needs to act like a matured person. He is not a teenager anymore. He very well knows how somani manipulates the conversations.He knows that what he is asking for is unreasonable for a 20 yr old. Marriage without finishing education. And no business involvement. He needs to to keep the communication with his mom and win her back. By being patient and understanding with her. By being determined and respectful.

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