Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: A Memorable First Anniversary for Naina and Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina is looking at the S initial. Sameer asks her if it is fine. She says we have lied to our own family members for 5 straight years. We dint feel it was wrong at all. We aren’t lying to hurt someone but to fulfil our dreams. It is important to lie so you become a Hero. I don’t regret saying this lie. He asks her why she loves him so much. She replies that she got stuck in his beautiful face. He jokes that her such words have trapped him. They both smile. She says we came to Mumbai, found a place but one letter is still missing. He promises her that they will have their own house with their name on it. you wont have to hide anything then! She says that water helped very much. We now know about acting classes. He also speaks of her kitty party. You have to make Vanita your close friend just like you turned Kamya into a great friend. They share a hug. He wants to celebrate their anniversary. Papa is right outside though. She suggests talking the entire night but he pulls her closer. Let’s get a little cosy.

Voiceover – Naina:
Our love was just like A R Rahman songs those days. We were head over heels in love!

Hamma Hamma plays as Sameer and Naina enjoy some cute romantic moments together. Nirmala ji rings the bell incessantly. Rakesh opens the door. He is surprised to see her. Is everything fine? She asks him to call Sameer and Naina. He is confused but she offers to share that later. Sameer and Naina are equally surprised to see her. Is everything fine? Nirmala ji says I am tired of telling you guys but you both seem to pay no heed. Keep your lie a lie! Don’t leave your windows open! Sameer and Naina look down. Nirmala ji says even we would be thrown out of here if someone notices them thus. Flashback shows Rakesh scolding someone on call. He apologizes to Nirmala ji. It is their anniversary tonight. Please excuse them. Nirmala ji still says a few words to them and then leaves.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Anything can happen in Mumbai especially in our society! How could Naina and I romance quietly? It had put us in a weird situation! We couldn’t romance in front of anyone, especially not elders! They used to dig their eyes in earth as if it was the most interesting place!

Rakesh excuses himself saying I am going to temple. I cannot sleep. Sameer questions him but Rakesh calls it a beautiful day of life.

Voiceover – Sameer:
How could I back off when Papa ji could give us such a nice moment to be together?

Naina and Sameer decide to do some special arrangements for the other. Naina closes the windows properly. She changes into a suit. Sameer wishes her Happy Anniversary with a gift. She is thrilled to see chocolates. They are liquor chocolates. She finds them different but happily gorges onto all of them as he goes to get something. She plays Zara Sa Jhoom Loon song while Sameer is decorating the house. She stumbles on her way to him and tells him that there is something different in the chocolates. He is shocked to see the box. She is completely inebriated and happily dances around him while he keeps trying to stop her. She even rings the bells of Gadkari house. Sameer takes her inside before anyone can see her. She blows bubbles too. He helps her lie down and covers her with a duvet. He looks at her sweetly.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and my story was strange. What happened in our first anniversary was no different than whatever had happened till now! I wasn’t surprised to see her passed out like that. In fact, I was pleased!

Shubham picks a newspaper from someone else’s house, reads it and keeps it back in place. Jatin is also trying to reach out for the paper. He pretends to be exercising when Vanita brings tea for him. Gopal is also reading the paper.

Voiceover – Naina:
We were starting the 2nd year of our married life with so many other things. Do you think it was just our life which was so colourful? Everyone in our society had an equally colourful life with some mysteries which were going to unfold at the right time!

Gopal complains about less sugar but his wife reasons that he wont speak sweetly even after eating sugar.

Preeti helps Shubham get ready. She brings a box of gel. He worries about expenditure but she lies that it belongs to Namit Bhaiya. He readily agrees hearing that. She applies gel in his hair.

Voiceover – Naina:
As far as I know Preeti, she brought that herself. You know how she used to fool everyone when she wanted something done! How could she change her course later? She was after her husband’s life for her salon course.

Shubham says even I can become a Hero with these hair. She says you already are one by letting your wife do anything that she wants. He says girls from good girls handle their homes. She tries to reason but he gets upset and leaves for office.

Naina asks Sameer if he will talk to Papa. He agrees. He asks Rakesh which exam he is preparing for. Rakesh says you can make me work even in my retirement age. I am making a list of all the lies that we have said till date! He read them out loud and asks them if he missed onto anything. Sameer whispers to Naina that his mood does not seem right. Let’s talk later. Naina asks for 40k from Rakesh.

Precap: Sameer throws stuff angrily in the house. He even stomps out angrily. They somehow bring him back inside. Naina pours water over his head eventually to calm him down.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. What’s wrong with sameer?!? Why is he so angry! I am referring to pre cap.

    1. @sita you will know in tomorrow episode , don’t worry

    2. @Tarun ok can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode! Too excited!!

  2. Really nice episode Nirmala reminded me of Old O Bai (before Sameer and Naina were exposed) she was like this only. And I didn’t like Shubham’s attitude from starting only and now I hate him more. Preeti didn’t demanded for a lakh rupees that he got so angry she just asked for here salon course. I know that in those days people were like that only but I think husbands used to support their wives back then also.
    Sameer and Naina’s romance was really good. Naina was too cute when she was drunk but here this scene was short as compared to the Sameer’s drunk scene. But enjoyed it a lot. It will be really interesting on how naina will befriend with Chantomai Vanita.

  3. Romantic scenes without any feel… i always miss the feeling in the romantic scenes between samaina. …they only act …. i dnt feel connected with love scenes….. its really boring… i like the side actors nd characters more….. rakesh Sir acting is too good…. it looks real….but samaina together big zero (only in romantic scenes)…. one should watch barun and sanaya chemistry in ipkknd ….. still my favourite

  4. today i would like to mention something i noticed in yesterday episode ,did you see rakesh sir so calm nature , mind-blowing ,look he calmly told nirmala ji ,aaj inko maaf kar dijiye ,aaj inki Shaadi ki salgirah hai? and made an excuse to go to iskon temple for bhajan so naina and sameer can enjoy their anniversary ? also they were not really liquor chocolates but what a phenomenal acting by ashi ( naina says in an interview that she was ashi whole time ) ? and they celebrated their at night ? gift shops are open 24 hours in Mumbai as far i know , atleast in panvel it is open 24 hours , panvel is in Navi Mumbai

    i have upcoming episodes update ,they have cordless landline installed at their flat , and they would be celebrating Christmas soon ?

    and we gonna see naina in skirt after so many days

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