Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: 2 engagement functions for Naina and Sameer

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bobby is irked that he has left his work in between but new drama keeps popping up. Sameer comes out holding a suitcase. Vishakha asks him where he is off to. He says I thought you worry about your class and reputation. I am going to a temple to marry Naina! Vishakha stops him. Don’t you worry about our respect? He asks her if they are concerned about his happiness. Mama ji and Mama ji tells him to understand. What will people say? Maheshwari ji’s grandson will marry in a lane? Vishakha requests him to let their one demand be heard. He advises them to hold the function from their end if they are s concerned about their respect. Why are you pushing Naina’s family to organize the function your way? You should let them do things as per their wish.

Tai ji is upset that Anand has gone ahead with the alliance ignoring everyone. Sameer is dumb to have chosen Naina! Tau ji tells her to come to the point. She says everyone has come to know about the engagement. The preps are on and we are left with no option but to attend the functions or people will only taunt us! He nods. She tells him to do something before things get out of control. Rakesh wont be able to do anything! He points out that she too is acting just like Rakesh. Calm down a little. You are right though. We will have to do something before things go out of control. He calls someone.

Preeti is impressed with Sameer for arranging 2 functions. Why does he mind two wives? We could settle with him. Naina suggests her to change the law. It will be fun to attend and dress up for 2 functions. Tai ji says only one saree is coming from your in-laws’s side. You will wear the same one in both the functions. Preeti calls it awkward but Tai ji taunts them on it. Don’t fly too high! She goes. Pooja comes with her baby. Naina and Preeti rush to meet them. They get talking. Bela asks her why she dint call. Pooja says I wanted to surprise you. Her husband has gone out of town. Tai ji also comes there. Naina goes to attend a call. Sameer calls her Mrs. Maheshwari. How are you? He says I love you to her. Tai ji takes the phone from her. Naina gestures Preeti that it is Sameer. Sameer says I love you again. Tai ji’s eyes widen in shock. It’s me. Sameer panics. Mummy has called for a saree vendor and wants Naina to be here. Will you allow her to come? Tai ji says we are poor people and have to listen to rich people. She wont come alone though. We will come along. He happily welcomes her. It is your house only. Vishakha says he isn’t married yet and is already so sweet to them. Mami ji asks her why she has called Naina here. Vishakha says they wear such old fashioned clothes and they have such plain designs. Mami ji laughs out loud. Sameer ends the call and asks them about it but they don’t tell him anything. He shares that Naina might come in the evening with Tai ji and Chachi ji.

Naina touches everyone’s feet and hugs Poonam. Bela asks about Sameer. Mami ji says it isn’t a small flat where you can see every corner as soon as you enter. Poonam says he is inside. She asks everyone to take a seat. Naina collides with a lampshade while looking in another direction. Mami ji gets upset as it was too expensive. Poonam asks Naina if she is fine. Naina nods. Mami ji tells Poonam to be careful. Everyone takes a seat. Mami ji says there are many lamps inside. She asks Poonam to ask the servant to change it. It was just worth 5.

Voiceover – Naina:
It is said that everyone should fall in love once. I think I took it too literally. I fell in the corridor, road, mud, college, and I even fell at my in-laws’ house too. There was no place where I dint fall!

Vishakha says Prabha (Mami ji) has called the vendor from her place. These are very special. Prachi speaks proudly about it. They see the sarees. Tai ji and Chachi ji let go of the sarees the moment they hear their prices. They like a saree which costs 2k. Naina chooses that one. Mami ji says it is your engagement and not some Diwali function at your home. Vishakha too tells her not to worry about the cost. Mami ji asks Poonam to bring the juice which was sent by her Papa from Dubai. Switch on the AC too. Bela says we simply open the windows whenever we feel hot. Vishakha asks the saree vendor to show something nice. Naina has to look special on her special day. The saree vendor starts showing sarees worth 18-20k. Sameer notices Naina’s discomfort. He picks up a saree and shows it to everyone. I like this one! Vishakha tells Sameer to let it be. We all know how good your choice is. She looks at Naina while saying so. Mami ji smiles whereas Bela and Tai ji look uncomfortable. Sameer still picks a few sarees and starts scanning them. He smiles reassuringly at Naina. Sameer asks Naina if she trusts his choice. She nods. He hands her a few sarees. Vishakha tells Naina to try the sarees in the room and tell them which ones she likes. Naina nods. She begins to go inside when Sameer starts going after her. He wants to help her choose the best saree so she looks best on her big day. Bela tries to lighten the situation. Poonam offers juice to everyone.

Naina is trying a saree when Sameer enters. Not this one. Try another. She panics seeing him there. Why are you here? He replies that he has come to help his would-be wife. She is worried that someone might come but he assures her that it wont happen. I want to come close and tell you. She tells him not to act like some hero. He says I don’t have to be one. She tells him to stay put or she will call Chachi ji. She will slap you. They argue very cutely (even on the kids). He inches closer. Her heart starts beating faster. He holds a tape for her. She smiles.

Voiceover – Naina:
Sameer and my story had started from Maine Pyaar Kiya but we were now at Hum Aapke Hain Kaun Phase. Anyone who is from the 90’s will understand the transition and the meaning too well.

Precap: Mami ji says the daughter will wear a saree which is way costlier than the amount that her father earns in a month. They were so freaked out about the function earlier and see now! I am telling you. These middle class people can never change! She goes quiet seeing Naina standing there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Loved the episode, waiting for next week for 2 sagai function s

  2. Today’s episode was so beautiful. There were many things which I liked in today’s episode:-
    1. Sameer’s idea of having two function on the same day. Somewhere I felt it was Sameer’s style of explaining his idea to his family if he could have said it directly then may be Bobby or mama Ji or Mami Ji would have rejected it.
    My gut feeling says that on the other function Naina will wear Sameer’s Nani Saree or her Pooja’s wedding lehenga but I really want Naina to wear that saree in any function of her wedding.
    2. Naina & Sameer’s phone call romance when Sameer was saying ‘I Love You’ ‘Maine Kaha I Love You’ ?? and his expression when he came to know that O Bai is there on the other side ??.
    3. Love the way Sameer was understanding and trying to comfort Naina when she was uncomfortable.
    4. Sameer’s chioce is really good. When Vishakha was saying we all know about Sameer’s choice at that point of time I was like it is a compliment not a sarcasm.
    5. And last but not the least the room romance when Sameer was coming near to Naina it was too cute specially gifting her HUM AAPKE HAIN KON cassette ??.
    6. How can I forget Poonam Bhabhi she is Soo good Jethani she is not at all proud of her money I wish all the elders were like her just in love with her characterization ?.
    Didn’t like the precap when Naina chose a saree of 2k she said it is not for Diwali function “Tum Maheshwari Khandan Ki Hone Wali Bahu Ho” and when she chose 25k saree they started making fun of her like really their ego and prejudice is so high that they are not able to see anything beyond that??.

  3. Another good episode!! But missed Munna and pandit today!! ?. Also I feel they are moving to fast with wedding thing!! Also doesn’t anyone go college anymore? I feel they are missing a lot of things out… would love to see Kartik and Sunaina’s reactions when they find out Samaina are getting married. Also how does Arjun feel he must be angry and annoyed. Arjun hasn’t said anything to Naina how can that be?

  4. I think Sameer being a ziddi brat at the moment is part of the story, because he is not concentrating on anything else apart from Naina and the wedding and vice Versa she is doing the same. I think after the wedding both will face hardships as they will not be financially or career wise stable and this will give Vishaka and Taiji a chance to rub it in their faces that getting married at their age was not a good idea!

    1. Memi. I think you are right. I agree with you. Sameer only concentrating on naina and not respecting his mom is also very sad

  5. see i told you friends that sameer will not run away from house ,the idea of explaining function at their home was fantastic ,hated o bai ,always b*t*hing about sameer and naina to his husband ,preeti teasing naina about do shaadi ,ek tu karlena ,ek main karlungi ,

    loved the phone conversation with naina ,when taiji snatches phone from naina ,and sameer by mistake says ” i love you ” to taiji ,o bai ka muh dekhne layak tha ,

    all mamiji is care about her lamp ,she is showing off too much, sameer mom and mamiji have purposely selected expensive sarees for naina ,so that naina family feel humilated ,

    while in changing room when sameer comes ,naina asks why you are here ,he says i am gonna select you saree ,naina says jyada hero banne ki jarurat nai and says statue and warns him dont come near me otherwise i will chachi ji ,sameer asks chachaji ka kya kaam ,she says thappad ka to hai ,and says sameer ke bache ,then sameer teases her pehle shaadi phir bache ,

    and then sameer says i want to give you some thing ,then hand her cassette of ” hum Aapke Hain kaun ”

    this sweet gesture made my day ,

  6. By the way it was Poonam bhabhi who broke the lamp mistakenly not Naina…?…
    And what is tauji about to do??Whom did he called??… Seriously I am getting negative vibes from him yrr….He may be silent but many devilish plans are going on his mind?
    And yes Sameer is behaving too childish but it is because he doesn’t want to loose Naina…But makers should stop at only engagement once and should should not go up to marriage as both of them are not mature for marriage…
    And for how much time Poonam bhabhi will remain pregnant??And there are no changes in her…Is she really pregnant??They were too fast at time of Pooja’s delivery and too slow in case of Poonam bhabhi…
    When they know that they will only concentrate on Sameer and Naina then why do they introduce new things which they can’t handle…this create blunders yrr…Like what was the need of introducing Juhi and this new Arjun when they show only Sameer and Naina love story…??
    And this mami is too much yrr…?…

  7. Such a sweet episode. I liked that Sameer made his point about the celebration visible. And how he convinced for another engagement. Sweet. This was a nice way to indirectly talk about the dowry system and realise what exactly is the burden on a girl’s parents and how the guy’s family can share it or have their own kind of celebration from their own money.

    Feeling bad for Naina, poor thing she keeps getting caught at all the wrong times despite no fault of hers.

    I didn’t like how vishakha and mamiji spoke about bela chachaji dress sense, but it was light hearted.

    This taiji is neem plus karela plus everything bad and bitter. She can’t utter one good word. What goes of hers if Naina wears two different sarees for her two ceremonies? As if she is buying. Anand chachaji will buy for naina, o bai will only have to go there, mingle with the rich people, and thoos herself with food like she’s never eaten before. And what exactly is their idea behind breaking the wedidng now? After dates being fixed and all? I thought all these days they were just worried about society and intercaste wedding. But now that society and neighbours and everyone knows about the rishta pakka, why do they have a problem? Like won’t it be bad for their family only if even this rishta breaks? Given they think Naina is a burden as such, motherless, without any beauty, with one broken engagement and one love story.

    Bring back college days. I want to see sunainas face. And what happened to the results of Sameer? If it’s that, then they can quickly finish college track and start wedding track.

    Where is juhi. Why can’t they give as much importance to her and Arjun as much as they give to even kamya.

    Eagerly waiting for next week so that I’d be done with my exams and will be able to watch our beloved serial without any stress 🙂

    1. Which exams are you giving @sunshine ?

      School or college ??

      which stream ??

      1. Tarun, NEET-PG on Sunday and TOEFL on next Sunday. I’m a doctor. Hopefully I’ll do well 🙂

    2. Same here Sunshine?…I too have NEET PG Exam on Sunday…We are of same stream dear?…Which batch??

      1. Oh wow. I’m 2012 batch Ashu. And you?
        All done with prep huh?

    3. I am also 2012 batch?… Preparation to be tested in exam only…?…but tried my best… let’s see…All the best

      1. all the best @ashu ? for exam ?

      2. Thanks Tarun?

      3. Oh that’s nice. All the best. Yes yes, I’m actually freaking out so much?

        Thank you Tarun 🙂

    4. all the best @sunshine for exam ?

  8. I can’t understand why tauji is against their rista if u all remember before Sameer and Naina’s separation Sameer indirectly told o bai and Chachi ji that he is interested towards Naina, Tau ji was like problem Kya hai, achchi baat hi toh hai. Then O Bai was hum unki demand Puri nhi Kar paege. Can’t understand tauji

  9. Oh that’s nice. All the best. Yes yes, I’m actually freaking out so much?

    Thank you Tarun 🙂

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