Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Munna, Pandit and Preeti expose Karthik and prove Naina-Sameer’s innocence

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer telling Naina that he will make Sunaina and Karthik’s life miserable in college. Naina says then what will be the difference between us. She says sorry and says you was trapped because of me. Sameer says I don’t care about myself, but you. He says we will face this trouble together and asks her to come. Sunaina and Karthik come there with their gang. Sunaina says you have lost as I am standing infront of you, says they got insulted, but smiling still. Naina says whoever is truthful, smile remains on their face. She holds Sameer’s hand and says we are together and will be together always. She tells that you have used my best friend and her tears to trap me. Munna, Pandit and Preeti come there clapping. Munna says you have taught a good lesson to them.

Sameer asks if they have gone mad? Pandit says someone said right that it is good to have wise enemy rather than foolish friend. He says they got the intelligence now. Naina asks Preeti if she will go to them. Preeti says yes and says you both will be suspended tomorrow, but we have to stay here for a year. She praises Sunaina. Sunaina gets happy. She asks naina why did she go to help Swati who was not her friend anymore. Swati looks on. Munna and Pandit call hero to Karthik and hugs him.

Karthik gets happy. Munna asks him to make them like him. Karthik says you will take 7 births to become like me and says this donkey thinks from heart and this Naina melted hearing swati crying. He says then I sent Piyush to Sameer. Once they go inside, I locked the door. He asks them not to take panga from them. Principal hears them and says they can’t take panga from you as you will not be in the college from tomorrow. Sunaina and Karthik get tensed. Principal apologizes to Sameer and Naina. JBR thanks Preeti, Munna and Pandit for bringing out the ring and says this 50 percent guys used their brain for friendship. Principal asks JBR to bring Karthik and Sunaina to her office. Sunaina says he was joking. JBR asks them to come. Munna and Pandit tell that Sameer is their brother. Preeti says Naina can leave you, but not I. hema asks her to go and says you have to cry after going home.

Vishaka comes to Nana ji’s house. Mama and Mami get happy. Vishaka says she came as she missed them. Mama says I will take care of you. Vishaka asks about Sameer. Mama says he went to play dandiya. Vishaka says he is still careless. Poonam says he is very responsible now, Vishaka asks where did he go. Devang says may be to the nearest Dandiya program. Mami says he was looking as a hero. Vishaka says he shall become responsible. Mama says Sameer took the car and Munna and Pandit are with him. Prabha asks her to have food.

Sameer thanks Munna, pandit and Preeti for saving them. Naina also thanks them. Munna asks them to see Maina Pyaar Kiya film and says no sorry and no thank you. Preeti says no hanuman can touch her until she is there. Sameer asks can I touch her after marriage. Munna and Pandit tell that they are Sameer’s lakshman. Munna tells that Principal Maam must be doing aarti of Karthik and Sunaina.
Vishaka asks Mama to eat. Mama says I couldn’t eat and says I can’t eat until Sameer sits infront of me. He says he is my jaan. Vishaka says you care for him, but he…Mami says he is hero. Devang says we are happy since he came. Principal Maam scolds Karthik for trying to ruin Sameer and Naina’s image and respect and calls his grand father. Karthik gets tensed. Naina’s voiceover tells that Karthik got scared when Principal called his grand daughter and says in those times, parents used to be very strict. Principal ends the call asking him to come. Karthik asks her not to call his dada ji. JBR asks him to get out.

Naina and Preeti are in Sameer’s car while he is driving.. He plays romantic song. Naina changes the song. Preeti asks them not to change the song and says car might get stuck and stop. She says can’t you decide on one. Naina and Sameer say except on love. Just then Sameer’s car stops. Naina asks him not to do masti. Sameer says I am not joking. Vishaka gets tensed and says it is 10 pm now. She asks Mami to call Munna’s house again. Devang says his mummy said that they went to college for playing dandiya. Prabha calls Munna’s house again. Munna picks the call and gets happy hearing Vishaka. He asks when did you come and asks about Rohan. Vishaka says I came alone. She asks him if he didn’t go with Sameer. Munna says they thoroughly enjoyed. Vishaka asks then why Sameer haven’t come till now. Munna says there are many pot holes on the road. Sameer gets down from the car and checks the engine. Naina looks at him and smiles. Sameer asks if she didn’t see mechanic before. Naina says I saw, but not so handsome. Sameer smiles.

Naina kisses on the handkerchief and gives to Sameer. Sameer kisses on the handkerchief and looks at Naina. Naina smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love this serial… first one to comment 😉

  2. O mean wow. Daring naina..I’m just loving her ..The way she is showering love on sameer and standing tall with him in every situation..Hats off….What a romantic and loving precap

  3. Like the episode so much today it was fun! I like the acting of Munna pundit and Preeti!!

  4. Such a nice episode. But why didn’t Sunaina get caught? Kartik will easily escape because his family are the trustees, but I wanted people to know about Sunaina. Her face is so funny, and her expressions after she lost😂

    I liked how makers keep all good things simple but exaggerate bad ones. And Naina holding Sameer’s hand😍 After a long time I felt she’s doing something for Sameer than fighting with him or being busy in her own work commitments. Totally sweet.

    I wish Swati did something to help them some way and the anger between Swati and the others melted a little. I actually thought she would raise her voice againts Sunaina in front of the principal. Poor swati-munna, they got together after great difficulty and since then there has been drama only in their relationship. Day ine only they got caught by Naina’s family, then they took sides because I Naina Sameer broke up, then the election stuff, and now even in dandiya they could not enjoy. I want them to patch up asap. The problem here is lack of communication.

    What is being with Sameer’s car all the time? It breaks down at the most important times, like Naina’s birthday and today😂 I’m glad vishakha came. I want to see more of Sameer’s family than the annoying Agarwal family.

  5. *wrong with Sameer’s car

  6. Fan of YUDKBH

    So now Mama and family will show true colors. But this Vishaka, she is again coming in others words.

  7. Loved the episode,it was too good

  8. Yes enjoiiiiied yesterday’s episode – somewhere i feel disappointed on two things

    1.Swati didn’t do anything for Naina – even after hearing that Naina got in to this trap because of her( sunaina’s plan)
    2. Sunaina didnot get exposed why only karthik?

    But in terms of friendship again Mundit rocks – Preethi did a good job….

    also i feel that Naina cares(very less) of those who really cares for her…….
    Naina give more perference to Swati than Preethi…and to her family than Sameer….

    Munna and pandit – Longing to have good friends like them—– bodyguard, friend and wat else sometime guru and now saviour of Sameer….. instant plan works very well…..
    Love the way even Kamya and Hema given more chance— thanks to Makers……

    Vishakha – somewhere i feel that i am witnessing the old vishakha—– please be more responsible madam.only thing that makes me feel happy is she cares for Sameer……

    Mama, Mami and Devang – I am wondering how they don’t know that Sameer is in college dandiyan function, how irresponsible they are and i really feel that after poonam’s good news she cares more for her family than sameer and even i feel that Mamaji’s conversation with Vishakha in dinning table was not acceptable….more of drama.

    Still somewhere i am not convinced with this mamaji’s family…..will they create any issues in SAMAINA’s life?
    1. They don’t like Naina.
    2. They believe that Sameer love interest is Sunaina.
    3. Naina is Sister of Pooja.

    will Vishakha able to understand sameer’s love life… approves his love…..

    what will be next — 1.Prinicipal madam approves for Girls Sport team.
    2. Entry of Drama Teacher.
    3. Diwali celebration.
    4. Juhi and Arjun’s love.

    1. Rohan and preethi’s love
    2. Kamya and Pandit’s Love.
    3. Naina’s care towards sameer than her family (somewhere i feel it is not up to the marks as of now)

    Hope for the best….

  9. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice, Amazing, beautiful episode! I loved this show!

  10. Ghvpriya

    I am really so so happy to see comments flowing once again in the TU. And I am really enjoying the episodes a lot. What a wonderful trick munna, pandit and preeti have used to bring the truth out 👏👏👏. Hats off to their idea. I loved the way Naina held Sameer’s hand in front of sunaina with so much haq 😍😍😍. There is truly something fishy about mama and mami’s family and I am eagerly waiting for how the story is going to unfold but I really hope that visakha to accept Sameer and Naina’s relation. The end of the episode is too good 👌👌👌
    Naina telling Sameer that she hasn’t seen such a handsome mechanic before was really so nice and the way Sameer blushed on hearing that 😳😳😳. He looked so cute!
    And the precap is too lovely 😍😍😍. It just took my heart ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Fida18

    Today yeh in dinon ki baat hai episode start on 10.46. don’t forget to watch on TV and only on Sony tv

  12. Nice episode
    There must be a reason behind why only Kartik is caught and not Sunaina…Now we will be able to see that what will Sunaina do…Will she help Kartik or will she leave him alone in this situation??
    I felt Vishakha like she was in beginning of serial…Caring mother but underestimating Sameer…Not like the one in Delhi…
    I don’t feel something fishy with Mama-Mami…till now… It’s just that Vishakha gave Sameer’s responsibility to them that’s why they are showing this much love…
    Sameer’s Family is only tensed that Sameer has not yet returned and not Chachaji for Naina Preeti….And this time Naina is cool…She is not worrying like she was on her birthday…
    Precap:As expected Kiss is also “indirect”…but it is much romantic than real one

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