Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Plot twist in kundli’s

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Poonam brings water for everyone. Mami ji introduces her to everyone. She also shares her family background and praises her. Bela says Naina is also like her. Rakesh denies. Naina’s father is just a librarian. We don’t have servants in our house. She knows nothing. Sameer says that does not matter. Poonam Bhabhi will train her. Poonam nods happily. Rakesh says it means no one else will get along with my daughter. Bela says Devrani and Jethani’s are like sisters. Bobby says it depends on the upbringing. Kids these days know nothing about values. Sameer asks Poonam to serve snacks. Mami tells her to serve food in silver cutlery. I feel really embarrassed serving food to guests in steel plates.

Landline rings. Naina picks it up. Kamya asks her if her engagement date is fixed by now. Naina denies. Kamya says I want your wedding to happen in winters. It will be so much fun. Naina tells her to calm down. The engagement date isn’t fixed yet and you are already talking about wedding? Kamya teases her if she should talk about honeymoon. Naina smiles shyly. Sameer must be trying my number. End the call. Kamya teases her to say Hi to her Jija ji. Their teasing continues.

Voiceover – Naina:
I was asking only one question to Sameer’s photo that day. I made coffee for your family in the middle of the night. What are you doing / making?

The table is fully loaded with food. Sameer and Mami ji are serving food to everyone. Sameer very sweetly offers a plate to Rakesh but he tells him to keep it on table. Mami ji praises the food. My brother has sent them especially from Bombay. Eat well Rakesh ji. We have lots of food. She ends up spilling sauce on Rakesh’s suit. She apologizes to him but he is in his as usual unrelenting mood. You guys (rich people) make mistakes and then apologize. Mama ji tells him to calm down. It was a mistake. Eat nicely. It is fun to eat from silver plate. Rakesh retorts if he should eat the plate instead. Bela and Anand sit awkwardly.

Naina paces wondering what will be going on there. Sameer is not even calling. Preeti tells her to be happy sometimes. Papa is there. Why are you so worried? Naina reminds her that even her Papa is there. That is a thing to worry. You know how he and Sameer are with each other. Preeti says they are just like snake and mongoose. Naina asks her if she called her Sameer a mongoose. Preeti claps. This is called love. You did not mind it when I called Tau ji a snake but you are not okay with me calling Sameer a mongoose? Naina tells her not to mess with her brain. Preeti says it is already messed up and hugs her. Naina is still scared. Preeti plays music to calm her down. She pulls Naina for dance too. Naina ends up smiling. Preeti twirls her around during the dance. Naina is about to collide with Tai ji but stops herself. Preeti switches off the music.

Anand tells everyone that Rakesh is very fun loving. Rakesh suggests everyone to ask Sameer about that. He knows me since his school time. let me clear one thing. You guys are rich whereas I am just a librarian. I only earn 2.5k a month. Anand tries to speak but Rakesh reminds him that he is Naina’s father. Why will you talk? Bela wants to let them match the kundli’s first. Sameer asks everyone to sit down. Anand nods. Rakesh complies. Bobby asks Sameer why he interrupted Rakesh ji. He tells Rakesh to go ahead. Rakesh says I cannot give anything in dowry. Sameer tells him to drop all that. He offers him snacks again but Rakesh again asks him to keep it on the table. Vishakha says we don’t want anything. We have everything already. Rakesh says you would still be dreaming of a lavish wedding. I cannot do any of that. I am very poor. Anand tells him not to say so. He folds his hands before Sameer’s family. I assure you, you will not have anything to complain about. The wedding will be done nicely. Rakesh asks his brother why he is making such a promise. Pundit ji comes just then. Sameer advises discussing everything later. Sameer’s family asks Sameer to let Pundit ji and the elders decide the date now. We will call you once everything is fixed. Sameer looks at Rakesh and then goes inside.

Tai ji taunts Naina. This is how the kids today are? Your father must be getting insulted there while you are dancing and enjoying here! Your father is a poor man. You don’t care about how that rich family will be behaving with him! Preeti says it isn’t so but Tai ji says you don’t know anything. Dance with this music on the road with Sameer. So embarrassing! You are Rakesh’s daughter but it would have been better if Rakesh did not have a child!

Voiceover – Naina:
That day I was feeling so angry listening to Tai ji but today I only laugh at it. I have come to understood how every generation feels stuff like that. Back then, it was Tai ji’s generation that felt that way and today it was us. Our kids might feel the same tomorrow.

Vishakha gives both kundli’s to pundit ji. She addresses Naina as Rakesh’s daughter. Rakesh says her name is Naina. Anand tells him to calm down. Pundit ji looks at both the kundli’s.

Naina asks Sameer if everything is fine. He asks her if she cried just now. She denies but he asks her why she is so scared. She says I am worried. He tells her not to worry. You are going to be the DIL of Maheshwari family. She says Agarwals are also there. They are the best friends of Maheshwari’s after all. I am very scared. He tells her not to worry. Everyone is happy here. She is worried about her father but he lies that he is happy. She says I know it isn’t possible but he insists it is true. You have no confidence on your own father? You are not wrong though. Your Papa and smile are just like two opposite directions. She tells him not to make fun of her father. He jokes that he was talking about the movie. She asks him if the engagement date is fixed. He shares that everyone sent him inside. Pundit ji is checking the kundli’s. they told me that kids aren’t required here. She teases him for being called a kid. You can come to your lover’s house with your entire family in the middle of the night but cannot be present outside when the engagement date was being fixed. Tell me the date quickly. He tells her to stay on the line. I will check outside.

Sameer peeks at his family. Pundit ji whispers something in Mama’s ears. Rakesh tells Pundit ji to speak loudly. Mama ji and Vishakha shake their heads. Anand asks Pundit ji if everything is fine. Pundit ji shares that he can calculate a date but! Naina asks Sameer if the date got finalized. He tells her to wait. Pundit ji shares that there is a Dosha in both the kundli’s. Rakesh says it is good that both the kundli’s have dosha’s or they would have blamed their daughter only. Anand asks Pundit ji about the Dosha. Naina is getting anxious. Sameer has to once again tell her to calm down.

Pundit ji tells that both the guy and the girl are going to marry twice in their lifetime. Everyone gets shocked. They ask Pundit ji to check again but he says he has done that already. Naina again asks Sameer if the date is fixed. Is everything fine? He asks her to meet him at Red Rose right away and ends the call.

Mama ji tries talking to Anand but Rakesh asks him to speak to him. I am Naina’s father. Mama ji says we don’t mind if our boy marries twice. He is boy after all. Think about Naina. Rakesh says I already knew that Sameer will marry twice. He is like that since school time! Anand calms him. Vishakha says what will happen now. Bobby says why should we worry. They have to marry their daughter to our son. They should think.

Voiceover – Naina:
Back in those days, we used to have twists in our lives as shown in TV serials. That is how I also started writing for serials. Un Dino, that drama was also no different.

Epi ends on Anand’s worried face.

Precap: At Red Rose, Sameer dips his right hand in red color and keeps it over Naina’s hand. We don’t know what is written in our kundli’s but we will right the rest of the story ourselves. They look at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Today show stoper performance goes to preeti 🙂 she made me laugh with snake mangoose one.

    Hearing “lover” word is music to my ears .when naina says aadhi raat ko apni lover ke ghar aa sakte ho ,magar khud ke ghar engagement ki date nai sun sakte .

    It is clear from episode that naina became writer of serial episodes

    Did you Guys know when was the first time when sameer called naina the most beautiful girl in the world ,

    it was on 11th jan 2018 episode ,when sameer called naina most beautiful girl in the world for the first time , in the episode beauty parlor aunty mistakenly cut naina eyebrow, and she had to cover her eyebrow with sunglasses .

    looking forward for today episode ,naina and will have fierce fight before coming to applying of paint on their respective palms

  2. A very Happy New Year guys…????
    I wish our favorite show goes successfully this year too…?
    My wishes on this new year…
    1. May Safari Suit learns how to behave with others especially with his daughter’s in laws…?
    2. May o bai learns a lesson and her selfish nature backfires her?
    3. May Preeti gets love of her life (may be Rohan)?
    4. May the new Arjun get some good role and dialogues ? and comes out of “dukhi ” mode
    5. May Rakesh becomes a responsible father of his children
    6. May Sameer and Naina always live together happily (without marrying twice)??
    7. May Vishakha understand that Naina is the perfect choice for Sameer and comes out of the typical saas mode?
    8. May Bobby understand that Sameer too deserve a fatherly love same as Vishakha is more like a real mom for Rohan
    9 May the Bombay wali mami comes out of her Bombay and live in Ahemdabad forgetting the show off she does…?
    10. May Chachaji-Chachiji always remain as a support for Naina…Best Chacha-Chachi??
    Any more extra wishes you want to add…???

  3. Absolutely right Tarun really Preeti was the show stopper. And Aashu I think wish no. 1, 5 & 9 cannot be fulfilled ??. And today’s episode will have a cute fight and that too in the year’s beginning so really very excited for it ??

    1. Ya I know…But never loose hope…??

  4. This is so nicely written. . I too hope that sameer learn to love and understand his mom becuase after delhi ,vishaka is trying her best to be a good mom. And naina should win over vishaka just the way sameer won chachaji ‘s confidence.

  5. Where is the written update for today’s episode. Please update soon

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