Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer avoids Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina waits for Sameer at temple. Taiji is spying on her after getting information from a lady that Naina comes to temple every Monday with a guy. Naina sees someone with long hair and thinks it’s Sameer. She goes to him, but then says sorry to him. Taiji wonders where that guy is who the lady mentioned about. Sameer is frustrated recalling Kartik hugging Naina. She calls his mother. She asks whether he had any fight with Naina. He says no but tells her that she was right about Naina being too practical and him being too emotional. They can’t be together. He asks his mother when she’s coming back. She says soon. She feels something is not right.

Chachaji gets a call from Naina’s school and he is informed about Naina getting TV offer to act. Everyone is very happy, but Naina is sad. Chachaji tells her not to worry about Taiji and Tauji, if she wants to act, then he will convince them. Preeti dreams of meeting all actors after Naina acts and gets into films.

Taiji tells Tauji that Naina is very smart. She called and asked her boyfriend not to come to temple. She now intends to go to her college.

Chachaji comes home and surprised Chachiji saying he’s going to America. Chachiji is happy. Later, Taiji tells Tauji that they didn’t come to give good news. They came to make them feel jealous. However, she says it’ll be good if Chachaji is not there, it will be easier to control Naina and Preeti. She leaves to go to college.

Sameer and friends are in cafe. Sameer acts extra happy to hide his pain. Naina tries to talk to him, but he avoids her. Naina figures he’s upset. She waits after college ends. Meanwhile, Taiji arrives there and she looks around. Sameer comes and Naina goes and sits on his bike. He asks her to get off, but she says she wants to talk to him. He says he is not in mood to talk. She says if he’s stubborn, then she’s stubborn too. He then sees JBR and calls him. Sameer complains him about Naina. JBR gets surprised seeing Sameer complain about her. Sameer says he’s her friend, that doesn’t mean he will agree to everything she says. Naina now gets off the bike. Sameer sits on his bike and leaves.

Precap: Students cheating during an exam.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else feel they’re making Naina a Supergirl? She’s an amazing actress in real but her character isn’t one. How on Earth did she get an acting offer? Why aren’t they showing Sameer’s growth? He’s also so good at so many things. Why is Sameer the person who has to support Naina and why are they showing him as if he’s some good for nothing fellow? And that Naina is the best in every single thing. Next they’ll show that NASA asked Naina to be an astronaut with them. I’m not bashing her, it’s good that she’s doing to amazing for herself, especially during that time. Par Sameer ko bhi thoda space do, importance do. Our hero is also good, and with a little motivation and channnelising, he’ll achive a lot. They both are equal over all. Please don’t make it like she’s better than him and he doesn’t deserve her.

    Poor Sameer, he’s so hurt. He still doesn’t know kartik did it intentionally, and Naina was not at fault. But how would he, Naina is just going behind him and acting like he HAS to listen to her. Girl, when Sameer brought so many girls for your sports team, you got so jealous, despite knowing that he loves only you. Now he can’t get jealous and hurt is it? First please show kartik what he deserves, do anything that will make us and Sameer and everyone feel that you are retaliating, that it’s not okay to touch someone without their consent. It’s a big big thing, even now; a guy hugging a girl without her consent even today is a big deal, he’s a creep. And you are doing nothing to the guy who tried to malign your image and also take revenge from your boyfriend by stooping so low? Will you let him ho? She was behaving like all this is normal. Stop normalising abuse, this was abuse. Please stand up for yourself than talking l badi badi baat. If not for your family, if not for Sameer, if not for other women form tour College, please stand up for your own self, for your own self worth and respect.

    She’s not retaliating or reacting even now, no wonder Sameer still feels she did it on purpose. Added to that, she’s not done anything in the recent past that shows she’s selfelss. She’s only used all her opportunities and that too keeping him unknown about her decisions. Please be a little more transparent in your relationship Naina. It’ll help both of you.

    Can taiji leave Naina alone. Why does she hate Naina so much? Naina is in no way ugly, put a little make up on her and she’ll look as amazing as anyone else that taiji gtunks is good. Yes Sameer is the better looking one among both of them, but Naina is pretty too, natural and simple. She looked so good during pooja’s wedding, and during a lot of other events. If she being a close relative behaved and belittles her own neice this way, saying she’s ugly and poor, why would anyone else give Naina any support?
    I think taiji will find out but she and tauji will keep quiet because Sameer is rich. She’ll change her colours. Because remember when Sameer Naina and chachaji met in the temple, Naina told that chachaji had expected a lot of drama when taiji and tauji would get to know about sameer-naina, but nothing like that actually happened.

    Please end this hug track guys. It’s hurtful to see so many misunderstandings. Naina, stand up for yourself. And Sameer, listen to her for once and do some introspection and think if she’d ever agree for a hug in a play. Also, use your head and know that if a hug was mentioned before, there would have been practice hugs too. And the whole College would know that the play has a hug. Also try to place Naina’s uncomfortable face during that hug. Think in a calm, impartial, unprejudiced way.

  2. i think sameer should talk to naina , because during navarati episode sameer was too happy with naina ,now he is only hurting him self and naina too

  3. Swara23

    Now i guess there is going to be a long separation with lot of misunderstandings a sad one like sharad’s

  4. Sorry to say guys but our favorite serial is going to an another tangent… Instead of winding up the things in a good way they are just messing it up…
    1.They are not doing anything about Swati and her reunion with Naina and the gang…I expected a true unbreakable friendship between Swati-Naina just like Munna-Pandit-Sameer…I thought Swati would patch up after Navratri but no…Even they are not giving any importance to her as well as Munna-Swati love angle…
    2. They are again sidelining Arjun and Juhi love story…(And this was the only reason why previous Arjun and Shefali left)
    3. Naina’s Characterization-She is the one whose character has been drastically changed from school to college…(but towards negative side)…It was really soothing to watch her in school days and has become equally painful now…She has become self-centered and thinks that she is not g.s but the savior of her college and without her the college will shut down…
    4. They are in no mood of proving Kartik guilty…He is happily giving exams and cheating too… This proves that either Naina knew about the scene or if not then she is ok with it…She should have taken some action against it instead of wasting her energy in explaining Sameer…I bet Sameer would have liked Naina’s objection…
    5.Sameer- Yes sure,he is the person who thinks with heart…But there is nothing bad in using your brain…And if he thinks with brain then it is not his own but of others…May be dadi, or Stupid ideas of Munna-Pandit or Vishakha’s perception about Naina…
    I can’t understand what is wrong with him…Is he ignoring Naina because he doesn’t want to come in her way to success (as he said to Vishakha on phone) or he is feeling insecure after Kartik hugged Naina…???
    I just want to say that their relationship has gone through too much ups and downs with a big breakup but still they are behaving immaturely…not understanding each other, egoistic…
    My expectations: Just keep the show light-hearted, soothing and refreshing as it was in beginning instead of this mental torture…Show the growth of characters instead of making them selfish (Naina) and dumb( Sameer)…
    Apology if anyone is hurt…these are my expectations (as a loyal viewer of the show)…

  5. Nothing more to comment I totally agree with you Ashu and sunshine
    I really want naina to prove sameer that she is innocent but I feel that sameer hurted because his enemy hugged his girl friend instead of its intentional or purposeful since he is very emotional guy

  6. I m new to write on this forum…i always read all ur comment…i totally agree with ashu…now a days my interest is gone to watching of yudkbh

  7. You all are forgetting in school also Naina also got selected for drama lead role ,juliet ,on her own ,but she didnt do it ,so swati got it,and about Sameer ,he’s shown to be laid back,not interested,i think his character growth will start from this track ,to be serious,

  8. Swara23

    I dont know what to say
    what u all have said is exactly what i wanted to say
    bless u yudkbh
    plz fullfill all our expectations nd dont forget to add tha unexpected yudkbh special element which reminds us y we whatch this show

    1. Excetly, I think there is some suspense behind this hug because Punawala was looking very normal when Kartik hugged Naina. When Kartik asked does Naina know about new script he only nods. He wasn’t confident that time.

  9. College track is ending soon in a month or so,then they will be marriage track of Samaina,if you want to watch post marriage track please watch it on TV and increase both trip and online trp ,so the channel gives an extension in feb- march as the contract ends then,so please watch it on TV on Sony SD and online on Sony live from Mon_ Friday at 10 pm

    1. Swara23

      Are u sure coz i never expected my fav show to end soon
      guys plz keep watching nd popularise it as much as u can to keep the trp high

      1. Sweta2005

        its not ending now college track shooting has completed ,agreement with sony ends in february -march ,if there is high trp we may get extension,so lets watch it on tv on Sony SD and online on Sony liv,so we get extension

  10. It is not done. Good shows like YUDKBH has to end soon. And Crime Petrol has to there for years. But if we see positive side of this. Just like foreign TV shows although it ends very soon but are very famous and people watch it again and again and never get bored out of it.

    1. Swara23

      U r right
      but somehow i imagine it forever but gud things r not forever

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