Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer, Naina and others search for the lost cassette

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tai ji coming home and asking Preeti and Naina where they are going. Bela tells about the competition in their college. Tai ji asks if it is cooking competition. She asks Naina and Preeti to make lauke ki sabzi and tinde ki sabzi, and ask them to bring it home. Preeti says it is dance competition of boys and girls. Tai ji asks Bela if she has taught this to her daughter. Bela says they are not dancing, but seeing other dancing. She asks them not to forget about that thing and signs them. Naina says how can we forget? Preeti says mummy asked us not to be friends with the girls who are taking part in dancing. Tai ji gets impressed and praises Bela. Naina’s voiceover tells that she got a good chachi and everyone shall get such chachi and niece like her, laughs….Naina and Preeti come to the college. Preeti calls jija ji to Sameer. Students hear it. Sameer and Naina get shy. Naina comes to her and says she is very scared. Sameer says I am reminded of a girl and sings a song. Naina says Swati and Kamya haven’t come till now. JBR asks students if they are participating. They say they don’t know dancing. JBR jokes that they will dance on their wife’s signs. Pandit gets flattered seeing the girl who has stolen his cassette.

Karthik, Sunaina and others come there. Sunaina asks sameer if he will not wish them and says may the best person wins. Preeti tells Naina that they will win. Sameer says lets go to make up room. Swati and Kamya come there. Sameer says lets go now. Everyone get ready with their costumes and do make up. Swati shouts seeing her make up. Munna asks her never to do wrong make up. Swati says she has applied kajal instead of lipstick. Preetis ays I will remove it. Sameer comes there and sees Naina getting ready and applying bindi. Song plays….sabse hum door hue…Naina comes to him. Sameer gives chocolate and says for someone he loves. Naina makes him have chocolate. He laughs seeing chocolate on her chin. Naina says my make up. Sameer says it will be fine, takes out his handkerchief and gives her. She tries to clean it. Sameer takes handkerchief and cleans her lips and chin Song plays. Sabse hum door hue plays… turns out to be his imagination. He smiles looking at her.

The lecturer comes and asks them to give their best performance. Sameer says we all will give our best performance. He asks Pandit to give cassette. Pandit checks cassette, but it is not there. Sameer asks him to give. Pandit says cassette is not in his bag. Munna says have you gone mad and checks his bag. Naina says I asked Sameer to check in night. Sameer says Pandit checked in night. JBR calls Karthik and Sunaina’s group first. Sameer and others get surprised as first performance was theirs. Karthik’s cousin tells that he made his name announced firstly and asks him to thank Asha madam. She asks him to recommend her. Sameer and others check for the cassette. Pandit says my bag was closed, how it can fell. Sameer’s voiceover tells that they thought it is over. They get tensed.

Sameer, Naina and others hear their cassette playing on stage and get surprised and shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nice Episode… Chachiji’s support for her daughters was too good ?
    The way Preeti calls Sameer- Jijaji & Munna’s fear to see Swati’s makeup was so Hilarious?
    Samaina’s chocolate romance was unexpected…. But TillNow I have a doubt… Is it real or dream?? Becoz Naina’s Voiceover said about their chocolate romance, then how it could be Sameer’s imagination???
    Poor Pandit… Precap-?Our lovely Gang will do Something….
    Now I don’t want to see& believe such spoilers, Rumours… love YUDKBH?
    Gud NT frdz….

  2. Lokesh

    Hmm gud Masti , but looks like we need a villain then only it will look gud , as nowadays it is not looking realistic, as if it’s all materialistic and cheesey and filmy. These things happens in almost all youth shows of present time I m not done, btw loved taiji scenes. Gud nyt guys.

  3. Why there is no episode on net

  4. Hi Sid,

    even i have the same confusion relating to that chocolate romance how come ???? awaiting to see today’s episode…………………..still hate spoilers and accepting that Karthik and Naina should win instead of sameer and sunaina………………….. my girl should win……….

  5. ** excepting

  6. Nice episode. Chachi ji is awesome..Preeti saying jija ji out loud and Sameer’s reaction? and Swati’s makeup and Munna’s reaction was hilarious..
    I loved the chocolate romance?
    The sad part- their group had worked so hard… only to see this

  7. So chocolate scene was sameers dream but voiceover said it happened in real….. Totally confused either it happened in future or the editing department have cut some scenes related to it don’t know ?naina couldn’t take sameer wishing sunaina ,how she’s gonna accept the competitions result……. Sameer had to do a lot to bring back to normal …..I think this pacifying n convincing naina part will be on 200 th episode……

  8. Nice episode. Taiji scenes, reaction of samaina when Preethi called jija ji, munna reacting to swati’s makeup aur swati ki reaction were hilarious ?. I was blushing on chocolate romance but if it was a dream why naina’s voice over came. There is no logic in it. I can’t see naina losing.

  9. Hey. If you’ve watched the episode, can someone plz tell me what’s the bgm song when Sunaina asks Sameer to wish them good luck?

  10. Akhana

    I think they wont get married.This is cuz in the 90s girls used to get married early, Around 18-20 years. And besides they are of the same age. So there’s no scope of them getting married. Because their parents won’t even agree

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