Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer and Naina tells about their love story to Chachaji right from the first time, Naina saw sameer and fell in love, to Sameer’s bet with his friends, to Naina’s heatbreak, to Sameer seeking for her forgiveness. Later, about their separation post sameer’s Nana ji’s death and how they maintained long distance relation through love letters and how naina broke up with him post Arjun’s Bhaiya’s drama.

Chacha ji says Naina, you should have told me all of this much earlier, she says how could i say so, we are agarwal and sameer is Maheshwari, Chacha ji imagines how Rakesh and Taya ji will break their relation with him once he proposes Naina and Sameer’s marriage propose.

He tells both of them that i will support your love but i have some conditions, he says first, you both have to focus on your studies. Second, you both have to never cross your limits by getting carried aways in any emotions and lastly, you both will never break my trust, no matter what, Naina agrees and Sameer too. Sameer touches his feet, Chacha ji tells Naina we should leave now, Naina looks back at Sameer when she leaves and winks at him, Sameer is very happy, she loos at him while in the auto.

Swati and other friends are worried about Naina, Naina comes there and they asks her what happened, she sees a doli toy at a shop and shows them saying that she always liked the Doli. She reveals that her doli will go to Sameer’s house, they are very happy for her

Sameer is on his bike as he goes to college and is very happy, but he remembers Munna’s warning and promise and gets tensed.

He informs Pandit and Munna that Chacha ji is supporting Naina and his relationship, Munna is not happy, he says Naina’s family incluidng Rakesh, Tai ji and Taya ji will never agree for the marriage, you should know this you will fight for Naina, but will she fight for you against her family, you the answer is NO, he says i can’t see you hurt again, sameer is tensed with Munna’s words.

Naina leaves clues for Sameer in the classroom to meet her at a place, he gets her clues, Naina is much happy for Sameer to get the clues and meet her at the red rose cafe, her friends too tease her. Munna and Pandit tell her to meet Sameer alone at another place as he wants to talk her in private, she eagerly goes to meet him.

Naina meets Sameer and asks him what happened, you don’t look as happy as i am, Sameer says after meeting Chacha ji i was happy, but Munna said something and i am worried too, she says what, he says Munna thinks that out love story will end with separation only. Naina is speechless.

Precap: Naina in on college terrace, seems like she attempts suicide as she stands on the edge of a wall, Sameer and her friends stop her from doing so.

  1. Huu yeh baaaaat hai ni hai ni hahahahaaa excellent epi but now Naina will have to convince Sameer once again

    1. Not Sameer…?He is already convinced…She has to convince Munna ??

  2. Wow!!! Fantastic episode… Chachaji accepted Samaina relationship…??…Today I felt really happy… Naina’s wink at Sameer was so cute…?…
    And hats off to Chachaji…He has imagined the future and still supporting their relationship…
    It need a lots of guts to go against family and society to support an intercast marriage in 90’s…And Somewhat this scenario is still there in present time…Not everyone’s parents are such understanding that Naina’s Chachaji is…
    But as Naina’s voiceover said the consequence was not same as Chachaji imagined… That’s a suspense…?…
    So Sameer is in a big dilemma…It’s “BROMANCE v/s ROMANCE”???…But this time Romance will win…
    Does Naina really want to commit suicide or just pretending to emotionally blackmail Munna?? Let’s see tomorrow
    However Munna’s fear is not wrong…He is very protective for Sameer and has seen him going through bad times because of Naina…His behavior is quite justified…
    Friends I heard that YUDKBH will be telecasted on 4 days only…If this is true it would be so unfair…It is difficult to wait for 2 days and now viewers will have to wait for 3 days?? Already show’s timing is odd and now this too…

  3. Liyana/ yudkbh rocks

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why is the sho telecast going to 4 days a week?? i cant wait that long for another episode. Why can’t this kaun banega crorepati replace some other shows which are terrible? Hopefully after kbc ends our lovely show will go back to 5 days a week. I remember last year its timing got messed up cos of the same show :(.

    1. Yes after KBC ends they will return back to 5 days /week telecast…But KBC will surely take 2-3 months…?

  4. nice episode, understanding Chachaji of Naina and caring friend of Sameer……….wat a episode………
    letz wait and watch now it is naina’s turn to gain trust of course she need to do something to get back his sameer. yeah even i heard that they will telecast this serial 4 days in a week very unfair………………..

    earerly waiting for today’s episode………………….

  5. Probably Manoj or um our beloved Munna will have to accept Naina and Sameer’s relationship because of all the suicide fiasco huh ! But I really appreciate Chachaji’s broad mindedness and wise decision it sure takes tons of guts dude .Oh! Boy I loved the wink though but as is the well known saying that happiness doesn’t last for long the breaking news that KBC is going to begin on 3rd September is absolutely heart-wrenching Goddamnit! Cannot bear the change in the screwed up timings with only 3 episodes per week .I love KBC but not when I have a priority i.e. #YEH UN DINON KI BAAT HAI# But let’s try to be optimists and enjoy both KBC & YUDKBH!!!! Because after all mazaa tab aata hai jab suspense ho aur uske liye wait bhi karna padhe jaise Sameer aur Naina kud kahete hain na ki pyaar ka asli maaza tadapne aur intezar ke baad hota hai toh chalo phir real life main bhi implement karte hain !

  6. * Pyaar ka asli maaza toh tadapne ke badh hi aata hai!


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