Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Girls wear shorts to play volleyball

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Girls ask Sameer what else he likes about the girls who play sports. He starts backing off as they close in on her. Preeti smiles. Munna and Pundit look in Naina’s direction.

Naina vows to teach a lesson to Sameer once he comes. Preeti teases her for being jealous. He was actually helping you. Naina repeats his words which he was using before the girls. Preeti makes her understand that Sameer was only fuelling their minds to join sports. Naina does not buy it but Preeti starts counting the numbers of the girls. Naina calls it impossible but follows Preeti’s gaze. Sameer walks in with a big group of girls behind him. He tells Naina that all of them want to play in her team. A girl agrees. We all are very much interested in Sameer. Sameer and Naina look at her. She covers up saying

that they are interested in what Sameer is saying. We will win all the medals. Sameer tells them to write down their names and classes on a piece of paper. Preeti praises Sameer on his tactic. Naina thought she lost before fighting. Sameer says a movie dialogue (Haar ke jeetne wale to Bazaigar kehte hain). She smiles. I understood Mr. Bazigar. He smiles sweetly.

All the girls start practising volleyball. Swati tells Sunaina that Naina really got a team. What will we do now? Volleyball lands near her feet. Swati picks it up. Munna comes to pick it and taunts her with another sher. Kartik tells Sunaina it is wrong. Coach will now agree to train the girls team.

One girl complains that they cannot play wearing skirts and suits. Naina suggests wearing shorts from tomorrow onwards. They panic as they know their parents wont give them permission. Plus, what will the guys think about us then! Naina says why care about what the guys think. Those who do not have a good thinking should change their own mindsets. Preeti points that it wont be easy getting out of homes wearing shorts. Naina suggests keeping the shorts in bags before leaving house.

(Background – Naina):
Sports coaches and team leaders talk about team spirit and hard work when they give speeches to their teams to play well. I was telling my team to buy good shorts in order to play. It was a new scene in 1993. Be it under pressure but I somehow made the team think way ahead than that time. Shorts and such clothes are very normal now but they weren’t back in those days! To be honest, Shefali was somewhere the real inspiration behind the idea of girls taking part in sports in that time!

Kids try to convince Arjun to play with them or to go with them to ask for donations. Arjun’s friend asks Arjun why he is upset. Arjun complains that everyone thinks him to be a servant of the house. Papa made the mistake and I have to pay for it! His friend suggests him to start his own work. Arjun shares that Tau ji has got him a job already. They overhear two ladies checking out a magazine. They point at Shefali’s photos in the magazine. She has become a model and gets paid really well on daily basis. She will very soon appear in movies too. Arjun runs to check the magazine the moment those ladies leave. He looks at Shefali’s photos in the magazine. His friend remarks that now Shefali will earn in lacs.

Tai ji asks Bela if it is Shefali. Bela nods. She is looking amazing! I ran to buy it after hearing from Megha’s mother that Shefali’s photo got published in the magazine. Tai ji asks her if Arjun saw it. Bela denies. Bela shares that Shefali is getting very nicely paid for her work. Bela shows the magazine to Naina and Preeti. They love the photos. Bela is impressed with her achievement. Tai ji taunts her. Preeti and Naina speak of Shefali’s dream. She always wanted to be a model and play cricket. Tai ji talks negatively about Shefali for wearing strange clothes. Preeti says even heroines wear such clothes. Naina adds that she might also become a heroine some day. Tai ji calls it a dream. Arjun too won a car but then lost it! Such dreams do not always last! Arjun steps out in the balcony upset. Naina joins him. He tells her to taunt him as well like everyone else has been. Everyone has been taunting me. You too can do it. She denies. A new chapter of your life is starting from Monday. Just make a fresh start. Do whatever you want and don’t think about anyone. Preeti comes there. He too tells her to taunt her if she wants to. She asks for his shorts. He looks confused.

Naina asks Principal Ma’am to check her team outside once. It is ready. Principal Ma’am tells her that MLA is coming to college today. Make sure everything else is in place. Naina requests her again but Principal Ma’am reasons that this visit is very important. You wont move from library till he leaves. I want everything to be perfect. Naina nods.

The girls are hesitant as they are wearing shorts. Kamya reasons that this is the dress for playing sports. They all take their positions hesitantly. Kamya recognizes Preeti’s shorts to be Arjun’s but Preeti denies. They are waiting for Naina but start practising. Sameer, Munna and Pundit come there just then. Everyone looks down feeling uncomfortable. Preeti tells the girls to let the guys look if they are there. Play. Don’t think too much. Sameer asks about Naina. Preeti shares that she is with Principal Ma’am. Munna is impressed with their game. Sameer goes to bring Naina.

Naina is making arrangements for the MLA visit. She notices Vinay and Nisha romancing and reminds them to work. Sameer comes there. Naina smiles seeing him. He looks at her from top to toe. She gets tensed. I do wax. What are you looking at? He says I was just checking if you wore shorts or not. She asks him if he wants her to wear one. He tells her she may wear anything. I don’t care. I cannot look beyond your face. She asks him about team practise. He compliments it. Come. She shares that MLA is about to pay a visit. I got entire responsibility. He convinces her to come and go in minutes. She tells Vinay to manage everything for some time. He agrees. Naina and Sameer step out of library and Naina runs back inside worriedly seeing Principal Ma’am. Principal Ma’am tells Naina to welcome MLA. I am going outside. Make sure all the preps are fine. Naina nods. Vinay assures Naina they will manage everything but she refuses. Naina requests Sameer to manage outside. He happily agrees.

There is a well wisher of every king in every era. Similarly, I felt as if Sameer was no different in those days. His hair, his killer smile and the role he was playing! I was so lost in love as he was doing it all too well! Enemy were going to attach very soon in the game!

Precap: MLA cuts the ribbon of library. They overhear some sounds coming from the mike. Principal Ma’am asks Naina to shut it. Naina removes the curtain and some guy and girl are sitting behind it. Everyone looks at them in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi all,

    About yesterday’s episode, few highlights.

    1. Girls hesitate to play after see SAMUNID arrive since they wore Shorts.
    2. shefali turns to a model and Chachi and Taiji conversation abt it.
    3. Sameer and Naina’s conversation.

    but there are few How’s strikes me mind – Sameer is using his Charm and influence the Girls for sports.
    1. how come still Girls falls for Sameer, they all know that Naina and Sameer are in love. come Sameer still do the same mistake, which he did with Sunaina.
    3. how Naina accept the same….

    abt Percaps: 1.I feel that sunaina team use this opporunity and create the issue,they accuse that because of Naina and Sameer (relationship) everyone got a chance to romance in college and the reputation is lost.
    Hence Naina and Sameer decided to reduce their closeness especially in college.
    2. Sunaina team will create some problem between the Girls and reduce the numbers in Volley ball team hence swati will join the same at the last moment.
    hope for the best……..

    still i feel the magic is missing

  2. Hi Devi,

    I don’t think most people know about Naina and Sameer’s love story. And even if they did, this is the kind of age where they feel it’s possible to woo a guy who’s in love with someone else .

    I don’t think Sameer is doing anything wrong this time. It’s nothing like what he did with Sunaina. He is just motivating the girls to play and become much more than only make up and dancing. If girls didn’t understand it well when they told directly, he used an indirect approach which worked. An approach that focussed on the aim of these girls- to get married to a nice guy.

    Even today, if my extended family needs to motivate their daughter to do anything- be it studying or working or even visiting a temple, they tell her study well and get a degree, and you’ll get a nice husband. Start working and be independent, you’ll get a husband because men like working women. Go to temple and pray to God, you’ll get a nice guy. The intension is good. The approach is tedha. My cousin’s main aim is to get married and live a life like in serials. So anything you tell her that’ll make it easier for her to get married, and she’ll do the same. She doesn’t need motivation like study to become independent and buy what you like, or work so that you’ll be able to take care of your parents, or go on a holiday.

    Sameer is just trying to channelise the girls potential and talent, instead of reducing them to mere girls who do nothing but marry some random guy in their lives. He’s neither flirting with them, nor is he singing for them and telling them I love you in the canterrn like how he did for Sunaina.

    I jus at hope nothing comes on Naina’s head. Naina should not be held accountable for other people’s mistakes. I’m sure they can backanswer if such a case arises. Because would Sunaina have done the same if Sameer was with her? No right? Every college has love stories, no matter what generation. How on Earth is a GS held responsible for what happens between two people who are not her responsibility at all?

    I find Sunaina very annoying now. Kartik and his friends were trying to be male chauvinists by saying girls look nice only while playing dandiya and sunaiana didn’t say a word. It’s okay if she’s the kind who’d want to dress up and style maaro. But to degrade other girls or to not give it back when men say sports is not for girls, that’s the minimum decency she should have.

    1. Yes you are right GS should not held responsible for this…But Sunaina and gang always in search of a chance to downgrade Naina…And I think they will blame Sameer and Naina for making college environment vulgar…( though they have never crossed limits) as Devi said…

    2. And Sunshine You very well justified Sameer’s motive of encouraging girls…I liked your views😀👍👍

      1. Thanks dear.
        I hated it when Sameer used sunaiana as a rebound back then. But I know now he’s not the kind of guy to mess with other people’s feelings. He’s a great guy 🙂

  3. Hi!!! Ya girls know Sameer and Naina are committed… Everyone is taking it lightly…I think Girls too… just like a fun flirting and nothing else…And of course the makers will not make it serious…
    About Arjun and Shefali- Their graphs are going in opposite direction post-breakup…Where Sahefali is achieving success on the other hand Arjun has lost everything-his sportsmanship, confidence and cricket too…I doubt if he ever wanted to become a cricketer or it was because of Rakesh’ pressure only…Just waiting for the new girl entry for Arjun…
    Devi’s 1st scenario is really horrible but it can be true…😅…
    May the 2nd happen…And Swati and Naina again become best friends…

  4. Hi Sunshine,

    Let me also witness Sameer’s tactics in different dimension, very well said and i like the positive views of your’s …………..and after a long time (after Deb and Ashu) i feel that you’re the one who involved yourself and give the positive feedback of our favourite serial…..

    Ashu – real reflection of mine……….even I hope my assumption(scenario) should not come true.
    never even want to talk about New Arjun still i am not able to connect him with this serial somewhere somethings is missing……………..
    Hope for Swati and Naina’s reunion…………soon

  5. Hehe thanks Devi.
    This has been my favorite serial. My best friend asked me to watch it. And we both bonded over it. Eventually we both fell in love with each other while spending time on this serial. Now I’m not able to watch it but I read updates. This is the only serial me and my boyfriend look forward to. Although he’s stopped watching because he feels it has lost it’s charm.

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