Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sunaina and Karthik lock Naina and Sameer in Principal’s office

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Principal Maam asking Naina to give speech during VJN university navratri Utsav. Naina says I couldn’t say how much I am happy seeing you (kumar Sanu, but actually her words is for Sameer) and says nazar ke saamne dil ke pass, agar koi rehta hai toh woh ho tum. She tells films dialogues and looks at Sameer. She says today you have supported me. Everyone claps for her. Naina says you are my life, my prayer, my love etc. Karthik tells Sunaina that he has decided that the drama will happen today itself. Principal Maam asks Kumar Sanu to sing a lovely song. Kumar Sanu sings Sanson ki Zaroorat hai jaise…..aashiqui ke liye….
Everyone is happy. Sameer and Naina do dandiya together. Other also do dandiya dance. Kumar Sanu sings ghunghat ki aad se….dilbarka…


is happily doing dandiya. Naina and Sameer look at each other while doing dandiya. Kumar Sanu sings tujhe na dekho toh chain mujhe aata nahi nahi….

Sameer and Naina look at each other…Kumar Sanu sings mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai jo yeh pyaar tumse karta hai….Munna collides with Sameer and says sorry. Sameer says you held my hand today. Naina gets shy. Swati tries to talk to Munna, but he tells that he hates her and asks her to go. Sameer and Naina hold each other hands. They all click pic with kumar sanu. Naina’s voiceover tells that night was incomplete without Swati, and says it was big night as we get pic clicked with Kumar Sanu. She says even today I have that pic hanged in my drawing hall.

JBR comes to Munna and Pandit and scolds them. He asks them to handle the campacola counter. The girls tell that Naina was reading speech for Sameer and Kumar Sanu thought she said for him. Naina smiles. She asks Munna if he talked to Swati. Munna says I made her heard enough. A boy comes and says Principal Maam is calling you, as there is something related to Kumar Sanu’s ticket. Naina calls Sameer as Mr. Maheshwari, takes the drink and drinks it. Sameer takes it from her hand and drinks it. A fb is shown of the similar incident in the past during Pooja’s marriage function. Munna and Pandit tell that they are stuck with the counter. Naina hears Sunaina and Mitali talking about Swati who was crying badly. Sunaina says she must have went towards Principal’s office. Naina hears them and goes. Sunaina and Mitali told that deliberately and says it will be fun now. A girl comes to Naina’s locality and asks the address. She thinks whose house is his. Bela plans surprise for Anand and thinks she is not afraid as Naina and Preeti is not at home.

Naina comes to the Principal’s cabin and hears someone crying. She thinks Swati is crying and gets inside. Sameer comes and switches on lights. Karthik, Sunaina and others lock the door from outside. The girl gets inside thinking this is the house. Arjun comes home and thinks Chacha and Chachi must be sleeping as the light is off. He thinks to see something in fridge. He is about to fall and looks at the girl who is holding candle in her hand.

The girl introduces herself as Juhi. Arjun introduces himself shyly. He says he will switch on the lights. Juhi asks him to sit and sprays pain relieving spray on his foot. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was a romantic scene and Arjun was surprised to see pain relieving spray. Juhi says your pain will be gone. He asks are you a doctor? Juhi says I am an airhostess and we get such training. Sameer tells Naina that don’t know who has locked the door. Naina thinks of Sameer’c challenge and says Munna and Pandit must have locked them. She says if we get caught together then what will happen. Sameer says I can’t think of kiss here and tells that he heard Sunaina and Karthik talking about getting us caught. Naina says sorry. Sameer says we shall leave from here immediately. Naina says I shall call Arjun. Sameer says Principal must be coming here, and we shall leave immediately somehow. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was the first one to buy mobile when it was launched, but at that time, they have no mobile phones.

Neha tells that if they are found here then their truth will become false. Principal comes there with Sunaina and Karthik and asks what they are doing in her cabin. She asks them to meet her tomorrow morning.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is heights yaar. Sunaina is stopping too low. It’s one thing to guilt trip Sameer for using her feelings, another to put a girl’s reputation at stake especially back then.

    Isn’t she ashamed of her doings? Trying to take pictures of sameer-naina, removing Naina’s blouse’s Dori, locking them in principal’s room, her actions are too cheap. So she can roam around with kartik, bunk classes, but she wouldn’t spare innocent Naina and Sameer. She’s hell bent on ruining their reputation. I don’t understand what kind of a girl is she. Kartik and she and that while gang is so disgusting, I can’t see their faces now. Please end their drama. It’s one thing to have gangs in college and annoying fights, another to have people stooping so low. I can’t watch them anymore. Keep it sweet and simple. I know it’s very adventurous for Naina Sameer and adds masala to their love story, but I’d rather prefer an episode smiling at naina-sameers cuteness than boil my blood seeing sunainas face and her gang’s cheap plans.

  2. very true sunshine……even i feel the same, about yesterday’s episode -Good start ends with shock……………
    now what will happen to SAMAINA????

    Makers need to stop this Karthik gang’s behaviour………even Sunaina using Karthik feelings to take revenge on SAMAINA then it is very well justified……there is no difference between her’s and sameer’s behaviour…..

    I believe that Swati will do something to save SAMAINA and i want her to reunite with her friends…and also i want Naina to handle the situation this time and save their reputation…..not always Sameer to take the blame and save her….she should plan in such way to get rid of this situation instead of crying.

    Juhi’s entry was good,

    so our navratri track ends with a shock for SAMAINA…..

    1. I don’t want that Devi. I wait for this serial everyday and watch it in three parts during breakfast, lunch, and dinner only because it doesn’t disgust me or make my blood boil. But I think writers would have made something ncie. But the suspense is killing. it’s annoying how the principal listens to Sunaina and kartiks bakwass Everytime. How would have Sunaina felt if she became the GS and was still in a relationship with sameer? What if people pointed at her character? That time she would have been like it’s my personal choice, who are you to interfere.

      One more doubt. Remember sunainas class 12 percentage was bad, even kartik started laughing at it? Then how did she improve so much in one year that she got eligible marks to contest for elecetions? The amount of time she takes in getting ready and crushing on Sameer and being with kartik, how did she find the time to get good marks?

      1. And yes Devi. Sorry once I want Naina to do something on her own. Idk, her character is becoming very confusing. On one hand she ignores Sameer because of her college commitments, on the other she makes a speech in front of a celeb thinking about Sameer, where did her discipline and professionalism go now? And always taking out her anger on Sameer, why would Sameer stoop so low man? Why can’t Naina use her brain? She’s supposed to be the topper here, have some sense. I want her to do something for him than just ordering him to stay away and romancing him as and when she wishes.

  3. Fan of YUDKBH

    Agreed Sunshine! ! Also how can they show Sameer to fall in trouble even after knowing their plan? I was expecting that they will take revenge from Sunaina and expose them. Little disappointed!! You cannot show hero to be so dumb

  4. I am really disappointed with Naina…What exactly does she thinks about Sameer?…Sameer saved her from embarrassment by himself going half nude…Still she is blaming Sameer that it was his plan… Here I think Naina is more dumber than Sameer… Whatever Sameer does for her she always finds Sameer as a culprit for every wrong thing…
    Rest episode was good… Missed Alka Yagnik…
    Juhi’s entry was good…May be now Arjun’s acting comes out…😅

    1. Dats y i always feel naina dont deserve sameer.
      Evry1 says naina loves sameer more bt i can never agree dat czsameer s d 1 who always thinks abt more than his family
      Bt naina s kind of selfish nd dumb

    2. What is wrong if Naina is thinking Sameer did this planning, before knowing about Sukar’s plan,Sameer did tease ,and asked for kiss to Naina multiple times and also placed the bet to her ,that he will kiss her on the day of dandiya,she never knew about Shukar’s plan or Sameer knowing about it.

  5. Cools Guys – My request to the Makers – Please give some clarity on Naina’s character- always it is bit confusing and nowdays it has become one sided romance of SAMAINA and viewers not able realize the love of Naina for Sameer it is more of Sameer’s love for Naina which leads to protrayed Naina’s character in a different dimension(selfish) instead of what it is in early days…..

    and i believe that there should not be any separation track after this since i saw in some video that there will be some misunderstanding happen between Sameer and Naina after this…..again we can’t bear tis anymore….

    i personally feel that after all good episodes., makers will immedately separate the SAMAINA especially after birthday celebration, after the first reunion of SAMAINA(in pooja’s Marriage) and even now after Dandiya function…..why so …..please make us to enjoy the episode atleast for few days…..

    why there is nothing happening good for Sameer why it is always for Naina, how about his Brother and sister bonding why it is not shown after Delhi track?
    What happen to Vishakha whether she bother about his son or not? no phone calls and visit????
    Makers please concentrate on Sameer’s family too it is too boring to see only Naina’s family
    we need more scene on Mother and son bonding and too witness few good things happening in Sameer life too…..

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