Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina and Sameer get excited about the competition

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti and Naina rest on bed. Preeti says she is tired after dancing. Naina says this competition is not easy, there is a fire river and we have to cross it. Preeti says it is a rotten poetry. She hopes munna and Pandit practice dance well. Naina asks her to talk in low tone and says if Chachi ji hears…Bela hears them and asks if they are dancing with guys like it is shown in films. Naina says yes, preeti says no. Bela says I didn’t go to college and asks them to share their college talks with her. Naina’s voiceover tells that since then they used to share talks after filtering like today’s kids do. Bela makes laddoos for Pooja. Naina and Preeti ask her to give one laddoo to them, but Bela refuses. Pooja comes and asks what a bad smell? Bela says it is a good smell and tells that Naina and Preeti asking for it. She asks Pooja to have it, but she refuses. Bela says satrangi baba told that if you eat it then son will be born. Preeti says if Nani would have had that laddoo then Billo would had born instead of you. Bela convinces Pooja and makes her have laddoo. Naina’s voiceover tells that their focus was on laddoo and others want to make their fresher competition enthusiasm bitter. Munna and Pandit practice dancing. Poonam asks how is the pakoda. Munna and pandit tell that they liked it. Poonam asks them to concentrate on dancing. Munna asks for chutney. Mama ji comes there and says I remember my college days seeing you. Pandit asks did you go to college? Munna says he is educated. Mama ji says I used to sing song also. He asks where is Sameer? Poonam says he went inside.

Naina and Sameer talk on phone. She asks if he kept their costume and make up safely. Sameer asks if he shall come and show her clothes. Naina asks Sameer about the cassette. Sameer says it must be with Pandit. Naina asks him to check cassette. Sameer comes to Munna and Pandit and ask about cassette. Munna and Pandit lie that they have. They hide the pakoda and have it after Sameer goes. Naina tells Sameer that they will become Ms and Mr. Fresher. Sameer says I have decided to talk lovey dovey talks on phone. Naina asks him to come on time and asks Munna and Pandit to also come on time. Sameer ends the call. Naina asks him to talk something romantic. Sameer throws his phone on bed and gets upset. Naina’s voiceover tells that she wants everyone to take their name together when they become Ms and Mr. Fresher.

Preeti calls Naina and says lets sleep. Naina says we have to practice before sleeping. Preeti says she is thinking to make Karthik as her boyfriend. Naina says Karthik likes Sunaina. Preeti says Sunaina likes Sameer. Naina asks her to stop it and come for practice. In the morning, Naina wakes up and tries to wake up Preeti. She sprinkles water on her and makes her get up. Sameer wakes up and thinks he has to hurry up and reach college by 8 am. He thinks we both will win the competition and smiles. He holds pillow and dances. Pehla Nasha song plays….He keeps the pillow back and checks the time. He checks everyone’s costumes. Naina and Preeti pray to God. They taste vibhuti. Mama ji and Prabha blesses Sameer. Munna and Pandit come there and have kachori. Mama ji asks Sameer to have a big victory. They tell him all the best. Naina asks Preeti to stop to have curd sugar and says she can’t take any chance. Pooja comes and wishes them all the best. Tayi ji comes there and asks where they are going early morning.

In college, Sameer asks Pandit to give cassette, but he couldn’t find it. Sameer and others get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Plz post Fan fiction series

  2. Nice Episode.. Good to see Chachiji’s Bonding with PreeNa?.. Precap-?SAD.. Poor Naina…
    I wish Sameer will support & cheer her… But, what will happen?? Upcoming Spoilers- Reduce my Excitements?… Personally Am not interested to this Freshers track after saw those spoilers… I am waiting for some romantic moments of Samaina…
    Deb don’t be Quiet, it’s humble request… Ur comments always be right.. whatever you think, keep Commenting…

  3. Lokesh

    Again okay okay Masti , cassette lost , Preeti love story wow. Hiding pakora was funny. Bt nowadays I m prefer ing bepaanah .gud nyt guys.

    1. Hi lokesh. Read your comments of both bepanah and yudkbh. But I prefer both of them.

    2. beppanahh .., awesome..i watch regularly..jenniefer and harshad performance outstanding

    3. Lokesh

      Oo gud to see PPL are interested in different story lines.

  4. hi Sai,Sid and Abimanyu,

    Guys you’re from which place in TN ??????? great to hear that many people likes this serial despite of language problem……

    keeping rocking guys …..cmg to yesterday’s episode – okay okay type – not much impressive………

    Suprise to see teenagers(SAN,SID,Abi and Lokesh) are watching the 90’s love story good

    mee mother of two kids( primary school ) and working for a MNC
    still manage to watch this serial but now i am getting bored………….
    hope the track will change soon

    1. Ha devi nice to see they are also from TN……. YUDKBH unites us all ??n I’m from erode where are you from?n where’s our ace commentor AB?

    2. Hi devi. I’m from Chennai.

    3. Hii Devi,Me from Tanjore..

  5. The best beautiful scene was how sameer kept pillow safely on bed as he thinks naina in her ?just think how will he take care her in their rest if their lives…….. Mundit trying to save sameers house food from him was hilarious……….. From the phone conversation it’s clearly shown that sameer is less interested in winning the competition he does it only for his lady love wish, but when he comes to know about kartiks plan n if he see tears in naina’s eyes definitely sameer will thrash him into pieces or indulge in a big fight……… Naina’s voiceover says how she was excited to see sameer n her name together but to a great disappointment it doesn’t happens the way it planned…… Feel sad for her……. Previously sameer was under manhoss track n now naina will be under insecurities……. Sameer had to work hard to bring back her against her insecurities………… N guys stay positive bcos its not the normal shows where hero n heroine gain some special powers n win the competition but here they show us the reality, everything won’t happen the way we expected, sure samaina will be out of this problem……. I saw some comments in you tube spoiler videos that they’re stopping to watch the show because of nainas defeat in competition! There too I commented the same because each day trp is very important guys keep watching…… Happy to see many tamil guys commenting here………. Btw where’s fan fiction of achumenon n ghpriya?

  6. Thanks haasan for the super fast update.
    Episode was nice. How nice is chachiji na!!!
    Always supporting and being friendly with them. Preethi and naina ki bonding, samaina ki phone talks, Sameer ki pillow Wali naina scenes were cute. Yes Deb keep commenting as sid Said.

  7. These spoilers are irritating me. According to the latest spoilers naina will be sad as she lost the title. Sunaina will try to convince her but naina will not listen to her. She will scream at sunaina. So Sameer will scold naina and things go wrong. Why are the makers doing like this?

    1. No sai it won’t happen like that let’s have patience n wait……..

  8. My point of view for upcoming episodes :
    1) Sameer trying to convince naina and try to apologize as he did in shaadi track that no title could determine their love.
    2)samaina reunion
    3) sunaina understanding about their love and supporting them.

  9. Waiting for tomoro’s episode…. But i dont want Naina to lose the title. Y always Naina ???? cant Sameer lose the title????? They both are participating together but y should Naina alone be denied the title.. If they want to give the title to someother grup then they can give it to Kartiksunaina but y Sunainasameer???? NO LOGIC at all. Always the makers are doing the same thing only.During Mount abu trip we saw some samaina scenes…. after that Naina fought with Sameer then again little amt of samaina scenes… then again Sameer left Naina to Delhi… after that again little amt samaina scenes.. again due to Dadi sameer stayed away frm Naina.. so no samaina scenes at all………….. fr a long time….. Only now we got a few Samaina scenes…… and its going to get over…

  10. N don’t know why people start bashing randeep for his IG post……. Everyone should understand reel life n real life is different we can’t expect them to be the same in both life but on a lighter note this commotions should not create a rift in onscreen chemistry with samaina……… But to be true I love twitter fandom, not in Twitter but use brother’s account n later fell for the positivity n enthusiasm of twitter fandom n now happy to be a part of it…….. Where’s the fan fiction guys it’s been missing for so long time?

  11. hi sai,

    i totally agreed with your views, Letz the makers revisit the current track again…..
    i don’t want them to have a triangular love series( will be more dramatical and the show will lost their real essence ) also please makers should not underestimate Naina anymore….

  12. Thanks Hasan for your prompt upload. Wonderful to see the traffic on this forum. Keep it up you young ones Lokesh, Abhi, Sid and San. Sid Sai, Devi, commenting just because of you guys. Hope AB is back from Bangalore and can start commenting.
    Agree with Sid: I am quite demotivated with the way the current track is proceeding – trying to find other serials to watch like Lokesh and Sai. Currently found Ypntkh and this show, at least Ypntkh has a constant sensible track (until now).
    Agree with Abhi – constant berating and belittling Naina (Naina belittling show) not acceptable- can’t agree more, why not let Sameer lose, why only Naina. Agree get the groups win or lose, why these individuals. You are so right- just when everything things falls in place the makers destabilise the show for the viewers thereby losing TRP. If the show was on track it was no 1 show.
    Good part
    Sameer imaginary convo with Naina (pillow talk)- agree with San.
    Spoilt the theme
    Fresher’s track sidelining Naina. Sameer and Sunaina together, possible jealousy track. The makers are hell bent to trash the show. Agree San and Sai, I do feel sad for Naina. It is hard to be positive, specially seeing the spoilers, Sameer shouting at Naina??; Karthik and Naina ?? not done… (going against the viewers anticipation) ……. Agreed not everything viewers want will happen, but the key and pivotal story revolves around Samaina’s together always. It that is lacking then expectations turn to disappointment resulting in lower TRP. If the makers could have kept the current Samaina love alive for a few more weeks the TRP would have seen improvement.
    Absolutely agree with Sai’s anticipated themes (Can’t wait to see the scenes. This will make viewers go and watch them repeatedly. ) but alas, not going to happen seeing how the show is trending.
    1) Sameer sincere romantic apology track to reinforce their bond.
    2) Samaina loving antics
    3) Sunaina – getting away from Sameer and warn Naina against Karthik’s antics.
    Keep commenting guys. Well done! Keep liking Ashi’s photos, videos and keep commenting on her fan page.

  13. So happy to see many tamilians in this forum. One day while I was talking with my friend she told me about yudkbh. She told me it was about 90s love ?. I literally laughed at her for watching old stories. One day I thought let me see the first episode. I watched it. Later no one could control me. I kept on watching it till 31 episodes. Later I started to watch it both in tamil and hindi. It is the best series I have ever seen. Not like other Saas bahu dramas. Just about pure luv.

  14. Episode was nice. Totally love chachi ji.
    Sameer’s pillow talk was so cute and his keeping the pillow carefully was awww?
    Even though many people don’t like the upcoming track of Naina losing the competition, I personally like it because in real life the hero and heroine can’t win every time, that too together. Eager to see what Sameer will do for his girl

  15. Yes the makers should maintain the original story line n uniqueness of the show

    personally i like the show and will keep on watching till the makes not do any drastic change in negative way………………coz m big fan of the show

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