Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Tai ji turns into full time spy

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene changes. Naina (Rani Leelavati) is writing a letter while the battle continues in the background. She gives the letter and a Rakhi to be delivered to the King. The audience is completely glued to the play. Kartik enters in the play as her brother. Pundit, Munna and Sameer hide their smile as Naina calls him brother on screen. She prays as he goes to fight. Anand and Bela are impressed with the act. Tai ji keeps quiet. Kartik returns on screen after winning the battle. They all clap hearing Naina’s dialogue. She does his tilak and aarti. He wipes her tears and holds her hand. He pats at her head not to cry. He recalls Sameer telling Poonawala to let Naina tie Rakhi to Kartik so they feel like sibling. Kartik pulls Naina for a hug shocking her friends and family members. Naina struggles

and manages to pull away somehow. Sameer is hurt.

(Voiceover – Naina):
Kids of today might not understand the meaning of a blank cassette but back then, we knew it too well! The result of the drama was due in 3 days but right then, I dint care about the results at all! I was only concerned about my love life and went completely blank after what just happened!

Sameer walks out of the college. Sad song plays in the background as he recalls the scene he just witnessed. He throws a huge flower pot in anger. His mother’s words echo in his head as to how different he and Naina are. He sits down on the side of the road in tears.

Naina is looking for Sameer. She calls out to him but he walks away. She runs towards him and stands in front of his bike. He cooks an excuse and tries to go but she does not relent. She points out that Kartik did that intentionally. He replies that he will talk to her later. Tai ji is looking for Naina. She notices Naina holding Sameer’s hand and is taken aback.

Sameer refuses to listen to anything. She tries to talk to him but in vain. He pushes her hand aside refusing to talk to her. He begins to drive when Naina shouts I love you. Tai ji stops in her tracks. She tries looking at the guy’s face but someone blocks her view. Sameer drives away. Tai ji looks pointedly at Naina.

Tai ji tells her husband everything. She has no shame. She was shouting I love you openly. He asks about the guy but she shares that she couldn’t see his face. I kept telling you not to send girls to college but no one listens to me. See what happened! Arjun got us insulted in the society and now this! He gets up to go to talk to Anand but she tells him it is no point. I will find out everything about the guy first and then confront Naina! He tells her to be careful. The matter should not go out. They decide to keep this matter amongst themselves. She decides to teach her a lesson for what happened in the drama today.

Anand says even I dint like it when that guy hugged Naina. Acting is something else but that wasn’t welcome! Tai ji tells him to take care of the girls before they go out of hand. He is sure his girls wont do anything wrong. She says you don’t even know what’s going on right in front of you. He asks her about it but she does not tell him. She got us insulted before the entire college!

Bela says Naina told us that Kartik was at fault and not her. Tai ji calls her naive. She must have agreed to it or the kid wouldn’t have dared to do so! Now she will be punished for her punishment. I will be with her as her shadow till my husband returns. I will stay here only. She will wake up and sleep after seeing my face only. Does anyone mind? Bela mumbles her words sarcastically to herself.

(Voiceover – Naina):
I found India-Pak problem smaller before this one!

Tai ji goes to bring her stuff. Bela wonders if it was Naina who got punished or she. She is about to fall when Anand, Naina and Preeti hold her. She goes inside and he teases her.

Pundit and Munna are sure that Sameer must be really hurt. They go to check on him.

Preeti asks Naina how she will talk to Sameer or meet him now. Naina replies that she will meet him in the temple. We go there every Monday. Preeti nods. Only God can help you now.

Tai ji literally starts following Naina at every step and does not even blink her eyes. Naina wants to take a bath but Tai ji offers to give her clothes to change. She hands her a long frock / suit. Tai ji collides with her as Naina stops abruptly. Tai ji suggests accompanying her to the bathroom also if required. Take bath quickly and come to kitchen. You got to learn household chores. Naina wonders how she will speak to Sameer now.

(Voiceover – Naina):
I laugh thinking about those days today. That day, Tai ji was following me just like that small pug follows the baby in that advertisement. I was only worried thinking how I will talk to Sameer.

Precap: Naina calls Sameer but he does not pick up. Naina disconnects hearing Sameer’s Mami’s voice. Tai ji watches her dial a number. It must be that bike guy. She redials the number as soon as Naina goes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh god! Naina’s acting was really good just loved it. Kartik’s action was so bad he stooped so low that he hugged a girl without her knowledge even Sameer never did that to Naina although he loves can do that with full rights. And then Taiji overhears Naina saying ‘I Love You’. Just can’t imagine what will happen when she will come to know that her ‘Bholu Ram’ is Naina’s lover. And also very curious about how will Naina end Sameer’s anger as he didn’t stop even when she shouted ‘I Love You’.

  2. Swara23

    I hated kartik
    how can he be so negative
    just how sunaina did with naina’s blouse
    but the moment he hugged her it didn’t look like our yudkbh instead like some ekta kapoor serial
    it could have been different the way we expect from the makers
    sameer’s anger is justified
    taiji following naina was funny nd stupid
    good luck to samaina

    1. Swara23 I just want either kartik get suspended again or Sameer should beat him like anything. And now I feel like taiji is going to know everything about Samaina soon. And reactions will be worth watching ?.

      1. Swara23

        Vidha i dont think so kartik wud be suspended
        but there could be a chance of sameer beating kartik

  3. So really a bad day for Naina…How many do you think Kartik was overacting in the beginning????
    Well he crossed all limits of meanness …Naina should complain about this to Principal…At Stage she was so shocked that she got no time to react…But now strict action should be taken
    against Kartik…Sameer is going to beat Kartik for sure…?
    Yes Sameer’s anger is very justified but not for Naina…He should at least had listened to Naina…But it’s ok…We know that Sameer will understand later…But his jealously is very well justified…
    But one thing…All this started only because of Sameer…Never did he make Naina to tie Rakhi on Kartik’s wrist nor this would happen…It may be a fun for Sameer but Kartik took this as an insult…But Sameer never knew his fun making will backfire…??
    I wonder today taiji didn’t slapped Naina…??…But the torture she is giving to her is more than a slap…
    Bela’s chakkar???
    And thank God Taiji didn’t see Sameer’s face else the next rakhshabandhan would have been celebrated between Sameer and Naina(However Naina will die but never do this)??

  4. Swara23

    Taiji wud be shocked seeing bholu ram
    she wud insult naina saying bholu ram nd she has no match
    she wud not believe it at first

  5. so cheap act by kartik ,sameer anger is justified ,that why he mentioned in previous episode whenever he remembers the act ,his blood boils ,taiji redialing sameer number ?

  6. Oh god. What did kartik do. It was so cheap. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this episode. Why are makers hell bent on ruining Naina’s firsts. They ruined her first meeting with vishakha, now they ruined her first hug. I know it wasn’t her fault, but when makers have the ability to create magic, why did they sought to something this low. We fans have been waiting for Naina Sameer’s hug from ages. when Sameer has respected his boundaries, why can’t kartik? How dare he ruin Naina’s image.

    I thought all this college gang thing and insulting was just silly and a part of college life. But no, sorry to say, hugging someone without me their consent then and now, is not funny or silly. It’s serious. The lack of decency in kartik and Sunaina is pure evil. It’s so heartbreaking. I thought at least kartik will leave Naina’s reputation alone after the suspension incident, also since she tied rakhi to him, I thought he’d not try to ruin her image. But I was so wrong. If he has a female firned like Sunaina who can stoop as low as cutting out Naina’s blouse, and if this kartik can go as low as trying to frame Naina and Sameer and ruining their character like, this is nothing. I can’t believe he thought he could get away with it.

    I really hope poonawala confronts him and brings it to principal’s notice. And this time kartik should not be spared. Even if Naina has to use her feminist card, I would support her.

    And this taiji. What should I do of her? She’s such an annoying person, I can hate her to the core. Initially I thought her character was like the character she played in iss Pyaar ko kya naam Doon, strict but understanding and caring. But no, she’s hell bent on making Naina sit at home. Being a woman, I don’t know how she has so much double standards. I just can’t manage her. Someone please kill her. Or make her find out that it’s Sameer and let her be Happy that such a rich guy will marry Naina, even if it’s for selfish reasons. But I doubt she’ll ever be happy like that, she’d rather be jealous than happy for her own family’s girls. So just let her rot somewhere or go and stay in her maayka or something. Can’t handle her RAW agent behavior.

    Naina, I think it’s high time she stands up for herself. And clears all confusion with everybody. She should confront kartik and not leave him this time. She should do all it takes for Sameer to forget it. She should stand up for herself in front of taiji now at least man.

    Overall, a very heartbreaking episode. It ruined the whole 10/10 epidural that had happened this week.

  7. Hi All, how nobody in the college (prinicipal or other teachers shocked) since Karthik did a wrong thing- why it is only Naina’s family and friend shocked. I want that Prinicipal madam to take action against Karthik since he has done it for the second time and he should be punished else Sunaina gang will commit this kind of errors in future….

    Whatever Sameer did is only for Fun there is no physical touch issues it is only about rakhi but whatever karthik did cannot be justified… it is a sin without a girl’s knowledge nobody should touch her even now it is considered to be wrong

    why no complaint raised from Naina’s family about this event none liked this, atleast they should take this issue to Prinicipal and i want this time Karthik need to be punished very badly…

    Again what will happen to Sameer and Naina’s Love life, will they again have a big fight and it will remains a cold war between them – no clue since sameer remember about his mom’s word for the second time and i don’t want him to take it serious but things always go against them….

    i am sure that Sameer will not leave karthik, we will witness a big fight between them very soon.

    i really don’t know how Naina is going to calm down Sameer and handle this Taiji.

    I saw some video that Sunaina is in Sameer’s house where there is Vishakha, Sameer’s step father, Mama and mami and they all are looking very happy even sameer too….means something serious….no clue at all.

    My assumption will be 1. Chachaji will travel to USA very soon and there is no support for Naina.
    2. Taiji knows every things about Samaina and she will not expose them in
    front of other family member since Tauji feels that it is good for his future.
    3. Vishakha somehow feels that Naina will be prefect match for sameer and she
    will accept for their relationship but this time Sameer will hesitate or in
    4. May be Vishakha and her family shifts to Ahamedabad.
    5. May be Rohan joins same college of Samaina and Preethi’s love life will start.

  8. Very much disappointed with MR.Poonawale…. He behaves like a ordinary man to do anything to win the Play…not justified even i remember that Naina was comparing him with Shanthi Teacher in the previous episode – so will wait and witness what he will do to bring back Naina’s reputation…..

    Feels so bad for Sameer…….it remains a bad dream for ever…..

  9. I think Sameer will be blaming Naina for this.he will not accept that Kartik has done this intentionally that’s why he is just thinking about what her mom said about Naina.

  10. Don’t say that P Sameer understands Naina even when she is wrong somewhere. But right now she has not done anything wrong it was Kartik who hugged her without her knowledge.
    And Devi really if Poonawala is compared to Shanti Teacher then he has to do something justifying that position.

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