Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina get ready to participate in contest

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina drinking water and thinking it is good that all elders are not at home, now she can talk to Sameer. She calls him and asks about his practice. Sameer asks her to come and see. Naina says even they are practicing and asks him to come and see. Sameer says I want to participate in the contest just for you, Munna and Pandit’s happiness. Naina says I was thinking to see you in yellow shirt. Sameer says he wants to see her in the pink dress which she worn in Mount Abu. He asks her to wear it now itself and says he will be near her. Kamya says where is Naina? Naina comes wearing pink dress. Kamya asks if we are going to fancy dress competition. Naina goes to balcony. Munna and Pandit come there and sign her at Sameer. Sameer comes wearing yellow shirt. Naina and Sameer look at each other. Deewana …tere naam rakhdiya song plays,…Preeti and Swati come to balcony and smiles. Kamya plays the song. Naina dances in the balcony. Sameer dances on the road with his friends. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was their dance floor in those days. Bela, Tai ji and Pooja come home. Naina gets tensed. They see Sameer, Munna and Pandit leaving in an auto.

Karthik and Sunaina practice dancing. One of the guy laughs. Karthik gets angry on him. Sunaina asks what happened to you. Their friend comes and tells Sameer and Naina are dancing well. Karthik gets angry and says we will only become Ms and Mr. Fresher. They all go there. Kamya scolds them for dancing badly. Sameer says they will dance nicely. Karthik sees upper window open and peeps inside standing on chair. Sameer and Naina dance well. He comes out suddenly and collides with Karthik. Karthik falls down. Munna and Pandit understand that he was peeping inside and fallen down. Sameer extends his hand to help him get up, but Karthik gets up without his help. Karthik’s friend tells that they were trying to see what is happening behind closed doors. Sameer gets angry. Naina says they think as they are.

Mami asks Bittu to talk to her saas. Bittu refuses and says Pooja will know then. Mama ji says I will talk to your inlaws. Bittu says I will return to my sasural if Pooja apologizes to me. Pooja thinks Varun asked her to apologize to Bittu, but she will not apologize. Bela comes to Pooja and asks why is she sad? Pooja says she got happy to be back. Bela asks her to call Varun, and calls him, but Pooja makes excuse and goes.

Sameer tells that they will have 2 mins break. A girl comes to the class. Pandit opens the door and gets mesmerized by her. Sameer, Naina and others smile. Song plays. Girl compliments Pandit on his smile and asks can I see your dance? Pandit says why not? Kamya and Naina ask him to refuse her. Sameer asks him to say yes. They play music and dance. Girl says you have danced well and waves bye to Pandit. Sameer says you have to dance tomorrow also, then our win is sure. Kamya gives cassette to Sameer. Pandit says I will keep cassette with me for practice. Sameer asks him to keep it safely. Pandit comes out and sees girl standing. She tells that her name is Mitali. She collides with him intentionally and steals cassette. Sameer, Naina, Munna and others look on, but they don’t Mitali stealing the cassette. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Pandit got blind in love even we were blind, laughs.

Preeti tells Naina that she hopes Munna and Pandit learn dance steps well. Naina asks her to talk in low tone and says if Chachi ji hears then. Bela comes and hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Gud episode, Masti only.

  2. Again repeated mode Episode…
    1st Scene was shocking surprise for me,Both wearing a same dress which they wore Mountabu BoatRide- reminds that beautiful memories? and their Romantic dance in street was so goood..My most fav part of the Episode…
    I hope, Bittu didi& Pooja Di prblm will solve soon… Dance practice scene was fabulous, Swathi got angry when Munna Looked that girl was So Hilarious?.. Poor Pandit, His performance was too good…
    I am not sure, but I think,again makers cut several dancing scenes which we saw spoilers… Precap- Let’s hope, Nothing will happen…
    Upcomings- Naina loses Ms.Fresher Title?again she underestimated… But I Hope, Something will happen after that- maybe Sameer will plan any surprises to cheer up her… Let’s Fingercrossed?&Keep Watching 10.20pm

  3. hi lokesh and sid – guys you are rocking again………… always….
    yes, i totally agree with you guys makers always underestimate Naina……………very bad.
    eagerly waiting for sameer proposal episode………………. They can make Karthik and Naina to become MR and Miss Freshers instead of Sameer and Sunaina and make sameer envious but why always Naina.
    Munna and Pandit always steal the show – good episode………

  4. Superb episode. Today for me along with Sameer, pandit was also looking so cute.
    After so many days, seeing the balcony romance. Yes sid, I too got remembered of the cute moments in Mt Abu when they wore that dress ?. Dance sequence was good. Swati ki jealousy, karthick falling pandit trying to impress scenes were fantastic. Ya, they are cutting some scenes. Precap – patha nahi kal kya hone wala hai.

  5. Yes guys, I also agree with you that they are always underestimating naina. I also saw in spoilers that while performing naina will forget some steps. So, uski vajah se instead of naina sunaina won the title. Like devi said, I too wished that kartik and naina to become Mr and Mrs freshers.

  6. By the way, yudkbh is going to hit 200 episodes. Great going. I wish that it should never go off air.

  7. hi Sai,

    totally agree with your comments…….btw you’re from which state????

    guys i believe the telecast of 200th Episode will be on 8th June (Randeep’s birthday) its a double treat for him na

  8. Great episode guyzz…. Love u sameer and naina
    Very cute dance by munna and pandit…..

  9. Hi devi. I’m from tamil Nadu. Came here after watching ninaithale inikum.

    1. Sai… Same here? am also from TamilNadu.. but atfirst I watched it in Hindi becoz of KBC program & that lovely Promo….then Tamilversion came… I used to watch Both, but personally Hindi version is my favourite…

    2. Hi… I am also from tamil nadu! I was first watching ninaithale inikkum then my family scolded me not to see. So I downloaded Sony live app and seein the episodes. I can understand hindi somewhat… I love preeti mukesh barath (munna pandit) swati sameer naina(nitya)… So cute.. If rohan preeti story is there, it will be too nice. Mr. Timetable and Ms lazy.. ??

    3. I’m from tamil nadu too….I was just impressed my the tamil promo then came to hindi. this show is fabulous. Sameer, mundit and preeti more….

  10. Where is Deb, San, saz and others.

  11. Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai: Sameer (Randeep Rai) lashes at Naina (Ashi Singh) for Sunaina

    The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.

    Naina and Sameer gives their performance in Fresher’s party and Naina forgets her dance steps.

    Naina’s this mistake makes her loose the competition and Sameer wins Mr Fresher’s tag with Sunaina winning Miss Fresher’s.

    Naina had her dream of winning Miss Fresher’s with Sameer and her this dream breaks into pieces.

    Naina and Sameer’s tiff

    Naina is irked as Sunaina wins competition with Sameer and Sameer tries to console Naina but of no use.

    Sunaina also comes to Naina and tries to cheer her up and befriend with her but Naina bursts at Sunaina which Sameer couldn’t bear and lashes at Naina for being unreasonable.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes only on

  12. Thank you, Hasan, for your prompt uploads without fail, without which the commenters would be lost.
    For me personally, the makers are taking a step forward and three steps backwards. Just when the viewers were having some beautiful moments to cherish, seeing the spoilers and this episode, for me this serial will lose charm.
    What nonsense that Naina to lose to Sunaina as Ms Fresher; Sameer jealous of Karthik. Naina befriending Karthik. Nah, not my cup of tea. Constant belittling of Naina’s character and consistently showing and depicting Sameer as charming, handsome young man, does not sit with me right.
    Sorry Lokesh, Sid, Sai and Samaina and others who enjoyed this episode. I don’t want to spoil your masti. So maybe, when the episode is beautiful to me, I shall comment.
    Right now, I am at loss for words. I would have been ok if Sameer and Naina lost the competition, but Sameer alone- not done. I don’t know who changes the track of the serial and for what. Like Devi pointed out 200 episodes only on Randeep’s birthday special?
    Good points:
    Reminiscence of Mt Abu moments; balcony meetings – initial part of soft romance of Samaina. Mundit’s acting, Girl gang -great. Naina – fantastic. Btw, Ashi’s ranking has dropped down. So please support her, by liking her videos, photos.
    I shall be reading all your comments eagerly and be quiet, till the makers reshape their thought process, and make mesmerising episodes. We saw a couple in the last few days after the Pooja’s wedding track. Take care and keep up the good work.

  13. Hi Sai & sid,

    Me too from Tamilnadu Chennai initial started to watch this serial in tamil later swap to Hindi since i like the original version,the dubbing was not that good ( my personal view) – start to experience the real feel.
    As deb mentioned now the serial is not in good shape still need more hard work to reach the initial charm.
    Naina’s acting is too good and she improved a lot compare to Sameer. The upcoming actress need more support from us.
    as usual we need to keep our fingers crossed…………….

  14. Hii Devi,sai&sid me too frm tamil nadu. In my class my frnds started to watch this seriel in sony tv and that tempted me also to watch this seriel…. but i dont watch in tamil(ninaithale inikum)

  15. Yeah i agree with u all… the makers are always underestimating naina. Y should Naina alone forget her steps????? cant Sameer forget his steps???

  16. I think most of them are from tamil. Actually, my friend told me about this serial. She said that it is about 90s love. Literally, I first teased her. Then one day I saw the show in YouTube. I wanted to know what kind of show that was. I decided to see only the first episode. But after watching it I couldn’t control myself. I continued to watch till 31 episodes. That time we didn’t have internet connection nor set up box. I thought now I couldn’t see it. Then I saw yudkbh promo in TV. I became so excited about it. But, like devi said couldn’t catch the real taste of it as it was in hindi. Later, hamare gar mein net aur set up box aaya. So, I continued to watch the show both in tamil and hindi.

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