Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghav acts as Naina’s husband Ameer for his job

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 28th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jatin telling everyone that he brought Naina’s husband. He says he came to his office for an interview, when he saw his pic, he remembered. A fb is shown, Vanita shows Ameer’s pic to Jatin and says she felt bad for Naina. Jatin says this name is namesake Ameer and asks how can he leave such a nice girl. Jatin takes Raghav’s pic to Vanita. Fb ends. He tells that he remembered that he had come to give interview, called him and brought him here. The ladies scold Raghav for giving divorce to Naina on phone. Vanita says Naina used to cry thinking about you. Rakesh asks Sameer why Naina used to cry for him. Sameer says even I am clueless. Raghav stands surprised. Preeti hugs Naina and asks her to act to cry. Naina pretends to cry. Preeti says they will beat him and send him off. Vanita asks him to apologize to Naina else they will beat him. She asks watchman to close the gate. Raghav falls on Naina’s feet and apologizes to her, tells that his family lied to her that he works in Dubai and he did wrong to divorce her on phone. He says Naina is again my wife. Preeti asks how can you do this jija ji.

Rakesh tells Sameer why Preeti is acting. Vanita says if Naina agree then they can stay together. Jatin says if Naina accepts him then I will get him a job. Sameer says Naina will not stay with him. Vanita says this is husband and wife’s matter, asks him to be silent, says you are unmarried and don’t know. She says we saw Naina crying for her husband, if she wants to stay with her husband then we shall give him a chance. Sejal’s mum in law asks Naina to forgive him. Rakesh says I will not forgive him and asks him to go. Raghavfake Ameer tells that he will not go until Naina forgives him. Rakesh says she will not forgive him. Vanita tells that Naina shall give a chance to him. Jatin asks why your name is Raghav on the certificate.

Raghav/fake Ameer tells that he is poor and Ameer name doesn’t suit him so he kept poor sounding name Raghav. He says I told Naina about this. Naina says yes. Vanita asks will you leave wife again. Raghav says I will come to take her back in my new house. Naina’s voiceover tells that Raghav became part of our lie. Sameer tells Naina that she shouldn’t have lied and says nobody came between us since 5 years, now someone came. Nirmala tells that Preeti made her daughter loss to save her sister’s lie. She says it is good that she didn’t tell about Tanvi’s alliance with Raghav. Rakesh scolds Naina and says she was topper in Ahmedabad, but here everyone is doubting on you here. Naina asks Sameer to take out the anger. Sameer says I am not angry with you. Tanvi asks Nirmala to end the matter and says she don’t like that way anyway. Nirmala asks Preeti not to talk to Naina and tells that she don’t want them to bear loss because of Preeti. Preeti promises that her house comes first and she will not let her complain.

Sameer tells Naina why Raghav supported their lie. Rakesh says he must be a wrong guy. Naina says Preeti had told that he comes from good family. Sameer tells Rakesh that they will not let Raghav come near her and says that he will leave his dream, but will not let Raghav come to her. he says I will see how he becomes your second husband. Nirmala calls Preeti and asks her to take the utensils to kitchen. Preeti says ok. Nirmala asks her to set Dadi’s bed and then asks her to bring milk for her. Shubham looks on. Nirmala taunts Preeti. Raghav comes to Naina’s house. He falls on Naina’s feet and apologizes. Sameer asks why he lied. Ameer tells that he did all that due to Jatin and says if he had come to know that I am bad then I wouldn’t have got the job. He says if Jatin blacklists him then his career will be ruined. Rakesh says you would have lied. Raghav says I understood your lie, I would have told that you have lied, but thought you shall tell. Naina says whom they thought as Mogambo was Hawa Hawaii. She says our problems were not ending.

Precap: Vanita asks Naina to serve vegetable to Raghav. Sameer holds Naina’s hand. The food falls down on Raghav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I am more jealous than sameer, about naina samainai s always cute, hate ameer introduction, twist turned out a major blunder for ongoing track, I can’t see naina with ameer m so irritated

    1. @krishto don’t worry this will short lived for 2 -3 days only ,after that show will take one month leap and they would be celebrating holi

      according to precap i know why did vanita ask naina to serve curry ( vegetable ) to ameer , because she thinks raghav ( fake ameer ) is her pati

  2. nhi holi celebration me bhi raghav h

  3. Stop this nonsense track getting boring.

    1. @smita you are forgetting something ,we are getting samaina scenes , you can’t decide on one scene that show is getting boring ,i don’t agree with you on this ,in fact Sameer ko first magazine shoot mil gya and they would be soon celebrating holi

  4. Fan of YUDKBH

    Too much dramatisation. I always heard that in Mumbai people are not much bothered about neighbours. How come neighbours are taking decision of Samaina lives.

    1. @fan of yudkbh you are forgetting something that it’s is 1990s in the serial not 2019 , plus it’s a society not one apartment building , everyone can interfere in neighborhood house just like Ahmedabad ,

  5. I think that makers will show a love story between Raghav and Tanvi as they both are living in same society and this will also expose Sameer and Naina’s lies. And till that time Sameer will get some ads to start his career.

    Talking about episode I enjoyed Raghav’s entry and performance as he is helping Sameer and Naina. And Sameer looks too cute when he is jealous ??. I have seen Naina getting jealous so many times and she always nail it but for the first time I saw Sameer getting jealous that too in precap. Can’t wait for upcoming episodes as Sameer will be getting jealous of Raghav (for no reason) ??????.

    1. @vidha sameer has already got a magazine ad and he is getting 25k as his first paycheck, if you watched the episode carefully ,there you will see him telling naina they have to change furniture in their room , as for tanvi she doesn’t like Raghav as per she told her mom ,i mean nirmala ,

      he would get jealous because vanita and jatin would invite Raghav and naina over dinner and sameer also convince papaji they should also go ,vanita will ask naina to serve food to Raghav ,that when sameer holds naina hand and food falls on Raghav hand , and she would go with him till wash basin , that when sameer gets jealous

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