Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Script changes at last minute

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina sits on the bench while everyone is practising. Sameer hands her food avoiding everyone’s eyes. She munches onto it while pretending to read her script. He smiles. Days pass by. Naina practises for her drama as Sameer sits beside her. He tries to write.

(Voiceover – Naina):
Those days were gold days. Those rehearsals, Sameer’s love and our never ending talks! Days were passing by so quickly. We dint realise when the day of the drama came. It was going to be a very important day of my life.

Tai ji calls Naina repeatedly. Anand wishes her good luck for tomorrow. Tai ji is unhappy but Bela is proud of Naina as always. Tai ji remarks that this is why she is so revolutionary. She is acting as Rani Leelavati after all! You may or may not agree but this is the

truth. Preeti points out that Rani Leelavati was famous for that only. Anand suggests that everyone should go to watch the play. Tai ji agrees. Rakesh enters and complains about everything that is going on around them. Tai ji says he lectured everyone just because he dint find place to park a scooter. They both get into an argument. Anand calms everyone. It is a good day. Naina and Bela share that it is Inter College Competition tomorrow. Anand asks him to accompany them too but he refuses. Bela tells Naina not to be sad. We will be there. I will whistle on your every dialogue. In her excitement, she ends up whistling. Tai ji looks at her. Naina and Bela hide a smile.

Next morning, the last minute preps are on. Principal Ma’am is worried what if they lose this time also. Poonawala is positive they will win this time. She is happy thinking about how beneficial it will be for VJN if they win. Poonawala tells Kartik that it is only he and Naina who are responsible for VJN’s victor. Kartik nods. Preeti wishes Poonawal (with dreamy eyes). Everyone is curious as to where Naina is.

Naina is pacing in the corridor. Sameer asks her why she is still here. Competition has already begun. She tells him that she wanted to meet him. How is your hand? He replies that he is fine and offers her Prasad. He went to temple for her. She is touched.

Bela, Anand and Tai ji are looking for the auditorium.

Sameer feeds Prasad to Naina. Remember that you are the best. She feeds him laddoo too. He asks her why she fed him. She says it is so you should love this best girl like this always.

Tai ji complains that she dint even eat well as they were in a rush. They see Sameer and stop in their tracks.

Principal Ma’am announces the start of the competition.

Tai ji, Anand and Bela are pleased to meet Sameer. He shares that he is handling backstage stuff. Bela notices Prasad in his hands. Did you go to temple? He nods. I went to temple as I had to wish for someone. Tai ji asks him about it. He ends up taking Naina’s name but then covers up saying that he went to pray for Naina and her team. Bela says I will go to temple to pray that we get a SIL like you only. Anand looks at Sameer. If God forbids, it will surely happen. Sameer smiles. Bela and Tai ji rush to take a seat. Anand tells Sameer that they are finally done fighting it seems. Sameer is surprised to know that he knows about it. How? Anand says her sad face told me everything. Fights are just a part of life. They add spice to life. He takes Prasad and goes to see the play.

Poonawala checks on Kartik if he has any last minute doubts. He has Made important changes in the script in the last minute. Kartik is hesitant but Poonawala does not budge. Kartik asks him if Naina is aware of these changes. Poonawala nods. I am outside. You should practise now.

Patel college is next to go on stage. A guy cheers aggressively for his college. Pundit tells him to be careful or he will have a sore throat. The guy tells him to shut up. Munna and Pundit say same to you to him.

Kartik smiles reading the script.

It is VJN’s turn now. Everyone claps excitedly. Sameer too takes a seat. The play starts. Naina is seated on a swing. Sameer does thumbs up in her direction. She smiles looking at him. The play starts with a dance. Sameer and Naina keep looking at each other sweetly throughout the dance. Poonawala and the guy (from Patel College) glance at each other. Bela is excited with Naina’s dance. First act begins.

(Voiceover – Sameer):
I was so happy for Naina, myself and my college that day. I had no idea that the next 5 minutes will burn me from inside. I go mad thinking about it even today!

Precap: Kartik has kept his hand over Naina’s head. Sameer and everyone are taken aback to witness something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Forehead kiss?? May b😰😰

    1. Wen he touched her forehead suddenly tat thought came to my mind hug wud nt b tat much effective even chachaji shocked cause on tat day bro sis hugs r common lyk arjun n naina does bt lets wait n c😣😣😣

  2. OMG today’s episode was so simple yet elegant. But there is so much curiosity that what is Kartik going to do which left everyone shocked and Sameer in so much anger. Jaggu I don’t think that it would be forehead kiss because it is story of 90s during which kiss word was used to be so shameful. Curiosity level is 💯.

  3. Swara23

    Dont say that jaggu
    i am already tensed
    what exactly r d changes
    can’t wait till tomorrow

    1. Forehead kiss will be too much yrr…😥 I think they will share a front hug,… (However not so deep) just as bro-sis types…But that would be enough for Sameer’s jealously…and others’ shocked reaction…
      If Naina knew this then see what will she do…(Remember in Romeo Juliet play in School… Before kissing Swati Sameer faked unconsciousness on stage so that would not hurt Naina even when he was in revenge mood)… Let’s see what Naina do this time or she will go with the flow…

  4. Makers are always ready to give goosebumps to viewers…First I thought that taiji would caught Samaina together…But Naina disappeared suddenly…If they knew or it was just Naina’s luck🤔…
    Sameer-Chachaji conversation was awesome…
    Very curious to know what last minute changes has Poonawala made…?? Can’t wait for next episode…

  5. Oh god. Now what is kartik upto. I hope he doesn’t do anything that’s disrespectful of him and Naina, or the entire college. Forhead kiss I doubt will happen. For a second I thought he was filling her maang and my mouth dropped at that point. Then I realized it was not an Ekta Kapoor serial that all these kind of things happen. Hopefully there’s some interesting twist. Like Everytime, hope makers don’t let us down.

    Sameer was again the show stopper today. The way he said he brought the Prasad for Naina and then covered up, and the way chahcaji was smiling at that, it was so cute. Omg he was blushing so much on seeing Naina, I started blushing seeing him 😂

    On the other hand, I want to see Sameer’s growth too as an individual. All these plays, and contests are something he’s always been good at, now I feel they’re making him stand behind Naina. It’s really sweet to see the way he’s supporting and encouraging each of her opportunities, but I somewhere feel he’s a natural talent whereas Naina is a hard worker. It’s high time even Sameer’s talent be channelised. Both of them should be known by their own names and work than be known as a single entity or as Naina’s boyfriend/Sameer’s girlfriend.

  6. it should be front hug i believe – kiss and all are over and even they will not fill sindhur that is also not possible – it should be front hug ….

    overall it is good episode….

  7. It appears that the fort of Rani Leelavathi falls and the scene of invader(Karthik) abducting Rani Leelavathi is to be enacted. Karthik in rage for tying raaki would show too much aggression (or try to molest) taking advantage of the situation of the scene and naina would react wailing in pain or may even hit him back which shocks everyone in the gallery. Sameer may protest vehemently calling naina by name which shocks the family of Naina!! Karthick is also nowadays acting very well. I like it ! Let’s see what happens ?

  8. Front hug will only match the expression of Chachi and Tai ji. Others expression are too loud as per front hug. I think kartik will do something like u said Jeevi (try to molest her). I m not liking kartik character he doing things with so much negativity that it is affecting the positivity of that episode. Like in dadiya one what sunaina did with the naina’s blouse was so negative. But hats off to makers that they end it to the positive note. Same expected for now and for future.

  9. Okay guys so I have read a spoiler which says that kartik will intensionally hug Naina without her knowledge in front of everyone. And after the drama competition Taiji will overhear Naina confessing her feelings to someone (sameer) but will not be able to catch them and will tell everything to tauji. So today’s episode is goi to be very dramatic.

  10. even i read the synposis in facebook about this week it says it is only a front hug and Taij hears somethings about Naina and Spy her (for a week) and Sameer is upset internally but he will not show this in front of others. Naina will get an acting offer from DD, Anand Chacha will get US Visa and happily informs the chachiji.

    That is all for this week…

    1. Yes taiji’s entry in Naina’s college is definitely for some reason …It will surely bring havoc in Naina’s life…

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