Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina plans to protect Sameer from Rakesh

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti asking Naina for whom she is weaving sweater. Pooja comes and says she must be weaving for Varun. Preeti says it seems like she is weaving for her own husband. Arjun’s friends ask him to play cricket. He says not today. Shefali asks him when he will teach him. Boys there laugh. Arjun says he will take money for teaching her and not to hear her nonsense. Sameer, Munna and Pandit bring Rakesh’s scooter to the mechanic shop. Mechanic says he can’t repair today. Pandit asks him to understand and says it is heart’s matter. Mechanic agrees. Sameer says they will return in 2 hours. Naina gets magazine. Swati teases her and says she will sit beside Sameer. Munna gets happy seeing Swati sitting near Sameer’s bench side and asks him to sit on his side and sits on Sameer’s side of bench. Teacher comes and says they will not study today and talks about the trip. She says we will discuss about the activity which we can go there which will be learning for us. Student asks if they can have achaar and have it there. Other student says we can do garba also there.

Naina and Sameer looks at each other. Teacher asks Naina to say. Naina says we can see planets, stars from binoculars. Swati asks Naina to ask Sameer what he wants to do. Voiceover says it was like abroad trip for today’s kids. Naina writes on magazine and sends through Swati. Sameer reads it, what he will do on trip. He replies. Munna and Swati pass the message to Naina. Sameer writes if she will come with him for boating. Neele Neele Ambar plays…..Naina tells teacher that someone suggested for boating. Teacher asks what they will learn from boating. Naina says it will teach team work. Teacher says it is a good idea. Sameer smiles looking at her. Neele neele plays…Swati asks her to write her name with Sameer on the tree. Naina feels shy. Later Munna tells Sameer that they are saved today. Sameer says we shall bring back the scooter.

Naina comes to him and asks if he is bringing camera. Sameer says may be. Naina says she will bring extra reel. Sameer asks her not to worry and says he will bring. He says we will take many pics with moon and stars. Naina says we will take Swati with us. Voiceover tells that they got excited about pics and started talking openly. Naina says she wants pics like it was taken in films. Sameer says you have seen such films and says I watch films and forgets. Naina says they take VCR on rent and watch all night. Then they get scolded in morning, which is fun. Sameer says he gets serious scolding and gets upset. Naina says you are stupid, lazy etc and runs. Sameer goes behind her. Tere mere hooton pe…plays….

Rakesh comes infront of him and calls Sameer. Munna and Pandit looks at him, and says he won’t let him go to Mount Abu. Rakesh takes Sameer to Principal. Principal asks Sameer to mend his ways and does poetry. Rakesh says his scooter is missing and says his left his scooter in school compound as petrol was finished, when he came today, it was not here. Sameer touches Rakesh’s feet and says he respects elders. Principal praises his values and asks where is the missing scooter.

Munna and Pandit tell Naina that Rakesh’s scooter head light was broken yesterday while they were playing. Naina says Papa loves it more than me and it is like our family member. Pandit says we got it to mechanic shop. Naina gets an idea. Voiceover says she used her mind to ensure that her love story reach Mount Abu.

Sameer, Naina and other reach Mount Abu. Jheele le song plays…Sameer thinks she is doing this for the bet. Naina smiles looking at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Superb episode ???????????????….. the song neele neele ambar par was amazing …. Naina n sameer convo ??? n naina saying m tumhe pyaar se daantu was ????????????? but that SE spoil d mood olways

    1. Alps

      Yeah… We r going to see that…. From neele neele amber par chand jab aayega.. ???……. To.. Ab tere Bin jee lenge hum.. ??…….. Waiting….

      1. Liz

        Oh yes!!!!! Alps????? Love that song, AB TERE BIN, JEE LENGE HUM….. waiting anxiously to hear that

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Steam engine ka kaam hi h mood spoil krna????

      1. Liz

        Haan Aayushi, mood spoiler..?SE?…. how munna says… AA GAYA PANAUTI??????

    3. Liz

      Yes Jyothi…… ❤️ episode… the songs in BG r just awesome & apt for the situation ?????? SAINA convo, as usual Awesome ??

    4. Hai jyoti yes its a good episode.Enjoyed it especially munna and pandit

  2. Also our hilarious Munna …. Pandat for swati n sipahi for naina ????

    1. Liz

      Yeah Jyothi…. addressing Naina as sipahi in the last scene too??????????

  3. What is this yaar. Not able to get anything seriously. Sameers expressions especially. First the way he was seeing when munna and pandit are talking to mechanic. He is looking totally disinterested.???.And when naina was talking abt those pics also he is looking disintrested. Again when she was talking abt him being scolded by her. His feelings are geniune.
    Wht is this cvs. We are watching the show after reading Wikipedia. So we know sameer will fell for naina. So why do u make sameers character as total confusing.plz don’t confuse me as my exams are nearing. Cant take all tensions together plz???.

    1. Liz

      Haaaiiii…????? humari NANHI SI Jaan Anita….. CVs, please itna tension mat do isko ki exams par asar dikhaye….. ek to exams ke Tension, upar se SAMEER KE HARKATON ka tension… too much yaar…… Anyway Anita… all the Best ?? For ur exams in advance… actually I had written a best wishes msg on Saturday, but I guess it didn’t get published …… I had also mentioned that most of the members here r doing graduation or even younger…. only very few like me belong to UN DINO KI BAAT HAI???????

      1. Yes Liz me too belong to YUDKBH? Today episode is at 11? So another hour to go. Have seen the new promo on instragram how heart broken Naina is after the bet & how sad Sameer is ?

      2. Liz

        Really…. Sameer also Sad???? That’s a relief yaar… but , sab theek ho jaayega later ????☺️☺️☺️

      3. Liz

        Here also 11 pm, I just realized that yesterday…. so didn’t watch it yesterday, will watch now……. thank God, am not alone here now… Senior Citizen ????

      4. Aayushi_kul

        Haan di…epi 11 pr aaya tha bcoz of new show PORUS…give it a try too…bcoz i like the first epi of that show..sumthng diffrnt frm other typicl historicl shows

      5. Liz

        Porus started?????….. really, I didn’t know sweetie… but y they pushing OUR YUDKBH to later slot???? Not fair

      6. Liz its only for today. Today again its at 10:30 pm only. Watch it if u find time

      7. Liz

        O !!!! Is it Neha????

    2. Aayushi_kul

      Dont worry ansa…do ur best fr the exams…concentration usi pr rkho…sameer ka to CVs smbhal hi lenge???

    3. Hai Anita tension maat lo. I think they read ur comment and released the promo. ???. So dear sameer will change and care for naina. No tension only examination???

    4. Relax anita …. just concentrate on your exams and about Sameer ,he will definitely fall for naina and will convice her for sure …. then their love story will blossom and he’ll definitely become a good boyfriend …. all the best for your xams

  4. Nice episode

    1. Hai ravina. Yes nice episode hope to see todays episode to know the plan of naina

  5. Coming to arjun and shefali they are always at taasha. No taiji and chahiji as far as i remember. Munna ohoh is the happiest soul today.????. Sitting besides swati??? he is on cloud nine. Tht message scene was hilarious.

    1. Even I am from un dinon….94 passed out….10th…main kabhi kabhi kho jaati hoon is serial me…then it flashes me that I have work….this showis very addictive…

      1. Liz

        Am little more elder Bhagya…. ☺️☺️?☺️….. miss my 11th & 12th class

    2. Liz

      ArjAli Tashan ?????????? Aur haan Anita, humara Munna was getting so excited as if woh Swati ke bagal mein baitha ho, ek hee bench par?????

  6. SammyD

    This has broke my heart? New promo of YUDKBH, Naina break down after finding out about the bet. I cried watching this so much ???

    1. Riti1107

      I saw it on YouTube .. Its so damn heart breaking

      1. Shagun25

        Ya js saw it..naina is inconsolable…ab Sameer ko samajh he will wake up from his deep slumber namely BET PURI KARNA..feeling so bad for naina ..

      2. Liz

        It definitely is Riti….. even though v knew this wud happen ??

      3. SammyD

        It breaks my heart every time I watch it, so sad ?

    2. Liz

      Just watched this link yaar….??????….. Aashi has done a gud job here , kudos to her acting ??????????????????????????

    3. Liz

      SAmmy, the above comments from u right, under Sammy name???? For which I have replied????

      1. SammyD

        Yeah it is Liz, every time I watch that video I cry so much, Naina is acting is so good & so real ?

      2. Liz

        Actually all the characters r doing their best….. love all of them …. including our O Bai ? & SE ?????????

    4. Yaar yes tht promo was a bit sad, but happy we will see sameer starts his love journey. And lets enjoy the episodes as future is going to be bright???.

  7. Riti1107

    We wanted PROMOS of YUDKBH
    The break up promo is out guys

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Yeah its high time they should give a promo fr the show…kbse koi new promo nhi aaya h

      1. Riti1107

        Aaya na break up promo

      2. New promo has already released ….. already shared the link in 26 TU update

  8. Haa yaar mera bhi Dil toot Gaya promo dekhke??….. seriously…now Naina Ko manana bahut mushkil lagta hai…

    1. Liz

      But naamumkin nayi hai Bhagya….. humara Sameer wud use all his charms to woo her again, hum sab jaante hain but I want him to know what he has lost & paapad belne pade to pataofy Naina???

      1. Do u remember liz there was dialogue in earlier episode saying mein oothna pappad bheli hai jeethna mein neh kabhi kahaya nahi. So sameer shld fry more than tht pappads

  9. Hope it’s Sameer’s dream….

  10. Nice episode as usual. I also started dreaming about Qayamat se Qayamat Tak scenes of Mt. Abu. The break up video is really sad. Aashi Singh is acting so well but people, humaare Sameer urf Randeep Rai is no less…if it any consolation, look at the crestfallen look on his face when she scratches out their initials from her desk. It will be satisfying to watch a remorseful Sameer slowly falling in love for real while repenting. Hai na? Bas else baar bet revelation scene and heartbreak scenes over ho jaaye. Munna and Swati are just getting cuter and cuter by the day. I felt bad for Preeti. She loves her sis (Naina) so much and hasn’t been included in the secret. Another heartbreak coming up ? looking forward to it as it will amp up the heat and the drama?⚡???BTW, another one if my favorite songs was awesome on our lovely duo- Neele neele ambar pe ?

    1. Alps

      Listening to neele neele ambar pe… ???

    2. Liz

      YES Diyaa… remorseful Sameer … gr8 acting by SAINA….??????????….. I too wish Preeti was allowed to the trip… poor Pandit……..I agree, Preeti shud know about SAINA

    3. Diya as usual u will have nice points to convey???

    4. yes diya …. both Samaina are superbbb in acting…. naina crying in the end ans sameer’s look during pen falling scene when naina was scratching the initials

  11. Aayushi_kul

    Neele neele ambar pr???? so beautiful scene…..loved it???
    As every1 said all the things abt the episode…so i dont want to talk abt it further bcoz m so sad watchng that video…naina’s heartbrk??….m feeling so bad fr naina…now m jst waiting fr sameer to realize his mistake…bs banda jldi smjh jaye k kitni achi cheez kho skta h vo lyf m….i felt lyk crying when i saw naina crying in that video

    1. Liz

      What about that song Aayushi, AAGE AAGE CHALE HUM, PEECHE PEECHE PREET MITWA????? haina lovely…. how happy & in Love SAINA looked, when they were trying to walk in front of each other???????

    2. Banda seekh jayaga dear. Promo akir release oh hi gaya

  12. Mansi

    Cool episode????ArjAli???Can’t see Naina in tears??Precap????Can’t wait☺☺☺

    1. Yes. Yesterday night itself it was released i think after the episode telecast. Saw it then itself. I was all in tears by seeing the promo. But happy that sameer realized his feelings for naina. The pain is evident

      1. Mansi

        Yeah Neha even I was in tears seeing the promo n the fate of our Naina??Poor she?But as u said everything will be ok when Sameer will realize his feelings for Naina???

    2. Liz

      YES Mansi, now v’ll get to c our pyara Sameer in Love, fighting to get her back….. wow ????? that will be a treat to watch……. What say?????

      1. Mansi

        Yes Nimi di now I just can’t wait to see our Sameer fighting to win back Naina in true way????It would be really a treat to watch that????

  13. Shagun25

    Lovely episode..naina sipahi n Swati toh always pandat…munna is a star..neele neele ambar par..too good..naina trying her baest to save Sameer from safari suit??..all for the sake of love..but Sameer is too ??

  14. Liz

    Most interesting scenes….. my opinion ……While passing the magazine to Sameer , the look on Naina’s face????? she was looking very sweet……… Bindass, how she said ki HUM BOATING ? PAR CHALENGE, tirchi nazar se Sameer ko dekhti hui……..then again, when sameer sadly said ki MUJHE DAANT PADTI HAI, BUT PYAAR SE NAI, the look on Naina’s face , SHE CUD FEEL HIS PAIN…. (how touching)…………….. then Again look on Sameer’s face, when Naina asked ki MAIN TUMHE PYAAR SE DAANTU?????????????…. looking at Naina with soooo much love & affection (that’s what I felt)……. loved the episode

  15. Shagun25

    Finally Sony TV ne hamari sun li..repeat telecast and promo ??..really hope that trp increases now

  16. Liz

    Last but Not the least……. the convo btwn Naina & our Witty cuties ???????…. ….SAFARI SUIT AUR SAMEER KI KUNDALI MILA LO ?????????……. YEH SCHOOL TRIP HAI KI CHARDHAM KI YATRA, VIGN KHATAM HEE NAI HO RAHE ???………& How Munna was saying , … US KHATARA MEIN TOOTNE LAYAK THA HEE kya…..???????………………………. DIALOGUE WRITER IS REALLY TALENTED YAAR, MUNNA-PUNDIT DIALOGUES R JUST HILARIOUS & AWESOME ????????????Actually, share dialogues

    1. Liz yes that comedy of munna and pandit was amazing. Munna calling naina as siphai kaha hai

    2. P_lata

      Ya Nimi, Munna & Pandit are always hilarious. Ab to swati has also started replying him, it will be more fun now.

      1. Liz

        Yeah Lata…… Swati is at least retaliating…. that’s a progress…… wish Preetz also start to notice Pundit ????????? waise, Sipahi ki behan is damn cute na ???

  17. So as the promo was already released its going to be the toofan which naina is talking abt. And the future understanding between them. So all is going to be well between them. So no worries.
    Yes after seeing the promo felt very sad.but happy now tht the bet thing is over and we will see sameer and nainas love story in real

    1. Liz

      Exactly my feelings Neha…. want this bet thing to finish & real & pure love to happen btwn SAINA…..v know that sab theek ho jaayega, but still tensed rahate hain hum…… coz v all feel their pain ????? relate to this kind of puppy love ????

  18. Coming to the episode. Its romantic and funny. The romantic side is naina asking sameer abt wht he want to see in the trip. And when sameer asked for boat ride she indirectly answered him????.
    The way sameer jumped from the wall when naina taunted him jhoot moot sa.And they going after each other and naina teasing sameer???.

  19. And munna and pandits comedy. Tht song when three of them are taking the scooter from hathi mera sathi i think. Then munna sitting besides swati was ????. His expression sanjay chaudary chaa gaya.
    And when sameer is in principals room. Munna and pandit searching naina saying yeh siphai kaha hai. And his suggestion to get sameers and steam engines kundali checked???

  20. Diya as usual u will have nice points to convey???

  21. P_lata

    Tere mere hothon pe …………oh so sweet to hear that before Samaina, it suiting them

    1. Liz

      L?vely song na Lata…… the song was played when THEY both were in the corridor ???❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. P_lata

    Naina talking romantically looks so sweet. Again boys talking about bet was not good to see…………..and the promo about the revelation of bet is so ……………so sad to see that

  23. Sashii

    Yaar we are all heartbroken after seeing nainas heart break. But lets chill and relish the present episode.
    Did anyone observed sameer dialogues while taking steam engines scooter. He is very much worried abt his image.
    Saying if anyone sees me with this scooter then my image ka kachara ho jayaga.
    Naina telling is it school trip or chardham yatra. How many vighna.
    Preeti saying jijaji looks more like shami kapoor rather than rishi kapoor???
    Munna and pandit in that last scene talk abt steam engine scooter

  24. Hi! I belong to that era. Am in Australia and I get to see this serial after two days an episode releases. I am watching it on YouTube and I wait desperately for this serial. I am not able to see any promos also 🙁 Am very anxious to know will Sameer really fall in love with Naina? I hope so, otherwise I will be very very disappointed.

    1. Liz

      Hey Veena…. welcome on board ????? just check if u can access “” in ur laptop or computer….. even try “”…… waiting for 2 days is tooooooo much…. & I guess the BG songs would be either muted or different song is played in YouTube…..

  25. SammyD

    could it be cuz of this Swati’s tells Naina to test Sameer love for her & gives her ideas tgat Baina finds out about the bet????

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