Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s request for Naina’s special coffee

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishakha says we have come here to discuss their alliance. Bobby says we came here in the evening and realised that neither of the families are in agreement with this alliance. Bela and Anand look at each other.

Preeti realises that the switch of the bell is off. Tai ji does that daily. Neighbours will wake up if I knock the door.

Vishakha says we have to listen to what the kids want these days. We had to buy a bicycle for Sameer in the middle of the night once and now we had to come here for his alliance. Mama ji suggests Sameer to get a hold on himself. Bicycle is a different thing but this is about wedding. Sameer suggests talking about the main thing. You all have praised me enough. Preeti smiles at Sameer. Anand asks her if she called everyone. Preeti shares that the

bell’s switch was switched off from inside. The landline is not working since two days now. Mama ji says you heard why we came here. The decision has been made already. We all only have to anyways just nod our heads and say yes. You can tell everyone in the morning. They too have to say yes only. Anand nods. Sameer tells Preeti to tell Naina to make her special coffee. Everyone will feel fresh afterwards. Bobby murmurs that sleep has left them long back. Mama ji covers it up. Anand sits down with a smile.

Preeti swivels Naina around. They are talking about your marriage outside. I am so happy. She puts a bindi on her and asks her to come to the kitchen. There is a demand for your special coffee. Naina fixes her suit and goes with her. Sameer smiles broadly the moment her sees her. Vishakha notices this exchange. Naina winks at him so Sameer looks away shyly. Naina makes coffee for everyone. Anand tells Mama ji that kids have become intelligent these days. They have to spend their lives together after all. When should we fix the engagement? Mama ji suggests matching their kundli’s first but Anand says the kids have agreed so that isn’t so important. Sameer seconds him but Vishakha wants to match the kundli’s first. Bobby taunts Sameer to decide a date himself. You have grown up now. We will abide by it. Anand agrees to follow the tradition. Mama ji invites the elders at their house tomorrow. Pundit ji will also be there. Give us a chance to welcome you too. Vishakha adds that Naina has to stay in that house only after marriage.

Voiceover – Naina:
Normally, you would have seen a girl bringing tea on such occasions. It is normal but I am sure this would have been different for you guys as a girl brought coffee at 11:45 PM that day for her would-be in-laws. Nothing was simple in our lives as as both of us were so complicated after all!

Naina offers coffee to everyone. Anand asks her to give to Sameer. He holds her hand under the cup. She spills it on him by mistake. Did you get hurt? He denies. Bela sends him with her to wipe his shirt clean. Bobby shakes his head. Bela offers sweets to everyone as the alliance has been fixed.

Naina is wiping Sameer’s shirt clean. He is all smiles. Naina says I know you held onto my hand intentionally. He reasons that it is his right as she is going to be Mrs. Maheshwari. She gets shy. He asks her if she trust her ears. There is a discussion going on about our wedding. She nods. Naina asks Sameer how he did all this. He tells her to let it be but she is curious to know. He tells her everything honestly. I understood what happened as soon as everyone was home. Flashback shows Bobby and Vishakha talking. Mami suddenly shouts for everyone’s attention. Everyone comes out in the hall only to find Naina and Sameer’s pictures pasted on the wall. Bobby gets angry on Sameer. He keeps removing pictures while Sameer keeps on pasting new ones. He ends up keeping his hand over Bobby’s warning him against it. Bobby relents. Sameer shows his hands. They are shocked to see Naina’s name inked on his hand. Sameer unbuttons his shirt and shows her name written on his chest. He picks up a knife. Vishakha slaps him just then. Sameer asks her how she will snatch his love from him. She throws it away. He swears upon her to kill himself by eating sleeping pills. Bobby scolds him; Mama ji tries to pacify him but Sameer stays put. I will kill myself if you don’t do it today itself. You still have an hour left in the day

Voiceover – Sameer:
Situation might be filmy but love and madness was much more real at that moment. Honestly, I know I dint do the right thing. I too would have slapped the person if someone had tried to do this today but back then lovers only had one way to making everyone agree!

Preeti claps for Sameer but Naina advises her it isn’t right. How could you think of bringing everyone here like this? They will be upset. He tells her he does not care. I can do any stupid, random thing to get you. She smiles. I never thought I will meet someone who will be so madly in love with me. Preeti jokes that if it was legal to marry twice then she would have married you also. Naina hits him playfully. I will kill you! He holds her hand sweetly. They both smile. Naina makes Preeti close her eyes. Preeti complies. Naina kisses Sameer on his hand. He asks for a kiss on the cheek. Preeti asks them if she should open her eyes. Naina agrees. Who else will click our photo? Preeti runs to bring the camera. Naina and Sameer smile at each other as Preeti clicks the first photo. She clicks another photo in which they are looking at each other.

Naina and Sameer step out holding hands (just the little finger). Sameer’s family asks Agarwal family to come over tomorrow with Naina’s kundli.

Next morning, Rakesh is angry with Anand. They came in the middle of the night and you agreed? What prompted them to come at that time and you got ready as well? Tau ji is unhappy with Anand for being a family member yet not respecting them. You fixed everything yourself! Anand says I sent Preeti to call you but Tai ji says she wouldn’t want us to come at all. Preeti reasons that the bell’s switch was off. Tau ji shouts that she could have knocked the door in that case. You are acting like an elder after all! Rakesh scolds him on that. You fixed everything overnight. Preeti tries to explain but Tai ji is sure Anand would have begged them over a call. Naina denies. They realised their mistake so! She goes quiet seeing everyone looking at her. Sameer told me. Tai ji tells her to give explanation. Anand says I agree that Sameer’s family wasn’t also eager. Tau ji asks him why he said yes then. Anand shares that they came for Sameer’s sake. They will match the kundli’s today. I assure you I dint do any ritual. I know Bhaisahab will do it himself.

Voiceover – Naina:
Chacha ji got everyone on his side emotionally but Tai ji and Tau ji had made me a pawn. I was summoned. What happened next between me and Sameer became the most iconic scene.

Precap: Mama ji tells Bobby that no wedding is complete without the 7 pheras. On the other hand, Tai ji and Rakesh also plan to act nice in front of everyone but decide to do something to get the wedding cancelled. Sameer adorns a necklace around Naina’s neck.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh God! Such a cute episode. Really Sameer and Naina nailed today’s episode. The way Sameer holds Naina’s hand in front of everyone was damn cute and Sameer many times directed the conversation to the main point by asking for coffee and by saying that stop praising & suggests them to talk on main topic. The way Naina kissed Sameer’s hand, they were holding each other’s hand (little finger but much more cute then holding whole plan) till the end😍😍. Before telling her what he did to convince his family it was too sweet when he was saying you will not be angry and will not convert into NAINA DEVI.
    The way today’s episode was making me smile and laugh till the night scene as soon as the scene ended and morning scene begin it was depressing me but the way Chacha Ji was convincing all the immature elders with soo much maturity made me smile again 😃.
    Didn’t like the precap as it is directing it towards Saas Bahu Drama. But the curiosity level is 💯 as it will be interesting to watch that what all the IMMATURE ELDERS (Sameer’s Family & Tauji, O Bai, Safari Suit) are going to do to break the UNBREAKABLE ALLIANCE.
    If someone have idea that how Tauji & O Bai is going to use Naina as their Mohra then do comment.

  2. Episode was so so sweet. I was smiling throughout. The way Naina said aadhi raat mein coffee, so sweet. Yes their love story and experiences are unique. Their romance today, he touching her hand, she cleaning his shirt, so sweet. They got their photo clicked, that’s a memory to cherish.

    One thing I don’t know is, what does chachaji think Sameer will do as a career? Like chachaji is a father, he should be practical and Sameer isn’t even graduated at this point of time.

    The annouying trio are so mean. What did taiji mean by if she marries Sameer, there won’t be respect for them? How can they think of breaking Naina’s alliance after all this drama? She’s in love, they ran away, her one engagement broke, like if you think the way Tauji taiji think, it’s hard to get Nina married. But still their ego is coming in between. Taiji because samaaj. Taiji because she’s jealous and Rakesh because he just hates people in general.

    Scolding preeti and taking out their frustration on her was so stupid. If they didn’t agree for the rishta then why did they come in the day for the meet? And somewhere Rakesh and tauji tell that they insulted Agarwal family. So when Sameer’s family insults Agarwal family, it’s insult. But when Sharads family insults Agarwal family again and again, and misbehaves with chachaji and slaps Naina, it’s okay because we are ladkiwale. What stupid logic.

    I just don’t want this serial to turn into saas bahu drama of plotting and scheming. Excited for their engagement.

    I don’t t understand, Sameer’s family doesn’t want this wedding because why? Naina is not from their caste or social status or because of the general aversion that vishakha has for Naina or because Sameer is too young?

    Where is juhi?

    1. Sunshine according to me they consider Naina as gold digger, practical & not so beautiful girl. And their Sameer deserves a heroin. According to them Sameer love is just is Zid not true love, moreover Vishakha is against Niana so nobody is ready to see Niana with other prospective.

      1. no vidha that not true if you see 3rd dec 2018 episode ,sameer says to naina ,main aaj bi tumse utna hi pyar karta hun jitna pehle karta tha ,in fact after coming from mount abu trip ,sameer confess na jane kab mujhe tumse pyar ho gya ,pata hi nai chala , one more proof when anand comes to know that sameer has beaten sharad ,
        and accuses of typical awara ,then sameer tells ,bus chachaji aapse jyada naina se pyar main pyar karta ,agar mera bus chalta na to sharad ko jaan se maar deta ,

        and then when naina has fever ,he comes to her house using ladder to give her medicine ,

        and during navarati function when sunaina undo naina blouse it was sameer who gave her thread from his dress ,

        another episode on 3rd dec 2018 when principal maam caught hugging between naina and sameer ,but couldn’t see the girl face ,she gave either to tell name of the girl or you would not be able to give final exams , he sacrifice his whole year for naina respect

        in fact from school till college naina and must have hold hand 6 -7 times

        infact naina ko sameer se jyada pyar nai kar sakta

      2. True tarun.
        But that we as viewers understand. Indian parents love blaming their children’s doings on others. Vishakha is not seeing how Naina made Sameer a better guy, how she induced love in him for his mother, how she made him believe in God, how she did things for his own good, how he became a sweet, good hearted, well behaved guy from a cold hearted one, how she took care of him despite being in a long distance relationship. All vishakha is seeing is that her son is not studying well because of Naina, her son is backanswering her because of Naina, her son is immature and Naina is doing some jadoo on him.

        And as a parent I think even she’s right in her view. Many people are in love at a young age and then fall out of love, it was not uncommon back then also. And when you fall in love as a teen, you grow up with that person, so you feel whatever he/she is doing is right, you can’t see your world beyond them. But we as audience know that they love each other. But if such a story happened to our friends, would we have encouraged them to continue their relationship? We would have laughed it off saying it’s puppy love/crush that is mistaken as love.

      3. vidha i am sorry i misunderstood you , you were trying to say ,according to them sameer love is just a zid not love . this is what happens with me when i don’t read the full sentence .

        we all know sameer loves naina more than anyone ,apart from munna and pandit ,he loves them both too . remember the 10th december episode ,when vishaka makes him choose between naina and her ,he holds his mother hand over his head tells you love me more than rohan ,deepika and her husband ,she gets a shock , then sameer that agar naina hoti na to ek minute main haan bol deti 🙂

      4. No problem tarun it happens. But how u remember the date of episodes so well with all the scenes I must say before writing any comment u watch the episode very well and actually that’s a sign of a die heart fan for me.

  3. very well said vidha and sunshine………………totally agree with you both…. i loved Sameer’s characterization simply superb – He know that threatening and get things is bad but what to do right from his childhood he had to be stubborn to get his needed things . Vishakha’s perspective about Naina is -she is more smarter than Sameer and which in turn cause some problem in their relationship and she strongly believes that their relationship will not last for longer run…. and additional she started feeling like typical saas that Sameer is giving more important to Naina than her, Hence she is not able to see the right side of Naina…..
    Somehow i feel that Vivek is good husband ( still he has EGO) of Vishakha and and strict father….
    but not as bad as Dadi – if sameer would have respected, understand and accepted him – things must be different…. What ever he bothers about sameer’s future and also the status ( offcourse in 90’s things are like that) but he expressed in a rude way and also he will take revenge when it is not happening…

    But what happen to Mamaji why he is not supporting sameer and join hands with Mr & Mrs Somani…
    Pity for sameer – nobody is there to support him like Chachaji, Chachiji and Preethi for Naina…

    no words to talk about Rakesh Tauji and Taiji – immatured persons…… Rakesh doesnot have brain at all Taiji’s intention is that Naina should not get a better life and she is turning Tauji and Rakesh poisonous and making them against this marriage……

    1. Devi Poonam Bhabhi is their for Sameer but she is equivalent to Chachi Ji (when she was all alone) can’t suggest aur tell anything to her elders (Mama, Mami, Vishakha &Bobby). Lets see like chachi Ji took stand for Naina may be Poonam Bhabhi could also take stand for Sameer.

      1. i saw a photo on Instagram naina and poonam bhabhi sitting together ,i have a wild guess naina sameer engagement will happen in sameer house ,
        just a theory

        and in other photo naina is green kurta and seems like she is packing gift .behind her is “o bai” (taiji)

  4. Did anyone noticed naina that she winked at sameer while coming to kitchen in slow motion ,and sameer telling preeti to tell naina “faitne wali coffee bnane bolna naina ko ”

    and sweetly touching naina hand with heartbeat sound in the background while she was giving coffee to sameer ,

    and when naina asks how did you manage to get your parents at this hour ,he tells ” jane do na ” , but when naina insist he asks naina that you will not get angry and naina devi to bilkul nai bnogi ,while in flash back ,sameer delivered dialogues with so much power and fierocity , he almost nailed it , when coming out of flashback , Preeti claps
    sameer tells he can become pagal ,hosiyar to get you ,and naina tells ” mujh jaisi behenji ko aisa pagal deewana milega pata nai tha”

    Preeti tells if they 2 marriage i would have married you as well
    ,then sameer tells ” saali bi adhi gharwali hoti hai ”

    naina gets jealous and tells sameer ” tumhara gala daba dungi ”

    and then she asks Preeti to close her eyes and make a kiss on sameer hand and then sameer gestures to make a kiss on his cheek, naina gets shy ,then naina makes Preeti eyes open and tells her to click their photos ,

    when sameer family members begin to leave , sameer and naina come holding their little fingers , that’s so cute moment .

    but when in the morning anand tries to understand family members ,tauji and taiji have no patience and start blaming Preeti ,i felt sorry for Preeti at that time ,and when naina tries to explain everything ,taiji start accusing naina

    precap is scary and exciting as well

    no idea how taiji and rakesh sir will break naina alliance

  5. and also note sameer is in yellow dress while giving heart shape pendant to naina , so that mean applying paint episode will come on monday 😋

    i have forgot to mention one scene that why writing it now

    naina voiceover tells ” Normally, unn dino aapne dekha hoga aise mauko par ladki ko chai laate hue ,magar uss raat ke 11.45 bje apne sasural wale ke lie coffee bna rhi thi ,
    aur hum dono ke rishte kuch bi sidha nai tha ,kyunki hum dono hi tedhe they 😂😂😂

  6. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Another sweet and cute episode! Really one of the best love story on Indian television. I really like the uniqueness, sweetness and simplicity of the show! I favorite show so far!

  7. Un dinon ke toh almost all serials use to be good or our mind was also simple due to lesser exposure to internet and limited availability of content on TV .

    But yes in dinon this serial is the only serial i watch without missing a single scene

    Great serial

  8. that bobby guy always talks negatively to sameer while vishakha does nothing to defend her son. Such motherly love is to unrealistic

  9. The instagram photo i mentioned earlier in the post has now been uploaded on youtube .this video shows sameer relatives will call naina to select sari for engagement

    here is video link

    and their is another video

    and their is 3rd video

    and in video this ashi singh talking about excitement about engagement

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