Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Sharad fight with each other

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 27th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tauji tells Chachaji that he had decided to break relation with him, but he still came to his home for their family. He tells Chachaji that their father used to say stubbornness mean differences in the house which is not good. Taiji says Sharad’s family is still interested. He’s very good guy and they won’t be able to find anyone better. Tauji says what will they do if Naina brings someone tomorrow like Arjun? Chachaji recalls reading Sameer’s love letter. Chachi says their girls are not like that. Tauji and Taiji leave decision on Chachaji. Chachaji says, it’s yes from him. Chachi tells him to ask Naina first. He says there is no need to ask Naina. Taiji says she will call Sharad’s family then. After Tauji, Taiji leave, Chachi asks Chachaji, until yesterday he was against this marriage and today suddenly he agreed? He says it’s not sudden, he thought about it. He’s doing what he feels is right.

Kartik and his friend are putting posters on wall for Sunaina. JBR comes there. They say they are doing for girl power. JBR questions them. Munna and Pandit come there. Kartik makes their fun. Munna, Pandit reply back. JBR says if they want to fight, then there’s best place for it. Principal’s office. They all leave from there.

Naina is walking sadly with her friends. Someone informs her that every candidate needs to give speech and it’s in 10 minutes. Naina’s friends tell her to give powerful speech. Naina says she doesn’t want to take part in election. Her friends say Kartik and Sunaina will make their fun. Naina says she doesn’t care. Kartik comes and adds more fuel in fire. Kartik says because of that Sameer, Sunaina has stopped coming to college. But she will definitely take part in election and win it as well. After Kartik leaves, Preeti gets furious and says she will take part in election. Kamya says she didn’t get enough marks required to take part. Naina says Swati can take part. Swati agrees.

Girls are giving speech. Swati is called next. Sameer and his friends are surprised. Kartik and his friends laugh. As Swati gives her speech, Sameer and Naina look at each other. JBR likes Swati’s speech. Sunaina is called next. Kartik comes instead of her. He says Sunaina is sick, so she couldn’t come. He gives speech on her behalf. Sameer and Naina continue looking at each other. Naina walks out.

Chachi is still upset with Chachaji. Taiji and Rakesh say when he decided something, he must have thought about it. Chachi asks him to think again. Person who can raise hand at him.. how long it will take for him to raise his hand at his wife? Rakesh and Taiji interrupt. Chachaji leaves from there.

Sharad comes to Naina’s college with flowers for her. She refuses to talk to him. He says he wants to give her good news. Shall they go to a restaurant? She asks he’s leaving or should she call a guard? Sharad gets mad and feels insulted as other students are looking at them. He asks whether that’s what her family has taught her… is this the way to talk to her fiance? She reminds him that they broke their rishta. He says he’s come to inform her that everything is solved. Her Chachaji agreed for their marriage. She says marriage is too far.. she wouldn’t even see his face. He says she will see his face every day. She says she doesn’t want to argue with him and starts leaving from there, but he grabs her hand and asks what ego she has? Her fiance came to give her good news and she’s behaving so rudely. She asks him to leave her. He demands an apology. She refuses and pulls her hand back. He slaps her and asks her to apologize. She doesn’t say anything. He raises his hand again. This time, Sameer blocks him and starts beating him up. Swati asks Kamya to call Preeti fast. Kartik and his friend run to principal’s office and inform principal and JBR about the fight.

Naina is trying to stop Sameer. He says how dare he raise hand at her. Sharad punches Sameer. Sameer again starts beating him. Principal and JBR come and ask everyone to stop them. Sameer warns Sharad if he raises hand at a girl again, then he won’t spare him.

Female narrator says that day she had become a joke in front of entire college. Everything was strange that day. Sharad coming to her college, Sameer beating him up, Chachaji agreeing for marriage. After that she didn’t know what was going to happen in her life.

Precap: Chachaji scolds Sameer for beating Sharad like that. He says Rakesh was right that Sameer is a spoiled-brat, a goon.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Please show me all the episodes of ye un dino ki baat hai kindly request please all episodes of this awesome TV show

  2. Pandit’s hair style is annoying af. It’s so 2018. Also their wireless telephones look so 2018. What happened to the big fat wireless telephones that were in the 90s, like they show on Narcos. I suggest the directors watch some 90s bollywood films to help them bring the right 90s vibe to Ye un dino ki baat hai and not make it feel like 2018 all the time. kills it for many viewers i know, although the concept of setting it in the 90s is amazing. takes me back to my mom’s time lol cause i always wondered what it was like for them.

    1. If u have nothing good to say dont comment here. U can go watch saas bahu s

    2. True about the Saas bahu’s I mean. That is so funny

    3. I was just making a comparison between 90s and 10s like what is you guys’ problem. Why don’t you just mind your own business and let me make a fair critic. if you have nothing good to say, why did you even reply to my comment?

    4. @Pavitra B and U4tlu B. Dear ladies, if you got nothing good to say, then don’t even reply to my comment and let everybody critic a show as they desire. There are things you would dislike just as you would like in an actor, show, movie, story-line etc. I was merely giving my thoughts on the show and how they could elevate the story-line or show settings with the intention of making it more appealing and realistic hence why I gave Naros and 90s Bollywood films and good references to look back to for knowledge, giving the show its true 90s essence. Guess you’re heavily influenced by your famous saas bahu shows which is why you are used to threatening people with aggression here. How about you stop trolling and bullying and take your c r a p elsewhere and stop being a joke cause you know what, hate comments directed at people here are reflecting your lack of sanity. Jokes on you B. FYI, saas bahu shows may be your thing cause they sure are not my cup of tea, and you don’t get to tell me what to watch and not just as would not tell people to go watch something in a dis.

  3. Naina deserve this slaps

    1. But I don’t think so…Even no girl deserve this…Yes I know she broke Sameer’s heart twice but still she don’t deserve this misbehaviour from any boy…If Naina would get married with Sharad then it is sure either she would have commited suicide or Sharad and her in laws would have killed her for dowry?…But we know this will not happen and Sameer will save her from going to hell!!?
      And why Chachaji is acting immaturely…He very well knows what kind of boy is Sharad…Still he agreed for realliance??…He should have first talked to Naina before taking this intense action…
      Rakesh said right that Anand understands the things late…This time Sameer will make him realize…and he will understand too…,?

  4. Episode was okay until the end. Sharad had to get beaten by Sameer. The first part I hated when Taiji told naina chacha ji that sharad is a Heera but according to he is a koyla black coal. Hated that sharad told naina that he is her would be husband and she has to see his face everyday. He is such a champu type. Naina life partner is only going to be sameer and that is that. Hoping badly for Samaina reunion. Love samaina ?????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????

  5. Today .. I actually disowned Chachaji … just bcz she broke his trust ( according 2 him ) .. he fixed her alliance with that champu .. he also knows that what KIND of person he is …
    its like REVENGE !! .. u broke my trust , now being a parent , I’ll ruin ur life .. WTF ?? … he should talk to Naina once nd then take a decision …

    BTW .. Sameer Maheshwari again took our hearts … Take a Bow boy .. !!

  6. Whatever chachaji did today changed my perception towards him. I mean being the sensible person that he is or was how can he do that to naina. Just because naina broke his first he is gonna make naina suffer whole her life like that. He knows sameer and has even seen what sort of a person amader is. Just still he is saying and tagging sameer as a good. This is just so ridiculous. Sorry but until today I felt that at least naina has chachaji who really cares for her happiness. But today I know that how much wrong I was to think like that. Even the nspoilers said that chachaji is gonna meet both amader and naina and confront them for hiding their relationship. I thought that chachaji might be hut but s’il never do something like that to naina. Naina and Preeti are really lucky to get such a family. A family who never cares for their kids happiness. And always are behind tagging daughters as a burden to the family. Really! It needs luck to find such a family. I wonder how she became a successful writer even after having such a family.

  7. chachaji broke everybody’s trust today. He thought Sharad’s mom was going to college to enquire about Naina when Naina was innocent.. So he fought for Naina. But when he found out what Sharad’s mom thought was true he said OK to marriage . It was not worth fighting with his brothers. After all he is also one in a rut. He himself married off his older daughter like that spending so much money and at a young age without much education. He wanted to support Naina’s education since he thought she was interested in studying . As for Sharad’s nature nobody is bothered about that. It does not matter even if Sharad and his mom ill treat Naina. Nobody would care for Naina. Nobody even thinks that she does not have a mother and needs some love and affection. Chachiji is still caring. but she does not know the truth of Naina and Sameer. Even if she cares she herself is uneducated and would not dare speak against elders. What surprises me is how educated people like Chachaji and Sharad agree to marry girls who are so uneducated like chachiji or stop a girls education like they do in Naina’s case? And all this is happening in the nineties ? Which surprises me. It would not have happened even in the eighties. And Sharad and his mom are so modern that Sharad brings flowers for Naina and wants to take her out to a restaurant which people do not do in those days. They would not take their wives for a movie date even after marriage. In any case Chachaji thinks Naina deserves such nasty household like Sharad’s then what can anyone do? I feel sad too.

  8. Why is Naina having such a sad face? They are calling Sameer cryface but Naina has the longest face of them all. Really. I understand she is sad but should cheer up a little.

  9. Please dont throw ande tamatar. But just imagine. if only just to imagine if Naina married Sharad as it happens so very often in life when such cases of teenage love happen in boys and girls lives and the parents forcibly marry off their children just to save family honor what would Naina’s married life be like ? She has to marry Sharad and live with him and his mom’s torture and she has nobody to complain to . Not her father certainly not Tauji or his wife not to her Chachaji , no education or half finished education and may be physically and mentally abused by Sharad and his mom what will happen then? How would she be in the 21st century? Many true stories happened like that you know? Just saying.

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