Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina and others wait for the pregnancy report

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina and Preeti talking to each other about the guy which they are choosing for Tanvi. Vandita, Sejal and others come there. Vandita says you forgot your stuff at my house. She asks about Naina’s husband and says they didn’t see Ameer’s photo. Preeti says why he will come here after doing wrong with Naina. Sejal asks them to show Ameer’s pic. Naina says she don’t have. They look at the photo album and asks to show his pic. Naina and Preeti get tensed.

Nirmala meets her friend who tells her that Naina might be pregnant telling the symptoms. Nirmala says this is not possible as her husband is not with her. They go to the hospital. Doctor there informs them that Naina had come to get her blood test done and reports will come in the morning at 10 am. Nirmala thinks what is this new problem?

Sameer’s voiceover tells that his happiness was short lived as Naina was surrounded by the neighbors who was asking about her husband. Naina says it is Papa’s album. Vandita says we shall see and takes the album. Preeti asks Naina why is she lying and shows Tanvi’s would be groom’s pic, says he is Naina’s husband. Preeti says why you are keeping the pic. Vandita tells that they shall burn all the pic. Preeti asks Naina to burn in kitchen. Vandita asks for a pic and says she will hang it on the society board. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Preeti gave a face to Ameer Maheshwari. Naina’s voiceover tells that one photo was very valuable in those days.

Nirmala calls Rakesh and Naina and tells that they went to the same hospital where Naina went. Naina says we went to far hospital. Nirmala says he is society Doctor and he saw Naina there. He says this news is like a cut kite. Sameer comes there. Nirmala gets upset with them and asks them to go back. Rakesh asks what wrong did we do? sameer says we will not hide about this. Nirmala says everything is happening because of you and taunts him. Shubham asks her to calm down. Nirmala says they are lying and we are suffering. Naina says it is not Sameer’s mistake. Sameer says I will answer everyone and can do anything for my baby. Nirmala says I will tell everyone and will also tell that you made me lie. Naina’s voiceover tells that society people used to make the news viral within minutes. Sejal’s mum in law tells her about naina getting her test done in hospital. Sejal calls Vanita and informs her about Naina getting her blood test. She says I am doubtful that she is pregnant and says her report will come at 10 pm. She says we will not get good chance than this to prove their lie. Vanita says 10 am.

Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, they used to get eager to wait for the TV show, Sameer etc and says everyone was waiting for my report anxiously. The ladies wait outside for the report. Nirmala is sitting in the society garden area with them.

Rakesh asks Sameer when report will come. Sameer says I told you thousand times that it will come at 10 am. Rakesh says we are with her. Preeti comes there and says society people came to know about Naina and are waiting outside to get the report. They look outside and see them outside. Preeti says there will be a meeting after report comes. Rakesh says everything will be revealed. Sameer says just 10 mins left to get the report, how to get it infront of everyone.

Naina leaves from the house in a hurry. Rakesh and Sameer are behind her. Sejal says where she is going when report is coming here. Vandita says they are very clever and will burn the report. They stop Naina.

Precap: Vandita calls Naina outside. Naina goes tensedly. Someone comes there. Preeti gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Msg from Team: Pooja is unavailable this week. She will resume from next week.

    1. ok thanks a lot for the news, such a relief

    2. time to quit this show for crappy plot sometime and watch super 30 movie and enjoy it

  2. Friday tak ka satyanash ho gya show ka , because Raghav introduction will be upto Friday ,in tomorrow episode he will come to society at the end , will found out about report in tomorrow episode ,did naina got it before vanita, let’s see, open discussion is open

  3. I think the serial is losing its charm. Please stop the neighbour’s nonsense. In Mumbai no one has got time to look into the lives of others. Please stop this nonsense

    1. yes very well said @smita ,but it was during 1990s that everyone got time into interfering in other lifes ,i don’t agree with you on serial loosing it’s charm ,it shows real struggle of naina and sameer in Mumbai ,i am currently enjoying this , because of two reasons , rakesh Sameer , and naina and Preeti , yesterday Preeti ka college wala accent dekhne ko mila,

      in i am enjoying more than Ahmedabad

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