Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: First day of GS Naina in college

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina gets a phone call and guesses it to be Sameer’s call. He is happy to hear her take his name. You said you will talk tomorrow. She knows she cannot tell this to anyone else. He assures her he is always there for her and she can just tell him anything. She hopes there was a phone through which they could see the other person while talking. He asks her to come to her balcony. I am right outside your house. She calls him mad and steps in the balcony. Stay mad always. He promises her. She tells him to never change. You are very good. He assures her that lovers and friends don’t leave your side. Swati is still with you. Don’t let her go or Sunaina will win. You have to have faith in your friendship and in yourself. It is your first day tomorrow after winning GS elections.

You will come with the same belief to college that Swati is still your best friend. She nods. He smiles and makes her smile. He also gestures a hug. She hugs him back tight sweetly. He also sends a kiss her way and smiles broadly.

Next morning, Poonam gives tea to her husband. She tickles him. He is worried that someone might see. She tells him that his antics make Mummy ji believe there is no love between them. She gives him a film. She ends up telling him everything about how Mummy ji thinks they do not love each other. We are in no competition with Bittu Didi. All my tests were clear. It means I lack nothing. Devang walks away upset.

Preeti chooses Naina’s clothes. It is your first day to college as GS. You will enter in style. She makes Naina sit down and gives her a small haircut too. Naina guides her as to the way Sameer had suggested her in the past. She helps Naina get ready. Naina looks very different and cute.

Devang gets up to go to factory without eating breakfast. His mother insists upon making something else but he sounds irked. You don’t take care of yourself. You have become so thin. He tells her that this is why they are unable to have a baby. You could have told me something. He leaves angrily. Mami scolds Poonam for telling Devang everything. He has t work too. Don’t put all this in your head. Poonam nods sadly. Sameer asks her why she looks sad. She replies that Devang isn’t taking her to see the movie Honeymoon. He coughs. She covers up saying that she was talking about Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke. He agrees to take her for the movie with Munna and Pundit. Mami packs breakfast for her.

Preeti stops Naina and asks her to enter in style in a while. She runs inside after fixing Naina’s hair. Pundit is cracking PJ’s to cheer Munna. Munna stands up. Preeti joins them and tells them something (in mute). Swati also comes there. Naina’s friends welcome Naina grandly (just like a king is welcomed in the courtroom). They all watch Naina in awe as she walks in the corridor. Sameer is completely bowled by the change in her. Even Kartik is watching her differently. Beautiful! Naina’s friends keep praising her amongst each other. Pundit calls her atom bomb. Sameer pats at his head slightly. She is your Bhabhi! Pundit apologizes to her.

Someone throws garbage on the floor. Naina asks the guy if he throws garbage just like that at home too. I am telling you this as a friend and not as a GS. It is our responsibility to keep the country clean.

(Background – Naina):
The concept of Swacch Bharat might have surfaced in the country very recently but my Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan started long ago. Irrespective of the time difference, the need for cleanliness and my habit to lecture cannot change.

Naina makes the guy pick up the garbage and throw in the bin. He also says sorry before leaving. Everyone claps for her. Sameer cheers for GS Naina Agarwal. Munna joins them happily and Swati walks away avoiding their eyes. Her friends remark that they should be very careful of Naina now. Preeti is sure she wont say anything to her. I am her sister after all. Naina disagrees. I got a responsibility to handle. They end up saying that they got it to her. We removed Swati and got you in the front! They all get awkward for a minute.

Naina asks about Sameer. They think that he might have gone to class. They begin to head to the classroom when Sameer pulls Naina inside an empty classroom. Romantic song plays in the background. Naina keeps taking a step back as Sameer inches closer. She reaches the end of the desk. Sameer calls her beautiful. She asks him if she does not look beautiful. He starts teasing her calling her a spy and Khadus. They both smile. Peon comes and they hide behind the door.

Pundit cannot understand where Sameer and Naina would have disappeared. Preeti calls it the magic of love. They start imagining as to what the couple must be up to. They go quiet the moment Swati enters in the class. Swati sits on her usual seat quietly.

Sameer brings Naina outside. Where were we? She says music room. he says music is still playing in my heart. She smiles and gets shy as he looks at her cutely. She notices two people sitting there and sends them inside to attend their class. Sameer tells her that this is college. It is ok to miss classes. You are not a monitor here. She calls it same. There is a responsibility here too.

Sameer points out to Naina that things were lot different in school than now. You were a silly girl in school as you dint have me back then. You have me now. You never forgot an answer back in school but you forget everything whenever you look at me. There is a difference! He smiles broadly. Epi ends on Naina’s face as she looks at him with love.

Precap: Sameer tries to hold Naina’s hand (many times) but someone or the other keeps walking up to Naina with their list of problems.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. U r doing a amazing work keep doing it

  2. Hi guys!! Commenting after a long time… Actually for past some days only few or no one was commenting so I lost interest in writing comments…plus I am disappointed with this only 4 days/week schedule…😞…Three days are very long to wait…😔
    Nice episode… Finally Naina got a makeover…and got rid of that crappy hairstyle…😅…
    Kartik and gang reaction was…👌👌 😂😂 and Sameer saying Pandit “Bhabhi hai Teri ” was hilarious😂😂
    Naina became a star today only because of Preeti…Such a loving sis…👍From “tashan wali entry” to “superb haircut” all credits goes to Preeti…
    Poonam babhi is such a sweet lady and this Devang is good for nothing…Such a boring guy he is…He shy like a woman…😣
    Precap: Sameer will surely regret his efforts for making Naina G.S…as now he will get no time to romance😜😂🤣
    Guys please keep our YUDKBH forum active as this show deserves more and more active comments…

  3. Thanks Ashu for reviving the forum. I agree, missing regular commentators. I agree with all you said. but want more of the ‘shaadi’ sequence roma

  4. Ghvpriya

    I am really so happy to see comments in forum after many days ☺️☺️☺️ and yesterday’s episode is just an atom bomb 💣💣💣.
    Loved how Sameer came in midnight to check on naina and the way he gave her a virtual hug and kiss 😍😍😍
    I am still blushing on that 🙈🙈🙈
    Preeti has really gave a beautiful makeover to naina. It really suited her a lot…
    The way she entered the college and all boys drooling over her, especially the rivalry boys 😂😂😂
    Sameer scolding pandit “Bhabhi hai teri”
    I was actually waiting for Sameer to say this line and finally got it!
    Sameer silently pulled naina into the activity room and closed the door 😍😍😍
    My heart got completely skipped at that moment and sameer slowly coming towards her and she moves back really made me blush so much 🙈🙈🙈
    And the “Fark hai” is the new love of ours…
    That line really made a huge difference and Sameer’s eyelock to naina at that time 😍😍was so beautiful…
    In short, a blissful episode which can be watched infinite times and kept in heart forever ❤️❤️❤️
    Even I missed the comments here…. So even I didn’t comment here though I visit the forum everyday.
    Please everyone come and show your love and support for the show….
    Let’s show our love for samaina 😍😍😍

  5. such a WOWSOME episode it was … !!

    The way Sam came in midnight just to talk to HIS NAINA was very heartwarming … He wanted to make sure that Naina is not worried so that she could sleep peacefully … Sameer Lover Maheshwari is Jaan jigar dil everything !! …

    ATOM BOMB !! Waah !! Pandu .. Dil le lo !! … that “Bhabhi hai teri ” … LMAO …:-)

    yrr but seriously , seeing munni like this very Heart wrenching !!! THIS BOY IS VERY TOO HEARTBROKEN …. 🙁

    and last … FINALLY A SAMINA SCENE !! FARK HAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!! FARK HAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FARK HAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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