Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina and Sameer practice dancing for Fresher’s competition

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer saying they will dance with much enthusiasm. Naina says we have to practice more. Munna says what we will wear? Sameer says we will have special costume and responsibility is mine. Kamya asks will you take us for shopping. Sameer says no and says he will get their clothes stitched and asks for their measurements. Swati and Kamya whisper that that can’t give measurement to Sameer. Sameer says I will not read it and asks them to write. He looks at Naina. Naina smiles. Bittu dances holding radio. Mami asks her to rest. Bittu says she is tired of sitting idle. Poonam says in mayka and says she is joking. Her husband comes and says he is thinking to sell ready made clothes. Mama ji rejects his idea. Mami asks Mama to let Sameer say? Sameer tells Mama ji that he wants to get clothes stitched for all his friends. Mama gives money to Mami. Mami says she will ask Tailor to come and stitch the clothes. She calls Tailor. Naina thinks it is good that Tai ji went to Baroda, now I can talk to Sameer. Sameer also waits for naina’s call. Bahut pyaar song plays..Sameer and naina think they are sleeping. He calls her. Naina picks the call.

Sameer says you didn’t let anything changed and says I thought you have slept. Naina says how can I sleep without talking to you. Sameer also says the same. Poonam comes and asks him to taste mango icecream. He tastes and says it is good. Poonam asks how is she? Sameer says Munna is on call. Poonam asks him to give call and tells that she knows. Naina tells him that Pooja didi came there and is….Sameer says Bittu didi came here. Naina says Pooja is having..Sameer asks fight? Naina says Pooja did wants to like tamarind. Sameer says even Bittu Didi. They ask each other to take care of Bittu and Pooja. He asks her to wear blue dress. Naina asks him to wear sky black tshirt and sky blue pant. She says goodnight and says I love you. Naina asks do you want slap? Sameer says I will like it from your hand. She ends the call.

Next day in college, Karthik, Sunaina and others practicing the dance number bol baby bol….Naina tells that girls are staring her malai ka kathora. Preeti asks her to concentrate on Ms and Mr. Fresher. Sameer asks for cassette and says we can’t practice here. Karthik tells sunaina that they also can’t practice and goes to JBR. JBR says I don’t you, you aren’t getting separate rooms. They all try to make him agree. He says no more questions. Naina asks what? Sameer says we will practice at our homes. He says girls will practice at Naina’s home and boys will practice at my house. He asks Naina if everyone gave their measurement. Naina gives measurement paper.

Later, Munna and Pandit practice dancing at Sameer’s house while tailor takes their measurement. Swati talks to her mum and says she will call her back after practicing. Kamya says we shall practice. Swati tells Naina that she is hungry. Naina says Bela made food for them and took Pooja to doctor. Kamya says first we will practice. They practice dancing. Sameer, Munna and Pandit also dance.

In the classroom, Sameer-Naina, Swati-Munna practice dancing. Kamya asks Munna to look in Swati’s eyes and dance. Munna says I can’t as my heart beat increases. Pandit dances with Preeti. Kamya choreographs the dance. Sunaina and Karthik look at them as they are dancing. She asks if sameer is looking cute to him. Karthik says he is seeing their dance. He asks someone to enquire about their song. Poonam teases Munna for wearing dupatta for dancing. She dances with Sameer and Pandit. Bela asks them to have food, but Kamya says we will practice one more time. Everyone run to have food. Naina’s voiceover tells that she thought if they become Ms and Mr. Fresher then will become Mrs and Mr. Maheswari.

Naina and Sameer dance on the son nache nache…Karthik and Sunaina also practice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Another Good Episode…
    Samaina’s phone Conversation back? Both r So cute… Their Dancing Practices also visual treat to fans…
    Munna-Swathi Dance hilarious & Our Preedit also… Our Fav Couples are Back with full form.. Definitely this Mr&Ms.Fresher Competition track will be a best part of the show like, Mountabu trip & Pooja Di Shaadi track… Precap- Can’t wait Till Monday..

  2. Thank you, Hasan, for your update.
    Well, Well, WELL. What do I say? One of the ‘good episodes’.
    I realised and was confirmed via some Wing News videos that scenes shot have been deleted for eg. Mr and Mrs Maheshwari teaser by friends soon after the temple meet/episode. This has not been shown and was skipped. Why? This would have been a treat to the viewers.
    • Telephone conversation was reminiscence of Samaina’s previous conversations which included Sameer’s facial expressions (were good) including convo about their cousins
    • Samaina’s eye lock exchanges during ‘measurement’ convo.
    • Sameer’s and Bhabhi’s talk when she delivered the mango ice cream.
    Would love to see:
    • More of romantic interaction between couples (Swati and Munna, Sameer and Naina, Munna and Preeti, Kartik and Sunaina).
    • Malai ka katora (MKK) and Naina becoming MMF (Mr and Ms Fresher). Strong bond between Samaina come rain or storm would be a treat to see.
    • Problems between Bittu and Pooja solved by Samaina in a most diplomatic way without anyone else’s knowledge but this two in their own romantic way bringing them closer.
    • To keep the show going, they need situations. Happy to see some challenges but those being resolved diplomatically by Samaina and friends.
    • Samaina being the top students inspite of their love, helping each other to bring out the best in each other.
    Don’t want
    • Jealousy tracks
    • Don’t want scenes shot already to be deleted. Please makers any such scenes bring more sweetness and love of the audience/viewers.
    • Unnecessary issues between couples, rather some other issues which are resolved by synergetic efforts on part of all the couples.
    No comments yet on the forum. Awaiting to read others’ comments as the day progresses.

    1. Totally agree with U Deb.. So Many Scenes are Skipped… That Mr&Mrs.Maheswari Teasing Scene just shown few Seconds, and also Samaina dancing Practice in Blue&Black dress scene also deleted.. they only shown their JBR scene & Measurement scene… Makers Y Cut those scenes?? I think,this is the reason for Somy&Hema’s exit, deleting their scenes..
      About Randeep, I hope that news is fake
      It will not affect our show…
      Andnext, AB- am also think that Mami will become negative…
      Maybe Bittu Didi done mistake… Samaina will solve this…
      Let’s hope & Finger crossed?
      Enjoy Ur weekend frdz..

  3. Hi good morning guys.good toread u r comments deb and others also……. as usual college track is going on .very nice to watch …small beautiful romance r going on between sameer and naina ….
    Mami may be villi …..sunaina also support sameer and naina
    Bhabhi is awesome….always adjust otherS
    JBR. Unnecessarily laughing …..his role becomes comedy piece…
    Now a days rarely we see true love……only for job … status ….and other things…..
    I think 80%of the families r going by adjustment based only …….
    After freshers party the fase problem …….
    Deb u said what to do and what not to .clearly ….so sweet of u and enjoy the weeken.d

  4. Thanks AB. just watched vid
    stating Randeep’s arrogance. he locked himself in the van for2.5hrs last week. shooting stopped. um! food for thought.
    hope the theme continues.

  5. Hi deb it may be personal problem or for shooting…if it is shooting it wil clear .if its personal itmay be frustration…….sit and talk tohim once I read all r going smoothly I pray to god to give him mental strength. ….young growing star ……..god bless u my sonrandeep
    Tomorrow in our utraja mutt whole india speacial pooja and anna thana I Will at bangalore mutt with my family I will pray for allbye deb sid lokesh devi san and others…..

  6. Deb in our families. 30members r teachers first generation ….second generation 32members r engineers….3auditors. All r working in different countries…

    1. AB Thanks for the prayers for all. Have a most auspicious weekend. Yes, families are now scattered around the world. Good to know that families have so many educators and engineers. Wonderful. May this only grow more. I pray all the youngsters in this forum take encouragement reach out for their dreams.
      Every one have a great weekend. Hope to see you all active and commenting after Monday’s episode. Please do like and love Ashi’s videos to promote her ranking on India Forums. Apparently the love/like videos/photos have to exceed some 250 to push the ranking as their are enough comments by the looks of it. I am not an expert. just a well wisher of these young upcoming artists.

  7. Hi guys
    I am speech less for today’s episode.
    But Pooja and bittu should solve their dispute with help of naina Sameer they should become good friends.
    Deb I agree with you totally.
    Waiting for others as well
    Have a nice day all of you

  8. Loved the episode. Samaina’s conversation on the phone was so cute and awesome. Their dance cum romance is also good
    I loved the way Sameer looked at his girl when the episode started???
    Mundit..always a treat to watch??
    I guess this looooong wait for their reunion was worth it
    I’m looking forward to Monday?

  9. Lokesh

    Thanx Hasan , my cllg is going harsh unlike samaina, so get very less tym nowadays , abt epi one of the best only positivity around, they all r together that is the charm for this show, thanx all for mentioning me on ur comments although I m inactive nowadays , bye to all deb ab San Sai Sindhu anu , sheikh Feroz whr r u ?. Happy weekend ,

    1. Lokesh

      Sid Sai and van too. Bye.

    2. Hi Lokesh
      Surely missed your comments. Regular reviewers especially enthusiastic ones, who are not afraid to post their personal views are welcome. This leads to a balanced view. San, Saz, and Sheikh Feroz
      comments are missed. Van just started coming back. Please keep posting your comments, even if it is one line. Lokesh, College is hectic and I am sure, everyone’s life is just as busy.. Take care and ensure to keep a life/study balance.

  10. Fabulous episode. Luved it to the core.
    Starting from Sameer staring at naina till the end was definitely a treat to watch. Samaina’s phone ? conversation was so cute ?. Their dance cum romance, silent romance was phenomenal. Mundit always awesome. Swati aur munna ki luv story bi tez chal rahi hai.
    During the phone call, after naina says I ❤️u
    Sameer asks sirf I luv u.
    Naina :thappad khana yeh
    Sameer :tumare haathon se woh bhi acha lage ga.
    So cute…………….

  11. In spoilers I saw that during dance practice ek ladki aayenga. Pandit will fall for the girl. He tries to impress her. He also tells the details about how they are preparing for the competition etc.. But that girl was sent by karthick. She will steal their songs cassette. And will tell everything to karthick. Now we have to see how they will overcome it and win the title. We will also be able to see samaina’s romance during the practice hours.

    1. Thanks Sai for your review and comments. Accidently I saw a video, which shows that as you mentioned Pandit’s infatuation, leads to the leak of Samaina’s performance. Sameer finds out before the performance. They change the program to Qawwali. ( Unsure how authentic is this video). Even more interesting – as the group has to come up with a new programme, which may surprise Karthik’s group.
      I am unsure, I want ‘jealousy track’ potential for the show to get side tracked. We saw a slight twist in the story line, the track becomes all muddled with no theme. So yes, Naina may be friends with Karthik, but she explains to Sameer and teaches that the foundation of any firm relationship relies on mutual trust and be secured in that relationship. otherwise knowing how the makers did earlier, Sameer will go and like Sunaina and the whole thing of ‘misunderstanding’ will go and ‘dirty waters’ will be back again. Nah… don’t want that.

  12. Ya Deb, I too saw that video. Randeep locked himself in the van. But not so sure why he locked himself in the van.

  13. There is a new twist on the show. After the freshers party ? naina aur karthick dhost banjayenge. Due to their closeness Sameer will feel very jealous. But naina enjoys Sameer being jealous. I want to see sameer’s jealousy. Par it should not create problems between them. Hope for the best. Happy ? weekend guys…

  14. Thanks Deb for replying. If it happens as you have said in your comment it would be great.

  15. hi

    AB – thank you so much for your love.
    SAN,SID,SAI and Lokesh – keep rocking guys
    special welcome back to Deb – Worth listening to your comments.

    Episode of samaina started now………….. letz watch

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