Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: New business ideas for Sameer and Naina

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pundit says Mama ji is lying. The expenses are fake. Munna and I dint spend this much amount. Sameer tells him not to bring it between their friendship. Mama ji has made everything very smartly.

Voiceover – Sameer:
You may think I live with the motto live life king size and it is true. Why should Mama ji be behind?

Sameer says we will manage something. Vishakha says you both are alone here. There is no elder in the house and no experience. Everyone goes quiet.

Vishakha and Naina are in kitchen. Vishakha says who thought Kamlesh will do something like this. She tells Naina to make dal as her hand is wounded. She speaks of how much her Papa had trusted Kamlesh. I am worried for both of you. It isn’t easy to start a business alone. I am worried for Sameer. How will he manage it alone? Naina says your concern is right but we will manage something. Vishakha asks them to stay with them in Delhi. Now Vivek has also started liking Sameer. They can work together and you can help me at home. Naina says I am not sure if Sameer will agree. Vishakha says this is why I am saying this to you. I know he wont say no to you. Naina agrees to speak to Sameer whenever she gets a chance. Sameer has overheard everything.

Preeti and Anand return home. Anand tells Bela that Preeti’s alliance has been fixed. Preeti proudly says that she will go to Bombay now. Anand says the engagement and wedding will happen on the same day. This is what she always wanted! Bela asks Preeti why she seems sad.

Voiceover – Sameer:
You might be laughing at Preeti today but it is about the days when people living outside Mumbai used to think that you can meet actors on the road.

Bela asks Preeti if she liked her hero. Preeti runs inside shyly calling out for Naina. Anand asks Bela if Naina slept. Bela replies that she left. Preeti says I told you they cannot stay away from each other. Anand asks Bela if everything is fine. She left before Gangaur. Bela tells her everything. He decides to pay her a visit but Bela suggests him to go tomorrow. Vishakha is with them.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I have written many ghazals till date but the ghazal I wrote that day is my favourite!

Naina notices Sameer writing and thinks of Vishakha’s words. Sameer suggests sleeping as it is too late. She stands rooted to her place. He asks her if she wants to say something. She hugs him.

Voiceover – Sameer:
For the first time I wanted Naina not to say anything to me and she did just that. Now that I think about it I feel as if Naina and I shared a connection straight from the soul.

Sameer asks Naina what she has to say. I will accept whatever you will tell me. She takes him downstairs and points at the rose plant. Naina tells Sameer that roses once taught them that they will get thorns along with flowers. I am with you at every step of life, irrespective if we get thorns or flowers in our way! Sameer is in tears. I failed in the exam of life. I showed you so many dreams. I told you I will always keep you happy and like my princess but I broke them all! What will you think of me now? You will start hating me. She denies. First love remains love till one’s last breath. You are my first and last love. Even I failed in the house exam. Do you hate me? He shakes his head and hugs her. Na Kajre Ki Dhar plays. She tells him she has something to say. They share an eye lock.

Next morning, Naina greets Vishakha. She asks Naina if she spoke to Sameer. Did he agree? Naina says I couldn’t talk to him. It upsets Vishakha. You think he will start and run his own business here? What future do you see here? Naina assures her she is with Sameer at every step of life. Vishakha says you don’t understand the matter. Naina replies that she does not wish to talk to Sameer on this topic. Vishakha says you know him well. You know he does not realize anything when he is angry. Naina nods. This is why I actually don’t want to talk to him. So much has changed in his life, be it his family, places or cities. This house is the only thing that hasn’t changed! He has finally settled here. Vishakha says seems like you don’t wish to come to Delhi. Naina says maybe. What if Papa ji changes tomorrow for some reason? You will have to choose between Papa ji and Sameer yet again. Neither Sameer nor I wont be able to see you in that place! Some relations are better when you stay away. We will spend less time together by staying separately but we will be together atleast. We only want your support. Vishakha pats at her head. Do you know what Sameer will do? Naina says I am sure we will do something. I trust Sameer and our love. Sameer has overheard everything from far. Vishakha smiles at Naina. I will leave in a few days but the doors of my house are always open for you. She hugs Naina. Sameer smiles.

Sameer stands next to Naina as she cooks. Wish Chacha ji and Chachi ji had come earlier. They could have met Mummy ji. Doorbell rings. Preeti hugs Naina. Preeti tells Naina that she came early. Mummy Papa will come in a while. I heard you hit a car. Naina teases her on her alliance. Preeti suggests them to also shift to Bombay but Naina and Sameer say no in unison at the same time.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Don’t know if it has happened with you or not but whenever I used to say something anti very loudly, things always go the opposite way. Now I tell everyone to say such things in a low volume instead of shouting loudly!

Preeti compliments Naina’s dress. Naina shares that Sameer chose the cloth and it is his design. Preeti asks him to design something for her too. You have become a fashion designer! Naina teases her that Shubham will decide everything for her now. Sameer goes to open the door. Preeti shows Naina her first love letter. Sameer joins them. Naina shows him Preeti’s first love letter. Sameer casts an appreciative glance towards Preeti. Sameer reads it out loud. Shubham has written in a typical CA language.

Bela calls out to Naina. They all go outside. Preeti hides the letter. Anand asks Naina if she is fine. Preeti says she looks fine. Everyone smiles. Anand asks Sameer what happened suddenly in the business. Bela gestures him to calm down. Sameer asks him to take a seat. Naina and Preeti go to bring tea and snacks.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Family members and tea had a special connection back in those days. We used to discuss every single thing that way in those days. How could Chacha ji have not spoken to me about my future then?

Anand asks Sameer if he has thought what he will do. Sameer replies that they are still thinking. Anand suggests him to become an insurance agent.

Voiceover – Sameer:
And that one sentence changed everything!

Precap: Sameer meets a guy as insurance agent. The guy says I thought you came to ask for a girl’s hand. Sameer asks him if he wants policy or a SIL.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. The prevalence seems like a dream to me! It is hilarious to me!

    1. Vertika Shukla

      Correct, it seems to be a dream

      1. I am or rather was a big fan of this serial…. The romance between naina and sameer is totally missing…. Practical life is there but romance need not be eliminated…

  2. wow episode was really nice , but omg precap , hahaha , awesome , Sameer full tashan main ,apko mujhse policy bnani hai ya damad ,pet dukh gya has has ke ,??????????

  3. Nice episode!!!

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