Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina reaches Delhi and comes to Sameer’s house

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina and Preeti coming to their room. Naina worries that Tai ji will come with her. Preeti asks her to concentrate on dance. Naina practices to dance and tells poetry. Preeti asks her to be careful with Tai ji and tells poetry. Naina plays radio and hears Sameer on radio. He asks if you are smiling hearing me and plays music. Naina writes letter to Sameer that she has identified his voice in a second, and our separation will not stand for long, she is coming to Delhi really for inter school dance competition, writes that the competition will be in his school and will wait for him there, and if they couldn’t meet there then she will wait for him in the school’s garden, and also writes that Tai ji will also be coming with her, so be careful. Sameer calls Naina, but her phone is busy. Naina’s voiceover tells that she had cooked imaginary pulao with raisins in it.

Naina calls Sameer, but his phone is busy. She comes home and practices dance. Kumud teacher and Kamya teaches her at different occasions. Sameer comes back home and sees Naina’s letter in Amrita’s house, but it is locked. He tries to get the letter, but it flies away. Tu shayer hai plays…Naina dances well. Kumud teacher is happy. Sameer couldn’t get the letter. Preeti tells Naina that she wrote wrong date to Sameer as she will reach there on 6th. Naina says she knows Amrita’s address and his house is beside her house. She says she will go there. Preeti asks her to take coat. I love song plays…They both dance happily.

Sameer calls Naina’s house. Pralay picks the call. Sameer says I am Principal and asks where is Naina? Pralay says she went far away. Sameer ends the call. Naina’s voiceover tells that their heart signals shall connect now.

Naina reaches Delhi with Kumud and Tai ji. Tai ji says she couldn’t walk more. Kumud teacher asks Naina if she can hold all the stuff. Kumud asks Tai ji if she will stay here for a month looking at the stuff. Tai ji says she brought gifts for the relatives. Naina says then will take it back too. They reach guest house. Naina hopes that suitcase would have wheels. Her voiceover tells that they used to take stuff for a month for 2 days stay. Kumud teacher asks Tai ji and Naina to go out for outing, but return by 8 pm. Tai ji says she will make sure. They go to a relative house. Tai ji have chole bature. Relatives ask Naina to have it. Naina says no. Tai ji says she don’t have the habit to eat ghee stuffed food and tells that she will search for loo if she have it, but she herself feels pain and goes to washroom.

Naina asks Mama ji about ‘M’ block of Rajori garden. Mama ji says it is behind colony, 5 mins away and asks who stays there. Naina says my life…and then tells that her friend told about it long back. She thinks Sameer is just 5 mins away from her. Tai ji comes back from washroom and says she will sleep for sometime. Kids tell Mami that they will go out and play hide and seek. Naina asks Mami if she can go and play with them. Mami says ok. Sameer still tries to get the letter. Naina searches for Sameer’s house and asks an old man about it. Old man says I don’t know. Naina searches for the address and thinks which way to go. She sees Sameer on the bike and realizes it is her imagination. Man asks her to move from the way. She comes near Amrita’s house.

Sameer feels her presence and comes out, but don’t see her. She thinks this is Amrita’s house. Sameer is inside the gate, but don’t see her. Naina peeps inside, but he turns to go. When Sameer turns towards her, Naina turns her face. Sameer couldn’t see her. Naina thinks Munna and Pandit told about Sameer’s house and thinks to check. She comes inside Sameer’s house. Sameer also comes there, but they don’t see each other. Dadi comes infront of her and asks who are you? Sameer stops there. Naina looks on.

Naina waits for Sameer. Vishaka gets unwell. She asks Rohan and Sameer to go to function. Sameer says I will not go leaving you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Hmm so track is going fast, now I also believe CVS read viewers comment, and see immediate change in track, so taiji stuffs hahahaha, Naina clever girl reach the house let’s see what happens next, thanx Hasan for fast update, gud night guys.

    1. Lokesh

      Abt precap, Sameer now knows it very well how much a mother is important, so he is not going to leave her alone.gud to see that.

  2. I loved the way Sameer was able to feel Naina’s presence. Their heart to heart connection is really cute❤.
    Taiji.. the pot calling the kettle black!??
    This dadi…always the kabab me haddi.? and now she is cooking up something for Sameer also.Why can’t she just let him live in peace??
    Precap..Sameer is a really good son??

  3. Thanks Hasan for the written episode. Lokesh you beat everyone once again. Well done. Yes I agree with both of you Lokesh and Anu about Creatives possibly reading viewers comments. Hence all the more important to voice what you would like to see. They too need time to adjust the scenes and plots. Reading the update:
    Comment: pertinent as Mother’s Day celebrated around the world in May. (So hopefully they show a small celebration)
    • Rohan and Sameer plan together something for Vishakha –
    • Dadi so ………angry that Rohan is NOT following her instructions and following Sameer.
    Naina and Sameer will meet.
    Naina reassures Sameer he cannot be ‘bad luck’ and hence should not hide from him and give her relative’s address and they organise to meet somehow
    • They show previous flashbacks – he is standing downstairs and they both talk over the phone or in gestures without being caught. They repeat similar meetings and how they manage to catch up several times. Vishakha sees these meetings without their knowledge and understands the situation.
    • So when Dadi foils Naina, Vishakha steps in discreetly and allows Naina to meet Sameer, without letting them feel, she knows about their love.
    Let’s see what happens. Waiting for others to comment. Please do and let the creatives know our views.
    PS. Please keep watching Ashi’s personal videos. Her ranking has dropped from being 10 to 41 on India forums. She maintained her professionalism despite work related injury and continued with the shooting.

    1. Lokesh

      Thanx deb, and if vishakha is gonna know abt Sameer and Naina then it will be grt, I also want Rohan to know abt it, so that we can hear bhabhi from Rohan too like our mundit says.

  4. Fidato

    Why don’t they just meet them….. yaar… Ohhhh…. Destiny…….?????
    I hate you…… Let them meet…. Please….

    1. Lokesh

      Me too .

      1. Fidato

        Why don’t they have anything on their love life normal…. ??

        Oh…So that videos of dance was also dream…. huhhh… We really need real scenes….. not dream….

  5. Hi Deb/Lokesh,

    good and love to hear your comments, i believe becoz of Vishaka’s illness Dadi will create a scene that sameer is considered to be bad luck for all his loved ones and she make sure to create a distance between mom and son and which indirectly affects naina’s relationship too that is why sameer is hide himself or wat?

    My Expectation towards this serial is

    1. More bonding between Rohan&Deepika with Sameer.
    2. MR.Somani supports sameer and sameer should accept him as his father(which makes vishaka happy)
    3.Keshav should turn against Dadi.
    4.Sameer should get great success in his RJ career.
    5. Sameer should reunite with Naina and mundit again in Ahmedabad

    1. Hi Devi
      Yes, Yes, Yes I just loved every single point on your expectations list. Lets hope the creatives are reading these lists. I wish we had a direct link to sent to. Then it is upto them to weave it or not into their tracks.
      I read on you tube: Sameer’s mum to die; Sameer to take charge of his Nanu’s business; Naina becomes a shield for Sameer against Dadi.
      How does all these fit into the current way the track is going? If all the viewers just list their expectations and then we review which ones were considered, would be fruitful for the time spent on reviewing the episodes.

    2. Lokesh

      Hi Devi, happy to read ur expectations, we all want the same, even deb expectations are also considerable alot.

  6. OK, finally naina in delhi. They did not meet. Even though I liked their hits and misses, dil se dil tak connections. Naina’s letters are really cute ?. But according to sources, Sameer will hide from naina. You’re actually correct devi. Dadi will mislead Sameer. He’ll start to think ? that he is a bad luck ?. So if he is with naina she’ll also get problems like Nanu and vishaka. So only he will hide. Hope they’ll finally meet for a last time.

    1. Hi Sai

      Well, it seems Dadi will make Sameer feel he is a bad luck charm. probably that is why he is not coming in front of Naina. But creatives have to turn that to a positive –
      Is this serial not setting values in relationships and communication?
      Relationship – Friendship – honest, open, transparent, no hidden agendas, selfless, heart to heart connection.
      So they will have to foil Dadi’s plan to demotivate Sameer, how? don’t know? Any ideas?

  7. Ab ye sameer kyu chup raha hai.Oh god sambhal lena.Aur ye aage peeche kya laga rakha hai samaina.Buck up

  8. Lokesh

    Hi Devi, happy to read ur expectations, we all want the same, even deb expectations are also considerable alot.

  9. As of now Sameer’s character is quite smart he should not fall in Dadi’s trap

    he knows Dadi cant give him good advice

    so it would be better if maker dont bring this negative angle.

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