Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: New challenges in line for Naina and Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer, Munna and Pundit and tensed after knowing Sunaina and Kartik’s plan.

JBR calls everyone for aarti. Naina keeps looking around for Sameer. Principal Ma’am starts the aarti followed by Kartik.

Sameer tells his friends they have to be very careful. They tell him to be careful. Don’t eat Kiss-miss. Sameer agrees. We must not tell Naina anything about their plans. She wont be able to enjoy the function at all otherwise. They all nod and head to the aarti.

Sunaina does aarti and then is about hand over the thaal to her friend. Principal Ma’am gestures to let Naina do it. Sunaina and her friend are standing on her either side. They hit Naina intentionally. The thaal is about to fall down but Sameer holds it just in time. Sunaina and her friend walk away


(Background – Naina):
Boyfriend and girlfriend plan dates so nicely these days but back then, lovers were not supposed to meet after sunset. Evening was to be spent with family. They only had one way to meet after sunset – any special occasion. Lovers like us only waited for Dandiya. The Dandiya of 1993 was special for me for 2 reasons – Sameer and Kumar Sanu. Our heartbeats kept on increasing with the Dandiya beats. Everyone kept on hoping for a photograph and autograph from Kumar Sanu.

Principal Ma’am asks Sameer about Kumar Sanu. Sameer tells her that he will be coming anytime. He was saying something about you. She gets excited. He tells her that only Kumar Sanu will tell her that. He made me swear that I wont disclose anything. She smiles.

Ma’am announces that the wait is finally over. It is Garba night! I don’t want anything to go wrong. I don’t want Kumar Sanu to have any bad impression in his mind. Girls and boys are playing Dandiya together but the rules are same. No one will get close. Kartik mumbles that there will be kisses this time. Sunaina adds that entire college will watch it happen.

Anand is laughing. Bela asks her why he is laughing. He asks her why she is in a rush. She tells him to eat quickly and sleep on time. Bhabhi ji will crib otherwise. He does not think that it would cause any issue. She reminds him that they were with the kids in all the previous Dandiya functions but the girls are alone in college. Anand says they aren’t alone. Sameer will be there too. She looks at him. He covers up saying that there are other students too. She says Bhabhi ji has become finicky after Naina’s alliance broke. We will eat on time, switch off the tv and lights and lie down. Arjun will come late. I told him to wake me up when he is home. He notices that she has locked the door form inside. She tells him that she will open it in few hours. She also switches off the connection of doorbell. He teases her if she plans to spend some romantic time with her handsome husband. She says it is no harm spending some romantic time with her husband. They cutely call each other Anil Kapoor and Rekha.

Naina tells Sameer he wont do anything untoward intentionally or stealthily. He agrees. She asks him if it is for real. What took you so long? I was waiting for you. He replies that he was getting ready. You could have given me some other punishment. Why did you make me dress like this? She proposes some other funny punishment. He teases her. She tells him she wont talk to him. I wont even play Dandiya with you. There are ample good guys in college. He tells her that no one can match up to him. They challenge each other sweetly.

Students are happily dancing. During one song, Sameer is cutely standing behind Naina as she dances. Girls and boys dance around each other but not together. Kartik and Sunaina have their eyes pinned on Naina and Sameer. Sameer and Naina are about to finally dance together when Preeti pops up. sorry, I came between your love story. Naina says it isn’t so. Preeti teases Naina that she will play Dandiya with her entire night. Naina says I don’t mind it. Preeti points at a guy. Please talk to him about me. Naina offers to speak to Chacha ji. Preeti says he would not speak but beat me. Naina smiles. Preeti wonders when Kumar Sanu will come. Naina leaves immediately to ask Sameer. She comes face to face with Swati on her way and asks her how she is. Swati says fine and goes away.

Kartik and Sameer come face to face while dancing and so do Sunaina and Naina. Sameer taunts Kartik for dancing well on Sunaina’s tunes. Sunaina asks Naina if she cannot bear to be away from Sameer. Get used to it though as I wont let you guys come together now. Naina tells her that true love finds its way. It does not stop because of small hiccups. They keep taunting / challenging each other.

Naina and Sameer finally dance together. He says you had to come to me after all. She teases him back saying that she couldn’t see his sad face. I pitied you. They both smile and continue dancing together. Naina dances with Priyam reluctantly. Sameer has to dance with a girl from Sunaina’s gang. They quickly switch partners and dance with each other again. Munna and Swati switch partners as soon as they come face to face. Pundit, Preeti also switch partners the moments they come across Swati. It is Sunaina’s turn to dance with Sameer. She reminds Naina of her what she said few moments ago. Naina holds her by her arm and swings her towards another partner. Forget about you, even God cannot separate Sameer and Naina. They smile at each other. Kartik reminds Sunaina they aren’t slapping each other. She nods.

Naina and her friends take a water break. They are enjoying but Principal Ma’am rule keeps interrupting their happiness. Preeti asks them to find more about a particular guy. He was staring at me throughout. Naina tells her to drink water quietly. She also suggests them to save some energy for later. You might be tired by the time Kumar Sanu is here. They make plans to click photos with him. Naina wonders how Sameer would have managed to bring him. Preeti says the guy who can woo a girl like you can do anything. Wish we too had a boyfriend like Jija ji. The girls tease Naina by singing Mujhse Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Karta. A girl gives a notepad to Naina to write something for Kumar Sanu. She runs inside with the notepad.

Sunaina and friend tell naina not to think too highly of herself by inviting Kumar Sanu. We very well know how to make a hero zero. Naina relates a childhood story. Sameer cannot love a selfish girl like you. He can make you his friend though which he did but you lost a friend like him because of your stupidity. Sunaina tells her that she is the one who will lose Sameer for forever. This is my promise to you! She challenges Naina. Naina says I am not so downmarket and cheap like you but one should do tit for tat. I promise you that if you even think of doing something wrong then I will make your life worst than hell. Do remember that. Naina begins to walk away when Suanina pulls the thread out of her blouse. Naina is in for a shock. Sunaina refuses to return it. Sunaina and her friend smile. Epi ends on Naina’s tensed face.

Precap: Kumar Sanu comes to VJN. Everyone is busy clicking his photos or getting his autographs. Principal Ma’am gets lost in his eyes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Loved tonite’s episode,it was amazing

  2. Fan of YUDKBH

    I guess Swati will save Naina’so respect when she will come to know what Sunaina did. Somehow I also feel that last time photos were also destroyed by Swati.

  3. Enjoiiied yesterday’s episode……..well wat a episode it was?? i believe Sameer will search for Naina and he will understand her problem and send Preethi to help her so Naina will reach on time and give a welcome speech.

    Even i want to see how the photo plan backfire Karthik and sunaina’s gang, will swati help on the same by diverting them or replacing the photo no clue…..

    even i though swati will inform Naina about the plan ,else she will indirectly inform this to Sameer but nothing happens….. even she is not united in dandiya also i really don’t know what makers have in their mind letz wait and watch. good that Spolier are not true nowdays……..

  4. pls reunite swati and naina. the separation btw them is not good. becoz if u lost ur best friend is so painful than breakup with romance. plz end that chapter.and show their friendship. today’s episode was awesome

  5. Fida18

    Yudkbh fans today episode start on 10.51 please keep try to watch on TV. TRP is not increase this it’s still 0.5

  6. It’s not anil kapoor its Amitabh 6bachan

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