Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Naina returns home with Sameer

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina gets ready to go home. Bela asks her how Sameer can be separated from his own factory. Naina rues that she is foolish she couldn’t understand how upset Sameer was the other day. I left Sameer alone the day he needed me the most! I am so angry with myself. I am going now and I will pick my bag later. She hurries out of the house. She tries finding an auto but in vain. A van hits her from the other side.

Vishakha tells Sameer he got a good face but a foolish mind. You fought with the girl who loves you so much. No one can love you more than Naina, not even me. You were right that no one can love you or understand you more than Naina. You are incomplete without her. Sameer hugs her. You are right. It is my fault! I should have told Naina everything going on in the factory. She was trying to make me happy. Now it is my turn. Vishakha instructs him to do 10 sit ups and apologize to Naina. He denies. I will do it 10k times. She smiles. Why do you do everything in extreme? Go and bring my DIL asap. Landline rings. Bela informs Sameer that Naina has met with an accident. Sameer drops the phone in shock, tells his mother and rushes out of the house!

Sameer reaches Agarwal House. Bela tells him to go inside. Sameer runs towards the room and finds Naina sleeping. He notices her wounds and feels bad. He caresses her head and tells her to open her eyes. I am sorry. I promise I wont fight, argue or scold you ever! I will explain everything calmly to you. Please forgive me. I took a little longer to understand. I was your lover and then became your husband but now I am your lover again. I was coming to take you home only. I wont leave you ever, not even in 7 births! I wont say anything to you ever but please open your eyes. Keep the house untidy if you want, do anything but please open your eyes. Did you forgive me? Naina suddenly looks at him. I heard everything. I dint stop you as I heard such sweet things from you after very long. He helps her sit up and hugs her. They say I love you to each other. She says it wasn’t just your fault but we were equally at fault. From now on, one of us will remain calm while the other is shouting. We have to ignore each other’s faults a little. We have to spend our married life with more love and patience than we spent the 4 years we spent together before marriage. He nods and hugs her. She breaks the hug seeing Bela at the door but he hugs her again.

Vishakha opens the door to welcome Naina and Sameer.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and my wedding used to start only after pushing it a little (like a bike is pushed when it runs out of petrol or diesel). That kick only made us realise that we cannot let the love fall out of our hands for which we fought so hard. How could we let that love become our enemy?

Pundit welcomes Naina and Sameer with flower shower. They all sit down together. Pundit says Bhabhi looks happy. Sameer brings tea for everyone. How’s it? Vishakha and Pundit look at him in puzzlement but they compliment it. Naina says it isn’t properly made to tease him but everyone smiles. Pundit says it is well cooked just like our friendship and your love. Naina nods. Mama ji greets everyone. He tells Vishakha he has no wrong intention in his mind. I am not even cheating Sameer. He is just like Devang for me. Vishakha says you wouldn’t have done this if you indeed thought him to be like that. Naina nods. He has just started learning the language and dealings of business. Mama ji says time teaches everything. he left our house and got this huge bungalow without us. He organized his wedding on his own. He will learn this too. He is smart enough. Vishakha tells him to let Sameer learn under him for a year. Sameer calls it his plan. Wish Nanu hadn’t brought him here! Mama ji says I talk to calmly but he loses his cool so soon. This is the problem of this generation. Devang can never talk to me like this! I dint feel this bad the day he left our house. He has always misunderstood me and that’s how you guys are looking at me right now. It is okay if he does not trust me. Such things happen in business. I don’t need any arguments. He gives them the business file. I have written every small thing here. You can beat me if you find even one mistake! Sameer and Naina go through the file. Sameer asks about one particular expenditure. Mama ji says 34 lacs were spent in your wedding. Munna and Pundit know about it. Sameer had warned us to let his friends take anything that they ask for. I dint say a word. He narrates every single expense under that amount. Pundit says the necklace was of 2.5 lacs. Mama ji speaks of bill. Sameer tells him he will check the bill from Munna and Pundit later. You explain to me first. Mama ji points at the house, honeymoon, his help to Anand and other such expenditures. You get 10 lacs and 40% share of factory after this expenditure. It is up to you what you do next. You can sell me your share of factory if you don’t wish to do business. I will buy it in 10 lacs. Being your Mama, I can do this much for you!

Naina says how Sameer can only get 10 lacs after taking 40-45 lacs. Pundit nods. Nana ji used to say that he will leave so much for Sameer that his 7 generations can enjoy. Mama ji replies that he had no idea Sameer will use everything in one go. Mama ji tells his sister to call CA or lawyer and get it checked. I am not lying. We are only parting ways in business but the relations wont change. Call me anytime when you need me. Let me know if you need any suggestion or help in your new business. You need it though as the people are you are very smart especially Naina. I am sure there wont be any tension till the time she is with you. He excuses himself after inviting Vishakha over at his house.

Voiceover – Sameer:
That day I felt as if Mama ji was a villain who was shooting words at me. That day I realised two things. Keep a tab of your expenses. People change colours just like Mama ji!

Precap: Naina tells Sameer that when they grew roses in the past, it taught them that they will get thorns along with the flowers. I am with you at every step of life, irrespective if we get thorns or flowers in our way!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. haven’t watched the episode yet ,but it looks quite interesting , so boutique opening will happen on this week or maybe next week

  2. two things i will focus on today episode

    during first half of episode ,i was literally crying seeing sameer concern for his wife naina ,such brilliance acting by both actors

    i wished first half khatam hi na ho bus aise hi chalta rahe

    during second half i was upset on Mamaji because aakhir kar unhone apne rang dikha hi die

    but happy for sameer and naina they will start boutique as own business ,? also we gonna see naina getting possessive of sameer ?, because ladies customer will talk to sameer in upcoming episodes ??

    also forgot chai made by sameer ,his mom tells zabarjast , pundit says bhai itna talent kaha se, naina teasing sameer over kachi and pakki chai, and naina chot is in left hand and bandage over right side of head

    few people were confused

    loved the precap

    , if you want to share your thoughts and views go ahead

  3. also this song was used in yesterday episode

    here is the link
    in the song actor Venkatesh is singing song for his wife karishma Kapoor , karishma Kapoor is also lying on bed just like naina
    the perfect song for sameer ,

  4. Always Director change … not sure if Jaladh sir is not interested Or Yogesh Bhati is more intrested to direct the story(was he in love ever to create the saga like this) . But he is spoiling the mood of romantic scenes. Yesterday we were expecting that Naina’s accident will create romance , care, quality time for Samaina .But again disappointment ,fight scenes for 4 days and romantic scene for 3 mins. I was thinking it will be like Sameer taking care of Naina, she is bed rest and so on . They are rushing episodes and not showing our older charm at all .
    I am writing today to show my frustration , I am really missing my old YUDKBH which Jaladh sir manage to create again for last 2-3 episode but yesterday was sheer disappointment.
    CVs please do not let anyone else than Jaladh sir to direct the show . He create magic on screen for Samaina’s scene rather concentrating on unnecessary drama.

  5. kya hua ladies kisi ko comment karne ka mann nahi ya bore ho gye show se

  6. amazing ep

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