Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer decides to buy house before marriage

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Prabha if everything is fine? Mami says she doesn’t know. Naina ends the call. Prabha gets angry on Naina and says if she comes infront of me then…She asks Poonam to keep Sameer’s clothes in his room. Poonam says ok and keeps the wire back. Munna gives Vishaka’s call to Sameer. Sameer blames her for leaving him and going. Vishaka blames Rakesh for the happenings. Sameer asks her to move her blindfold and see Naina. He says I will handle myself just like I had handled myself. Visbaka asks him to go home. Sameer says I will go to Naina and my house. Vishaka says you will buy the house? Sameer asks her to come and help him buy a house, and tells that even if you don’t come but Naina will come to my house in doli. Swati and Kamya come to Naina’s house. Naina gets emotional. Bela shows her sarees. Naina tells that she will take her saree and will hug it when she don’t get sleep after marriage. Bela gets emotional. Preeti says I will come with you as half wife. Naina asks her to do all the house hold work and jokes. They dance on the song saath saheli khaadi khaadi…….playing it on the music system. Bela asks them not to hear such vulgar song before marriage. Kamya asks what is the meaning? She asks her to ask Bela. Naina tells that she will get slapped by Chachi. They think what does it mean? Swati asks Naina to tell her when she knows. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, girls don’t know such meanings as there was no internet.

Naina calls Sameer and asks where is he? Sameer says he is at Munna’s house and doing arrangements for their marriage. He asks if she got shy hearing about their marriage arrangements. Naina gets shy. Sameer jokes. Naina tells that they are buying Sherwani for him and asks if he can accompany them. Sameer says today he is going to factory and says they will go tomorrow. He asks her if Mami said something. Naina says no. Sameer says they are upset, don’t call for few days. Naina informs Bela that Sameer will come tomorrow to buy Sherwani. Bela says ok. Anand says we will go today for shopping and before that we shall go to bank to withdraw the money.

Sameer comes out of bank and tells Munna and Pandit that he has no money in his account. Munna says you might have spent. Sameer says how I will buy the house now. He tells that he will go and asks Mama ji to give his money which Nana ji left for him. He tears the cheque. Naina sees him and walks towards him, while Anand goes to Bank. Anand comes out and sees Sameer leaving with his friends. Naina picks the torn cheque. They see 2 lakhs amount on it. Naina says we shall go to their home.

Prabha asks Mama why did he call Vishaka and asked her to call Sameer and says if he comes back. Mama says Sameer will not go as love is mad. Sameer comes just then. Prabha acts to be good. Sameer says I need money. Mama gives 100 Rs. to Prabha and asks her to give to auto. He taunts Naina’s family. Sameer says they love me than my family do. Anand asks him to go to factory and take the cheque, and sign on the receipt. He says I have to be answerable if Vishaka asks.

Prabha acts and says you are separating and getting married, but we are yours, and asks him to tell if he needs anything. Naina and Anand come there and hear her. Naina asks are you separating from home. Prabha asks her not to act to be unknown and asks him to ask Naina if she can do house work or her hands and legs will be swollen. Sameer says I will make the house. Mama says house don’t become in a day. Naina says house is not made in a day, but if he takes even a room, we will make it a home. She says wherever you keep me, it will be our home as you and your love will be there.

Sameer informs Naina on call that he has booked a bungalow on satellite. He asks if she is happy. Naina says so much. Bela gets worried and upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved today’s episode. Sameer was right even after knowing everything that Mamaji was behind all this she left Sameer all alone again. And when Sameer said “Aapke aakhi mein Kya hai shak aur nafrat ki Patti ek baar voh Patti hat ke dekhiye phir apko Naina mein koi kami Nazar aaegi”. Poonam Bhabhi is too good the way she disconnected telephone wire was just awesome ?. Chachi Ji’s mood was fluctuating today sometimes she was happy, sometimes she was angry and then again happy and in precap again angry. It was so funny when Kamya said that what is ‘Ashlil’ and Naina answering “Nai Baba Nai mujhe tapad thodi an khane hai yaad hai voh jab Aag Baraste Sawan Mein ka mtlb puchcha keise jor ka thappad pada tha Ekdam CHATAK ? karke ?” aur “Ab toh Shaadi ke Baad hi pata chalega aur Swati: Jab pata chale Hume Bhi Bata dena? oh good” and then Preeti “Soch rhi hu Raat Bhar Take Lagae wali line ka Kya mtlb hai ?” Can’t stop laughing in these dialogue delivery My God. Now Sameer is going to have some struggle but it’s for his own good. And their phone conversation haye
    “Sameer: Are wah Mrs Maheshwari aapko kaise pata Mera hi phone hoga?
    Naina: Voh Kya hai ki bohot Dil se yaad Kiya tha maine.”
    “Sameer: Hatho pe lal rang lag gaya ?
    Naina: Laal Rang!?
    Sameer: Tumhare gal Jo Lal ho Gaye Shaadi ki baat sunke.” And afterwards “main tumhara hone Wala Pati hu itna toh pata laga hi sakta hu ki kab mushkura rahi h, lab sharma rhi h, kab khush h haina. Oh Haatho pe phirse Lal rang lag gaya ?.
    Naina: Thappad ? khana h tumhe tumhare gaal Bui laal ho jaege ?”.
    The way Naina supported Sameer was just awesome. Now there is only one confusion regarding precap how did Sameer found House so fast and scene ago he wasn’t able to withdraw 2 lakh rupees and now he found and booked a house how?
    Is anybody here is knowing the meaning (Bhavarth) of two lines:
    ~ AAG BARASTI HAI SAWAN MEIN PANI KA NAAM (What is Sensious in this line??)
    ~ RAAT BHAR MUA SONE NA DE TAKA LAGAE GHADI GHADI (Now what is Ashlil in this line??)??

    1. @vidha i think chacha ji or munna or pandit have helped sameer booked house in satellite , true mind blowing performance by sameer streak continues 4th day , i think between 3rd or 4th episode of the show naina seems to be asking some one meaning of “aag barasti hai sawaan main ” taiji hears her and give tight slap , seriously I also don’t know the bhavarth of that ,
      see how cutely sameer calls naina as “mrs maheshwari ”

      and how naina supported sameer by telling mamaji “ghar banne main jyada time nai lagta ,agar sameer 1 kamre ka makaan bi lega na ,to main aur sameer uske bahut jaldi ghar bna denge ” she tells to sameer ” tuhme yaad hai na ,no tera ,no mera ,only humara ”

      I agree with you @vidha chachi ji had too many mood swings , didn’t understand why chachi ji called ganna as “ashleel”

      loved poonam bhabhi comedy timing by snapping telephone wire

    2. Fan of YUDKBH

      Mamaji said take money from factory after signing the receipt

  2. Sameer mind blowing performance streak continues on 4th day as well ,
    look how much confidence he has while delivering dialogues , whether it is with his mom ,mamaji ,or mamiji ,
    loved poonam bhabhi comedy timing by disconnecting telephone wire so mamiji would not be able to humiliate naina ,loved sameer and naina cute talk ,if you noticed sameer calling naina as ” mrs maheshwari ” that so cute ,

    from recent video’s from YouTube i don’t think munna father will ask sameer to leave ,also sameer is shown two separate dress ,one red round neck shirt ,one blue ,also sameer is the one who will show wedding invitation card to naina ,ie that episode will come on Friday,
    so i think on today episode ie 350 ,munna father will not ask sameer to leave.

    and naina supporting sameer by saying “no mera ,no tumhara ,sirf humara ,”

    naina is confident that sameer will keep her always happy

    now coming to song that naina , Preeti ,swati ,kamya were dancing ,
    why did bela chachi called it as ” ashleel ”

    if any one got that please explain to me

  3. Wow what an awesome episode today’s was. So basically mamaji and mamiji want to hadap Sameer’s property? Their characterisation is not clear yet. Sameer should actually ask for nanajis will and see for himself. I know this isn’t his age or whatever plus itll come across are more rude, but now he’s all alone, so what is his, he has to fight for it. Eager to know how he found so much money to book a house that too a bunglow. Loved Naina supporting Sameer. Now if Naina told Sameer it’s bad to break ties with family, she would have come across as gold digger. Now that she didn’t, they’d probably tell that Naina ne sameer ke kaan bhare against his family.

    Yes please tell what was asheel in that or that pani aag thing anybody. I doubt even if our favorite friend internet will have the info?

    1. @sunshine i think chacha ji or munna or pandit must have help him because in a recent update sameer is telling that munna or pandit will help him ,magar aisa abhi tak nai hua hai

  4. Finally I believe that Mama and mamiji’s true colour revealed…. I have a confusion that mamaji is just acting to be rude to bring back Sameer to his home but when Mamiji asked mamaji whether Vishakha didi will make Sameer to come back home and Mamaji was very confident that Sameer will not come back then it is purely their drama to take Sameer’s property even Vivek somani is involved in it….then poor vishakha and Sameer I pity for them….

    Yes Munna’s father will ask Sameer to leave the house ( Mamaij’s next drama) and even munna is ready to leave with Sameer…

    Today is 350 Episode.

    This week Synposis…
    350 Week:Bela chachiji begin to get insecure when she learns that no one asked for Preethi’s biodata for marriage as naina is getting marriage in different caste.Munna decided to leave his house when his father asked Sameer to leave the house.

    351 Week:Bela starts behaving rudely with Naina and threaten to leave the house if she does not break her relationship with Sameer.Sameer promise Bela chachiji that he will take up Preethi’s responsibility.

    352. Phulla bua and Rinki entry…..Rakesh is furious with Sameer over a mistake in the wedding card..

    that’s all for this week………………..

    1. @devi in today episode munna father will not ask sameer to leave because on YouTube channels Sameer is sitting in munna house ,in one scene he is wearing red colour round neck shirt and seen with kamya ,swati , pandit and munna ,in 2nd scene he is in blue shirt ,munna and pandit teasing him about wedding card that marriage is fixed on 2nd june,mamaji is also there , asking permission to enter ,

      but chachi ji will be worried about Preeti marriage

      1. no munna’s father will ask him to leave but munna would tell his father if Sameer leaves ,he will also leave ,so thats y i think Sameer may not leave

  5. replace Week with episode

  6. Awesome episode!! How come Sameer found the house even without not having money, strange?
    I am also thinking for below VIDHA!
    Is anybody here is knowing the meaning (Bhavarth) of two lines:
    ~ AAG BARASTI HAI SAWAN MEIN PANI KA NAAM (What is Sensious in this line) — Difficult for me to find reason here.
    ~ RAAT BHAR MUA SONE NA DE TAKA LAGAE GHADI GHADI (Now what is Ashlil in this line) — This may be asking for making love again and again ..just a guess!
    Hahahaha so innocent of the girls ,Naina is suppose to get married and doesn’t understand anything after marriage .I wonder if Sameer also knows!!! Imagine Naina asking these to Sameer ..OMG heart attack for him and audience.

  7. @Fan of YUDKBH – If Sameer get money by signing the Voucher then I believe that Mamaji will get his property now by getting his signature(but he is minor just 20 years old) – He turns out to be a negative character- not sure…or he really loves Sameer… clue

    @Tarun – It is different house I believe it is not Munna’s house or may be Munna threaten his parent that he will also leave the house if Sameer moves so they agree to allow Sameer to stay in their house.Wild guess……

    But may be Mamaji will play a master game and he will not let Sameer to buy a house since it is shown in youtube that Sameer will stay in Anand Agarwal’s house after marriage and Taiji will create problem with that, she hurts his ego and anand chachaji will support him – not sure….

    1. ok let’s wait for today’s episode , till then watch YouTube channel ” daily manoranjan”

      there is video of sameer showing old wedding card and new wedding card to naina and having really cute talk and sameer is writing ” sameer sang naina

      and another video on YouTube channel named “pressnews tv ” showing video of sameer asking for forgiveness from rakesh sir

      and i think you are right that house is not looking like munna house,maybe they are in pandit house

  8. This is one of the double meaning song of that time and I was wondering how they have included this song …………I was young at that time and we use to change the channel whenever such song start on Radio.

    Hope this is enough for this clean forum.

  9. @vidha @Fan Of YUDKBH @Devi @sweta @Sameer’s Fan please watch YouTube channel “saas bahu aur saazish ”

    it seems like rakesh sir doing tamasha by sleeping on his arthi ,phula bua ,rinki ,naina , preeti ,bela chachi all are there , the video just came 38 minutes ago

  10. @vidha @sunshine @devi @sweta please watch YouTube channel “saas bahu aur saazish ” there is a video of rakesh sir doing drama by sleeping on arthi ,
    phula bua ,rinki , naina, preeti ,bela chachi all are there

  11. also there will be another cute conversation between naina and sameer ,sameer would be sending manuhaar to naina just before wedding card in upcoming episodes

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