Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer and Naina have misunderstanding

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chachaji finds more letters and is in shock, disbelief. He recalls time when Sameer had come to attend Pooja’s wedding. He reads another letter that says “I love you”. Letter that says how Naina lied to Chacha-Chachi. He says he loved Naina more than anything, and today she murdered that trust.

Female narrator says, Chachaji wanted to surprise her, but he got biggest shock of his life instead. That’s how her life has been.

Sameer is in shock. He runs and goes outside. He stops and laughs in joy recalling Pandit’s words about Naina’s breakup. He imagines Naina and him dancing. He still cannot believe what he heard.

Male narrator says that day he felt so relieved. Pandit gave him biggest gift of his life.

Sunaina’s friend asks her how come she is still talking normally to Sameer. Sunaina says soon Naina will get married and Sameer will come back to her.

Naina and friends come to classroom. Swati makes Preeti sit with her instead Naina, so Sameer can sit with Naina. Munna says he won’t let Swati’s plan succeed. He goes and sits with Naina. Swati signs Pandit to do something. Pandit tricks Munna and get him back to his seat. Sameer comes and only Naina’s bench is empty. JBR asks him to sit there.

Male narrator says Naina was still in friendship relationship and he was back in their love relationship.

His hand touches Naina’s hand. He says sorry. She says no sorry, thank you in friendship. He recalls their school time when Naina had said same thing. He talks about her marriage. She says Sharad wasn’t a good guy. He says everything will be alright. She says Tauji, Taiji, Rakesh are very upset. He says, but he’s happy that she showed courage. Class ends.

Taiji talks to Sharad’s mom on phone. His mom is upset how they can reject Sharad’s proposal. They should be thankful to them that they got ready for marriage without any dowry. Taiji agrees with her and says she really wants this marriage to happen, but Chachaji spoiled everything. Taiji assures her that Chachaji will listen to Tauji and will agree for marriage. Sharad’s mom says she won’t wait for long. If they take too much time, then they will get Sharad married to some other girl.

Chachaji comes to college.

Sameer tells his friends today he will give party to everyone. Naina asks why party? Munna taunts old friends got together, so party is must. Naina is confused. Pandit handles the situation and they leave. Preeti stops Swati and asks she purposely made Sameer and Naina sit together, right? Chachaji hears their conversation. Swati says yes and asks she didn’t notice how both were so happy and smiling at each other? First love is always very strong. Preeti says but.. Swati asks she didn’t see how happily Naina went to cafe with Sameer. They should try to bring them together. Naina took such a big step for Sameer. She broke marriage with Sharad. Now it’s their time to do something for them. Preeti says she’s misunderstanding.. Swait cuts her off and says they should go to cafe first. Sameer must have planned something special for Naina. She pulls her hand and they leave. Chachaji hides and then leaves in more shock.

Female narrator says Chachaji came to punish her for her mistake, but after coming to college, he realized Naina did a crime, not a mistake, in which Preeti was also involved.

Munna is upset with Sameer because he’s going back to Naina after what all happened. Sameer says she told him herself that she broke marriage. Munna says, but she didn’t say that she will come back to him. Pandit says she will definitely come back. She was smiling and talking so nicely with him. Sameer agrees with Pandit. He says she didn’t say it, but he knows what’s in her heart. Munna is still upset as he feels Sameer will again get hurt by Naina.

Precap: Sameer and friends are convincing Naina to run for the president in college.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Hi guys!!
    Finally the most awaited dream sequence dance shown today??
    Both Sameer and Chachaji misunderstood Naina’s decision to break engagement with Sharad…
    And Sunaina turns Negative…She is still hoping that Sameer will return to her again?
    That taiji still hoping for Naina-Sharad marriage…?
    Sorry guys!! Yesterday I misunderstood Munna?…He is really concerned for Sameer…He doesn’t want Sameer’s heart to break again…
    Chachaji was very angry with Naina…
    I hope not but may be he will apologize to Sharad’s family and again fix their engagement…? all in anger…
    Or may he directly confront Naina about her relationship with Sameer…
    Let’s hope for the good…?

    1. Fan of YUDKBH

      I think chachaji will fix marriage with Sharad again in anger and than Sameer will expose Sharad. That’s when chachaji will understand the intensity of Samaina’s love

  2. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I love this show because of beauty, love and bonding between chacha ji and Naina. Really don’t like that chacha ji misunderstood Naina.

  3. I was hoping the Swati and Preeti will discuss Naina’s sacrifice for family which Anand will hear and support Naina but they had shown differently , even in yesterday’s episode they have shown the fire brand Preeti in silent spectator of the situation.

    Hope the makers must be having better twist to take the story forward

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