Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer, Naina keep a pretence for their friends

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Voiceover – Sameer:
Things change so suddenly. Earlier, Naina used to worry which dress Sameer would like whenever she had to go to a party. Now she was worried that Sameer would also be there. Earlier she used to look forward to meeting him but now it seemed like some punishment!

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun plays. Naina looks at herself blankly in the mirror. On the other hand, Sameer looks at the house sadly. He calls his mother. She understands he has been crying and panics. What happened? Say something. Sameer wipes his tears and disconnects the call. He continues crying.

Munna reprimands his friends for coming late. He introduces Hema and Kamya to Rewa. Pundit also enters just then. Kamya says we never thought Munna will get such a beautiful wife. Rewa thanks them. Pundit

teases his friend that monkey got lucky with beauty. Munna chases him around the banquet. Pundit suddenly gets lost seeing someone. He asks Munna about that girl. Rewa shares that she is her cousin Nisha. She introduces Nisha to Munna’s friends. Raj also greets them just then. Pundit steps back seeing Nisha’s husband. Raj asks for Naina and Sameer. Nisha says you don’t seem to have recognized me. I was your senior in college. They recognize her. Raj shares that Nisha has been talking about Naina and Sameer since she has met him. Nisha tells him to meet them and understand if she was lying or being honest. Where are they? Munna says hero and heroine always enter later. Sameer enters. Naina enters a second late and collides with him. She walks away but he calls out to her. Your suit’s is unzipped. Don’t you know how to wear it?

Voiceover – Sameer:
Naina and I might be stuck with party music but there was strange silence between us. I wished that there was some way to silent it in a second.

Hum Aapke Hain kaun starts playing as Sameer fixes Naina’s zip. Sameer suggests her to be with him. We will have to act for Munna’s sake. She nods. Everyone greets them. Raj asks them to share their story. Sameer says someone made me fall for her. Naina jokes that innocent people do fall often. Their friends speak of what all both have done for each other. They even argue as to who loves the other the most. Naina and Sameer recall their fight / slaps. Rewa announces that both of them seem mad for each other. Pundit calls her smart. Swati comes there. She is married. She congratulates the couple. Munna introduces her as frock wali pundit.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Munna and Swati set the perfect example of moving on that day.

Everyone gathers for a group photo. Sameer and Naina pose awkwardly with each other for the photos. She walks away as soon as she finds a chance. Chupana Bhi Nahi Aata plays. Naina and Sameer steal glances at each other. Pundit even makes them stand together for photos. Swati looks at Munna sadly. Naina notices her gaze. You miss him? Swati says time heals everything. Leave all this. How’s your marriage going? Naina asks her about her husband. Swati calls him boring. I said that one love story is enough for Ahmedabad. Munna and Rewa look at each other. Munna sips cold drink from a bottle. He sends that bottle for Rewa who gladly drinks from it. Naina and Sameer have seen it too. They think of their past moment. Munna smiles shyly seeing Rewa drink from his bottle.

Sameer drinks half Cola and sends the bottle towards Naina. Kamya pulls her aside at the right moment. Sameer walks away angrily. Naina picks that bottle from the table and sips from it. She smiles a little. Sameer realises he dint bring a gift for Munna when Naina shows him the gift. He thanks her. Munna will like it when we will give it to him together. She nods. Pundit asks them to come for dance. Naina says Munna will like it more when we will dance together.

Naina starts dancing on Tamma Tamma song. Sameer joins her. Everyone joins them in the end for a group dance. Naina thinks of their happy moments together and walks away feeling sad. Sameer notices her leaving. Naina cries in a corner. Sameer offers his kerchief. What will everyone think if you will cry in front of everyone? She replies that she came in a corner so no one will see. You cannot stop crying when you feel hurt. He asks her why she dint tell him when it hurts. You used to tell me everything in the past. You had a right on me! She nods. I could as you weren’t like this earlier.

Voiceover – Sameer:
A tube light flickers a lot when it’s not working properly. It either lights up or dies away. What do you think happened with us?

Precap: Sameer says our love has changed now. They turn and find their friends staring at them. they walk out in two different directions.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. haven’t seen the episode but sameer was calling his mom , also swati is there

  2. Wait wait… swati is married????… This show is getting of track REALLY

    1. @zaina that’s what happens when you don’t watch the show daily ,swati ne preeti and kamya ko btaya tha ki Shaadi ho rahi hai

  3. Swati married and they didn’t show it….I thought Naina is best friend of swati, still swati didn’t call her

    1. @keerti that because show ke main hero heroine naina and sameer hain ,swati nai , that is why didn’t show her marriage, and swati didn’t give wedding cards to any friends , so how would they come to know

      1. Us logic se toh munna ki bhi shaadi nhi dikhani chahiye….. nd in the show dey dint mention ki swati got married (only roka was mentioned) nd not invited anyone….. fans apne aap hi stories create kr lete hain

  4. What is happening on this serial. Pathetic. Please don’t make Sameer Naina as kaira from yeh rishta m focus on other people too. Even Munna and swatis love was true and pure, just like Sameer Naina’s. It’s just that they had communication gap. But neither of them tried to fight or confront. They are behaving like it’s not a big deal. Swati is married? Munna is behaving as if he is married to that girl from childhood. It’s disgusting. I’m not saying moving on is wrong, but the way they showed it, it’s pathetic. Swati is Naina’s best friend. Naina and gang discarded her like she never existed. She even got married and there was no talk about it, let alone then going to swatis wedding.
    Swati is definitely not happy with her marriage. If they don’t get Munna and Swati back, I’m not watching this serial. Just like they can get Swati married in one episode, they can even show her being unhappy or being abused so that Munna can stand up for her. It’s going out of track. Not watching it until there’s something nice.

    1. @sunshine that because swati didn’t told Sameer and naina ki uska roka ho gya hai ,plus she didn’t give them wedding cards ,how would they come to know ,she only told kamya and Preeti and make them swear they don’t tell sameer and naina , she will only tell them after 3 days ,and munna heard the whole conversation ,

      plus she told Ahmedabad ke lie ek hi love story kafi hai , she was last seen on naina vidaai ,after that on munna reva party 😐

      hope you get it what i am trying to say

      1. Tarun, even I have seen the episodes. Swati said roka ho gaya. She said she’ll tell after a day or two after the wedding. Did she tell? Plus back then, Ahmedabad was a small place. If swatis wedding was happening, someone ot the other would have known. And which friend will not call her best friend in her wedding? The makers just want us to forget Swati and Munna story. While I cannot. They had a lovely story, and tbh both of them look miserable. Munna is probably excited cause he got engaged, but he’s not realised what he has lost. What I’m saying is the way Swati and Munna stood by Sameer Naina, Sameer Naina didnt stand by Swati Munna. And okay, I know Sameer Naina ate the lead, but love story is looking story. They ruined shefali arjuns, fine. They didn’t give arjun juhi the screentime, fine. Now even Swati Munna. When they can add masala and create a fictional piece based on shashi sumeets life, they can surely create a fictional piece of Munna and Swati. Anyway, it’s their serial, they know what to do. I’m off this place because it’s gotten so terrible. I cannot handle the hypocricy of tauji taiji mamaji, cannot handle Naina Sameer’s immaturity and Sameer’s shallowness, cannot handle how they sideline every character. It’s no more the same, they better shut the serial.

    2. @sunshine plus munna alliance has been fixed with reva😊 , so there is no chance of munna and swati getting married 😐,plus swati didn’t say that she isn’t happy with her marriage 🤔,she just said boring se hain.🤔

      so just don’t stop watching the show😅 ,there has been problem with sameer and naina ,😆 watch that 😅, and in upcoming episodes naina ka accident hoga ,😐after all show is based on only these two characters ☺ remember how love used to happen in 1990s ,

      1. I dnt agree wid u at all…..90s was the era wen frndshp was sometimes more important than love…. bcoz of own love stories people never ignored their frnds or their problems…. the serial lost its 90s flavour way back….. in 90s couples were not this much immature like naina n sameer….. in this serial except naina and sameer unke har dost new un dono k liye kuch n kuchandra sacrifice kiya hai bt these two r extremely selfish

  5. By all these twist and turns makers are trying to make us forget about Swati and don’t discuss about her to much like we do for Hema. She was not seen after college scenes she was not there when they eloped, she was not shown in any wedding ceremony and in many scenes where Sameer & Naina’s gang was showed up

    1. @vidha i have 3 theory to prove why hema was not there ,

      maybe she had her exams in real like ca and and all , so preparing for exams took 4 -5 months ,she was last seen on December when all friends are having lunch and now

      2nd theory maybe her character was not required just like sunaina , sunaina bi to nai dikhi na 4 -5 mahine se , only kartik and gang were shown during kabbadi for ghodi

      3 rd maybe she got jaundice and jaundice require 3 -4 months for complete recovery , and jaundice is deadly too

      which ever theory you find suitable please comment on that

  6. finally watched the episode ,it was nice ,i would go in detail today because i want to explain some things and share some things

    first start with munna,he is so lucky that he got soft-spoken and smart and beautiful wife reva , the way she says hi to kamya and hema is mind-blowing, that means she would take care of munna very well 😍

    naina is looking very pretty in black dress ,her hair style is also nice ,

    when sameer and naina dance together on tamma tamma ,i remember the same dance they did in mount abu , so some of the steps in today episode came from mount abu trip ,

    below is the video link of mount abu dance of naina and sameer on tamma tamma song
    ashi is saying to sameer not to follow her steps

    enjoy ,

    lastly i think munna invited swati for party because he has the no of swati ,

    Preeti has gone to Bombay for rista pakka

    in today episode i think nisha will taunt naina over something,

    also in upcoming episodes naina will have a accident

    please review and comment your views on the same

  7. @Tarun, idk abt ur 1st nd 2nd assumptions but Hema is fit n fine as appeared from her insta account as she keeps of posting her pics regularly.

    1. @fionna i think you are right, she keeps posting her photo on Instagram on regular basis , so my 2nd assumption is correct that her character was not required just like sunaina during these 5 months

  8. @Tarun, idk abt ur 1st nd 2nd assumptions but Hema is fit n fine as appeared from her insta account as she keeps on posting her pics regularly.

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