Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rakesh and Shubham’s first meeting

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakesh reprimands Sameer and Naina for waking late. Why cannot you wake up with the son? Sameer says we will do everything with the sun. Shall we sleep when the sun sets? Rakesh says you only know how to retort. Sameer requests him not to create a ruckus today. We have to meet Anant Sir today. Rakesh says you also know tea is needed in the morning. Do we have the ingredients? Sameer says you say as if Naina will create all this magically. Naina tells Sameer to stop but they continue to bicker. Naina finally puts an end to their argument. I will bring cylinder from Preeti’s home. You be with Papa. Rakesh offers to go instead.

Dadi rings bell to call Preeti. She asks Shubham why he is using the brush without touching the polish. He replies that she does not understand economics. It

has some of it. She smiles and turns to Dadi. She goes to bring tea and roti for her.

It is said that God will give food if he has given stomach. We stayed nearby and could understand from our expression as to what we need. She understood everything!

Naina asks Preeti if she should send Papa to get cylinder from her home. nirmala ji comes in the balcony too. Preeti asks her MIL if she should give the cylinder to Naina. Nirmala says what if our cylinder gets over in between. Preeti says it will not happen for another week. Nirmala ji reasons that they can get cylinder from outside too. Preeti says what will people think about us after knowing that we dint help our relatives. People will stop helping us. It isn’t about cylinder but your respect. Nirmala ji gives in. Preeti butters her. Nirmala ji tells her to give the old one. Preeti nods and does thumbs up at Naina.

Gopal asks Sameer when this almirah will go inside. Rakesh runs inside seeing him. Sameer turns to Rakesh to answer but does not find him there. He assures Gopal that they will shift it by afternoon. Gopal asks him to remove it by afternoon. I have informed scrap dealer anyways.

Voiceover – Naina:
Gopal was a big journalist once. He retired from his post as editor but journalism never left him! He is someone who wont even spare God. We were human beings after all!

Naina and Sameer set up their temple and do puja together. Sameer and Rakesh step outside. Rakesh walks ahead. Sameer is following her when he comes face to face with the badminton girl. She keeps blocking his way and exchanges pleasantries with him. They shake hands after their intro. She tells him that they can keep meeting if he wants. Naina smiles seeing them from upstairs. Shivani leaves a note in Sameer’s hand. He calls out to her but she signals him to call her. Sameer is taken aback. He tears it once she leaves.

Rakesh is trying to take out the pipe. Shubham thinks it to be a thief and lifts a plate to hit him but stops seeing Rakesh. He gives shagun to Shubham. I have met you for the first time after all. Shubham asks him what he is doing here. Rakesh says Sameer wanted to become hero so we came here. Shubham repeats his question. What are you doing in the kitchen? Rakesh replies that he came to take out the pipe but it is stuck. Shubham goes to pray. Preeti asks Shubham to help Rakesh. Shubham reasons that he dint ask for help. I even gestured him to ask if he needs help but he dint say anything. I realised I have a bus to catch. He starts his economics theory with Rakesh.

Voiceover – Naina:
Shubham Jiju was amazing. We studied different subjects in school but his only subject was economics. Papa was the first one to realise that he will play a big role in our Mumbai story. He went to get the cylinder but got stuck in the economic theory. Poor him!

Sameer goes outside to buy tea. He overhears people gossiping about movies and cricket on the tea stall. One guy is speaking to someone on the PCO about movies.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Before coming to Mumbai, I had heard that it is a sea. It was true as people of Mumbai were from different cultures yet they were together in everything.

Sameer asks for tea. The vendor asks him which type of tea he wants. The people on the stall tell him the difference. He is confused hearing Bun Maska again. Sameer calls it bread butter and takes it along with the tea.

Rakesh and Shubham lift the cylinder. Nirmala ji asks them who asked them to lift the cylinder. Rakesh says one has to work in their home. She says I was asking Shubham. Shubham replies that 10 minutes wont make any difference but her mother objects. There are 600 seconds in 10 minutes. I send him early to office as he has many people working under him. Dadi rings the bell. Nirmala ji says even Amma is getting upset. Preeti brings Shubham’s bag. Nirmala ji asks Shubham till when he will help others. Shubham leaves for office. Rakesh says thank you to Nirmala ji but she tells him to thank them once he returns it. Rakesh drags the cylinder himself. Nirmala ji tells Preeti to make sure they don’t think of that cylinder as their own. This is how relatives are in Mumbai. I heard a similar incident. Preeti denies. They are my family first and relatives later. Nirmala ji leaves. Dadi rings the bell. Preeti wonders if she caught her lie. It is good that she cannot talk or I would have been sandwiched among two DIL’s.

Sejal and another lady have come to drop off their kids. Sanvi’s mother is very particular about cleanliness. Sejal tells her son to clean his bag too. sanvi’s mother tells her that it is no use. It is extremely dirty. We wash bag every night. Sejal is taken aback. Who does that? Sanvi’s mother says we do it. The kids run off as their bus arrives. Sejal and her friend get distracted seeing Rakesh dragging the cylinder himself. They still have no clue about Rakesh and his family. Sanvi’s mother decides to find out about them. I am psychiatrist. It is my duty. She calls out to the watchman.

Rakesh is complaining to himself. It was not just my duty to do everything but I am doing everything alone here!

Voiceover – Naina:
Those women there were the Ravan in our story at that time. There would have been a blast if they had found out about us covering up our story! Vinita ji’s habit to dig out things was too risky for us!

Rakesh is setting up the cylinder. Sameer offers to do it but Rakesh wants to do it.

Voiceover – Naina:
We thought that our first morning in Mumbai will be special but we had no idea that this gas cylinder will burn us without even getting set up. We were just praying that our dreams aren’t spoiled.

Rakesh is relieved after drinking tea. There is something special about the first cup of tea of the day! He walks away with a smile on his face. Epi ends on Sameer’s happy face.

Precap: Sameer, Naina and Rakesh come to meet Anant but find out that he isn’t here. His PA tells them to take an appointment. I am sure you will be able to meet him after a month.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. just loved the today episode very much ,
    will discuss in detail in the morning

  2. OMG what an episode 😂. Makers are trying to fill the gaps created by the Munna, Pundit & Kamya. By introducing characters like Gopal, Shubham, Shivani & Those two ladies. But that is not enough at least for me 😔. I miss Munna, Pundit & Kamya really very much.
    That sister connection was superb like they were talking through gestures 😍. Preeti literally looks like a 90s Bahu but never Naina looked like 90s Bahu except her Nai Naveli time. She many times looks like aaj kal ki bahu. Even if u all have observed Never Poonam Bhabhi or Pooja is shown without Saree. But Naina only wore saree on special occasions and when her in laws give visit (on notice).
    By the way what is Cutting Chai I have heard of it but never understood it. Full chai I understood that it is normal chai which we drink.
    Precap was expected I was expecting that how come Sameer will get work so easily he have to struggle a lot. But I didn’t like the way receptionist said that “Agli Bar Appointment Leke Aana”. It was very rude way to talk. Receptionist should be really polite and kind not like this 😡.

    1. @Vidha

      Cutting Chai just means half cup of tea.This term is popular in Mumbai.It is the normal tea but only half the quantity.

      1. Oh I thought it some variety of tea like Masala Chai. Thank you Sneha.

      2. Fan of YUDKBH

        Very nice episode. Best is how Preetj handles her kanjoos mother in law and husband. Amazing. Loved it. Naina never stayed with in laws hence she does not wear saree

  3. Love d way preeti cares n loves naina, its totally selfless, right from d beginning. I like her character more than naina. Sometimes Naina’s character seems selfish to me but preeti’s love for Naina is limitless.

    1. @fionna let me clear your misconception about naina that is selfish and all , first of all they both are sisters , so selfishness ka to issue ata hi nai , Preeti ne wohi hi kia jo usse karna chahiye tha ,ie naina ki madad , because naina ko shift hue sirf ek raat hui hai and you expect her to make tea without tea leaves ,milk ,gas , cylinder . so asking for cylinder is not called selfishness ,

      before calling naina selfish , think of yourself before blaming others as selfish , you have also might have done one time selfish work

      i hope you understand what i trying to say , sorry for being harsh but that is the only way to stop people from calling naina as selfish

  4. @tarun, m not telling Naina selfish bcoz she asked help from preeti for cylinder etc. Even m not talk about d mumbai track at all. i just said “sometimes” i feel Naina is selfish for e.g when there was a tiff between naina and swati which almost broke their friendship i didn’t feel naina was enough concerned about swati that time. M sorry if m wrong but that’s my personal opinion.

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