Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer raises his voice seeing Seniors insult Naina

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina’s voiceover telling about their college restaurant red rose and says it was like college teetra and says they used to have tasty food and gossip, she says relations were made there, and it was interesting to see if it can save relations. Munna and Pandit see Menu. Sameer says samosa is served too. Munna says he will have sandwich. Naina and Preeti comes there with others. Naina says we have brought tiffin. Swati asks her not to say. Few girls tease Preeti. Kamya asks her not to tell about tiffin. Naina asks them to order and sits on table. She smiles looking at Sameer. Waiter gives dosa and cold drink and gives to Sameer. Sameer asks who has ordered it? Waiter signs at Naina. Then signs at other girls. Naina gets jealous seeing girls signing Sameer and smiling looking at him. Pandit says they sent two cold drinks one for Sameer and one for me. Munna says one for me. Girls continue to stare him from far.

Preeti comes and asks did you talk to jija ji? Naina says how? And tells that the girls were after her Malai Kathora. Naina’s voiceover tells that she called him Malai Ka Kathora and says she saved Sameer from school girls, but it was difficult for her to save him from college girls as the Malai Katora was not in her hand. Kamya asks how will you save Sameer now? Naina stares the girl angrily. Girl asks her why is she staring her and asks if she is Akshay Kumar’s girlfriend? Naina gets angry and says he is Salman Khan. Girl laughs on her and says she looks like Bhindi/Tinde. Sameer gets angry, but sits seeing her jealous. He sees seeing her jealousy and smiles. He goes. Naina makes a sad face.

Later Seniors asks them to be in line and make a train. They take Munna and Pandit inside and laugh. Sameer and others get tensed. Munna and Pandit return wearing vest on their shirts. They are asked to act as Vikram and Betaal. Others do what seniors ask them to do. Naina’s voiceover tells that ragging is banned now. Karthik and his friends come there. Munna tells Seniors that they are also first year students. Senior student goes to Karthik and hugs him. He says he is my cousin Karthik and asks all juniors not to trouble him. Sameer looks at Karthik. Senior student asks Sameer to come near there and says he looks like a hero. Munna says he is a hero. Senior student asks him to tie handkerchief on his head and asks him to get three girls numbers. He asks him to dance like Salman Khan and get numbers. Naina takes out pen excitedly. Sameer dances and goes to senior girl and asks for the phone number, says he will not call her. First girl gives her number, second girl says my Papa is in Police, third girl gives her number. Senior tells that I asked for 3 girls. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer was letting seniors do ragging and then she got an idea.

Sameer goes to Karthik’s girl- friend and asks for her phone number. She gives her number. Sameer thanks her. He gives phone numbers to seniors and also the handkerchief etc. Naina says Sameer can bear anything, but not my insult and waits for her turn. She tells Preeti that this is a chance. Karthik asks Senior to try next time. Naina goes to Seniors and says she heard of so much about Parade and says you have ruined everything. Senior guy says her Parade will be big and say you will give us treat today. Naina says I have no money. Senior guy says you have to beg and get the money. Other guy asks her to sing begging song. Naina looks at Sameer. Senior guy asks Naina if her enthusiasm is down. Naina says ok. She sings begging down and asks for money. Naina’s voiceover tells that she has taken risk to cheer up Sameer. They taunt Naina and her face. Sameer gets angry and asks them to stop it. Everyone looks at Sameer.

Senior guy announces Mr. and Ms. Fresher. Naina says Sameer and I will become Mr. and Ms. Fresher. Swati says Karthik and Sunaina will probably become. Naina gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. New avtaar if Naina is cheap

  2. Episode is below Average…
    Mundit Ragging part was funny…
    But I Don’t like to see Naina’s Jealousy…
    Sameer- this is too much.. but atlast he sounds for Naina makes me littlebit Happy..
    But am sure, he will not do anything…
    Makers Y U always show many girls stared to see Sameer?? & Underestimate Naina?..
    Plz shown Naina as a beautiful girl & Sameer will become Jealous..
    I wish to see Naina as a college’s Ms.Fresher? & Nothing to talk about Sameer…
    But Ashdeep- U both just nailed it? specially Ashi, u r expression queen…
    I think that this Freshers day track will go through this week…so this week also we can’t see Samaina’s Reunion..
    I Hope, My thoughts will become wrong..
    But, plz stop this Manhoos Drama..
    In such interviews, Ashdeep said Samaina will unite soon.. and go their official date,etc.. so I just wait for those episodes….
    Makers always underestimate Naina,So Seriously I Didn’t like sterday’s episode..
    Waiting for Upcomings…

  3. Okay type episode.. Love to saw sameer raised his voice …. Lets hope for the best .

  4. Why is always naina to be jealous…agreed sameer is very handsome but naina is also beautiful and her character to be appreciated..the only good part of todays epi was at last whwn sameer raised his voice..incase he doesnot do anything tomorrow it will definitely blow down the trp…manhus track is too much now ..plss atleast this fresher track looks interesting..hoping yo see samaina together in this

  5. Hi yesterday’s episode is okay okay type. Getting irritated with Sameer’s attitude
    Bus enough to see this.Deb special request from my side please keep commenting on this forum and your views are more excepted from us.i believe the current track of this show is unhealthy not your comments hope you understand.always love to hear from you,lokesh,San,sai,sid and my special youth friend AB
    As informed earlier,right now I am in my in-laws place South tamilnadu where not able to watch YUDKBH in Sony tv but try to watch the same in Sony liv app and read your comment
    Hence please continue to give ur comments as earlier and keep this forum more active.

    I heared that samaina will get United before this fresher program -please confirm

    Bye Deb Lokesh AB Sai Sid and San…….

    1. Yeah well said devi, deb you need to comment again, haters gonna hate n Ain’ters gonna ain’t, we look forward for your comment…….

    2. Lokesh

      Thanx for the mentioned , actually my cllg is going very harsh unlike samaina, so get very less tym to comment. But I m watching it.bye.

  6. Sometimes I feel to give a tight slap to naina but on another note I like to appreciate her strong n pure love for her man, her love is beyond the extremity level either she burns her hand to understand n feel his man’s pain or gets humiliated herself to bring back his love, but we can’t tolerate these things we have a fact called self respect but naina can go to the extreme level for her man’s love, but don’t know why they are always portraying naina’s character as ugly one but y she’s damn beautiful both by soul n appearance…… Still believe y they’re stressing this harsh words for naina is that, one day sameer would defend naina in front of everyone n will say that she’s his lady love n the most beautiful girl in the world, as such he did at the shaadi track when taiji insulted naina…. Yeah it would happen soon……. But this manhoos track should end soon or else it would lead to off air….. Heard that freshers party will make samaina come closer so that manhoss track will come to an end…….. N I think it’s time to bring sanjay tebriwal to college or make karthik to start flirting with naina so that sameer will be back to form ??but keep watching, soon manhoos track will come to an end……..

  7. Cent percent correct san. But I wish to give a tight slap to both Sameer and naina. Getting irritated by sameer’s attitude. Whether the Dadi is there or not, she is always being a hindrance to their luv. Hope this manoos track to end soon. Naina is also beautiful. Why they are portraying her character like this?
    Hope they unite soon.

    1. Yeah sai it ended ???go n check that video, you’ll be amazed, some news is revolving that coming saturday there’s samaina milan with a maha episode is it true? If it’s so then will be double treat for me maha episode as well as my sissy’s wedding ????

  8. Yeah happy news guys manhoos track is gonna end…. saw a spoiler video shooting where munna teases samaina as Mr n Mrs maheswari n they both blush n sameer winks at naina n all are happy here’s the link go n enjoy it, it really was very hard to stop myselves from blushing n smiling in front of my family after seeing this video ?

    1. Tanx San for this link…
      Am so Happy to see this.. hope it will not be a dream..
      Another Mahaepisode??? Wow Eagerly Waiting…

  9. Very very happy to see naina and sameer? together????… Thanx san for this link .. after watching it I was too happy and excited that I started dancing and my phone fell out of my hand??? hoping that this track will come soon..??

    1. Yeah vishi excitement n happiness overloaded waiting for this track ???????❤❤????

  10. And Deb plzz comment.. we always wait for your comment..

  11. Hi thx devi … I am in Karnataka bangalore……naina is a talented actress…..eyes also taking to others…..
    Selection of the songs r fantastic both hindi and tamil ….bharathiraja movies mostly illayaraja songs as well as hindi…..railughadi ashokkumar sang the song…. I enjoyed the track …..the same class room but painting entrance Windows are changed……
    Vishaka should come for her own blood son and support him .that is big ______point here.
    Sameer should talk to her oepnly to naina …….
    andclear all …..she is rewinding her memories means still they are r married…..I think so …..
    My grand son doesn’t cut the hair bcz he wants follow sameer hair style….just go and trem the. hair… school they won’t allow
    …now a days children r going high…
    Tomorrow Tami nadu xth result …..all the best for the students those who have written the exam. …..and naina also in real college exam reel life off screen to win sameer’s love

  12. Thanks San for the link.

  13. Hi ….good afternoon….sas bahu drama. In real life it is going on ….so at least in serial enjoy and leave it …..students life is beautiful one with out any responsibility……just like this group …..I think deb is a teacher working lady a lot of to do so she has no time to write the comment. …she will write soon……

  14. Hii guyss commenting after a very long tym.. coz watched after a veryy long ttym.. thanks for the link san! Will try my best to comment regularly… And y isnt deb commenting now a days..?? Missing dena comment they were so upto the point!

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