Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer leaves his house for Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer packing his bags. Mami says we all love you and asks him if he will leave the house for Naina. Sameer says I can leave this world for her and tells that today he has seen true colors of hers and asks her not to show fake love. Mama ji tells him that if he steps outside today then it will break their relations. Sameer stops and looks at them. Mama ji says we are not your enemy, whatever we have done is for your betterment. Sameer comes near him and takes Nana ji and his pic. He says our relation is broken when you tried to break Naina and my alliance and didn’t think of my happiness. Mama ji says you will know about rice and flour rates now. Mami says you can’t have even two bites of food. Sameer tells Poonam that he will miss her and asks her to tell his nephew or niece about him. Poonam cries and asks him not to go. She asks where you will stay? Munna says Sameer will stay in my place. Sameer asks her to take care and leave with Munna.

Preeti asks Naina why is she upset and asks her to be happy. She says I will be sad as I will be alone after you leave and asks her to take her with her. She asks if she will have the tears of happiness or sadness. Naina says both and feels bad about Sameer. She tells that he is fighting with everyone to save just one relation. Preeti says he is fighting with everyone as he knows that you are his world, and asks her to unite him with all relations after marriage. Munna serves tea to Sameer and Pandit. Sameer thanks him for the tea. Munna asks him to get up and go. He says there is no sorry or thank you. Sameer says you let me stay in your house. Munna says we also stayed in your house. Pandit jokes. Sameer asks them not to tell Naina that he left the house else she will get tensed.

Mama ji calls Vishaka and tells her that he tried to stop Sameer, but he didn’t stop and left house. Vishaka says he is doing many mistakes. Mama ji says even I did a mistake, as I told that this house is of kakusaa and he named it on my name. Prabha says he has misbehaved with you. Mama ji says I didn’t drink even a drop of water and crying. Vishaka asks him not to worry. Mama ji says I loved him more than Devang and asks her to call Munna and talk to Sameer. Vishaka says ok and asks him not to worry.

Bela comes from market after buying the stuff for Naina’s marriage. Naina and Preeti take the bag. Naina says I will make tea for you. Neighbor Madhu comes there and tells that she came to know about Veena (Taiji) and tells that she gave her separate invitation. She invites them to her house for a function and tells about the alliance for Preeti. She tells that the guy is from Mumbai. Naina teases Preeti. Preeti says she will become like Sameer’s Mami and laugh. They go home.

Sameer asks Pandit to remember what his parents do for his Didi’s marriage? Pandit ji says first searched the groom, engagement and marriage. Munna says I will break your face and asks about the arrangements. He tells that they shall need elders’ help. Sameer says I will bring Naina in the decorated home to my house. Pandit says your home?

Munna says he will decorate this room and it will be Naina and Sameer’s room. Sameer says this is your home and room and tells that he will get a house which will be of Naina and him before making list. His voiceover tells that life shows the mirror of reality and then it make understands the value of food, clothes and house. Tai ji looks out of her house. Taya ji says they will not call you. Tai ji says she will not go even if they rub their nose. Taya ji asks then what? Tayi ji says everyone knows now that we are not happy with this alliance and tells that Naina’s marriage will break, these Maheshwari are clever and will break the marriage surely. She says Naina’s marriage will break, but Preeti will never marry and will stay in the house all life.

Munna tells Sameer that they shall book a band. Pandit ji says he will do naagin dance on the road. Sameer thinks of telling Naina that they will write their own destiny and his promise to Naina that he will love her till his last breath. Naina calls at Sameer’s house. Mami picks the call and says he is not at home. Naina asks where did he go? Mami asks you don’t know, as I thought you know as he don’t step out of the house without your permission. Naina says I really don’t know. Sameer says I have to get a house. Munna and Pandit tell that they will search the house. Munna says they have to get the horse. His father calls Munna and tells that somebody called for his friend and asks if he left studies. Sameer asks Munna if his father has any problem with his stay. Munna says no and goes to get phone. Sameer says if Naina came to know that I left house.

Mami says it is your wish that you are getting married and left the house, but relations can’t break. Sameer turns and looks at Anand and Naina standing at the door. Naina asks did he leave home?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. i knew mamaji will lie about property is named after him by nanaji , naina teasing Preeti ” ab tu Bombay wali bnegi ” Preeti perfect impersonation of mamiji ,munna came as sameer saviour ,loved sameer dialogue delivery , perfect episode for Monday

  2. Didn’t watched the episode today, can’t say anything about the episode. But Sameer did wrong by leaving his house, it will always be wrong to leave ur house and family like this even today. Now Naina’s image will get worse. Vishakha is not understanding Sameer and not making him understand his mistakes calmly she just scold her, leaves him everytime with a conclusion that Naina is wrong for him. To be really honest I am in love with Sameer and Naina’s scene but at the same time I am getting annoyed with all the drama going on:
    1. Sameer leaving his house
    2. Separation of Aggrawal family
    3. Vishakha being so practical & blind and leaving his son again and again by getting influenced with Bobby
    4. Showing everything going in negative side instead of positive and realistic side.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Makers don’t let our favorite show lose it’s uniqueness.

    1. don’t worry @vidha from today episode till next week all episodes gonna be positive ,i saw a photo on Instagram ,looks like sameer is
      in naina and they both are talking about something ,and naina seems to be holding a red envelope ,in second photo sameer is wearing black block print shirt and is seen with chacha ji ,looks like obai is taunting rakesh

      did you saw the updates which I sent you previous episodes comments section

      loved the dialogue delivery of sameer ,munna coming as a saviour to sameer ,naina preeti cute talk , pandit comedy timing ,naina teasing preeti ” ab tu Bombay wali bnegi ” naina impersonation of mamiji ? that was indeed hilarious
      , didn’t like obai calling naina as chipkali ,

    2. @vidha now i correctly remembered what naina had said about poonawala ,she said in 3rd year of college he will become as important just like shanti was in school , focus is given on 3rd year

    3. @vidha i saw a video on Instagram that sameer will have cute talk with naina in today’s episode before finding out that sameer will move out of house

  3. Loved the episode ,now Samaina’s real struggle will start.

    1. ya @sweta mee too looking forward to it ?

    2. @sweta if you have the whole week synopsis please share no ,like you had for previous week,
      oh i get it the dress she is wearing were exactly worn by Shefali ,so i thought that is new shefali , i saw a photo on twitter now clearly showing both wedding card ,old and new

    3. Thank you so much @sweta ?

  4. Ya I watched them thanks a lot. Sweta you are right the real struggle will start now. I was waiting for it as it will make them realize their responsibilities. But not at the stake of other relationships. I am happy to see that how much Sameer and Naina love each other more than their family.

    1. @vidha i saw a video on YouTube channel ” entertainment tadka ” there seems to look like new Shefali has come over ,there has been mistake in wedding card by munna and pandit ,under naina name it is written “late rakesh aggrawal ” , and rakesh sir had verbal argument with sameer ,

      both new and old wedding has been shown

      old card ie made by sameer during pooja shaadi track ,new made by munna pandit ,

      also sameer writing name of sameer and naina balcony wall

      i hope that is indeed Shefali

    2. @ tarun, that is not new shefali that is Rinki , she has come with phulla bua

    3. vividha, yes i understand ,what you are saying , but here sameer’s elders are just stuck with one thing Naina is not good for Sameer and planning , plotting behind his back, see Sameer was not against mama before , but now as he himself heard what is his opinion about him, he said Sameer is ziddi , and also he heard the how he was putting a price tag on him ,
      when mama mami thought naina to be sunaina , there was no problem , there were ready to go for their rishta themselves y as they would gain in business and get dowry too

  5. hi all,

    Good to see lot of comments nowadays, Can anyone clear that Mamaji told a lie that the house is named under him….for the first time I saw that Naina is thinking about Sameer’s relationship with his relatives and he is all alone…though I like Naina very much I feel that once her problem get solved( family issue) then she start considering Sameer anyways it is good start and liked the way Preethi convince Naina saying that you will clear and unite the entire relative of Sameer after marriage.
    Again this Taiji and tauji started their plan by making neighbours talk about Sameer- naina’s intercaste marriage and create a problem in Preethi’s marriage – this is reason that Bela chachiji will get angry with them and ask them to stop their marriage somehow Sameer and Naina will manage this situation.
    Letz hope for the best in the upcoming episodes

  6. Ah finally some sense into our lover boy about roti kapda aur makaan. Loved Munna today. Isn’t Munna Sameer’s cousin? Why are his parents behaving like Sameer is some outsider?
    I can’t stand Sameer vs maheshwaris anymore. Neither of them are thinking with a calm and open mind. Sameer is always taking decisions in impulse and his family is behaving wiht the typical elder ego. How can we expect a reconcilation when neither of them want to talk the matter out but want to reach a decision in haste.

    The way o bhai looked at chachaji house was funny. Maybe she’s missing the free food and is unable to do kitchen work anymore.

    What is wrong with tauji and taiji. When they have broken their rishta, why are they still hell bent on breaking Naina’s alliance? So according to them they can marry off intelligent Naina to a juice shop owning Agarwal in a Rajasthan village but not to a decently educated and Rich maheshwari? So much for caste , facepalm. I just can’t handle them anymore.

    Can someone clear if the house is in mamajis name or not? I didn’t understand what he told last night in the episode.

    I don’t want bela to ask Naina to break off her relationship with Sameer. That’ll be too bad. Just like Naina and Sameer found each other, even Preeti will find a nice guy. And now that they’ve gone out of caste, it won’t be a big deal for Preeti too.

    Hope Sameer and Naina find solutions to their financial problems, at the same time, they should follow their passions and career goals.

    1. @sunshine munna is sameer cousin ,in very 2nd episode of the show munna asks sameer if he remembers him not ,then sameer says he remembers munna ,i think munna father has inferiority complex ,that why he should ask sameer to leave

      ,yup mamaji told a lie to sameer that nanaji named house to mamaji after his death, because he didn’t want sameer to marry naina ,

      anyway mamaji and mamiji are good person ,but due to mamaji scene with tauji ,he stop trusting them both ,sameer says ” riston main darar tabhi aa gyi thi ,jub aapne mere aur naina ka rista tudwane ki sazish rachi “

    2. Thanks for clearing that out Tarun 🙂

    3. Yes Sunshine I comply agree with u. Sameer and Munna are Cousins (Mausere Bhai) that’s why Munna always says Vishakha Mausi and he knows Sameer even before Pandit. And ya definitely O Bai is missing her habbit of going into Chacha Ji’s house, scolding girls, saying ‘Chandan Ki Tarah Ghish Rahe Hai’ to Chachi Ji to show her importance and many more. By the way have u all noticed that when O Bai was talking about Sameer’s family that “Maheshwari bohot chalu purja hai kuch na kuch karke Shaadi tod hi denge” she was sounding like those elders who always show themselves as very strict but in reality they love u (Just like Coconut). Love the comic timing of pundit he was so funny.

      Thanks a lot Sweta2005 for the amazing preview

  7. Sweta2005

    @ tarun

    see todays sony preview its a cute scene

    1. yup that’s is the preview i was talking about @sweta2005

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