Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: When Rakesh gets scared!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

A neighbour comes out of his house and asks Rakesh to shift the almirah. You kept it in the way. Rakesh calls him strange. I am stuck here and you are asking me to shift the almirah! Help! The guy says it is ok for people to get stuck in Bombay but things must not. Now people cannot pass because of you! His wife tells him to be quiet. Rakesh asks the guy if he will pull him out when he will die.

Naina’s hair is still stuck in Sameer’s shirt.

The bald guy tells his wife not to help Rakesh. Don’t show such people any sympathy! He has created a big commotion since he has come in the society. Rakesh shouts in pain.

Naina is sure Rakesh is in some problem. He has been shouting for help since so long. He is sure it must be someone else who got into trouble. She tells

him not to joke. He tells her to go ahead. I dint stop you.

The guy asks the tempo driver to shift the almirah. Rakesh asks him if he isn’t concerned about a person. The guy tells Rakesh to follow the rules of Bombay. Rakesh corrects him. It is Mumbai. This angers the guy more. Do you know who you are talking to? You cannot talk to me like that! Rakesh does not care. The guy introduces himself as Gopal (journalist). Now I will open a complaint against you everywhere! You wont be able to stay here. His wife tells him to let it be. Nirmala is our friend and this is her guest. Rakesh falls on the floor. Gopal’s wife says he fell in your feet to apologize. Gopal relents. I wont spare you the next time! His wife takes him inside. Rakesh and the tempo driver bring the furniture inside. The almirah is too big for inside so they take it out again. Gopal asks them to take his scrap inside. Rakesh says we tried but the door is small. We wont be able to take it inside. Tempo driver asks Rakesh to fall in his feet again. Rakesh tells him to be quiet. Gopal again asks Rakesh to shift the almirah out of the way. His wife takes him back inside somehow. Gopal threatens to sell the almirah if it is still there tomorrow morning. It is my word.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Before coming to Mumbai, we only thought that only Papa ji can scare people but after coming to Mumbai, we realised that Papa ji also gets scared of someone – government officials! I missed seeing Papa ji all red that day though.

Rakesh asks Naina and Sameer if they couldn’t come out hearing all the commotion he made. I am your father. You could have atleast come to see! I don’t know what will happen to me in Mumbai!

Rakesh again complains as he has to sleep on the floor. I am tired already because of the tempo ride. Sameer tells him to lie down. It is your mattress only. Rakesh argues back with him. Sameer tells him to sleep quietly. Rakesh murmurs that he is wrong when he says something and even when he does not say anything. Rakesh empties his pant and the key falls down. He pretends to exercise as Sameer comes there to get water from himself. Sameer asks him what he is doing. Rakesh says I am doing yoga. He gives a fake name to it. Sameer advises him that this Aasana is also done on 1 leg. Rakesh nods. He stands on one foot while Sameer refills the jug. He bids him goodnight as he goes inside. Rakesh covers his mouth to hold himself back from shouting as he falls down.

Sameer tells Naina he has never seen a strange guy like her Papa. He does crazy things all the time. Naina shushes him. We will talk tomorrow morning. They both lie down. They think of their old house and wish each other good night. She slips off from her pillow as she falls asleep. He keeps his hand under her head. This is your new pillow from today onwards. She holds his hand. This new pillow is great! My hero will meet Anant Sir tomorrow. He will cast you in his film the moment he sees you. Everything will be fine then.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Papa ji’s antics were new for me. It was difficult to take everything together but I knew I could do it.

Rakesh wants to have tea so he can freshen up. It is so difficult here in Mumbai! He paces holding his stomach. He stops himself from waking them up. Sameer will again complain. He continues to pace and stops near their room to check if there is some noise coming from inside.

Naina and Sameer are sleeping peacefully in their room.

Rakesh stops himself from breaking a vase to wake up the kids. He ends up dropping something else. Naina wakes ui hearing the noise but does not shift seeing Sameer sleeping peacefully. Rakesh shouts Naina’s name thrice but they are in deep sleep.

Preeti is cooking. Shubham calls out to her. She says coming but her eyes are fixated on Naina’s house. Shubham calls out to her again. He again speaks of economics seeing an almost empty toothpaste. It can go on for 2 more days. She handles the situation with a smile.

Sameer wakes up first. Light is coming from the window so he stands up to cover it but gets lost seeing Naina sleeping. He clicks her photos using his camera. He hangs a bed sheet to block the light and sits next to Naina. She smiles at him as she opens her eyes. What are you looking at, Mr. Hero? He asks her if she knows what the most beautiful thing in the room is. It is you! I caught that moment for forever. She smiles. You started using romantic dialogues after coming to Mumbai! He says another sweet line and leans closer for a kiss when Rakesh calls out to Naina. She is in a fix. She turns towards the door but Sameer pulls her to him.

Rakesh keeps walking around in pain. He shouts out to Naina again. Sameer again holds her hand. She requests him to let her go. He asks them to get up. How to tell anyone my problem?

Voiceover – Naina:
Everything seems easy when your loved ones are with you. I know that the house is small but the dream of Sameer signing Anant Sir’s film was big!

Precap: The fat girl introduces herself as Shivani. Sameer and Shivani shake hands after their intro. She tells him that they can meet again. She gives him her number on a paper / kerchief. He calls out to her but she signals him to call her. Sameer is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. perfect episode for the start of the week ,

  2. Sher Ko Sava Sher Mil Gaya 😂 (Rakesh urf Safari Suit ko Government Official (don’t know the name) mil gaya) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

    1. @vidha his name is Gopal karkare ,he is retired journalist ,

      today and tomorrow episode gonna be fun , let’s see how naina save her Kohinoor pati from Shivani 😊 fandom were thinking how sameer will hide his marriage status from the world ,but he first put honeymoon pictures on wall 😊 hahaha 😂😂😂
      yesterday episode was hilarious as well as romantic ,in today episode sameer will help naina in kitchen

  3. Preeti aka ayesha lost her father. Really a sad news😢

  4. ‘Is kamre mein sabse khoobsurat cheez tum ho’and naina’s voice modulation here was so cute.
    Those cuddling scenes were awesome and it actually gave couplish goals.
    Naina’s nighties are simple but cute.

  5. Unn Dino……..children use to understand the parents instructions by their looks only and they are showing that Naina not arriving( whatever reason one can give ) even after Rakesh shouting continuously ………….thats not Un Dino, the reaction of Sameer was also not as per Unn Dinon in the given situation, Both are behaving like Inn Dinon ………….makers please dont spoil the serial for small comedy scene ……..and there could be n number of situation for being romantic as they are married now and got lots of time for it.

  6. Exactly 5 months 10 ago , rakesh sir caught Sameer and naina on bike , and now look at him ,he is doing so much for naina and her husband Sameer ,his anger looks like comedy , plus he also predicted in village that naina will get married to crorepati khandan 😊

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