Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina speaks up for her Chachaji

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna and Pandit tease Sameer by playing song “Dost Dost Na Raha”. Sameer turns off the song saying they don’t know how much courage it took to talk to Naina about continuing their friendship. Munna says he is very happy today. Their lives will be like before now with all fun and happiness.

Chachaji tells Sharad that they didn’t like how his mother went to college to find out about Naina. Sharad says his mother did what she liked. Chachaji tries to explain him nicely, but Sharad is mad and refuses to understand. He says they are with old thinking and their thinking won’t change. They want a simple girl who can take care of their house. Taiji interrupts to handle the situation. Sharad is satisfied with it. He then suggests Naina stop studying. Chachaji says no, in need, studies come handy. Sharad asks meaning when he dies? They are not married yet and they are already talking about his death? Chachaji says he’s misunderstanding him. They argue further. Sharad asks is there any other girl in their society who goes to college and work? Chachaji says he just meant to say that if his wife is educated, then.. Sharad cuts him off and asks Chachaji whether his wife is educated? Taiji again takes Sharad’s side. Sharad says his boss says if wife is too educated, then they dominate their relationship. Chachaji tells him to leave boss, talk about himself. Women work in his office, right? Sharad says yes, but they all are selfish. They don’t care about their house. His father thinks if a girl goes out to work, then she’s gone out of control. They don’t want a working daughter-in-law. Chachaji says he’s angry right now so is not understanding and behaving like a child. Sharad gets angry and grabs Chachaji’s collar. He says enough with nonsense that Naina is this and that. In reality, he’s 100 times better than her. He’s marrying her without any dowry. They should be thankful to him, but instead they are lecturing him. Tauji and Rakesh come there. They separate Sharad and Chachaji and ask what’s happening. Sharad says Chachaji called him and talking rubbish about him and his family. Chachaji says it’s not like that. Rakesh asks him to shut up. Chachaji is shocked. Rakesh apologizes to Sharad on Chachaji’s behalf. Tauji asks Sharad to cool down. Sharad says take this as his first and last warning. If next time, they behave like this, then he himself doesn’t know what he will do. He is leaving and Naina enters. He stares at her angrily and walks out.

Later, Naina asks Preeti what happened. Did Sharad say anything to Chachaji? She never saw him so hurt. Preeti tells her everything. Naina gets angry. Preeti asks her to calm down and reminds that her alliance is fixed with him. Naina says person who grabs her Chachaji collar, she can only have one relationship with that person – of enemy. If she can leave Sameer for her family, then what’s Sharad?

Outside, Taiji, Tauji, Rakesh scold Chachaji. Taiji says before Chachaji and Chachiji do anything else, they should fix wedding date. Tauji agrees. Taiji tells Chacha-Chachi to go with her and apologize to Sharad’s family.

Naina comes out and sees Tauji, Taiji telling Chachaji that he must apologize to Sharad. Naina says Chachaji won’t apologize. Rakesh asks how dare she. Tauji stops him and says he’s alive to take decision in their house. Naina says he has been taking all decisions and he will in future too, but today she has taken 2 decisions. First, Chachaji won’t apologize to Sharad and second, she won’t marry Sharad. Everyone is shocked. Rakesh, Tauji, Rakesh scold her. Naina says she respects them a lot. She will marry whomever they ask to, but she will never marry Sharad. Person who doesn’t respect Chachaji, how they can expect him to respect her and her family? Tauji says that’s not her job to think who he will respect and who he will not. She will marry to him only. Chachaji tells Tauji that he has listened to him always, but not this time. Naina will not marry Sharad. He grabbed his collar today, tomorrow he can raise his hand at Naina. Tauji asks whether he knows what it means for an alliance to break? They won’t be able to face anyone in society. Chachaji says if this marriage happens, then Naina won’t be able to face herself. Has anyone thought about that? Rakesh asks Chachaji who he is to decide? Naina is his daughter and he will make decisions for her. Chachaji asks she wasn’t his daughter when her parents had to go to school? He never asked about her when she was sick. She brought so many trophies in home and he never saw any of that. Wasn’t she his daughter then? She won’t marry Sharad and that’s final. Naina hugs Chachaji. Preeti and Chachiji follow. Taiji says she will see difference in daughter and niece when it’s time to contribute to her wedding cost. Chachaji says until today Naina was like his daughter, but from today, she is his daughter. He will do such a grand wedding that whole Ahmadabad will see. Until he is alive, he won’t let anything wrong happen with Naina. He won’t let her marry Sharad.

Precap: Sameer finds out about Naina and Sharad’s breakup.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Wow wow wow!!!! Super rocking episode ??… Finally Naina took Stand for her Chachaji…Naina- Chachaji duo rocked today…??…That Sharad is disgusting ??…If Naina would have seen him grabbing Chachaji’s collar she would have definitely slapped him….
    Tauji-taiji-rakesh trio emotionless…???They can’t even take stand for their own family member…???
    Today that Safari Suit got perfect reply by Chachaji ??
    Calling Naina his daughter only to ruin her life with that crap Sharad and never full filled responsibilities of a father for Naina ??
    Naina saying “Us langoor se Sadi kregi Meri jooti”???
    Finally Naina is free??

  2. great Ashu, good episode what to say now…………………………………….all my views are already shared by you…looking forward to see how chachaji fulfills Naina’s wish……………………….wonderful protrayed of chachaji’s character and he always want Naina’s happiness…………….Good preethi – she hide the truth for Naina’s life but finally Naina took a stand for chachaji which is own family is fail to do so and she open up

    Finally awaiting to see Sameer’s happiness after hearing this News………….

  3. I really liked the ways Naina took decision about her life. She should have taken this decision long back. but now she atleast had the courage to take it. Thanks to Naina. And off course Chachaji…..He has also taken a bold step today by protecting and shielding Naina. His love for Naina has been proved.

    This serial reminds me of my journey during 1990’s . Hope everyone gets a chachaji like Naina’s/

  4. Sarita poudwal

    Yesterday’s episode of un dino….was bang on.We loved it.The stand taken by naina and what chachaji said.Man you guys are really in the 70s…we keep getting nostalgic every time we watch ….

  5. Real nice episode happy n emotional ……….great going

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