Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer gets job at radio station

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud Teacher giving a chance to Naina to dance. Swati and Preeti cheers for Naina. Kumud teacher says Naina is not going to moon or mount everest. Preeti says naina can do this also one day. Naina dances on classical music. Kumud teacher asks Kamya to teach her dance. Kamya dances. Kumud teacher and others claps for Kamya. Naina says I want to try again. She tries to dance and plays music. She slips and falls down. Kamya and her friends laugh on her. Kumud teacher asks her to go and says you can take part next year after learning.

Sameer comes to the Radio station and asks receptionist about AK Khanna. She asks him to go straight. Manager says he is Harish Mehta and asks someone to make Sameer meet Khanna just as he becomes free. Sameer thinks about Naina. His voiceover tells that it was all new world to him and he wanted to tell this to Naina. He thought to make his time memorable in day, but didn’t know that it will become memorable this way. Harish Mehta comes and asks Sameer to type script in 10 mins. Sameer gets tensed as he don’t know typing. Sameer’s voiceover tells that his hero panti was gone in one ago. Harish Mehta comes and scolds Sameer for typing just one line. He asks other guy Deepak to type the script. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer told her about Mehta’s assistant typing speed. She says her motive was to go to Delhi. Naina imagines Sameer. Bin tere sanam plays….She washes her face and thinks she can’t meet Sameer now. Munna says you are a fighter and asks her to take part in dance and win. Naina says she never danced before. Munna and Pandit try to teach her dance. Preeti asks her to practice all day. They ask if she misses Sameer, want to meet her, then show infront of Principal that love can make others dance also.

Sameer hears Harish Mehta talking to Kumar Sanu and gets happy. Harish Mehta tells Sameer that Kumar Sanu will sing Kishore Kumar’s songs today and asks him to get old songs from the record room. Sameer goes to the record room. Mehta’s assistant picks Amrita’s call and gives to Sameer. Amrita asks him to beware of Mehta. Mehta’s assistant thinks to do something to get Sameer fired. He hides Kishore Kumar’s recording. Amrita asks Sameer what his heart is saying. Sameer says he wants to call Naina and tell her that he got his favorite job. He tells that today Kumar Sanu is going to come and tells that he will take his autograph and send to Naina. Mehta comes and disconnects the call. He scolds Sameer and asks about the recording. Sameer says I got 1980’s recording. Mehta scolds him and fires him from the job. Sameer asks him to listen to him.

He asks Deepak to search the recording. Deepak acts to search and gives him recording. Naina’s voiceover tells that today remix are made, but Sameer gave a good answer to him that he values music. Sameer takes guitar and plays music. Everyone claps for him. Sameer says I can know how to do hardwork and know my work and knows Kishore Kumar also. Mehta asks him to leave.

Naina practices to dance. Preeti asks her to dance properly. Naina says I can’t dance. Anand comes there calling Bela and asks him to bring radio. He says Kumar Sanu will sing Kishore Kumar’s songs. Bela comes to Naina and Preeti’s room and asks her to give radio. She takes Radio. Preeti takes Naina out. Bela, Anand, Preeti and Naina hear Avinash Khanna announcing that Kumar Sanu couldn’t make it to the radio station today, but our new announcer will tell poetry and will play music. Amrita is sitting beside Avinash Khanna. Sameer talks about love on radio and plays music on Kishore Kumar’s song. Naina listens to his voice.

Precap: Naina practices dances. Kumud teacher gets upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thank you Hasan. Thank you everyone for persevering to comment. I have been sick and still am down with flu, laryngitis and gastro. I noted all your comments. Hence I came to give brief note. Hope I will be will recover soon. Please do keep commenting. I saw a video where they said the show producers changed the tracks due to viewers comments. So they do listen to the viewers. The track seems better.In my view Sameer’s acting is falling flat, Naina inspite of her exams in real life is putting the efforts and doing well. combined scenes of Naina and Sameer does not have the same magic as during wedding sequence. Sameer looks so flat, the chemistry is missing. Hope he realises that. he may not like Ashi in particular (as I read from the other sources) but should not reflect in his acting.
    That’s all for now. Please note what I said in the last few episodes. I am happy to be corrected. take care and keep commenting

    1. Lokesh

      Get well soon

    2. Deb take enough rest n recover soon dr…… Take care

    3. Fidato

      Get well soon dear…. All prayers with you…

      Yeah… You’re right… Something missing in their acting….Not like old Sameer…. May be they have some personal issues but it shouldn’t reflect on their characters…. May be after leap it will get interesting…..

      1. Wat issues

    4. Take care….. Actually what happens ?? What u have read???

    5. Sorry, but i dont think their chemistry is missing….and i dont know why some are spreading negative comments about randeep..who knows that he really likes ashi but he is not accepting just to focus on his career..

  2. Lokesh

    Episode is okay okay types.

  3. No other show has brought this much cute parallel’s let’s appreciate for this parallel?kudos to team? samaina trying their level best inspite of their failures….. Mundit are pillar of support to samaina, they support naina to the utmost level n go crazy to bring smile on naina’s face n that dream sequence ???❤❤❤they both have damn cute chemistry ❤n the way sameer bent down n holded naina’s hands n danced ?height difference btwn them is also cute…. Precap this is the funniest precap ever in YUDKBH n today’s episode without spoilers dadi, somani, taiji, rakesh ?only samaina…….. Happy episode

  4. Get well soon.Don’t know what’s brewing in the minds of sameer and creatives.

  5. To some extent i agree with the comments on Sameer’s acting , he got a very good chance as a lead actor and should not let down the makers and people loving him and this great serial.

    Ups and down are part of life but he should not let it go in his mind …………the Kapil Sharma’s case is living example for all the new comers to stay grounded.

  6. gt well soon dea… ah the episode was quiet gud…waiting fr upcoming stories…

  7. Get well soon Deb.
    Episode was good. And that dream sequence was also nice??. Finally the radio romance will start. And it was cute the way Munna and Pandit cheered up their bhabhi. And Naina was able to feel something familiarly special in that voice on the radio ???

  8. Honest Opinion

    Sameer still needs to finish 12th grade right?? When will he go back to school?

  9. Honest Opinion

    Btw- deb get well soon!

  10. Sorry for u Deb. I hope you recover soon.

  11. I also feel something is there between ashi n randeep any prob???? What happens actually?? Can anyone tell me???

    1. Wat problem…please telll…

      I really pray and wish that both randeep and ashi accept each other i real life tooo…

  12. Well said RV.

  13. Hi I am sorry I couldn’t able to write. Deb get well soon.take care. I am very happy to see the serial but,,naina in school dance competition ok but sameer radio station jobafter school time …… just like foreign…..What necessary to go for job ….bcz his grand pa wealth is only for him …..if he takesthe job and do his studies simultaneously good…..ok he may continue his studies at Ahmedabad……again return to Ahmedabad with maa .Rohan and deepika …dadi plz stay with u r cute son sumani .at Delhi
    This track will be nice munna and pandit also accompany withsameer…..the story will go nicely…. I think all were enjoyed weekend .bcz of guest I couldn’t watch and write.sorry

  14. hi – Deb pray for speedy recovery, awaiting for the upcoming episodes………

  15. pray for your Speedy recovery

  16. Thanks Hasan as always being prompt to upload the episode. What would we the commenters do without you uploading the written episode. I am writing long big post – because I have the time and feeling a bit better to sit and type.
    Thanks everyone! I got to read the comments posted after mine, yesterday. Devi, thank you for your kind encouraging words. RV and Anu – yes Vishaka growing closeness with Sameer is a treat to watch. Mahi- tx for your good wishes I am still on recovery path. Trying to catch up on this forum and read your comments whenever possible. AB – I agree the show reflects values of ‘true friendship’ not found in 21st century, or extremely rare. Sindhuja – my wish Samaina meet (no one else knows) and agree with Sheikh Feroz hopefully their chemistry will be reignited hopefully.
    Coming to today’s update.
    San you beat Lokesh being the first to comment so early on. Well done. Vishi I agree with you. Naina recalls that she has made promises in standard 8, but both have been broken (in a good way). Devi – yes dadi is planning and it will be foiled. Hope the creatives are reading our comments. It was one of my comment yesterday.
    Overall 2nd good episode since marriage track.
    What I liked?
    • Visakha’s pride and standing up for Sameer.
    • Sameer’s bonding with Deepika.
    • Deepika’s innocence reflected in the drawing. Somani’s acceptance of Sameer.
    • Dadi’s disappointment on that issue and trying to influence was failing. She can see her plans are failing:
    • Deepika accepting Sameer, Somani accepting Sameer; Rohan neutral on helpful side to Sameer;
    • Visakha’s awareness of Dadi’s plans to defame Sameer.
    • Sameer and Deepika’s ice-cream outing.

    What I would like to see:
    • Dadi does not allow Sameer to see Naina (as per videos on You tube) but they still manage to communicate and meet up against all odds (Taiji and Dadi) Rohan helps (perhaps) stands alibi.
    • Dadi’s plan flops on herself
    • Samaina are in constant touch somehow and someway. Sameer please show some interest in Naina for chemistry to be built. It has fallen flat. It will cost you viewers.
    • Sameer happy to see Naina win. Inevitable hug of happiness, like hand holding when he returned from Ahmedabad. School asks Sameer to announce the winner. Similar incident and flashbacks when he announced the best student. Kumud teacher surprised to see Sameer in the school. Sameer gains honour in school and Rohan proud of it and announces in the house.
    • Dadi angry and frustrated. Sameer and Rohan become good friends.
    • She knows he is watching and constant eye catching during dance.
    That’s from me. I leave a note, If I don’t comment, it’s because, I am unwell and can’t come on my computer. Take care, keep commenting guys. Please do your posts nice and long and analytical.
    Hoping Lokesh and Saz (where are you?) Van, Mahi, Ghvpriya fidato, Yasir, Sha, RV Mahi Anu, Honest opinion, Sai, RV. Please remember its only a forum. These are personal viewpoints. Not everyone need to agree with everyone.

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