Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer plays a trick to lure girls to play sports

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina’s friends act to play volleyball so as to attract more girls towards the game. The girls play really badly. Other girls laugh seeing them thus. Naina asks the spectators to join but they stay put. Bela gets hurt on the eye. Munna scolds her but they tend to her first. Sunaina and her gang mock them for their efforts with their claps. It wont be of any good though. Naina reasons that such wounds are normal while playing. Sunaina agrees. They will be scolded when they will go to their house with broken nose and bruised eyes. They will be mocked. Your wedding was broken but they still have to find a guy in Dandiya night. Naina tells her that she also knows how to make personal comments but she knows her limits. Sunaina asks the girls to choose which side they are on – Dandiya or

volleyball. All the students stand behind Sunaina’s side. Naina tries convincing them. Sports is also important. It will make us and the college famous. We might be able to play for the country too some day. We got this chance after much difficulty that we can make girls proud. Kartik mocks that her name should be Sapna. You are an expert to showing dreams. His friend adds that such dreams break the noses when they break. Naina walks up to Swati. You always wanted to play volleyball since school time. You have a chance today. She holds out the ball for Swati. Swati holds the ball but Sunaina asks her to come for Dandiya practise. Munna taunts Swati with another sher. Sunaina again asks Swati to come. Swati quietly returns the ball to Naina. Sunaina remarks that Swati wont play with a cheater like her. She begins to walk away when Naina and Preeti pull her from either of the sides. Sunaina falls down in the process. Preeti and Naina laugh. Sameer asks them if they have gone mad. Sunaina compliments Swati’s dress. I will make yours just like mine. Let’s go for Dandiya practise. She takes everyone with her.

Arjun is watching TV. Bela asks him to get the mixer fixed. He agrees to go once the movie is over. Tai ji enters and scolds them for watching TV all the time. She switches it off. Arjun requests her to let him see the last seen. She taunts him for spending his time watching TV. Get this shirt ironed. Arjun suggests throwing it from here. Rakesh asks him why he cannot go himself. This is why the country is failing! This is the new generation! TV wont be of any good. Only hard work will pay off. He nods. Tai ji gives him a list to bring ration. Tau ji will pay him while coming. He nods. Arjun takes the mixer too. Rakesh also asks him to clean the scooter while returning. Don’t know why pigeons only like to sit on my scooter! I can banish them if it was up to me! Tai ji sits on the swing and Kabootar Ja song starts playing. Bela tries her best not to smile. Rakesh angrily sends Arjun to work while Tai ji asks Bela to bring tea and biscuits.

(Background: Naina) –
The idea had blackened out with the same speed with which Hema’s eyes had blackened! It could still be fixed with ice but I felt as if my GS stint was going to end right there. I was also relieved that I fought strong! It was brave enough!

Sameer asks everyone to practise. Munna suggests him to practise sitting sadly with them. Naina’s friends reason that Naina should have asked for more time. Naina is sure she will make the team but Sameer points out that it will be a joint effort. A few girls (4) walk up to Naina and her friends. They have been playing volleyball since school time. Naina welcomes them happily. She makes them note down their names and class in a register. I will call you for practise soon. Naina adds that we are also 4. Munna and Pundit decide to dress up as girls so they have total of 10 girls.

Everyone imagines Munna and Pundit dressed like girls and shout in unison. Sameer tells them it wont be needed. I have another idea.

Sameer and his gang are sitting in the canteen. Sameer intentionally speaks badly about the girls as they only think Dandiya can get them good guys. Every girl plays Dandiya in Gujarat before she learns anything else. He shows the poster of a tennis player. This is what draws guys to girls. Naina looks on quietly. Sameer keeps praising the tennis player. Anyone can fall for a girl who plays Dandiya but everyone is mad for Steffi Grass!

(Background: Naina) –
Agreed, everyone was mad about Steffi Grass in those days. When her score was 0, the cheers were louder and filled with much more normal than when she used to score.

Sameer continues talking about Steffi Grass. Girls who play sports are different than the rest. Guys fall for such girls easily! In India, especially in Ahmedabad, girls are only focused on makeup and Dandiya! Few girls walk up to him. We too have that will in us! Sameer laughs at them intentionally. I do not think so. They challenge him for sports. Sameer knows they cannot run in the sun or afford to fall in the mud. You only know how to put makeup or dance. He turns to Munna. Sports are the new voice of India. It is the best way to lure guys nowadays. He talks sweetly to Steffi’s photo while Naina looks on unhappily. He tells the girls how Naina is making efforts to make a sports team but none of you are eager to join her. They fall for it. Sameer looks closely. I see that kind of spirit in them. I will befriend only those who can play sports. Naina is clutching onto something in her angrily. Sameer leans very close to a girl while trying to make her fall for his idea. Naina bumps the thing angrily on the table. Sameer looks at her in surprise and backs off a little.

(Background: Sameer) –
My over acting, emotions went a little off board that day. We do not lie just the way as we talk normally in reality. I dint believe in a word that I was saying. Every girl, doing every bit, was special for me in every day. It dint matter if she played sport or if she dint. It dint matter if she danced or did anything else. But I could never dare to take the name of Steffi Grass again after what I did that day!

Epi ends on Naina’s angry face.

Precap: All the girls gather to play volleyball.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hi guys!!! Episode was too funny…😂😂
    Naina and Preeti imagining the same thing…It would have been fun if they do this in real with Sunaina 😉
    Really missing previous Arjun…This one still not suits…😅 Can’t connect to his acting at all…
    And the best one…Munna Pandit female version (especially Pandit was looking really wierd)😂😂…Got tear in eyes of launging😂😂🤣🤣
    AND last but not the least…Sameer’s overacting…😂😂😂…But he should be ready to face Naina’s anger… Really it was too much..😂😂😂
    Not able to understand precap…😅…

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