Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: The engagement date is fixed

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer and Naina argue over the two marriages thing. They both point out at the efforts they made to convince their families for the alliance. Everyone at Red Rose looks at them in confusion. Sameer tells everyone to focus on their work. He turns to Naina again. I can die for you but I can also kill for you! I will burn the entire world if you try to marry again. She asks him why it will happen. I will prefer to die instead. He says I too wont remarry. She points out that this is written in his kundli. He says the same about her. She refuses to accept it and so does he. He asks her if she will marry twice. She denies. I wont if you wont. He sweetly says I will marry you again. She looks at her hand. What to do about this then? Don’t know what is written in the fate. He gets an idea and asks her to come with him. A guy is painting pillars. He dips his right hand in the paint and keeps it over her left hand. Now our lines have been hidden by this color. If we think anything negative after seeing these lines again then our love will hold us together. We don’t know who wrote our kundli’s but we will write our destiny together. She nods. Title track plays in the background as they look at each other sweetly.

Bela asks Anand since when he started believing in kundli. You always used to scold me over such things. He replies that is isn’t about them but their daughter this time. I am supporting her against everyone. I am taking a decision against every decision. I get afraid thinking about anything going wrong in her life. I am in a delusion / worry for the first time in life.

Mama ji tells Sameer to understand. We are not your enemies. We swear on your Nanu. We have always given a thought to what’s best for you and we will do the same in future. Bobby says we went to their house twice. We even called Pundit ji home to match the kundli’s. What is our fault here if it did not match? He looks at his hand. Vishakha panics. What is this? He shares that he hid the lines which pointed to the fact that Naina is not in my destiny. I will even burn them if I have to. I am supposed to marry twice. I will marry twice but only to Naina. You guys should be happy as you will attend my wedding twice. The fun will be double twice and so will be the sweets. He feeds sweets to everyone. I know you are not in favor of this wedding but I know you will be very happy when I will marry Naina the second time. By then you would realize how nice Naina is. You guys only will tell me to marry her third time too.

Anand says we need to tell them. It might be a superstition but we cannot mess the lives of the kids. Naina comes there just then holding a holy book. She reads few lines about relations and marriage. You only told me that everything is fixed after reading these lines. Bela notices her red hand. Naina shares that they hid the lines which were hinting at her separation from Sameer.

Vishakha asks Sameer if he knows what he is saying. He nods. She reasons that it is about his life. He replies that his life is incomplete without Naina. I wont even listen to God if he will say this. Mama ji says we might agree but what about them. They have refused to budge. Bobby nods. They would have said something by now if they wanted to. Landline rings just then. Anand greets Bobby and says yes for the alliance. Bobby is taken aback whereas Sameer smiles. Anand says we will fix the engagement date tomorrow and inform you. Bobby ends the call disappointed. Vishakha asks him what they said. Bobby tells her what Anand had said.

Next morning, Naina looks on from far as Anand, Bela and Preeti sit with Pundit ji to fix the engagement date. Pundit ji sips tea. Bela tells him to take time but find one date. Pundit ji shares that 4th Feb is the best day. Their 32 gunas match. Bela brings sweets. Naina smiles shyly. She icks the landline and runs to the balcony to call Sameer. She thinks to tease him first and says she wont stay here for long. She is leaving. I wont be Naina Agarwal after 4th Feb. He asks her if someone said anything to her. Why are you saying so? Is everything alright? She replies that she will take her first step towards becoming Naina Maheshwari on 4th Feb. No kundli will be able to separate us then. Our engagement date has been fixed. He smiles broadly. Are you speaking the truth? She jumps and shouts I love you loudly. We will get married! Everyone looks at her from downstairs. Sameer also jumps in joy. I love you Naina. His family members look towards his room in surprise. Naina and Sameer dance happily. Sweet music plays. Naina’s neighbors are watching her in surprise. Anand, Bela and Preeti also smile seeing her happy. Naina covers her head with a dupatta and acts to be all shy. Anand shakes his head sweetly. Sameer dances holding sweater and strums his guitar. Naina runs inside.

Sameer looks at mirror and imagines Naina. He imagines dancing with Naina on the song Tere Daddy ne diya mujhe Permit. He kisses the sweater sweetly as he comes out of his dreamland. Naina calls him. He talks happily to her.

Precap: Vishakha asks Rakesh on phone about the hall chosen for the engagement. Rakesh shares that the engagement will happen downstairs only. There is ample space there. We will put a tent there only. Please inform your relatives. He disconnects the phone before she can say anything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sweta2005

    loved the episode ,it was too good

  2. Today’s episode was very sweet. Finally engagement date is fixed, now their relationship is going to be acceptable by society. I didn’t like the precap Safari Suit is so annoying ‘Naina ka baap mein hu engagement hall Mein nahi neeche hogi apne ristedaro ko Bata dejiyega’.
    Sameer and Naina’s dance was really awesome. ?

  3. Today episode gave me happiness upto 3 level ,

    1st )—–Ashi and sameer having really cute fight over 2 marriage

    2nd ) sameer and naina engagement date fixed

    3rd ) Dream sequence of sameer was also shown in today episode

    sammer and naina hardwork gave us 3 best moments that too on new year ,

    if any one agrees with me that dream sequence looks like so real ,kudos to camera team of ye unn dino ki baat hai ,

    did any one notice naina wore heels for the first time in serial for dance sequence ,

    here is the original song from movie that was used for dream sequence

    Hope you will enjoy it 🙂

  4. Missed Munna and Pandit today!!! Would loved to have seen their reaction when Sameer gave them the actual date!!

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