Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st December 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina tests Sameer’s love

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti teacher asking students to have breakfast and tea as bus will stop there for 10-15 days. Sameer plays moth organ. Munna and Pandit ask about it. Sameer says his special friend had given to him, but then her father got transferred and he forgot her. He says he is Pavan, sometimes here and sometimes there. Naina, Swati, and other girls hear him. Swati gets thinking and goes to naina. Principal talks to his wife. Shanti teacher asks students to sit in bus. Principal tells teacher about his wife whom he met over a coffee and then he got married too. Swati tells Naina that you are not his first love. Naina says that girl left Sameer and says she is sure that Sameer will marry her. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was tensed from inside, and doesn’t know that Sameer’s love was due to bet and not for marriage.

In the bus, Naina tells swati that Sameer is playing mouth organ nicely. Swati says it was given by his first love and have memories with it. Naina says you are jealous. Swati asks her how she will test if his love is for marriage or timepass. Naina says she is sure and tells film names. Swati asks her to take Sameer’s test. Naina asks are you mad? Swati says when great man gives test then why can’t him, you will know if he is hero or zero. Naina says he will also be my hero. Suddenly car gets punctured. Driver says he will change the tyre in 20-25 mins. Teacher asks students not to go far and says we shall stand near tea stall.

Sameer and Naina talk to each other. He asks how did you feel listening to me playing mouth organ. Naina asks him to play guitar. Sameer smiles. Naina also smiles. Swati says we are stuck in jungle. Munna says I can handle you. Swati says shall I call teacher. Pandit comes and takes Munna with him. Swati asks Naina to test Sameer and shares idea. Naina says this is a cheap idea and this place is strange. Swati says we have just 20-25 mins to test Sameer’s love.

Naina asks are you sure? Swati says yes. She comes to Munna and Pandit and asks where is Sameer? Munna asks what happened? Swati tells them that Naina went to jungle and got lost. She asks them to ask Sameer to go and search Naina. Munna and Pandit go in the jungle. Naina sees them and thinks where is Sameer. Swati sees Sameer and asks if he didn’t go? Sameer says he went to washroom. Swati says Naina went to jungle and haven’t come back. Sameer thinks Munna and Pandit must not have informed him as he went to washroom. He tells that he sent Munna and pandit to jungle to bring Naina. Naina comes infront of Munna and Pandit and asks where is Sameer. She says she is lost and goes.

Anand Chacha comes home and calls bela. She says she is in his heart. He asks why did you call me. Bela plays the song bahar se andar koi…hum tum ek kamre me band ho…and closes the door. They dance romantically and strikes RK’s pose. Rakesh pushes the door and comes inside, gets surprised seeing them in RK pose. Bela gets embarrassed and goes inside. Rakesh scolds Anand for coming home early and asks if he came to do this shameless thing. Anand says he was having pain in back and that’s why came back. He asks about his trip to Mount Abu.

Rakesh says someone locked him in library and bus left without him. Bela asks him to rest for 3 days. Rakesh tells that he will go in the morning as naina is alone there. Bela says I will give you Anand’s clothes. Rakesh says as Tai ji and Taya ji is not at home, they will have food there and asks her not to make tinde. Anand says Bela is cooking Paneer today. Rakesh says Paneer, and says I will eat your paneer, must have bought it as we were away. Bela gets angry. Anand says he is my big brother and holds her hand.

Rakesh shouts asking her not to add much salt in paneer. Bela goes to kitchen. Swati tells Sameer that she is worried for naina. Sameer asks her to come with him. Shefali and other girls come to neighbor’s house and try to cheer her up. Arjun sees her dancing on song and thinks she didn’t come for cricket practice and dancing here. Shefali feels pain in her leg. Some goons are going from there and gets inside the jungle. Naina asks them why they haven’t bring Sameer there. Sameer comes calling Naina. They ask if you want to reach or want Sameer. Naina gets happy seeing him and goes towards him. Kehdo ke tum song plays…..

Sameer admires Naina while the song mausam mausam plays…

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi Shashi i think sameer was saying about the beauty of nainital not about the girl .or mayb i m wrong as he is a total confusioneer… And regarding the mouth organ he said that he play it only on special occassion and according to him the trip was a special moment for him as is evident by the scene van he tell Mandit to forget about the bet and njoy the trip as this vl not come again n again

    1. Actually I was a little busy so couldn’t reply earlier

    2. Sashii

      Hai jyoti thank u for reply girl ❤❤❤❤

  2. SammyD
    So what you guys think of Naina’s new look here with Sameer????

    1. Aarti32

      They’re twinning..yippie??

  3. Harshaa

    Hai all happy monday.
    Sashii i think i agree with ravi and partly with sammy. As ravi said samer may not have forgot his ex. As its only one year after tht. Sameer is used to be left alone and moved on. First his mom and then his girl friend moved on. So he might be missing her as he said he will play it in special occassions.
    If he his still remembering her also its justified. As ravi said naina is still a bet for him. He cares for her but didn’t accept her as special friend. He is not recognising his feelings for her.
    Also may as sammy said he is just doing it to tease naina and make her jealous so tht she wil confess her feelings for him.So thts why may be he spoke soo loud tht naina will over hear. And tht smile near bus was a part of it.
    The cvs are confussing us a lot abt sameers character

  4. Yaar eise kapde pehenekelye nainas baggage should get lost….or it has to be her dream….but what ever it is Naina looking so cute?

  5. SammyD

    Morning guys it’s Monday ???☺️??5 days of YUDKBH???☺️???

    1. Yaar sammy yesterday i read ur comment. But sorry to contradict but based on sams talk he is talking like flirt saying i am like air and i am not trust worthy and all tht. Will it not create bad impression on him if naina listens it. And his bet thing may also fell in danger know. So why will he do it.
      I think ravi bhaiyya is right. He still feels for his ex love.And he didn’t expect naina as his love till now thts why tht scene was made

    2. yippee Sammy , was just gonna remind u all its MONDAY, count down has begun 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. SammyD

        Yes 4 & half hours to go for me ??☺️?

  6. Dear friends
    Wow 210 comments??????
    Pkj family ki baath Ithna comments main yukbh family pe dekha hai keep it up friends??
    Abhi yaha comment karne ka reason… yukbh ko lekhar my thoughts aap logo se share karne Ko hai
    So main bola YUDKBH ka episode main slowly dekh raha hu.because bet revelation ki wait kar rahi hu
    Ab main 53 episode thak dekha.sabko patha hoga naina ek success full writer bangayi hai aur usko bahuth awards bhi mila hai(first episode dekho tho samajh aayenge).ek episode main naina ki brother arjun Ko cricket kit lene ke liye naina ki father naina ka kuch money liya hai bola.uski taiji bola naina ki shadi ke liye money kaise hoga.sirf cha-cha ji ko nain ki future study ki tens tha.baaki sabko naina ki shaadi ke liye paisa kaise hogi tens tha.naina ka papa tau ji tai ji bola.ladkiyon Ko Ithna padake kya faida aakhir sasural jaayenge na.uss time poor naina ro rahi thi chup chap??????????.mujhe bahut sad Lag naina ko rotha hua dekh kar.aur uski papa tau ji tai ji ki soch dekh kar.phir bhi wo ek success full writer bangayi?
    Zyada log SamIna ki love story successful Bana hai ya nahi dekhna chaatha hoga.main unki love story success full hothe hua dekhne ki saath naina ek success full writer kaise bani dekhna chaatha hu.because naina ki family pe sirf chacha ji usko support Karthe hai.uski father tau ji tai ji nahi.
    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Hai uf how are u. Happy to see u back. Worried tht our comments tht day upset u. But u are back and we are happy

    2. Hai uf how are u. I think the bet track is going to end. But i want to see the story upto Sameer and naina getting married. I think when they started they thought to end it with a funute number of episodes as they thought it may be successful or not but as it is gaining popularity day by day(i said in early days itself tht its going to be a popular show after tmkoc for set india). I think they will go for season2 which will be sameer and nainas wedding and their small marital issues.

    3. Aayushi_kul

      Hey UF …..glad to see u here…i know u stopped commenting on pkj page nd i know d reason too….m too sad bcoz of the news of saumya’s negative charactr…bt nthng is confirmd ryt now….so chill …..nd abt naina i guess first epi m badi naina aashi hi thi…..nd yeah ye bet track jld hi end hoga don worry???

    4. Hai uf how r u. I think tht bet track is ending and we dont want a elder naina. We want a second season with naina and sameer who are shown as graduates or post graduates who are ready for marriage and their marital life also

    5. Shagun25

      Ya I also want to see this..the serial is a bit slow but its good as they are showing every detail..n tab zamaana bhi ti slow hi tha..not lyk today its actually quite realistic

  7. Shalni_Varun

    Hi Everyone!!
    I am new to tell updates. But a fan of YUDKBH , Sameer, Naina and every character! All are fun to watch. Thanks to the written updates, I don’t miss anything even if my lill baby keeps me occupied.

    1. Aayushi_kul

      Hey shalni di….welcum to our family….keep commenting

      1. Shalni_Varun

        Thanks aayushi

    2. Nice welcome. Be a part of yudkbh

      1. Shalni_Varun

        Thanks Neha

    3. Shagun25

      Welcome Shalini…same here 4 months son also makes it difficult to catch up every episode..but somehow I manage..sometimes thru TU,,SONY liv and ab repeat telecast bhi d best with your lil one and keep commenting

      1. Shalni_Varun

        Thanks Shagun, yea kids!! 🙂


    guys I was reading this twist, is this true … are they going to get another guy in Naina life to get Sameer jealous

    1. I think this fake as thd new guy was introduced and he is arjuns student. Also the fandom dont accept anybody opposite naina. Also thus bet will lead to transformation of sameer as the voice over already said tht sameer was in dilemma at tht time itself

  9. Hey UF3355….badi Naina shown in first episode is Ashi only….nobody else can act like Ashi….shez the best

  10. We can see only glimpses of Ashi in first episode….but it’s Ashi itself..I really wanted to see Sameer also …I mean bada Sameer… sometimes I think think that does makers want to show teenage love and adult love?

  11. I think this fake as thd new guy was introduced and he is arjuns student. Also the fandom dont accept anybody opposite naina. Also thus bet will lead to transformation of sameer as the voice over already said tht sameer was in dilemma at tht time itself

  12. SammyD
    News paper artical on Sameer & Naina mount Abu shooting n pics

  13. SammyD

    Those who haven’t seen this please watch the video, Naina teaching Sameer to dance with her

    1. Liz

      Really cute SAmmy…. thanks for posting ???

      1. SammyD

        Ur welcome Liz sweet ? It was refreshing seeing them together offscreen like that usually recently its Shanti teacher & Swati mostly with Him? Naina probably busy too as she has lots of scenes to do & reherse

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