Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: A Groom and his parents come to see Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Munna telling Mama ji that Sameer went to temple. Poonam says it seems he took sanyas. Mami asks Mama to call Vishaka and tell her everything. Mama ji says first we shall go and bring him back. Sameer comes back home and tells that he went to temple insearch of peace. Mami says you are just 19 and your age guys watch films, hang out etc. Sameer says it is all fake. Poonam asks why did you go barefeet? Mami asks if he wants new shows. Sameer says I got what I need and shows wood chappals. His voiceover tells that he became opposite to his personality and tells that he didn’t do 90’s wala love. Bela cries and asks Naina to learn to wear saree. Preeti says marriage didn’t happen yet. Naina asks can’t we refuse. Bela says your Chacha tried and cried a lot last night, he wished you would have born as our daughter. Tai ji tells Bela that they will do shagun also. Bela says they have not seen eachother. Tai ji asks her not to argue and come with her to get shagun ready. Naina sits on bed shocked. Preeti asks her to tell truth to Rakesh that she loves Sameer. Naina’s voiceover tells that she felt that God is punishing her for hurting his devotee. Sameer is walking on road and comes home.

Munna and Pandit play song and dance infront of Sameer. They talk about Swati and Naina. Sameer says it is bad and tells that humans’ heart shall beat for God. He says om. Mama ji asks if menka failed. Munna says we will not agree so soon. Tayi ji asks Taya ji when they will come? Taya ji says they will come. Tayi ji says her saas and sasur might be blessing her happily today. Rakesh comes there. Taya ji and Tayi ji ask him to maintain silence on his face. Bela brings tea cups. Rakesh asks her to give tea in old cups else they will look rich. Sharad and his parents come there. Tayi ji praises his mum’s saree and asks Bela to get water. Taya ji asks Sharad about his job. Sharad says he is working under CA Dilip Mirani and tells that he tells that he will become more big CA than him. Sharad’s mum asks about Naina. Rakesh says she is doing B.Com. Munna and pandit show wine to Sameer. Sameer scolds them and asks them to drink fruit juice, and asks them to go.

Naina brings tea. Sharad likes her. bela tries to help her and hold the tray, but Tai ji stops her. Taya ji and Tayi ji praises her. Sharad’s mum asks if she knows cooking. Taya ji says she knows everything. Sharad’s mum tells that they shall let them talk. Tai ji says just 10 mins. Sharad tells Naina that his boss praises him a lot, and asks her to look at him. He says my friends tell that I am handsome and asks about her school and college. Naina says Pragati Vidhalaya, and VJN college. Sharad says he studied from Patel and asks why did she join VJN. Naina reminisces Sameer and says just like that. Sharad tells Naina that he likes to watch movies and has a hobby to write letters. He asks did you like to write letters to your dad.He tells that CA Dilip and his wife used to write love letters to each other before marriage. He drinks cold drink and asks Naina to drink too. Preeti comes and knocks on the door. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, guys used to question, and girls used to hear, she says she wanted him to reject her as she don’t want to marry him or any other else. Sharad goes to tell his decision to the family.

Sameer tells that he will stay in Ashram and will go to Pune. Mama ji tries to stop him. Sameer starts to leave.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Pagal naina….nd sameer Vera level performance

  2. Who the Hell is this CA Dilip Mirani??This Sharad is So irritating…A Self obsessed guy… It seems that he brought proposal of his Boss for Naina??I was burst with anger when he said..Ab Mera Faisla sunane ka waqt aa gya hai…??Who was he to judge Naina? Hasn’t he looked in mirror before saying this…He is not even ‘H’ of Handsome…
    Sameer should hit on Sharad,Taiji and Safari Suit head with his wooden slippers???to get their brains back in place….
    Hats off to Munna Pandit friendship with Sameer…They are making every possible try to bring back Sameer from that Tapasvi mode…
    I think that if Naina would have told about Sameer and her relationship…Rakesh would not hang himself instead he would have killed Naina…As he has no emotional attachment with her…

    1. Muhammad Ayyoob Baloch

      Yeah ! U r ryt . Sharad is not able for naina . He must off the seen .

  3. Hope Judge Sahab Naina ko reject kar de )))))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. Guys,ashu great going ma………… good to hear your comments……….
    yeah i really don;t like this Sharad character (Comedy piece)

    Sameer you look good in all getup man, but come back from tapasvi mode and do something for your Naina- Poor girl not able to express her feelings in front of her family….

    now chachaji will also support sameer,i believe………………..

    Need to see some magic happen and suddenly Rakesh and chachaji support Naina’s marriage proposal with Sameer which in turn insult tayaji and taiji…..Longing to see this……………

  5. Mohammad Murad Ali Khan

    I think , sharad is a very bad boy . If the naina was not responding him that he should reject it at all, , p:->

  6. Muhammad Ayyoob Baloch

    Yar ! What a hell , why naina is ruining the life of sameer . She must summon some courage and say to her family.

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