Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: New twitst in elections

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Swati and Kartik hand over the ballet boxes to the teachers. JBR asks them to wait outside. We will count the votes and come outside. They nod.

Bhabhi gives tea to Mami. Mami tells her to be ready in evening. We have to go somewhere. Bhabhi gets excited thinking they will go for shopping but Mami tells her we will be visiting a doc. Bhabhi keeps guessing. Mami speaks of getting her check up done so they get blessed. I want to become a Dadi. Bhabhi feels shy. Why visit a doc for that? It will happen naturally. Mami says it would have happened long ago if it had to. Bhabhi decides to call her husband Devang but Mami wants only her to go. There isn’t any problem with him.

(Background – Naina):
I have said it in the past too and I am saying it today too. Time

has changed but the thinking is still the same. Are we girls only responsible for whatever does not happen? Sadly, only girls are questioned in such cases!

JBR announces the result. Neither Sunaina nor Naina has won. Their votes are equal. It’s a tie. Sameer asks them how the decision will be made this time. JBR says Principal Ma’am’s vote will decide the winner now. She will support the candidate who has scared the max marks this time. Naina and her friends get happy thinking Naina has won already. Munna starts dancing. Swati is quiet. He asks her why she isn’t happy. JBR shares that he was only joking. Sunaina got 459 votes. Sunaina and her friends taunt Naina on her defeat. Sameer asks JBR about Naina’s votes. He goes inside to check as the counting is still on.

(Background – Sameer):
I enjoyed so much in college elections that I still cast my vote and so do my friends. People can gossip over tea atleast. It was ultimate fun that day. I felt like Vijay Dinanath Chauhan from Agneepath movie.

Principal Ma’am shares the final results with students. Sunaina got 459 votes whereas Naina got! Munna stops her from speaking any further. We are sure Naina must have won. Principal Ma’am tells him to shut up. Naina got only 100 votes. Sunaina and her team start booing. Principal Ma’am repeats Naina’s score. Sameer and Swati look at each other. The new GS of VJN is Sunaina Parekh. Naina’s friends refuse to believe it. Entire college was supporting her. You heard her speech. Sameer calls it cheating. Her votes were stolen from the ballot box. Pundit blames Kartik but he asks them to ask Swati. She was there only. Sameer asks Swati to be honest. Has Kartik stolen the votes? Swati declines. He was standing quietly there. He dint touch the box. Sameer calls it a lie. I can prove it. More than 500 people voted. Where are the remaining votes? JBR finds it to be a valid point. Something is surely fishy here. Munna and Pundit get into a duel with Kartik and his friends. Principal Ma’am stops them. I am going to rusticate all of you now! Sameer asks her to rusticate the thieves but Kartik calls them a spoilsport. Principal Ma’am reminds them they are in a college. I will rusticate all of you if you guys fight again. She confirms Swati’s statement once again. JBR asks her if she went anywhere for 2 minutes. One girl shares that she went to washroom for 5 minutes. Swati accepts it. Sameer asks her if she couldn’t have told any of them. Kartik played with the votes then only. Kartik insists he isn’t a magician to open the locked boxes and shift votes. My Nana ji is trustee. I could have called them and twisted things around. Principal Ma’am reminds him that college runs on rules. She tells something in mute to JBR. Sameer looks at Naina.

JBR tells Sameer his point is valid. Voting was more than 559 certainly but Kartik too isn’t wrong. No one can steal the votes from closed boxes. Principal Ma’am adds that they can change the decision if Sameer can prove his point. I will have to declare Sunaina the winner otherwise. Sunaina and her friends cheer happily.

Everyone is quiet. Sunaina takes everyone for a treat. She tells Naina to get used to losing now. Her friends cheer for her as they walk away. Sameer looks unhappy. I cannot accept that we lost!

Rakesh’s elder brother questions Rakesh as to how they got court notice if he dint give bribe. It is written that Arjun wont be able to play cricket ever again if you miss the court session. He would be banned! Anand asks his brother if this is why he sold his car. Rakesh tells him to keep his suggestions to himself. Tai ji is worried about the society. How will we face everyone? He could not handle his kids at all! He was trying t make Arjun Cricket Kumar. Bela tells her to think how to find a solution of this problem. Rakesh decides to tell Judge he hasn’t given any bribe and he is free to make any decision. His elder brother slaps him. You have already made us look down and are acting now!

(Background – Naina):
We always saw Papa raising a hand on others but this had happened for the first time. Back then, it wasn’t as easy to ignore / walk away from such incidents like it is today. You had to owe up to the mistakes you make in those days. Papa dreamt of seeing Arjun Bhaiya play for the country all his life. That day, with that slap, Arjun Bhaiya was run out of the cricket pitch for forever!

Sameer walks inside the canteen and confronts Kartik. I know you have cheated. Where are Naina’s chits? Kartik admits messing with the votes. Are you happy now? How will you prove it though? You cannot! Munna asks Sameer to come but Sameer shakes his head. Sunaina plays Muqaddar ka Sikandar song.

(Background – Sameer):
Only hero and heroine get the chance to make an entry on songs like that. Kartik and Sunaina were the heroes in the story too from their perspective. Everyone is a hero in their own story. That time, Sunaina and her gang was ruling so they deserve the chance! Do you think we will also get a chance to show off on the song?

Munna tells Sameer to drop it. Kartik asks Sameer if he is angry. I give you a hint. The votes are still in college. Munna and Pundit accept the challenge. Kartik tells them to show him and talk less. You have less time. We have kept a party in evening. You can join us if you fail.

Precap: Naina takes Swati’s bag and empties it. She finds the chits there and looks at Swati.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Poor Swati, trying to swim with the big fish and was set up…Of course, they let her put the chits in her bag so she can be found out and yes, they are going to throw her under the bus for sure!! Does Naina really look at Swati’s body language and see that she was not the same person as before? Knowing Naina, she will forgive her.

  2. Yes Codner I totally agree to this . Swati never thought about this.waiting for next episode.

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