Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer’s samosa woes

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer’s trainer tells him to focus on training. There is no excuse in acting. Just imagine yourself to be the samosa vendor who hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Sameer says I came here to become a hero and not sell samosa. Trainer says you have to get into a role to fully live it. Good and bad times come in everyone’s life. Sameer is reminded of his Mama ji’s words. Sameer tries again.

Preeti and Naina go for a walk with the ladies. Vanita asks her if the ceiling work has started. Naina nods. Vanita says it will be as you must be missing. Naina asks her what she was hinting at. Vanita says your room. Naina agrees. Preeti asks Vanita why she called them here. Vanita offers them samosas. Preeti teases Sejal that her shop will be getting closed soon. Sejal says anyone can make samosas. Vanita says they are Chinese samosas. Preeti jokes that she dint have to go to China to bring samosas. Vanita says I was sure you will crack such a joke. Typical you! These have noodles inside. Vanita tells them the recipe.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I lied to Naina about breakfast so she doesn’t get worried. When she found out the truth, she decided to do something to brighten my mood. I cannot tell you what she did right now but what will happen wont be anything less than a filmy scene!

Naina is cooking at home whereas Sameer is on his way home.

Preeti looks at the pager excitedly.

Voiceover – Naina:
We dint call Preeti Hanuman for no reason. She exhausted her savings to buy a pager for Sameer so Sameer and I could be connected. She hid it from her MIL. Everyone has such a Hanuman in their lives. Call your Hanuman if you want help.

Preeti hides the pager and bill behind her back as her MIL comes there looking for Panchang. Preeti drops the bill on the floor and keeps the pager back in the back. Nirmala ji notices the bag. Did you go to market? Preeti nods. I went to buy socks for Shubham ji. The bill slips under the bed as Nirmala ji reaches out for the bag.

Sameer is confused to see Shivani. She sings a song and makes him sit. Why do you run away whenever I try to come close? You wont find a girl like me anywhere. He falls down as she moves closer. She says sorry to him. You are very nice. I got you samosas. Tell me how they are. This is my love. He gets confused. She covers up saying that he is her good friend.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I was hungry all day. I played the role of a samosa vendor and hoped I could eat a samosa. Now my wish was finally getting fulfilled in a very different way! Wait and watch how it will turn out.

Sameer eats samosas and rushes out of there.

Tanvi tells Nirmala ji that Gauri aunty has called for her. It is something related to Sejal. Nirmala ji looks at Preeti and then at Tanvi. Say it more loudly. She goes with Tanvi.

Doorbell rings. Naina thinks it will be Sameer but it is Gopal. He has come to check the construction work. Sameer steps inside stealthily and is about to hug Naina from behind when he hears Gopal’s voice. He pretends to fix the painting. I came here to pick my stuff. Gopal tells him to stay there for few more days. The work isn’t complete yet. I will come in evening.

Sameer turns to Naina who asks him why he dint go to class empty stomach. He replies that he dint wish to disturb her. She says you have disturbed me a lot now as I kept wondering if you ate something or not. He recalls eating samosas just now. She makes him sit. I made something special for you. She brings a plate of Chinese samosas. Sameer’s stomach seems upset.

Voiceover – Sameer:
I could neither eat it nor ignore it for Naina’s sake. It is true that there is a surprise in wedding every day!

Naina feeds Sameer with her own hands. Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachao plays in the background. She is about to bring gulabjamun but his stomach is upset. She speaks of spending time as Rakesh isn’t home but he runs away to attend to the urgent matter.

Vanita asks Shivani to bring salt but Shivani is too lost in DDLJ. She has to shout the second time but Shivani advises her to inform Jatin. Send him a pager. Vanita leaves a pager for Jatin.

Jatin receives Vanita’s text. Vanita asks her to bring more items and sends him numerous texts. Jatin says I cannot make an excuse before wife now. I have to buy it! He keeps receiving more such texts.

Voiceover – Naina:
Pagers were created to finish off the work easily and connect with people. We had our different reasons behind getting pagers. Professionals could follow up on work and lovers could send I love you texts to their lovers.

Nirmala ji tells Shubham that Preeti stays busy on call all day. Shubham confirms if Preeti dialled out or it was an incoming call. She says it is an incoming call. He is relieved but she suggests him to make her stay free for sometime too. she spends half of her day talking to her mother and the rest of the time she is busy with Naina. Sameer enters. Nirmala ji offers him samosas but he tells her that he wont eat anything. Nirmala ji happily tells Preeti not to make dinner for Sameer. Preeti nods and resumes her call with her mother.

Preeti asks Sameer if he is fine. You don’t look fine. He says it is because of those special samosas. He tells her everything honestly. She laughs hearing his story. He says I cannot tell you how I said no to Naina. Papa ji wasn’t home. I could have spent time with her. She assures him he will get time as his SIL is here. She speaks of surprise. He seems hesitant but she hints that this surprise can do wonders for him and Naina. She shows him pager. He asks her if she brought it for Shubham but she tells him she got it for him. He politely refuses. I can give you a gift but I cannot take one from you. She reasons that he would need lots of permissions to buy it. you can gift me a car once you become a hero. He burps and asks for something. She agrees to bring it. He requests her not to tell anything to Naina. I couldn’t say no to her. Preeti assures him she wont. She turns to go but then notices Naina at the door, staring down at them pointedly.

Voiceover – Naina:
I pretended to be upset with Sameer that day. Even after 5 years he couldn’t understand that I get upset with him for his well being.

Precap: Sameer and Aditya are selling samosas near their society. Gopal and Gauri walk up to Aditya to buy samosas. Sameer notices them and looks panicked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. sorry for slight miscalculation that sameer and Aditya will sell samosa in today episode,but it would be in tomorrow episode , so naina is pregnant episode might come on Friday or next week Monday , love the possessive ness of naina today ,she grabbed sameer arm and made him eat samosas ? i also want a Hanuman like Preeti , she is doing so much for naina and sameer ?

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