Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Sunaina forced to post sorry posters

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It is morning. Everyone is going on with their usual tasks.

Munna, Pundit and their friends are happily discussing about yesterday’s incident. They clap for Naina as soon as she enters. Naina thanks Sameer for helping her regain her self-respect. I cannot thank you enough. He reminds her that there is no sorry and no friendship between friends. She points out that they should thank Sameer instead. He again reminds her that there is nothing individual anymore. It is ours. She says sorry to him and he repeats his previous dialogue. They all smile. Everyone dances happily.

(Background – Naina):
Kumar Sanu’s song used to play in everyone’s minds and walkmans back then but S P Balasubramaniam’s song was like a breath of fresh air in our life. People wonder why

they can easily remember told songs. They were so connectable with our memories and are still relatable to our present day to day life.

Munna notices Sameer caressing his cheek and asks him if he has toothache. He denies. People don’t listen to others these days. Naina too says the same dialogue. One should be alert. Sameer is sure the thief will steal the prize at any cost. One can be as much alert at they want to. She says as if police is wearing bangles. He will be beaten surely. Their friends give up on them and head to Red Rose.

Sunaina and Kartik are in the photo studio. They are happy thinking they will teach a good lesson to Sameer and Naina. Sunaina thanks Kartik for his help. He holds her hand reassuringly. I am always with you. Photographer hands them an envelope.

Naina and her gang come in the corridor with dhol. Sunaina and Kartik’s friends look on. They are sure their happiness is short lived. Munna and Pundit dance around them while playing dhol loudly. Munna announces that Principal Ma’am has allowed girls and boys to play Dandiya together. Swati smiles whereas Sunaina and her gang are confused. Pundit adds that their GS Naina Agarwal is inviting Kumar Sanu as the chief guest. They cheer for Naina. Sunaina is holding an envelope behind her back. Naina walks up to Sunaina. My Chacha ji always says that we should always think of winning and not of defeating someone. You thought of the latter. Maybe that’s why your dream of becoming GS broke. Sameer tells her to fulfil her promise now that she has lost. Naina reminds them of putting Sorry Naina posters in entire college. Everyone supports Naina.

Priyam asks Kartik why he isn’t showing the photos. Sameer sings a song to show them where they stand. Sameer pushes Kartik a little as he walks past him. His friends follow him.

Priyam questions Kartik as to why he dint show the photos. Let’s tell Principal Ma’am what these two are up to! Kartik slaps him. Priyam asks him why he is taking out their anger on him. You should have shown it then! Sunaina throws the envelope at him. Pictures fall down.

Flashback shows Sunaina and Kartik looking at black photos. Photographer tells them that the person who clicked them dint open camera shutter.

I felt pity for Kartik for a slight moment. He put in so much efforts but dint get any outcome. Naina and I would have been dead if this had happened in 2018. Pictures were clicked but nothing came out. It is impossible today. This is the problem / danger. If one photo does not come out nicely then you can click many more. It wasn’t so back then. Very few families had camera in those time and pictures were clicked very carefully. A proper process had to be followed. Why wont I not feel pity for Kartik?

Preet, Pundit and Munna come to tell them that Sameer has asked them to write Sorry with red colour and Naina with blue colour. It should be clear and bold. Use good fevicol or it might come off like your faces. They tease them before they walk away. Sunaina looks at Swati pointedly.

Sameer tells Naina that she can beat him or send him to jail but this thief will steal this time. You can try as much as you want but I will kiss you on Dandiya night. She refuses. We aren’t doing anything before marriage. Remember what Chacha ji said? He replies that he only listens to his heard. He stays put. They challenge each other on the same. Priyam has overheard their convo. Naina and Sameer share a long eye lock. A romantic song plays in the background. She looks away shyly as he inches closer. She pushes him away sweetly and goes.

Kartik and Sunaina are putting Sorry Naina posters everywhere. His cousin taunts him on the same. I thought you are strong and capable of doing things differently but you turned out to be a coward. Why did you accept challenge when you had to lose? You will tell me first next time if anything goes wrong. Another guy in the group offers to teach a lesson to Sameer but Kartik wants to tackle it on his own. Sunaina scolds Kartik. I have become a joke in the entire college because of you! Sameer is doing so much for Naina while you couldn’t even click photos!

Priyam excitedly comes to tell Kartik what he heard but gets slapped instead. Sameer and naina are lucky but it wont last for long! I am just waiting for the right moment. Priyam tells them that that time is about to come. He tells them about Sameer requesting Naina for a kiss. He has challenged to kiss her on Dandiya night. A girl says Naina wont kiss him but Sunaina is positive that Sameer will make her agree. Kartik vows to catch them red handed this time and show it to Principal Ma’am. They both will be out of college then.

Students look on curiously as Kartik and his friends post Sorry Naina posters on the walls. Munna and Pundit tease Kartik. He is about to hit them but Sameer intervenes. Stop staring and go! Sunaina too asks Kartik to come. He complies.

Swati looks at Naina. She is about to post the poster on the wall but Naina tells Sunaina to stop. You have put enough posters. Munna objects but Naina dismisses them. Swati leaves without a word.

(Background – Sameer):
I wasn’t in agreement with Naina’s decision. If it was up to me then I would have made Sunaina and Kartik pin posters on the wall for next 7 days but I knew that it wasn’t stubborn Naina’s decision to stop them. It was actually the decision of Swati’s childhood and best friend. I had to listen to her to make sure she agrees to my request too.

Precap: Everyone is enjoying Dandiya function in VJN.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Today I felt that some scenes are little incoordinated…Like they should have shown the classroom Samaina dialogues in continuity…Let me know if anyone felt the same?
    And the most funny part…Shutter was off…🤣🤣.. Idiot Priyank… Although the Kartik-Sunaina gang is negative but still we can’t hate them as they add more of fun part….
    Plzz makers give Swati some dailogues and new dresses…She usually reapeats two dresses alternatively…And hasn’t even spoke more than 4-5 words since after her separation with Naina and group… That’s enough of Swati drama…Plzz reunite her with Naina and group as soon as possible…
    Naina’s gesture for Swati was so sweet…She didn’t want to let down her bestie…
    So next week will be the most awaited one… Let’s see if kiss happens or not…🤞

  2. Yes Ashu, after Samaina gang teased Sunaina and Karthik gang then suddenly class room romance – seriously maker need to concentrate on editing part – there was many minimal mistakes which easily pointed by us in prior episodes too.

    god’s grace – there was no agarwal family drama otherwise they would have wasted some minutes in yesterday’s episode……

    yeah i totally agree with you on Swati’s part – wat for makers waiting for…… even in dandiya celebration also Swati is with Sunaina gang……………… poor Munna…… eager to see how they going to reunite swati with Naina —— I know it will happen just like that without any major drama always makers will do the same if we anticipate something and they will makes that as simple as excepted….

    All are looking very beautiful and colourful, eagerly awaiting for next week episodes….

  3. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    It’s most light- hearted show on Indian television. With some funny moment, A cute love-story,strong bond of friendship. With the theme of 90s and beauty of Indian joint family. So far my favorite show on Indian television.

  4. Aarti32

    Anyone here?? Excited for Dandiya??😍

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