Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina tries to prove Shanti teacher’s innocence, Dadi insults Munna and Pandit

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Sumani saying he will leave now for office. Dadi asks him to wait and deposit cheques in bank. Munna and Pandit feign to get stomach pain. Dadi asks Keshav to amla ka murabba with cassette. Mr. Sumani sees cassette and slaps Keshav. Keshav says it is not mine, I got it in their bag. Mr. Sumani asks Munna and Pandit if it is theirs. Dadi slaps Munna and Pandit. Keshav smiles. Sameer asks Dadi. Dadi asks if it has become filmy. Vishaka says I don’t hope this from you both. Dadi says one fish ruins all fishes and acts to cries. Mr. Sumani asks them to leave. Munna and Pandit go from there crying. Sameer thinks his friends were punished because of him. He says mistakes always teach a lesson.

Naina comes to Shanti teacher and hugs her. She says sorry Maam, letter was mine. I will tell Papa. Shanti teacher stops her and asks her not to become mad. Naina says it is matter of your respect. Shanti teacher says I will get job in a good school, and people will forget it soon, but if you tell them truth then nobody will understand, forget specially your Papa. Naina says I can’t bear if anyone raises punishment. Shanti teacher asks her to let her face the troubles. Naina’s voiceover tells that teachers are called by different names today. She says I have only one teacher whose name is just one, Shanti teacher. Shanti teacher gives her swear and asks her not to tell anyone. Naina hugs her and cries. All students paste posters in the school to protest for Shanti teacher’s exit. Kamya and her friend talk about Shanti teacher’s love letter.

Naina says you shall be ashamed to think. Kamya says Shanti teacher shall be ashamed. Naina asks what did she do? Swati takes Naina from there. Naina tells her that she will tell everything to Rakesh. Swati says your father will get you expelled from school and will make your life miserable. Munna gives handkerchief to Sameer given by Naina. Sameer gives something and asks them to give to Naina. Munna and Pandit tell that they are not bothered about their respect, but for him. Sameer says he will tell everything to Vishaka. Munna and Pandit stop him. They hug and cry. Sameer asks them not to tell anything to Naina. Vishaka comes there. Munna and Pandit tell them that they haven’t done anything wrong which will lower Sameer’s respect.

Vishaka says your tears told everything. She asks them not to worry as she is with her son and will take care of him. Sameer’s voiceover tells that his heart starts beating and thought even she has mom now. Naina, Swati and other kids come to Principal’s office and tells that they want to tell poetry to him. Principal asks them to read. Naina, Swati, Preeti and others read poetry praising their teacher. Principal says I will tell my poetry. Naina says we will hear some other day and tells that today it is Shanti teacher’s last day and asks him to come for her farewell. Principal says no, it is impossible. They convince him to come. Preeti asks him to show to the world that though he looks simple, but has extraordinary thoughts and can write history. Principal says ok and asks them to make arrangements for farewell.

Everyone gather in the class for the farewell of Shanti teacher. Swati tells them that Naina wants to say few words before Shanti teacher leaves. Naina says we all do mistakes and tells Principal that today he did a big mistake of thinking Shanti teacher wrong. She says we all know why you are firing her from job. She says it is not right that she is getting punished for someone’s mistake. Rakesh asks her what is she saying? Principal asks Naina to say. Naina says it was written by one of the student. Rakesh asks why Shanti teacher didn’t tell us. Naina says to save that student’s respect, she took blame on her head. Rakesh asks her to tell about the great student. Naina looks on.

Sameer tells her neighbor friend that he needs a job, but they all need graduates. Girl says if he wants then he can get job in radio. Sameer agrees.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi guys. Once again a nice episode. I feel jealous to see the frndship between the trio. Love ? u mundit. Happy ? to see vishaka’s bonding with Sameer. Her love will strengthen Sameer more and more. And about Shanti mam, she is fabulous. I can’t even imagine my teachers doing a sacrifice like her. Hats off to her. Naina’s effort to prove that Shanti teacher isn’t wrong, shows the bonding between teachers and students of 90s. Nice precap. Sameer radio ? jockey. Wow. I hope he’ll talk more and more about luv.

  2. Today’s episode really made me cry, it was so emotional. Samundit’s friendship, Naina’s bonding with her teacher???
    Munna and pandit, hats off to them. The way they care more for Sameer feeling lonely than caring about how they themselves would feel lonely, their selflessness is amazing❤
    And shanti teacher, she’s more than a teacher. She is just like naina’s mother??
    Well… let’s see what Naina says…and precap???
    But am confused about something. Does Vishakha know that the cassette didn’t belong to mundit?
    Goodnight everyone

  3. hi Guys,

    today’s episode is simply superb, iam speechless – good to see the upcoming episodes….

  4. Such an emotional episode…… Munna pandit are not friends alone they’re sameer’s mother father n also trying to fill up naanu space…. Person will be blessed enough if they get friends like mundit…… N really got tensed when Dadi slapped mundit n pretended crying….. Such evilness in her eyes ??…. Shanti teacher no words to describe her greatness, I wonder if these type of teachers exist in 21st century…….. Vishaka somehow understood that mundit would not have done this n might be dadis plan n now onwards sameer will overcome loneliness bcos of vishaka…….. N precap sameer as a radio jockey ?❤if it happens then he’ll definitely speak indirectly about naina n will become love guru of 20th century…….. N heard that they’re shooting some scenes in ahmedabad ?happy n precap why sameer is wearing sweater so winter season started ??but miss arjun n shefali

  5. Btwn where’s lokesh n deb comment ??

    1. Lokesh

      Hello I m here, I hvnt commented as it was updated very late today.

  6. Lokesh

    Hello, gud morning guys and mr. Hasan u updated very late today, if u are not well than it’s okay, get well soon as u update our show, without any expecting anything from us . so a big thank u to u.
    Coming to episode it was superb today, we got to see what trust is called, which vishakha have for mundit and Sameer, between those scenes I only love the scene when Mr. Sumani slapped Keshav, that was very gud, Naina talk with princi, was amazing, they all fought for their teacher and her respect, this is what a teacher and student relationship is all about, Shanti mam we all salute u, ur dedication as a teacher to not ruin student respect, just because she will not allowed for anything in future , when Rakesh knows about it, u take all blame on urself, a grt applaud to u .
    Applaud applaud and applaud,
    U deserve a standing ovation.
    Munna pandit bear up everything on their head without arguing just fot Sameer’s sale was way true frndshp is called, waiting wat Naina will do today, and precap – so our Sameer will be R.J. now . Missing Arjun . And looking for Deb comments, and thanx to all who r commenting, and San for remembering me.

  7. Hello everyone
    Thanks Hasan as usual for painstakingly uploading the update. The viewers look forward for your updates. May you be well and healthy to be able to upload the update. Thanks, from all of us.
    I have read your comments. Thanks for a mention from San and Lokesh. Sai, Anu, Devi, San and Lokesh.
    I am now certain that the creatives must be looking for viewers comments. Missing all the others’ comments. Come on people, we enjoy reading each ones’ viewpoints and comments. Please have 23 comments at least daily?

    YUDKBH is now #2 show. Obviously, viewers did not much appreciate the track.
    1. Friendship: Mundit define friendship: Selfless, unconditional, friends are their always when you are in need, ready to embrace with love, and hit you when on wrong path. True honest feedback is given.
    2. Mother’s love: Finally! Sameer’s mum for him
    3. Dadi’s evilness: can’t wait to see how it will be exposed and she expelled from the house. I was hoping to see that happen while mundit were there.
    4. Somani: I hope he will become a responsible man with his own viewpoint and not be a ‘bobby’ for his mum.
    5. Rohan (clap, clap, clap) he had stood up for Sameer in the last episode and let mundit stay with Sameer against Dadi’s wishes (kudos) – start of understanding between Rohan and Sameer.
    6. Vishaka: Finally seeing the ‘things’ when she expressed that Mundit’s tears are telling the truth.
    What may or must happen:
    Sameer as RJ will play songs for Naina and Mundit at certain time daily. Naina and Mundit realise that. Munna is in touch with Sameer and will tell Naina so Naina becomes glued to the radio at the appointed time.
    Sameer studies and tops in his class. (Dadi irked)/ Rohan has respect and admiration for Sameer.
    Deepika and Rohan support Sameer. Sameer is nice towards Rohan and Deepika.
    Thanks everyone for your comment.

    1. Lokesh

      Hmm these things should happen and then I want transfer of mr. Sumani to Ahmedabad, so that all will be there, and then our gang ,mundit Naina Preeti Swati Arjun Shefali, Deepika and Rohan in same school or cllg ( not for Deepika) .it will be fun to watch it, and they can give a lesson to dadi to only when they are together.

  8. Hey guys just see samaina dance practise it’s so cute ?? waiting for this track so they’ll end up meeting together in Delhi school n not at sameer’s delhi home bcos of devil dadi stops naina from entering into the house ?

  9. I think the link might not be working so here’s one more time….. Go n watch it

  10. Mundit luv u yaar

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