Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Boys’ and Girls’ to dance together in Dandiya

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Munna and Sameer head toward the toward but Pundit opens the drawer to check whose photo Principa Ma’am was looking at. They hold back their laughter seeing Kumar Sanu’s photo and come out of that room. They have a hearty laugh outside. Pundit points out that the sofa, table and almost everything in that room was shaking when Mam was dancing. Munna adds that there is nothing left to see after what he saw today. They discuss that Mam seems to be a very big fan of Kumar Sanu. Sameer gets an idea. Now girls and boys will do Dandiya together. Mam herself will give the permission now.

Sameer, Munna and Pundit come outside while talking. Preeti and her friends talk unhappily about Dandiya practise. It is no fun without boys. Naina also comes there. Sameer asks her why she took off her locket. She teases him saying that she should have worn it at home so that everyone can ask her from where she got such a beautiful necklace. I would have gotten completely shy and tell them that their SIL gave it to me, right? He smiles. He sweetly points at his cheek. They share an eye lock. Naina asks him if he wants one more slap. Preeti asks them what they are talking about. Sameer tells her to ask Naina. Naina lies that they were talking about who they should invite as chief guest for Dandiya function. Preeti smiles. Sameer tells them not to worry. I will call a great celebrity. Naina suggests inviting the head of Agarwal committie but Sameer again tells them not to worry. I will invite a guest because of whom Principal Mam will allow girls and boys to dance together. The girls get excited. Sameer tells them to see his magic. He walks away smiling to himself. Naina asks Munna and Pundit but they too are clueless. Pundit asks Kamya who she will dance with. She tells him not to bother about that. You will anyways dance with Munna as Swati is not here. Swati looks at them. Munna notices her and taunts her with a sher.

Sameer comes there on his bike and asks Naina to sit. She denies. Who will follow the rule made by Mam if i wont? Munna and Pundit tease her by calling her Masterni and make a few spontaneous verses. Naina teases them back by talking about getting good marks in exams. Sameer asks Naina again but she tells him to understand. He nods but leaves to finish some important work.

Mama ji calls Vishakha ji and shares the good news with her. Poonam is all smiles. Mami ji tells her just to rest now. I will do everything. She happily agrees. Mama ji is sure their grandson will be equally naughty. Poonam holds Devang’s hand asking him if he is happy. He nods but removes her hand awkwardly. Sameer comes home. He is thrilled to hear the news and congratulates the couple. He suggests names for a girl and a boy. He then asks Mami if he can ask her something. She tells him to ask for anything except her life. I don’t want to die before seeing my grandson.

(Background – Naina):
Does it sound strange to you today or not? Back then such remarks were completely normal. Times are changing. Girls and boys are equal now. We have indeed changed with time too but there is still a long way to go.

Sameer requests Mami to ask her Director brother in Mumbai to help him. She agrees.

Kartik and Sunaina come to a photo studio. They hand over the camera to the guy to develop them. Photographer tells them to click the remaining shots but they are in no mood.

(Background – Naina):
Only the people before digital age can understand the pain of that photographer. Giving the reel to develop without completely clicking all the photos was such a big tragedy back then just like a 2k note getting washed in the washing machine. Every shot of camera and every moment was very precious.

Kartik pays extra money to the photographer. He agrees to give prints by tomorrow morning. Sunaina is eager to show Naina her place before Dandiya. Photographer returns Kartik his camera and hands him a receipt.

Principal Ma’am asks Naina and her friends what’s so important that they left their class to be here. JBR says I also asked them but they dint tell me anything. Naina proposes to invite Kumar Sanu in the Dandiya function. Principal Ma’am is in for a pleasant surprise. She stumbles on the papers but then composes herself. JBR begins to make fun of it but Principal Ma’am is too intrigued. What did you say? Tell me again. Who are you inviting? Naina takes Kumar Sanu’s name again. She asks her if she is sure he will come. Naina nods. Sameer adds that he will also sing. Principal Ma’am looks at Kumar Sanu’s photo in her drawer and smiles shyly. JBR peeks to see but fails. What’s Ma’am looking at? Pundit ends up telling him that she is looking at Kumar Sanu’s photo. Munna covers it up saying that she is looking at the calendar. Principal Ma’am seconds him. I was checking the schedule. Principal Ma’am and JBR say yes for inviting Kumar Sanu.

Naina asks them if she should call and confirm Kumar Sanu. Principal Ma’am asks her if she has his number too. Sameer replies that Naina has very good connections. She is very close to him. Munna says he calls Naina and sings the song to make sure everything is right. Pundit also says a lie. Principal Ma’am is unable to control her excitement and hugs Naina. I knew it that you are a brilliant girl! You deserve to be the GS of VJN. Love it! Sameer points out that there is a problem. Kumar Sanu keeps travelling for his shows. He can come only for an hour. Principal Ma’am doesn’t mind it. Sameer points out that he will be confused as to where to perform in that one hour. Munna tells them not to worry. We will ask him to sing in boys’ area. Naina argues that Ma’am wont be able to meet him this way. Principal Ma’am panics at that idea.

(Background – Sameer):
Teachers had a fixed dialogue for kids in schools and colleges to stop them from shouting back then – what fish market is this! Similar thing was going on there. This noise was going inside Ma’am mind. I never got so shy hearing Naina’s name as much as Ma’am was turning red at this point of time. Celebrities and fans share a similar kind of love. There are no complaints just love.

Principal Ma’am decides to club the Dandiya party. JBR nods. They agree upon combined Dandiya event. Naina confirms with her again. She nods. They all leave the room.

(Background – Sameer):
Every generation has an iconic voice. Kumar Sanu was the same icon in 1990’s. This one voice was spread like air amongst everyone in that time.

Principal Ma’am is smiling shyly to herself and holds Kumar Sanu’s photo sweetly.

Precap: Sameer tells Naina that she can send him to jail but this thief will steal this time. You can try as much as you want but I will kiss you on Dandiya night. They challenge each other on the same.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. It seems kiss will happen for sure this time…Next week episodes will be interesting

  2. Episode was good n precap superb…. love scenes between samaina looks always cute …. shayari from munna is always hillarious

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