Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sameer to stay with Preeti’s family for a month

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopal asks them who sleeps in this room. Naina says me and Papa while Rakesh and Sameer take each other’s name. Everyone looks at them suspiciously. Rakesh says Naina and I sleep in room while Sameer sleeps outside in hall. Gopal says the ceiling would fall on Sameer’s house. Rakesh argues how it can happen. Shubham offers to get the tiles fixed with a heavy heart. Everyone likes the idea. Vanita points out that Naina and Sameer should not stay in the same room. Nirmala ji suggests that Sameer should stay back while Rakesh and Naina can go back to Ahmedabad. Sameer denies. Papa sent me here as he is here. Nirmala ji suggests him to manage for a month but even Gopal and Rakesh are not in for this idea. Neither of them agrees upon leaving the other alone. Vanita suggests Sameer to stay at Nirmala ji’s place till the time the work is done. Sameer says I don’t want to cause inconvenience to them. Vanita says they don’t mind. Shubham speaks of economics but Nirmala ji tells him she cannot say anything right now. We must say yes. They accept the decision half heartedly. Sameer and Naina look at each other.

Nirmala ji says no one used to even drink water from the house of their in-laws while now we have to keep the SIL here. Preeti notices Shubham calculating something. He says I have to figure out the expenses. Preeti says I can go to Ahmedabad. It will be balanced then. She very smartly convinces her MIL to let Sameer stay here.

Naina packs Sameer’s bag with a heavy heart. Rakesh looks at their sad faces.

Voiceover – Naina:
We were married yet we had to stay away from each other. Papa was more upset over this. He thought we were getting too filmy. He knows that we were getting sentimental as if we are going to different places. We were going to be in the same society though!

Rakesh switches off radio. I wasn’t this sad even when I did Naina’s Vidaai. You are just going next door. Your upset faces will inculcate a doubt in everyone’s mind. I can go inside in the room if guys want to stay here. Sameer asks him if he is sure but Rakesh denies. Sameer tells Naina one must never ask for dowry in wedding. You sometimes get Papa ji like him. Rakesh asks him what he said. Sameer lies that he will miss him. Rakesh says I know that. Look at your face. You seem so sad just hearing you have to be away from each other for 2 days! He goes inside. Naina hugs Sameer from behind. Naina tells him not to give up ever. He agrees. Tomorrow is yet to come. She adds that they have to make small sacrifices to achieve something big. He tells her to always remember never to cry. Let there be the dreams that we saw together! She nods and hugs him.

Voiceover – Naina:
The pain in Sameer’s eyes was more than the tears that I had shed during my Vidaai. Sameer changed many cities but he had to change a home for the first time. This was the only place where we could speak the truth.

Naina looks on sadly as Sameer goes downstairs. Shivani greets Sameer but he says bye to her. She understands that he is sad as he has to leave his house. He agrees. She tells him not to go to Nirmala aunty’s house. I have a plan. I will ask Bhabhi to let you stay at my home. I can do this as I am your friend. He says they are my relatives. I must go there then. Bye.

Tanvi is watching TV. Sameer rings the bell. Meanwhile, Nirmala ji tells Preeti to focus on her work like a good DIL. Amma rings the bell. Sameer greets everyone as he comes in. Preeti says I will bring tea but Nirmala ji coughs. Why treat him like a guest? He is a family member and will stay here for a month. She takes him to his room. Sameer seems uncomfortable and sad. She tells him that he and Naina can visit each other anytime. Don’t be formal at all. This is your house only. Nirmala ji too tells him to think of this as his own house. Since you have come to Mumbai, I feel I have 3 kids. Will you have lunch? He denies. She asks Preeti to cook food for Sameer from tomorrow. Preeti nods. I know his likes and dislikes very well. Nirmala ji reminds her what she had told her outside just now. He is a family member. He will eat what we will eat. She takes Preeti outside with her.

Naina looks at the empty room and the leaking roof. Sameer also stares blankly. He notices Naina standing sadly in the balcony. She too notices him looking at her. He calls her on the landline. She runs inside and is almost about to sleep on a sleeping Rakesh but stops herself somehow. She takes the phone to the balcony. Naina shoots a long list of questions at Sameer as soon as she picks the phone. He tells her everything is fine. It is just that she isn’t there. She asks him if she should come to him. He says remember how we used to meet stealthily before wedding. She calls it the most beautiful moments of their life. He says we got to live that again. We are so lucky. They spend the night talking to each other.

Voiceover – Naina:
You must have thought that we should grow up to gain freedom. Things must have reversed later on. We were going through something similar. We thought to get married so we don’t have to meet stealthily. When that happened, we wanted to meet stealthily all over again. We were lucky to live those moments again. Time will tell what those moments were for us.

Precap: Naina and Sameer are dialling to each other on the same time and cannot get through.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. episode was really nice ,2 things going to happen in tomorrow episode , first Sameer will pick sleeping naina from balcony ,i doubt that will be shown ,2 nd shivani will organise a date for sameer ,3rd sameer would be calling naina from institute because there is computer in foreground ,4th sameer will become samosa wala in wed episode , pic courtesy Instagram, eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode , remember when one month of chacha ji going to America was shown in 3 days ,it would be just like that ? only spanning 3 -4 episodes ?

    1. Fan of YUDKBH

      I don’t understand why Sameer needs to shift completely. He can go to Nirmalaji house only to sleep. What is the need to eat and live all day.

    2. because that would be awkward for nirmala ji family no ki sirf sone ke lie ata hai ,as there is leakage in room , and it would be awkward for three people to sleep in same room according to vanita ,they had to sent rakesh sir and naina away and sameer to stay alone , and naina says wo papa ko chod ke nai jayegi , so it has to be Sameer ,it is not that separating like delhi and Ahmedabad , they are just across a wing ,i really missed their telephone talks before marriage , don’t worry judaai track won’t last a week

  2. They are making total situation extra dramatic , Sameer can go to Nirmla house only to sleep it is not necessary for him to do other day to day activities in her house.

    Unn dinon it was quite common to use home of relatives and friends just to sleep in case of requirement

    1. @Rv don’t worry he won’t do day to day activities in her house , instead he would be going to acting classes ? and also don’t worry this judaai period won’t last like delhi and Ahmedabad ,it will be over in a week , and they are just a wing apart

  3. its getting boring now ..the pace is so slow tht its getting bored … even if I watch once in 5 days i can guess what all happened in the rest 4 days …

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