Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi plans to get Sameer thrown out of house

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Sumani, Vishaka and Dadi coming home with Rohan and Dadi. Vishaka says Munna and Pandit. Mr. Sumani asks what is this misbehavior. Munna and Pandit keep the chappal and stick on floor. Dadi asks Sameer where are your friends, she indirectly asks about Tullu and others. Munna and Pandit laughs and says they are here. They jump and touch their feet. Dadi asks Keshav to get guest room ready for Sameer’s friends. Munna and Pandit tell that they will sleep with Sameer. Rohan tells Vishaka that he will sleep in her room today and asks her to apply hair oil and sing lori for him. Vishaka says ok. Rohan hugs her. Vishaka tells Munna and Pandit that they will sleep in Sameer’s room. Munna and Pandit hug Sameer.

Swati informs Naina that Shanti teacher is leaving the school. Naina is shocked and goes to Shanti teacher. She tries to talk to Shanti teacher. Shanti teacher is in tears. Rakesh calls Naina and asks other students to go. Shanti teacher walks out. Naina tells Preeti what happened suddenly that Shanti teacher left. Preeti says she might got good job. Naina says they shall stop her.

Keshav asks Sameer if his other friends came. Sameer, Munna and Pandit get up and look at him. Keshav runs out. Pandit talks about Naina. Sameer gets sad. Munna says we shall have food. Sameer’s voiceover tells that his heart was thinking that Munna and pandit will leave soon, and that’s why he couldn’t celebrate their togetherness fully. He reminisces Nana ji and misses him badly. He says he used to feed me with his hand, he shall not have left me. Munna says it seems we have to sleep without having food.

Sameer asks them to have food. Munna feeds food with his hand. Sameer asks why both of you fought? Pandit says because of you. Munna says first, Pandit and I have a fight and now we all three will fight. He asks them to finish food and then he will tell. They finish food. Munna shows them bed. They jump to bed. Pandit says we didn’t come to sleep here, but to dance and enjoy with you. Tere jaise yaarana plays….They play and dance. Sameer sleeps. Munna and Pandit tell that they shall teach a lesson to someone. Keshav tells Dadi that he saw Sameer with four friends, who were drinking and was watching dirty film. Dadi says my plan failed and tells that if Sameer was caught then Bobby will throw him out. Munna and Pandit come there and tells her that Sameer needs her support and love, and tells that Sameer will leave with his, Mr. Sumani, Vishaka and your wish. Dadi is irked and tells keshav that she is not getting any idea.

Naina tells Preeti that she is jealous of munna and pandit, as they are with Sameer. Preeti asks her to go to Delhi. Naina says Tai ji will take my life. Tai ji scolds them and asks to go school. She shouts asking Bela to give milk for Pralay and says my blood is boiling. Bela brings milk and asks if she have blood pressure. Tai ji gets upset. She asks her to ask them to go to school and scolds Bela. Bela thanks her and goes to get keys. She gives library keys to Naina and asks her to give to Rakesh in school. Naina and Preeti leaves. Tai ji asks did you add sugar in it. Bela asks if it is not there at your house. Tai ji says I will return it. Bela says I will bring it.

Naina tells Preeti that they shall call Munna and Pandit, then thinks to go to school. In the morning, Munna, Pandit and Sameer have food in the morning with others. Sameer teases them asking them to stop eating. Munna says he likes food and asks Vishaka to pack it. Vishaka asks them to stay there for few days. Mr. Sumani taunts them. Dadi comes and gives passes to Vishaka. She asks Munna and Pandit to stay there for few days. Munna and Pandit says they will come there often. Dadi tells them that she got English film cassette and Sameer will understand it. Sameer realizes Tullu and his friend leaving the cassette there.

Lochan sir questions Rakesh. Rakesh tells that he has shown proofs to everyone and says Shanti had written love letter to you. Lochan sir says what you are saying and tells that he gave poetry to Shanti teacher. Naina and preeti hears them. Naina says that letter was mine, I can’t let this happen with Shanti teacher.

Naina tells everyone that the letter was not written by Shanti teacher because of which you are throwing her out, and tells that it was written by…shanti teacher signs Naina not to tell anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lokesh

    Awesom episode , totally in love wid mundit, how they touch dadi feet, and ran over Keshav and even that main door opening scenes all are hilarious, sad for Shanti mam, Tai ji was funny and Bela gave taught full answer,Naina Preeti scenes abt taiji too gud, gud to see our Sameer back, today I watch his all scenes, Rohan so cute, and like baby, want to listen Lorri, waiting for a miracle for Shanti mam, precap exciting. Waiting and loving the show, gud night guys.

    1. Lokesh


  2. Lokesh

    And yup missing Arjun too.

  3. Oh god dadi k haath wo cassette na laga ho.I m very nervous yaar.pata nahi kal kya hoga.jaise kisi ne meri chori pakdi ho

  4. Wow the episode was amazing no words to describe ??? mundit rocked daadi shocked can’t get enough of it ???

  5. nice episode but I hav a doubt during marriage Arjuna tells pooja as her younger sister. Then pooja must be naina’s class as Arjuna is 12 and Naina 11. I watch it in Tamil. So, the episodes are little late.

    But the bond between each other is really awesome like sameer, munna and Pandora’s and shanti teacher and naina and everyone.

    Although some episodes were boring to the viewers I luved everyone since I luv yudkbh since it had stolen my heart completely. I watch in Tamil and read the updates of Hindi version since I don’t understand Hindi.

    1. Malar Shivkumar

      I too watch it in Tamil. In earlier episodes, Rakesh scold arjun to focus on cricket not on studies. So may be he is poor in studies

  6. Awesome episode. Munna and Pandit rock. The friendship between the trio is beautiful and loved Sameer’s smile and his happiness with Mundit, something which happened after a long time. ???And also loved the way Sameer was expressive about his feelings. That fight between the three of them was so cute❤ And dadi’s reaction upon not finding Sameer’s So called friends???. Also liked the way Mundit were respectful to dadi even after finding out her motives. But this dadi is determined to get rid of Sameer?. I hope Mundit again flop her plan?
    Goodnight everyone.

  7. Hi guys. Today’s episode was nice. I loved it totally. The main door ? opening scene, the bonding between the trio, naina imitating Tai ji, Bela and tai ji ki scenes were fabulous.
    The way mundit tried to understand Dadi was touching. But that stupid Dadi was not able to understand their words. Due to her stupid ego, she is behaving so cheaply. I cannot imagine my granny like her. So sad ? for Shanti mam. Pata nahi Kal kya hone wala hai.
    If Dadi plays the cassate or if naina tells that she only wrote the letter ✉. Omg. Share your views frnds. Waiting for today’s episode.

  8. Hats off.???Loved u Rohan totally.Thanks for this sweet gesture of yours.Left indebted to u always for that.Keep it up.Looking on forward to have some more from u.???

  9. I’m really jealous of mundit friendship with sameer…. The way they asked dadi was very emotional……. N now don’t know whether who will be the saviour for samundit……. Hope so rohan or vishaka should hide that cassette n save them….. Precap will naina reveal the truth if she does then this will be the end to her love story but it will not, so she’ll lie I think so……… Yesterday we got a new commentor who’s 15 years don’t know name, but happy to see new commentors in this forum…….. Welcome to YUDKBH family n keep commenting guys…..

  10. Hi guys,

    Awesome episode, after a long time i have a happy tears but much worried abt today’s episode……
    I believe this DADI (Devil) will plan sometime for munna and pandit since both don’t want sameer to get in to trouble so they will accept the fault ( abt the cassette – accept that it belongs to them and save sameer). Dadi’s plan to stop munna and pandit’s Delhi visit becoz she will not digest sameer’s happiness.
    Abt Naina – the way she ready to accept her fault for her teacher good one.

    Hope for the best…..

  11. Awesome epi?… just loved it ..

  12. You’re right feroze! Rohan is absolutely cute ?. Waiting for Rohan and Preethi love ? story to start…

  13. Lokesh

    Where is deb today ??

  14. Pls 11:15 o clock tk upload kr diya kro

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