Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: The “Key” Affair

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naina and Sameer reach Sea Queen Society. Naina asks Sameer to go first. No one should doubt us here. Sameer asks the taxi driver if he stays here only. He denies. Sameer smiles teasingly at Naina and sits on the front seat. Guard asks them where they wish to go. Sameer tells the house number to him. Guard looks at their bags. You seem to be the new tenant. Sameer gets sad for a moment and then nods. Guard lets them in.

All the girls look at Sameer curiously as they step out of the taxi. Sameer wonders why it is so quiet. I can see no one! Naina says even Papa has not reached. He jokes that this silence is because of that reason only. Rakesh reaches just then. Naina asks him how he took so much time. Rakesh says it is Mumbai. Things take time here. He asks the driver to unload the boxes.

Sameer whispers that Rakesh even fought with the tempo driver. Rakesh asks Sameer to stand in shade. Who will make you a hero otherwise? The ladies in the society wonder about the new tenants. They see Rakesh and Sameer arguing over the house key and make their own assumptions about them. Naina shouts at them both to stop arguing. What if someone is watching us? Sameer says no one is here but she reasons that the society seems huge. We don’t know who would be looking down from where. Rakesh says we told Preeti’s in-laws that we are coming. Sameer says they must have welcomed us at the gates. Rakesh says I dint say so but Sameer knows this is what he intended. Naina comes back to tell them that Preeti and her family is not at home. Rakesh says is this a way to welcome someone. He goes quiet seeing Sameer staring at him. Naina reminds him that this is Preeti’s family. We have to understand she has some responsibilities too. Tempo driver asks them if they found the key. Rakesh retorts some gibberish at him. They decide to wait for Preeti to return and sit down at a bench. It gets evening.

The same girls see them waiting in the park even in evening time and wonder what happened to them. A girl asks for shuttle from Sameer and falls in love with him in the first sight. Tujhe Dekha song plays. Sameer gives it to her. The other 3 girls keep judging their new tenants from far during their walk. The badminton girl throws the shuttle near Sameer again. She is all shy when Sameer gives it to her. Naina gets upset. He shrugs but she does not react. Naina says everyone is staring at us only and are talking about us only. Rakesh says none of them offered to help us. The 3 girls argue if they should offer to help them or let them satiate their ego by not asking them to help. The badminton girl keeps dropping the shuttle next to Sameer. Naina smiles to herself. This time the shuttle lands near Rakesh. Sameer gives it to her yet again. Naina says herogiri started the moment you came to Mumbai. How to handle all this now? He tells her to shut up. He tries to hold her hand but she reminds him that they aren’t husband and wife here.

Voiceover – Naina:
Mumbai taught us that one has to wait patiently all the time. I understood that I have to be patient to show my right over Sameer.

Tempo driver asks for Rs. 400. Rakesh says we finalized Rs. 200. He asks for waiting time too. This is what happens in Mumbai. Rakesh argues with him. Preeti calls out to Naina and they share a warm hug.

Voiceover – Naina:
Meeting Preeti in Mumbai was like meeting a film star! Sisters are always before Misters after all!

Rakesh scolds Naina for making them wait. Nirmala ji says we had to go as we gave our word. Rakesh greets her. Naina touches her feet. Nirmala ji says there was a lot to do which is why we got late. We had to go in the engagement function of a relative today. Preeti is like your daughter but she is also DIL now. People here aren’t like people in Ahmedabad. They feel bad for no reason. Naina shares that they lost their key. Nirmala ji says it is a bad omen. How will you spend the night here in garden? Naina says we have informed broker. Preeti invites them to their house till then. Nirmala ji seconds her. Naina politely declines but Preeti advises her to inform the broker to bring the key to their house. They head to Preeti’s house.

Sameer and Naina like Preeti’s house. It is bigger than our house! Naina shows DDLJ’s CD to Sameer. He speaks of the movie. Preeti brings her Dadi Sa in the hall. She is on a wheelchair. Preeti asks her where she will seat – in room or hall. Dadi Sa rings the bell twice. Sameer and Naina look on in confusion. Preeti understands the signals from the bells.

Voiceover – Naina:
I was surprised to see our Preeti in her new avatar. This is the difference between the DIL’s of that time and today!

Preeti serves Kesar Milk to everyone. Nirmala ji asks Rakesh where he kept the key. Rakesh says you should ask Sameer but Sameer says I gave it to you before coming here. You should know. Rakesh murmurs that heroes aren’t to be trusted. I am not irresponsible like you! Sameer argues with him. Nirmala ji goes quiet. Preeti diverts everyone’s attention to their glasses. Dadi Sa rings the bell incessantly. Nirmala ji says something to them.

Voiceover – Naina:
It is said that Mumbai city never sleeps. Our first day there taught us this lesson very well! Many stories were yet to unfold!

Precap: Rakesh gets tuck behind an almirah. On the other hand, Sameer and Naina are inside. He keeps her hands around his waist. The tempo drives tries to help Rakesh but he keeps shouting loudly. A passerby overhears him and says we wont let a guy like you stay in our society! Rakesh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. today episode was so much hilarious ,😂😂i can’t stop laughing for even one second, 😂😂good to see preeti in today episode only😍😍 ,did you notice that nirmal Jyoti society is converted into sea queen society that too in one month time 😊

    also preeti saas is replica of bela chachi ,😂😂 fun loving and joking , see i told you ladies we get to see new characters in today episode 😊

    omg rakesh sir and sameer fight never been so hilarious 😊😂😂😂😂 hahaha 😂😂😂😂

    that fat girl was troubling sameer , even i got jealous on her behalf of naina 😋 i have next week episode update

    Sameer will make his arm as naina pillow , and they will sleep hugging each other first time

    below is the link

    here another link

    enjoy 😊

  2. Preeti’s Saas is shown as she wrote in her letter “Kanjoos”. Her facial expressions were too good when Preeti asked Naina to come to her home till the time Broker comes and when she bought “Kesar Milk” for Naina, Sameer and Tau Ji.
    The people in society seems like they will come to know or will find out that Sameer and Naina are married. As the girl in red dress was again and again pointing out that “Yeh dono Bhai behen to nhi ho sakte”.
    Precap was really good and these neighbors seems to be a problem creater instead of problem solvers.

    1. @vidha i don’t think they will know about that sameer and naina are married , because if you notice carefully naina is not wearing mangalsutra ,since changing in train, neither sporting sindoor , she just wearing engagement ring , and nobody can notice engagement ring

    2. @vidha btw did you saw the video which i shared ,btw i am also liking Sameer and rakesh sir fight with words ,both have impeccable comedy timing

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