Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rakesh tries to commit suicide, Naina feels apologetic

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina and Sameer getting tensed seeing wine bottle in the strangers’ car in whose car they have taken lift. Police tells them that it is banned in Allahabad and arrest them. Sameer tells Inspector that they took lift from them and are innocent. Inspector asks Constable to arrest all of them. Naina’s voiceover tells that she went to Police station immediately after turning 18. Preeti, Swati and others sing song. Rakesh comes there. Anand tells that they have kept birthday party for Naina. Tai ji taunts him. Bela says you did right. Rakesh asks where is my car. He says he asked neighbor to take car for servicing. Anand says Arjun must have taken the car.

Taya ji says these days cars are getting stolen. Rakesh files police complaint. Mama ji and Mami wait

for Sameer’s call. Mama picks a call, but no voice is heard. Mami taunts Poonam. Sameer and Naina tell that they asked for lift from them. The strangers also say the same. Lady constable get angry on Naina. Sameer says you can’t behave like this with her. Inspector asks lady constable to get her number. Naina refuses to give. Inspector says it seems they are in love. Lady constable is about to lock Naina. She tells her phone number. Inspector asks her to take everyone’s number and says they will call their families today. Rakesh gets a call and is shocked.

Mama ji receives a call from Munna’s mother. Munna’s mother scolds him. Inspector asks Sameer why he didn’t tell him before about Kamlesh Mama and tells that he is Commissioner’s friend. He asks them to go. Sameer holds Naina’s hand and takes her in auto. His voiceover tells that he wants to tell her that he has ruined her birthday. She remembered her birthday for wrong reasons. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was very scared and was feeling why did she take such a step and thought why did she fall in love with him. She was very scared then.

They are still in auto. He drops her and says he will also come. Naina asks him to go. She sees constable outside her house. She hears radio and a story similar to her situation. She stops on the stairs. Her voiceover tells that the radio show was scaring her that day. She comes inside and sees Anand trying to pacify Rakesh. Rakesh says he should have been childless than having such child. Naina thinks he is talking about her. Rakesh says he should have killed when he was born. Tayi ji says I told you not to give him much liberty.

Naina says sorry Papa slowly. Rakesh says he has ruined my respect and thinks to commit suicide. He goes to room and locks the door. Everyone rush there and asks him to open the door. Rakesh says I have no option than to commit suicide. Naina sees him from window and says sorry. Rakesh ties the rope to fan and says he will die. Bela asks Naina to come with her. Naina comes to the window. Tai ji blames TV and VCR. Naina prays to God. Preeti comes to her and hugs her. She cries. They all break the door and stop Rakesh from committing suicide. Rakesh cries. Taya ji asks if he has gone mad? Rakesh says my child has ended everything. He hugs Taya ji and cries. Naina cries. Taya ji asks Bela to get water. Naina looks at the rope on the fan.

Poonam tells Sameer what must have happened with her and says storm must have come in her house. Nobody scolded you as you are boy. Sameer gets tensed thinking about Naina.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Best track

  2. Heart breaking episode. Felt bad for naina and Sameer. Hope everything turns to be fine. Love Samaina ???????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????

  3. Soooo happened as i thought.Arjun shifali saved samaina this time. Naina would now think of breaking up or ignoring sameer for a while. Samainas Love track was going really good. Now again there is gonna be a huge gap between them. Hoping for the good 🙂 thanks for the update.

  4. GM Guys, great job Naina – what a expression……………….. for first time in this show i felt bad for Rakesh…………………… very much worried what will happen next……………………

    My wish list:

    1.Mamaji and Vishakha should understand sameer’s situation and supports his love.
    2.Vishakha and her children( Rohan and Deepika ) should shifted to Ahmedabad and stay with sameer(Since he is upset with Naina’s strange behaviour and to pacify sameer).
    3. Preethi and Rohan’s love track.
    4. Naina will support preethi and Rohan’s Love as she already confirmed Sameer that she will help his brother, when she seek help for pooja didi…….Marriage proposal episode……..
    5. looking forward to see how Sameer convince Naina……….

    Special request to the Makers not to have tooooooooooooo long separation track.

    Best moment of yesterday’s episode:
    1.Sameer cares for Naina and he doesn’t want her to face the problem alone – a
    caring future husband………………
    2.Naina tells her phone numbers to save sameer from the Police – Good one caring
    3. Tayaji cares for Rakesh………….
    4. Poonam bhabhi cares for Naina(Precap)

    Total caring Episode …………………..

    Awaiting for today’s episode…….

  5. Really don’t want a long separation track…Please keep our samaina together

  6. Seems everyone was worried about Arjun and forget Naina’s late coming………………..hope she doesnt have to bear scolding from family as she has already realized that situation could have been more critical

    i hope they keep Arjun’s character as sweet as he took car just to help Shafali and not eloped with her

  7. Avni Prajapati

    U r the best………….,I m your big fan Naina and Sameer

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