Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mama ji and Tau ji’s game is up

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sameer paces impatiently. He keeps glancing at the phone. Bobby hands over fight tickets to Vishakha. Let’s pack. Sameer leaves.

Bela gives aarti to Anand. She advises him not to go to hospital today. What if Sameer’s family comes or they call? Anand reasons that he has done every possible thing. What else can I do? If his family members don’t come today then I will accept the fact that Sameer and Naina are not meant to be together.

Naina comes to her room and overhears Preeti talking to Sameer. Naina takes the phone from her and quietly listens to Sameer. He requests her to pacify Naina to send Rakesh over asap or his mother will leave. Things will go out of my hand then. Naina reprimands her for trying to approach Preeti to reach him. Nothing like that will happen. She ends the call. Preeti makes Naina understand that Sameer has done a lot for both of them. Niaina asks her if she hasn’t done enough for them. Preeti says you haven’t done as much as him. Preeti reasons that they have to live together after marriage and no one else will stay with you guys. Try once to pacify Rakesh Tau ji. Maybe he will understand then. Naina denies. If our family apologizes today then they will have to bow their heads for forever. I will never let that happen. This way they will be insulted always. Preeti says Sameer is there. He will take care of it. Naina asks her where Sameer is. He too cannot see anything clearly. Preeti requests her to not fight with Sameer anymore. Talk to him patiently and make him understand that his parents should apologize to Rakesh Tau ji. Naina is sure he wont understand but Preeti reasons that he will understand if she will talk calmly to him. Preeti calls Sameer upon Naina’s askance. This time Sameer does not listen to her. He clearly tells her that this might be their last conversation in case Rakesh Sir wont apologize to Mummy. Saying so, he ends the call. Preeti looks at her sad face.

Tai ji tells her family members that no one will come from Maheshwari family.

Voiceover – Naina:
Haldi ghati war and Panipat fight happened in the past but there were so many wars going on between Sameer and my family on a continuous basis. Both families wanted to win!

Tai ji asks Naina to hand her the ring. Your papa will throw it on their faces! Naina does not react. Tai ji taunts her for being shameless. If you had little shame then you would have killed yourself after biting this diamond only. They will yet again taunt us if we wont return the things given by them! She wonders as to who will marry the girl whose engagement has been broken twice. Rakesh says it would have been better if I had married her off to some beggar. Anand tries to make him understand but in vain. The relation is over for me! You can stay here and listen to this girl. I wont look at this girl ever again! He walks out followed by Tau ji and Tai ji. Naina is in tears. Sad song plays as the screen shifts between Naina and Sameer.

Preeti asks Naina to check the negatives of engagement. See which ones you want. She keeps the envelope near her. Naina cries.

Poonam too gives negatives to Sameer but he tells her that it is no point looking at them now. He walks out of the room sadly.

Naina prays to God to support her like every other time. Do something. I cannot lose Sameer. I don’t want to lose my family too! Please do something.

Sameer is sitting in a park. Pundit reads some fake news about a girl leaving her lover and marrying someone else. He reads similar imaginary news titles. Sameer snatches the paper out of his hands. Munna tells him that this is the time to stay calm. You did so much to be where you are. Sameer replies that it is Naina who is messing up this time. His friends again try to make him understand but Sameer is reluctant to hear them. I thought you will suggest me some solution to make Rakesh Sir apologize to Mummy but! He sits on his bike. Munna and Pundit point in the front. They see Mama ji and Tau ji walking together in the park and talking happily. Sameer thinks that everything is fine. We were arguing for no reasons. Our elders have fixed everything already. I love Mama ji but how did it happen? Munna says you are their life after all. They go to thank them.

Mama ji and Tau ji are sitting on a bench. Munna tells Sameer to go quietly from behind and apologize loudly. He stops in his tracks overhearing their conversation. Mama ji and Tau ji are relieved that the alliance was broken and they weren’t even blamed for it in the end. They are equally concerned about their castes and societies. Tau ji applauds his drama. Mama ji says you were right. I only had to poke Rakesh a little. Rest was taken care of. Tau ji nods. I know him since childhood. Mama ji says I only showed him a matchstick and he was on fire. They smile. Sameer, Munna and Pundit are shocked to hear it.

Tau ji asks Mama ji if Vishakha will apologize to Rakesh upon Sameer’s request. Mama ji denies. Bobby would have left for Delhi already with my sister. He too is on our side. Sameer is so angry that he is not saying anything on the matter. Tau ji says even Anand wont do anything now. Mama ji compliments him on his strategy. You called first to fix the alliance. I called you today to break it. We are even. Now you better get Naina married asap so Sameer can get over it. He is a mad horse. Sameer makes a fist angrily. Tau ji assures Mama ji that he will get Naina married asap. They share a happy hug congratulating each other. We are no more relatives! They leave. Munna and Pundit stop Sameer from reacting. It will only aggravate the matter.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Both the families tried so hard to break our alliance. If they had put in so many efforts to bring Naina and me together then things would have been so different. Anyways, no great love stories have an easy story.

Mama ji tells Bobby that he does not know how to stop him or bid him adieu. Bobby says we don’t even feel like staying. Sameer enters. Mama ji acts before Sameer that he tried his best to stop Vishakha and Bobby but they aren’t ready to stay. What should I say to them now? Sameer asks him why he dint talk to Rakesh Sir himself then. Mama ji lies that he did that also but Rakesh is reluctant to hear anything. Bobby tells Mama ji to let it be. He has never apologized to us. His Naina and her family are just like him. Sameer angrily breaks the stuff. His family is stunned to see his reaction. Sameer says you all have fooled me. You have cheated me. It will hurt when your loved ones cheat you. Bobby tells him to say it to the one who has cheated him. Sameer says I am talking to that very person only. Mama ji avoids looking at him.

Precap: Bela asks Naina to return the ring. Naina is about to take it off when Sameer enters.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. today show stopper performance goes to sameer and preeti,loved the episode , preeti because she is always there for naina ,and sameer because his anger was so real ,all family members got shock ,in coming episode anand will break all ties with taiji and tauji when sameer will tell about tauji

  2. Today episode was really good and your right Tarun, Sameers acting was fantastic!! Can’t wait for next episode. I really like how the drama is moving at a fast pace, something new in each episode!

  3. Yes todays episode was awesome,now Samaina should just concentrate on themselves

  4. Today’s episode show stopper was Preeti, Munna and Pundit. Preeti is really a supporting sister and saali the way she make Naina understand that this time she has to handle things with love not with fight, similarly Munna and Pundit were trying to make Sameer understand the same thing (only difference was Naina understood it and Sameer didn’t). Tauji and Mamaji were so happy with the fact that the alliance is no more.
    Don’t know he did wrong or right by showing his anger to his family after getting betrayed by his own Mamaji. Because maybe Vishakha will take Mamaji’s side. His anger was so intense that I have feeling that during shooting this scene someone would have got hurt ?. Don’t know why but now I feel that Randeep is very much into anger scenes than any other scenes as he shows so much intensity in this.
    One thing I hate the most “30 lakh ka hai humara chora bade bade Ghar se usse liye riste aate kaha saste mein loot jaate” why is it like that Sameer is a human being not a product which has its own market value. Same thing was shown in movie 2 States “40 – 50 lakh ki toh Shaadi hogi mere Krish (Arjun Kapoor) ki” like so annoying ??. Things I am curious to know is
    1. Vishakha’s reaction on knowing what Mamaji did
    2. Why Sameer went to Naina’s house
    3. What makers are going to do now although they are making their viewers to stick to them but still it has to end with positive note rather that breaking all ties.

    1. Apparently Randeep did get hurt during this scene he accidentally stepped on the broken glass and cut his foot! ? but he carried on filming because he was so into the scene.

  5. By the way don’t know u all know it or not but Randeep (Sameer) got injured while doing this scene his ankle got slit with a broken peice of glass but he was so much in his character that he didn’t realize it and when the scene shoot was over his ankle was bleeding very badly. He was asked to packup if he wants to but he denied and keep shooting. Just wow what a actor he is I think that is the only reason why we love YUDKBH cuz actors gives so much to the serial that we are in love with actors and serial. Lots of Love to YUDKBH team ???.

    1. @vidha did you know that sameer predicted that his marriage with naina “dhoom dham se hogi ” on 6th February 2018 episode , voice over tells naina going far from sameer ,and sameer ko shaadi wala pyar ho rha tha ,

      there is a video circulating on YouTube channel ” flash media ” ,it seems like bela chachi folding hands in front of sameer , asking that she is getting taunts from neighborhood women that sameer and naina will get married from different caste ,now who will marry preeti ,so it’s upto sameer ,that whose marriage will done first ,naina or preeti

  6. Here is detailed interview of randeep rai getting his ankle hurt

    Randeep Rai who is playing the role of Sameer has become a heart-throb not just because of his looks but also because of his brilliant acting skills. Recently, Randeep got his foot injured while shooting one of the scenes. In the shot, Randeep had to break the glass and he got so much into the character that he accidentally stepped on one of the broken glass pieces and cut his ankle. He was bleeding profusely and everyone on the sets got worried at the sight.

    Everyone wanted him to get his first-aid done, but Randeep being a thorough professional, finished shooting the scene first despite being in immense pain. As soon as the shot got done, the team rushed him to get first-aid and thereafter Randeep continued to shoot the track for that day.

    He mentioned, “I was so engrossed in the scene that I didn’t even realize that I had hurt myself and my ankle was bleeding. I was advised to pack-up given my situation and to go home and rest but then I’m aware of the fact that there are hundreds of people on the sets who work hard daily to make us look good on-screen and be loved by the audiences and therefore I decided that I will continue with the day’s schedule as usual and not let their hard-work go waste. I love acting and once the camera started rolling, I had forgotten all my pain and I kept pushing myself to give each shot my best shot and that was when I realized that how much this role has become a part of me.”

    The dedication and passion Randeep has for his role and character is commendable and the same reflects on-screen as well.

    that why i love this show because actors put so much effort

  7. This time i though Naina will pacify Sameer but nothing like that happen, Preethi is a really understanding Sister and Sali somewhere i feel that Naina tops her studies, when it comes relationship matters it is always Preethi ( Just Like Anand Chacha) more matured enough than Naina.

    Even i feel that Sameer and Naina were not matured enough and they are not trying to make them understand their Love and Sameer was too much angry with Mamaji and i feel that he will misunderstand Vishakha too that she is also the part of this Drama.Naina is always Calm and quite.

    Today’s episode will be more interesting – Sameer will inform Anand Chacha about Tauji and Mamaji’s Plan

    1. Sweta2005

      see here neither Sameer is wrong nor Naina ,Naina has seen her family been disrespected from the time her marriage is fixed, not a single ocassion was there when she or her family were not insulted ,she wouldn’t have said any thing ,if it was only on her , if now she asked Rakesh to say sorry, then every time they only had to do it always, here Sameer is also not wrong ,Rakesh said too much to Vishaka as a son he was also right,
      ofcourse Sameer would be angry on mama after learning the truth whatever planning mama anf tauji did was not right ,they didnt do it for betterment of Samaina they did it for themselves, mamaji did it for money , for dowry , like he is a toy ,which they are selling

    2. I agree with you Devi. Preeti is more mature and sensible than Naina. I really want to see Naina should be doing similar to Sameer. I don’t witness any passion in her love from College time.

  8. I agree with devi. Naina should understand sameer also. Sameer has always been supportive of naina and her self respect. In college,school everywhere. Naina never takes sameer ‘s side. Preeti is more understanding and mature. I understand rakesh sir and vishaka mom is hurt. Both deserve apology. Hope sameer does not misunderstand his mom again. It was so great to see him stand up for his mom ‘s self respect .

  9. Loved when Preeti said Sameer ne ise rishte ke liye kitna kuch Kiya and Naina tried to counter by saying maine nahi kiya and preeti said Sameer jitna. I smiled so much on this thing that we all had been discussing about how samerr will go to any extent for Naina but Naina would choose her family over him.

    I think it’s high time Sameer starts behaving maturely. He was the one who wanted to marry and now he’s behaving like a teenager, always angry and blaming everyone. That’s no way to behave with mamaji no matter how wrong he was. This kind of behavior of Sameer will only make vishakha feel that he’s going mad in Naina’s love and Naina is not the right choice for him.

    Liked how Naina took a stand saying aaj jhuk gaye toh zindagi bhar jhukna padega. If only she showed so much courage during Sharads time. Or if she would shoe suh courage during any other rishta.

    1. Sweta2005

      here its not competition between Samaina who did for whom , how much here [preeti said it as for sagaai to happen ,it was Sameer from his side had to do maximum as there was no one to understand him , but Naina just had to pacify his chacha ,and he did the rest ,,
      but how can you say he had no right to behave with mamaji after seeing his betrayal, mama ji did for his greed his prestige not for Sameer , he put up a price tag for Sameer like he is priced as 30 L , im sure if Naina’s family would be a rich person or could give dowry of 30 lakh ,he would have no problem,
      in Sharad’s case did her family ask her or had Naina would have been courageous enough , she would have never broken up with Sameer and neither rishta talk would have started,rishta talk started after Sameer went to taijee with a fake rishta remember.

    2. Sweta
      Oh dear, the truth is for Naina it’s her family that will come first no matter what. She breaks up with Sameer when she realises her family won’t approve. She gets back with him only when her chachaji approves. She says yes to Sharad only because her family says yes. And she again says yes to him only because chachaji makes a decision for her. And she slaps Sharad only when her chachaji asks her to. Apart from the time when she ran away from her wedding and when she confessed in front of tauji that she and Sameer love each other and want to marry, I have not seen her go against her family. While Sameers life on the other hand revolves around Naina. It’s always about her. And he can fight the world for her. The only time he’s gone against her is right now when he stood up for his mother’s self respect. Neither of them are wrong, just that they have different priorities.

      Where did I use the word right to behave? I said that’s no way to behave. Had he talked calmly and told vishakha that mamaji and tauji instigated this fight and break up, vishakha would have understood. But now with his anger issues it’s more like vishakha will probably say mamaji is right and blame Naina for making her son all so angry and against his own family.
      In the recent times, Sameer has not made one decision like a mature adult who wants to get married. He’s behaved like a teenager who shows temper tantrums because he was not given his favorite Chocolate. I’m not saying his approach is right or wrong, it could have been delat with better. This angry young rebel of Sameer is not going to work.
      And Sweta, even today ladkewale think of their boy as a toy worth so much and the girls and burden who have to be sent off with dowry. Yes what mamaji thought was wrong, but even Naina’s family thinks so low of her. That’s what I had said in one of my previous comments, that Naina and Sameer’s families are psychos. But this was normal back then.
      What matters is what vishakha thinks and she’s not someone who’d want dowry, nor does her husband, they want a girl from a high class society, rich and Beautiful, not for the dowry but for the reputation that it’ll bring them ki thy got a high class bahu.

      And that is exactly what I said na. That she can stand up for her family only when the decision to marry is hers. It’s basically like today’s love vs arranged marriage. In most arranged marriages, they couple stick together despite all the differences because divorce is a taboo. But there are more divorces in love marriages because the people there have nothing to lose, that are not ready to compromise.

    3. Yes Swati2005, even I will behave like this when I will come to know that my family have betrayed me. So Sunshine according to me Sameer is not reacting like a teenager. Although I don’t like the adult characters but still their acting is just awesome.

  10. Sweta2005


    y are you bringing up the break up phase odf Naina leaving again, that was past , now Naina when has she chosen her family over Sameer , please if that case would have been she wouldnt have ran away or confessed to tauji that she loved Sameer, she could have lied like Arjun, if she would have chosen her family she would have refused to marry Sameer after repititve insult Maheshweri’s did to her family , but she didnt
    and not even on monday when her chacha said ,he is also not ok now for relation , but it was Naina herself asked if there is away out

  11. Sweta2005

    about Sameer not even made a mature decision, he is just 20 and he has not made a conscious decision to get married now , they had planned it later on ,but the situation has occured so this is happening,, he has no one to guide him, who will understand him ,make him understand all are playing with his emotional state , he is like that only from before remember befor his mother he used to do like that that time nanaji was there for him, guide him make him understand , now he has only Naina with him , but with her , he is scared to lose her as her family can gert married any time

    1. Sweta, when you give your opinion, do I counter it? Same goes with me. This is my opinion and I stand by it.
      Why do you always try to cover up whatever Naina or samerr do? It’s like you can’t stand anyone talking that they went wrong somewhere. Okay Sameer is 20, but is this the way a 20 year old behaves?

      Exactly that’s what I said, didn’t I? That the only time Naina stood up was when she ran away and when she confessed about her love to tauji. Please stop behaving like you’re the only one who loves Naina Sameer. We all love them and the serial and that’s why despite everything we make sure we watch it and express our feelings.

      Neither Naina nor Sameer not anyone in this s rial are perfect. And that’s the beauty of this serial. They’re humans and make mistakes. They will learn from those mistakes too. Don’t cover up or degrade other people’s opinions because you are blinded by them. Peace.

  12. Sunshine, I agree that Sameer’s life revolves around Naina this is because Sameer never get the love he wanted only Nana Ji was the one who used to give him that much love. And after him it was Naina, Vishakha started giving him love when she realized how alone Sameer is feeling. He never expected that someone will love him except Nana Ji and Naina proved him that how much she loves Sameer

  13. major twist in yukdbh

    Yeh Un Dinon Big twist. Bela keeps a condition in Sameer and Naina’s marriage. Sameer gets helpless since he can’t refuse to Bela. Bela has always supported Naina and his love story. Sameer meets Bela and pays her respect. He wants to know the issues troubling Bela. Bela tells Sameer and Naina that the society women are taunting her about fixing their inter caste marriage. She tells them how their marriage has become the talk of the town. She is worried for Preeti’s marriage. She tells Sameer that she wants Preeti’s marriage to happen with ease, she doesn’t want any problems for Preeti.

    Naina breaks down knowing the taunts Bela has faced. She cries and apologizes to Bela. She feels guilty to have a love marriage. Bela hugs her and asks her not to cry. She asks Naina to preserve some tears to shed on her Bidaai. She keeps the condition to Sameer and tenses him for a while. She tells him that he has to promise that he will find a guy like him for Preeti, and take all the marriage responsibility.

    Sameer and Naina get a big relief hearing her. They find Bela having much faith in them. Sameer promises to take responsibility of Preeti’s marriage. Sameer tells her that he will try his best to find a nice guy for Preeti. He tells her that he will get Preeti married before Naina and his marriage. Anand tells Sameer that it will take time for Preeti to get a good alliance, he doesn’t need to decide such a thing.

    Sameer thanks Anand and Bela for loving Naina more than Preeti. He is happy to get their blessings. He tells them that the bond of marriage doesn’t matter, as the bond of love connects hearts. He decides to marry Naina, once Preeti gets married in a good family. He tells them that even Naina has decided the same, they can wait for their union. Bela feels sorry and apologizes to the for turning selfish. She tells Naina that she will not come in between their happiness. Naina asks Bela not to feel sad. Bela wants Sameer and Naina’s marriage to happen first.

  14. Yaar I wanted Preeti to have love marriage like Naina or aleast get married in the same house and stay with Naina always.

  15. Why the written updates are getting delayed past 1 week.

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