Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Shuru Hua Bombay Ka Safar

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aanewala Pal plays. Naina and Bela hug as the boys pick the boxes. Naina and Sameer step out of their house together. They look at the house sadly and past memories of that house flash in their minds. Sameer tells her that he will make a bigger bungalow for her one day. Rakesh asks everyone to hurry up. We are getting late. Munna promises Sameer that he will be there when his first film is released. Rakesh asks them to come. Let him become a hero first. Pundit says there will be a queue of producers, directors waiting for him the moment he reaches Bombay. Bela tells Rakesh not to be hard on kids in Bombay. He starts ranting again but then asks for the key. Everyone smiles. They point fingers at each other.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Munna and Pundit weren’t going to be in Bombay

to balance out everything.

Rakesh and Sameer argue as to who will reach first – tempo or train. Anand asks them to leave in their respective vehicles. We will see that later. Sameer and Naina walk out hand in hand. Bela and Anand look on emotionally.

The train is about to depart in 10 minutes. Naina and Sameer are on their respective seats. A guy notices the scattered bags and asks Sameer if he is shifting house. Sameer nods. Naina eyes him sadly. She closes her eyes so as to avoid seeing the Ahmedabad board but then stands at the gate to take a last look.

Voiceover – Naina:
I was not just leaving Ahmedabad but I was also leaving behind 21 years of my life that day. Ahmedabad was my identity. I dint know that I will have to leave behind the old me to make a new identity. Some things are important than many other things.

Sameer tells Naina that Ahmedabad must be falling behind but Bombay is waiting for them. I ahve changed many cities and something good always turns up there. I got you in Ahmedabad. We shouldn’t be pensive about it as new city can have many surprises for us. She nods. He kisses her on her hand. They hear a guy listening to a song dedicated to Mumbai and smile. Naina climbs up on her seat and lies down.

Voiceover – Sameer:
What do you think? Was that song to scare us or to inspire us?

TC checks everyone’s tickets. A lady asks them if they will have food. They politely decline. Sameer keeps the walkman and they share the earphones. They hold hands for a second and then sleep.

Next morning, Sameer wakes up Naina. They are about to reach Bombay. She falls in his arms while getting down. He jokes that she fell right in his arms as soon as they reached Bombay. She smiles and goes to change clothes. Naina recalls Anand’s suggestion to be extra careful in Bombay. She asks Sameer if he counted the bags. He nods. There are 4! He points at the board. Few people replace it with a new one – Mumbai Central! She suddenly stops in her tracks as she notices the weighing machine on the platform.

Voiceover – Naina:
The weight machines of those days were not less than time machines. They could tell your weight and future in 50 paise. People do that in seconds these days on apps.

Naina reads the message written on the backside of the card – you choose the path but your destination chooses you. A porter offers to help them. Naina is extra cautious again. She tries to bargain but Sameer finalises the price. The proter asks Sameer if he has come here to become a hero. Sameer asks him how he knows this. The guy replies that 5 good looking people out of every train come here to become hero but 4 of them fail!

Voiceover – Sameer:
My heart sank hearing it.

Rakesh is still on his way in the tempo and cribs to the auto driver to drive fast. It is easier in Ahmedabad. The guy tells him that it does not work that ways in Bombay.

Voiceover – Naina:
Bombay was the city of big dreams. Every dream meets the other dream here! Dreams are one common thing here. Never ending courage is the strength of this place! It also has a never ending sea which is special in its own way. We too got here to get inside the sea.

Voiceover – Sameer:
We saw the sea for the first time. We might be thinking the same thing – we have to also become a part of this sea one day!

Naina and Sameer are at Juhu Chowpatty (kind of, not exactly sure). Naina picks a stone from the shore. She writes S and N initials on it and throws it in water. Sameer is excited to step inside. She warns him not to as the shoes will get dirty. He requests her but she is reluctant. He pulls herself to him reluctantly. She reminds him that Papa must be waiting for them. He tells her to let it be. He has the key.

Rakesh complains that they are at the same place even when he had a nap. The guy tells him to sleep again. You woke up early! Rakesh argues with him again. The guy tells Rakesh about the locality they are passing from. Govinda used to stay here only. He became a star later on. Rakesh asks him if no one became a hero from Ahmedabad. The guy stares at him. Rakesh tells him to look ahead. People don’t have spare time here like they have in Ahmedabad. Rakesh asks him what he knows about Ahmedabad or its people. The guy says it is enough to know you to know Ahmedabad. Unlike Ahmedabad, things go at their own pace here. The guy asks him if he wants to become a hero.

A photographer praises Naina and Sameer and convinces them to get some photos clicked. He asks for their address. Naina goes quiet after sharing her Ahmedabad address. Sameer holds her hand. He hands out his card to the guy.

Rakesh forces the tempo driver take his tempo in a one way road. Traffic police officer stops them. Rakesh fails to understand Marathi. Officer instructs him to listen to the driver. Rakesh keeps mumbling to himself. The driver tells him that they have to take a long route to reach Andheri. We cannot avoid it. Rakesh lowers his head and complains to himself about Bombay.

Naina and Sameer watch a clip in the makeshift camera. They imagine Sameer dancing with random people on the beach. They play games and have fun with everyone. By the time they are shaken out of their dream, the makeshift camera is gone and the driver asks them to come. It is time to leave. They nod and follow the driver hand in hand.

Naina opens the gates of Sea Queen Society (Naina of 24 years later I guess). She eyes the society, her block and the names longingly.

Voiceover – Naina:
October 30, 1995 – I still remember this date when Sameer and I came to Mumbai to fulfil our dreams. 24 years passed but it still seems like it was about yesterday! It was our first home. this house is a witness to what all we have been through. We formed a new family here. It wasn’t quiet like this back then. It was so lively. Those days were magical! We made new friends, fought some new fights! Action, emotion, drama started here! A new triangle love story started here – Sameer, Naina vs. Mumbai. This is the chapter 2 of my story!

Naina and Sameer are on their way to their society.

Precap: Naina and Sameer reach Sea Queen Society. All the girls look at Sameer curiously as they step out of the taxi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. especially episode was really nice ?, i will tell the truth today ☺,i never cried so much in a episode of yudkbh ??and also never laughed so much in episode of yudkbh?? and never smiled so much in episode ?,kudos to makers for showing 30 minutes episode after so many days? and thank you for not showing mini separation of naina and sameer at Andheri station?, loved bela chachi comedy timing as well,? that thing naina and sameer are looking through while having dream sequence is called bioscope ,? and sameer dance so nice ?,

    when naina talks about sea queen society ?,she tells main aur sameer yahan 24 saal pehle aye they? , so naina age must be of 44 -45 something in the serial? , because naina birth date is july 1974 in the serial? , so 21 + 24 = 44 – 45 range , ?don’t worry ashi age is 21 , also first time in serial naina real hair were used ?

  2. Tarun second time. First time was the very first episode of the YUDKBH. And today there were some hair extensions too.
    Was expecting to see Sadiya Siddiqui to be shown as 24 year later Naina, as in very first episode Naina wasn’t shown clearly. But Ashi was shown as 24 year later Naina and her makeup was done so perfectly that she was looking like a 45 year old lady. BTW have anyone noticed that Ashi and Sadiya Mam have quite Similar Physique. So it would have looked so good to witness Sadiya mam as 24 year later Naina.
    Now chapter 2 begins. And just wishing again and again to witness New Shefali Victor ??. The best scenes of today’s episode were: –
    1. Chachi ji’s comic timing
    2. Colie boy saying that “Har Gaadi Mein Se 5 Achchi Sakal Ke Ladke Aate Hai Aur Unme Se Chaar Ko Bombay Raas Nahi Aata”. Was one expecting one more punch from his side “Unme Se Ek Mein Bhi Hu” ???.
    3. Safari Suit not able to understand what the police hawaldar was saying in Marathi Language ???.

    1. @vidha actually it is 3 times in the show and 1 unofficial time in the show where naina real hair were shown?. As your saying ?,in very 1 episode her hair were shown but not her face was shown? ,i agree with you as i have watched the episode 3 times? ,as you i have a habit of watching again in loop from starting and finding where this song was used earlier?

      2nd time her original hair were shown on last day of school ,ie .7th may episode , she tells sameer yahan par ek saal ke lie aya tha ,magar usne subka dil jeet lia tha

      3rd her original hair were shown unofficially in ” kate nai kat te ” dream sequence , when she returned from pagphera ?

      also would like to mention,?did they went back to Ahmedabad because naina voice over says while opening the gate of the society ,?aaj uss baat ko 24 saal ho chuke hai ?,or they did not returned to Ahmedabad ?, or maybe they stayed in Mumbai only, maybe naina wanted to introduce society just like she introduced her school first time? i think they stayed in Mumbai and naina wanted to introduce her society just like school,? while introducing her school she tells aaj se 27 saal pehle main yahan padha karti thi , so she still visited her school somewhere between 24 years ?and sameer stills visit mount abu every year ?

      don’t know whether shefali would come back

      also want to mention the beach used in yesterday episode was girgaum chowpatty , because in that beach only you can rocks during low tide ?

      also would like to mention songs used in today episode ?

      first song is when a man is listening portable radio transistor, the song is from hadsa movie which came in 1983?
      here is the link

      and second song is from qsqt ( qayamat se qayamat ) tak movie ,it comes when naina and sameer falls asleep while listening to walk man
      here is the link

      please reply if you find my theory suitable

    2. @vidha do you want to know to watch each episode 3 times , because i see something very different in each episode , for example preeti eating from rakesh sir plate , and like sameer is carrying phone with him , also saw naina carrying phone with her in no of episodes , just try to focus on other characters 2nd times , like what is kamya doing and like munna pandit doing.

      you can watch any episode to check the changes , for example take yesterday episode ,i watched it only 2 times , it’s heart breaking for sameer and naina leaving bungalow behind, which sameer made for naina ???,also we gonna see new entries in today’s episode?, one thing i noticed in naina character when she introduced her society after 24 years☺ ,that she is sporting a minute bindi , mangalsutra might be hidden inside his dress ,?omg i loved her dress ?

      second chapter start from today ,i will mark this date ,also 1 month for sameer birthday , i want this show to run till atleast 8 years as sameer promised , also it will be tough for makers to provide new content each day as naina vo says naya triangle shuru hua tha ,mre , sameer and Mumbai ke beech, lets see

  3. i love you tarun

    1. @Diya thank you for your compliment ,i am really blushing ? ????

  4. @vidha @Diya here is the link that shashi maam and naina look are alike

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