Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Who should apologize?

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishakha and Bobby come to their room. He immediately calls his agent to book their flight tickets to Delhi asap. Mama ji tries to object but Bobby refuses to indulge in any further drama. Sameer requests his mother to listen to him. She tells him to scold her too just like his in-laws did.

Rakesh shouts at Anand and his family members. I am sure you all must be blaming me. I agree that I shout, yell and make mistakes but I wasn’t at fault today. Was I wrong today? I am the father of the bride and no loafer. He starts crying helplessly. I have been getting insulted and mocked upon since the day the alliance has been fixed.

Bobby says we insult those who have some respect. I value my wife and respect her. Sameer requests his mom not to go anywhere but she counters. Mami ji calls Agarwals strange. We announced well before they just couldn’t take a joke

Rakesh says they had planned it well as to how to insult us. He asks Naina if she also clapped when her father was being insulted. They kept calling it a joke. Anand too is in tears. It wasn’t a joke but insult. I too did not know they will do something like that! Tau ji reasons that it is too late to realise all this now. Do you now realise why I was against this alliance? Tai ji says we thought we will cry when we will bid adieu to Naina but she made us shed tears of blood in her engagement itself. Rakesh asks Naina why she is quiet. You too should taunt me and show me my place! Naina cries silently.

Bobby says what Vishakha’s fault was. Rakesh said so much to her! Sameer agrees she was nowhere wrong. Please don’t go anywhere mom. She agrees but keeps a condition – you wont take Naina’s name ever again.

Anand says I agree I joined Naina and Sameer’s alliance but not on the stake of other relations. Tau ji says we have paid the price today already. Tai ji also announces that the alliance is over with Maheshwari’s if this is how they will behave with them. Rakesh tells Naina to never even take Sameer’s name if she respects her father even a bit. Anand tells Naina that she was a witness of everything was it right? She shakes her head.

Bobby tells Vishakha that Sameer wont agree. He takes her suitcase. Sameer requests his Mama ji to stop them but he suggests an idea which can fix everything. If they apologize to Vishakha and Bobby by tomorrow then I will drop them off to airport myself. He asks them if they agree to it. Bobby nods.

Naina says I agree it was wrong but there must be some way out. Tai ji gets angry at her but Tau ji suggests Naina a solution. If they come over and apologize to us tomorrow then things can go back to how they were. The relation will be broken otherwise! He walks away followed by Tai ji and Rakesh.

Naina is crying in the bathroom. Preeti knocks at the door telling her that everything will be fine. They too must have realised their mistake. I am sure Sameer will make his family agree. They will apologize. Please say something. Naina washes her face and comes out. Preeti again says that she has faith in Sameer. Naina says they must as they are at fault this time. I will listen to whatever anyone will say to me. I will bear anything for Sameer’s sake but I cannot bear anyone insulting my father. Sameer must understand that love and respect are two different things! She receives Sameer’s call just then. What happened shouldn’t have happened! She says the same. They argue about the instance and are only concerned about their own families. They both suggest an only solution – to apologize. He asks her to tell Rakesh to apologize to his family members tomorrow but she refuses. Your family needs to apologize to mine. He ends the call in a huff. Munna and Pundit ask Sameer what happened. Sameer says Naina has gone mad. She knows how her father is yet she is taking his side only. That was just a joke. Let things be. It is ok if they come and I don’t care if they don’t! Pundit and Munna try to calm him but in vain.

Preeti tells Naina that it isn’t a fight between her and Sameer which will be over soon. It is between the elders. Make Chacha ji apologize and ask Sameer to make his mom say sorry too. Naina denies. Naina looks at her and Sameer’s photo. Preeti asks her if she is listening to her or not. She pulls the photo and it gets torn. Naina reprimands her for not being careful but Preeti asks her if she is worried even at the thought of getting separated from Sameer in a photo. Relations are not joined to be broken so easily. You shouldn’t break your relation with Sameer.

Munna enacts as Rakesh and pretends to apologize to Vishakha virtually. Pundit also tries to explain to Sameer but he stays put. He refuses to let his mother apologize to Rakesh Sir. He is at fault. Come what may, only he will apologize! He looks at his engagement ring.

Next morning, Naina’s friends congratulate her on her engagement. Kartik taunts Naina for being too ambitious. She gets whatever she wants. Swati speaks in Naina’s favour. She has a good intention. He asks her if she has fallen in love with Naina again.

Voiceover – Naina:
I remember the day very well. Every classmate was congratulating us but we were only trying to smile. Our faces easily gave away that something is fishy.

Naina and Sameer sit on different seats. They look at each other for a short moment. Principal Ma’am enters and congratulates Sameer and Naina too. She starts her session on behaviour analysis of market. Naina raises her hand. The rise and fall of Market does depend on these factors but there are other factors too which can be responsible. If we take the right decision on the right time then we can stop it from falling. Sameer gives his logic. There is a limit of understanding. Many times, even the decisions taken by smart people go wrong.

Sameer and Naina continue their argument in Red Rose. They sarcastically give order for each other but Naina agrees to pay her bill on her own. We are not so rich like you but we can pay our own bill. He argues that she can if she wants. Pay my bill too if you want. They again try to explain their family’s perspective to each other.

Precap: Sameer, Munna and Pundit see Mama ji and Tau ji talking happily in the park. Sameer thinks everything is fine. We were arguing for no reasons. The elders have fixed everything already.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sameer is so dumb and coward for a guy who is in his mid-20′. on the other hand Naina cant do much as she is a girl, that too a 90’s girl.

    1. 21 is early 20s

  2. Why do I have a feeling this whole argument thing was tau Ji doings to break the marriage, remember the phone call he made?

  3. It looks like tauji and mamaji had made this plan of seperating naina and sameer as both the families say that the opp family should apolagies and now they must be talking about the success of their plan?

  4. From my point of view, Sameer’s parents instigated this. So i don’t blame Rakesh getting angry. Sameer’s family had that ‘we are too good for you’ attitude right from the beginning. If anything, Sameer’s family should apologize… because what goes around comes around.

  5. Today’s episode was really good. Acting of all the actors were awesome specially O Bai was the show stopper today. Whenever Sameer and Naina are fighting I really enjoy it cuz it is that Khati Meethi Nok Jhok that acts like salt in any relationship specially when they were fighting in Red Rose, “Bhaiya inke liye Pineapple Pastry lana bade log hai na” “Aur inke liye Pao Bhaji ekdam teekhi kyuki meetha toh inhe bolna hi nhi aata hai”.
    Actually can’t say Who should say sorry Safari Suit is not wrong in his place and Vishakha is also not wrong, Realshit is done by Tauji & Mamaji ? they are the one to say Sorry to everyone. And after a long time finally they are back to their College and love the way Swati answered back Kartik. For this only one song is coming in my mind “Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya” ??.
    Tommorow’s episode will be as dramatic as yesterday’s episode. So quite excited for it and technically when Naina said that “Reality Chacha Ji ke imagination se kafi alag thi” actually she was right. Because no one can imagine (not even in dreams (nightmare)) that all the drama created in their engagement was a proper plan done by his Tauji and Sameer’s Mamaji and it is not important that when she said unthinkable then it means in a positive way it can be negative also.

    1. what do you think @vidha ? whose acting was better ,rakesh sir or o bai ,i think both of them are too good in their respective zones ,o bai was also doing acting in dd doordarshan ,so she is the most senior actor on the show after nanaji ,

      loved the phone fight and red rose fight ,loved when swati gave kartik answer ,and kartik saying ” lagta h bharat milap ho gya dono ka ” one more question vidha for you ,are naina and friends in 3rd year ? because naina to pass ho gyi ,magar sameer ka result nai dikhaya ,please comment on what do you think

  6. Haan evrytym sameer has to bend dat y he s seeing dis naina
    Nsina easily frgts hw her father treated sameer nt less than a trash can
    Nw saying family family
    Sameer shouldnt hav balanced things dats y naina didnt gt any difficulties so nw she s speaking like dat.
    Selfish naina

    1. Y is Naina selfish here,her family was insulted the most,and her father,whatever gw did earlier waa another thing,but this time ge didnt do any wrong ,the play was to instigate his anger

  7. never saw rakesh sir getting too emotional ,today in my view rakesh sir is show – stopper ,o bai had 3-4 lines ,but damn she is also great actress , kartik says ” oh ho bharat milap ho gya dono ka ” haha ,sameer saying to naina ” mera bill bi tum bhar do ” , finally college after so many days ,

    i have one doubt sameer results were not shown ,not sure if all friends in 3rd year ,

    sunaina is not there because she is on vacation

    jab sameer ko mamaji and tauji ka pta chalega ki inhone saazish rachi thi naina sameer ki engagement tudwane ki ,to pta nai kya hoga ,

    next episode gonna be dramatic ,

  8. Oh god. This serial is losing its charm. Both families are mad. Both were wrong.
    I don’t understand what is Naina’s family’s problem. Why are thye being hypocrites. As if Sharads family was treating Naina nice. What do they want to prove by breaking this rishta? When Sharad and Naina’s roka was being cancelled, tauji and taiji went all log Kya kahenge. Now suddenly their izzat came into question? What happened to him ladkiwale hai, hume jhukna hota hai? Where did this self respect your when their dear Sharad slapped Naina and these people still expected her to adjust? Two different rules for two different families.

    Here the start contrast of love and arranged marriage is shown. Did Naina stand up for herself or her family when Sharad insulted her? No. But now she’s standing up because it’s love, because it’s Sameer. Would these people break the alliance if it was Sharad? No l. They’d have just told itna accha ladka hai, he’s marrying our ugle motherless Naina, no dowry also. So keep quiet. Now what happened to their respect? Now people won’t talk that Naina’s one roka got cancelled and her prem vivah also got cancelled.

    And I got angry when they said they belong to educated family. Yes educated family who forcefully wanted their daughter to marry a monster in few hours. Who was ready to marry off their academically brilliant daughter to a juice shop owner in a village. This is education, not intellect. Different standards for different people.

    I’m sure mamaji and tauji did all this. Else how come they’d laugh like best friends.

    And Sameer’s family I don’t even want to talk. Mamiji who’s so Bombay obsessed buy got a jharkhand bahu. Mamaji who’s basically like shakuni mama. I thought he’d atleast understand but no. Sameer’s mom who got off into typical Indian saas mode. And his stepdad who actually isn’t too much to be blammed in here. I doubt if he’d be so against of sameer was well settled.

    In spoilers I heard Sameer won’t get money from mamaji anymore. Why can’t Sameer ask for his share in the property? He is the only heir of nanaji. Everything belongs to him. I know this is rude but he shouldn’t be afraid to ask for his rights. Also, this should not be the way he should struggle for a career. He should get an inbuilt passion to work hard and follow his heart, not because he is penny less.

  9. Can’t say anything maybe they are in second year. And sunaina was missing in college. And sunshine show is really losing it’s charm

    1. Don’t lose hope so early @vidha ,there are up and down in all daily soaps,some episodes are too good ,but some are really bad , if you feeling low na ,watch the episodes of sameer and naina ,when sameer breaks arjun leg ,in order to avoid restigation from he goes to naina house ,i think episodes came between 9 January to 18 th January then sameer cracks a joke on naina

      ” tevar dekhe hai iske ,mujhe gussa ata hai pta hai ,magar iss behenji ko bi acha khassa gussa ata hai ” you will die of laughing of sameer jokes.

      sameer entry in naina house is also fantastic

      go ahead and watch them ,the episodes will cheer you up

      1. I have seen those episode. I am not losing any hope tarun I am just saying that makers have to do something unexpected in a positive manner starting with bringing Delhi Track wali Vishakha back and remove the typical saas mode of Vishakha.

  10. Did you know that rakesh sir and sameer mom vishakha and bobby first met on 19 th January 2018 ,but at that time they don’t know each other

    1. Ofcourse they knew Vishaka and Bobby knew about Rakesh as a teacher of Pvkm,and Rakesh them as Sameer’s parents,yes they did nt knew Naina or as her father

      1. truly said @sweta ,they have met before when sameer was accused of stealing library keys,2nd meeting happen on 19th January 2018

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